Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

love this episode so very much. I don’t really know why, nothing terribly huge happens in it, but it’s a completely wonderful episode.

The winner of this episode, is, no surprise, the ghost himself Jaqen H’ghar


I love Jaqen, but this episode, particularly is a great one for him, where he and Arya speak again and he introduces her to the idea of death needing to be repaid. He mentions “The Red God,” which I’m pretty sure he never does again, and also leads me to believe that while giving “The Kindly Man” (as he’s called in the book) Jaqen’s face was a good call visually, it makes it clear that he might not be the same guy.

Anyway, his win comes from beginning his work as “The Ghost of Harrenhall,” the episodes title character!

Good for you Jaqen.

Runner up goes to Catelyn who saves Brienne from being tried for Renly’s death and then earns her as a protector and vassal, this is good for Catelyn. Kind of wish Brienne had stuck with her rather than going on Jamie guard dealing.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Dany send Doreah to have sex with dudes in Qarth to find out about Xaro, because men talk when they’re “happy.” I feel like she would never do this to Missandei, because Missandei is better than Doreah, and she’s also matured by the time. The other hand maiden who’s name I can’t remember is very defensive of Dany losing her Dorthraki identity. You should listen to that Handmaiden Who’s Name I Can’t Remember Dany…

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week. So, no agency to check up on.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

She teaches Gendry how to fight, or gives him tips at least. Not going to lie, I ship these two a little. Too bad they’ll probably never see each other again and Gendry may or may not be dead? Who knows. Anyway, she also serves Tywin, effectively lies about her identity (although I still bet that Tywin has an inkling about who she is.) and gives Jaqen the first of the names.

An excellent hour of badassery from Arya.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Still no Jamie. I mean, I know the second half and next season are great for him, but wow can’t believe how long it’s been since we saw him. Tyrion was a dick about him to Lancel, so I guess that counts?

Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It

No Robb this week. But in “Theon is a Person and Kind Of Bad At It” news, he comes up with his stupid invade Winterfell plan that ruins a lot of things. And this is a result of Robb being terrible at being King and sending Theon home.

Schedule For The Next Few Weeks

Hey all! So, I realized several months ago that my fall was jam packed. (Seriously, I haven’t had a weekend of “no schedule event” since mid August, even if scheduled event was just, “go to Uncles’ bar for grand opening party”) But the next few weeks are really going to test me.

Since I know myself, the way I’m going to handle this onslaught of stuff is going be through heavy scheduling and structure of things around here. So, I’m putting this in public writing so that I have some sort of contract to keep to it:

Wednesday September 30

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

This is actually one of my all time favorite episodes and I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Thursday October 1

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

What shenanigans will every one be up to, now that Chibi-Usa admits that she loves Pegasus. Which, I mean, is still weird.

Friday October 2

It’s time to talk about TV comedy that I’m watching.

Monday October 5

Hey, we’re 3 weeks into Doctor Who, let’s deal with that. (How good was that opening 2 parter! GAH!)

Tuesday October 6

I don’t know what this post will be, but it’ll be something. Maybe Once Upon A Time, to keep things Disney-ish!

Wednesday October 7

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Old Gods And New”

Urgghhh, the beginning of the “Theon Conquers Winterfell” terribleness. But who knows what my impression of that arc will be this time. (Pretty sure I’ll still think it sucks)

Thursday October 8

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

Still bitching about lack of Outer Senshi, I bet. Seriously, I miss them.

Friday October 9

Juli and I will have spent Thursday at The Magic Kingdom the day before and you will hear all about it! And see lots of pictures. You’re welcome in advance.

Saturday October 10

What? A weekend post? What is this, last year? Talking about Disney Hollywood Studios (dumb name), which will include Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so we’ll be a little more on topic than the rest of the Disney World stuff.

Sunday October 11

Recapping our day at Epcot, which will feature our attempt to “Drink Around The World” without passing out and eat delicious food at the Epcot Food And Wine Festival.

Monday October 12

Sunday is Animal Kingdom, so we’ll talk about that. It’s the park I know the least of. I’ve been to all of the others upwards of 7 times, and Animal Kingdom just once. I’m crazy excited to ride Expedition Everest and to see tigers.

Tuesday October 13

Back to The Magic Kingdom on Monday, and general Disney impressions.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident I can do those, and I hope you guys like what I’m working on!

That Would Be Enough

I remember sitting in the theater and watching In The Heights.

I remember loving it.

I remember being blown away by the talent and charisma of it’s star and creator.

I remember realizing that it was like nothing I’d ever seen before and yet so familiar I couldn’t deny it.

I remember it’s connections to my family, the generation of immigrants before the generation who’s stories it told. I remember thinking about circles and cycles and New York and home.

I remember thinking, “this will change everything.” Pop music had been on Broadway for decades. But the pop music on Broadway didn’t sound like the pop music on the radio anymore, if it ever had.

I remember a few years later, when this man came to us again with something that could barely shine. I remember when someone else tried to bring hip hop to Broadway and everyone ignored it and it went away faster than you could realize it was there.

I remember being sad about it. I had thought that the game would change and instead we got a Les Mis revival.

I remember arguing with friends about him. I remember insisting that he was a genius, that he needed to be more famous.

“Of course, ‘Let It Go’ is important, but…”

“The Book of Mormon is great, I’m sure, but…”

“Yeah, we need to preserve our history, and I’m glad The King And I is here, but…”

I remember conversations with my sister, talking about not seeing in teenagers, even artsy ones, we encountered the fervor for this scene and music that we’d had.

“We need a new Rent,” she’d say, “a new Wicked, a new something that speaks to people on a wider popular level.”

Then we started hearing what he was working on.

I remember talking in hushed tones about “that presidential rap musical.” I remember wondering aloud if it would work. Or was this man a one hit wonder?

I remember the rumblings from The Public Theater when it premiered. I remember hearing and reading the word “masterpiece” over and over again. I remember hearing about impossible to get tickets, and color blind casting of historical figures and a move uptown to Broadway delayed.

I remember a month ago seeing Something Rotten! and Mary and I loving it. I remember looking at each other and sighing, “It’s great but, it’s not the one.”

“No,” I said, “but I think Hamilton might be.” She rolled her eyes. Considering she’s the one who sold me on In The Heights I was surprised.

“Just because you want him to change musical theater entirely, doesn’t mean that he will,” she said. “Hamilton is going to be too intellectual and weird. Too idiosyncratic. If In The Heights couldn’t be that show for Lin, it won’t be Hamilton.”

Still, I was sure that it had to be something really special. I was waiting for a chance to see it. I was waiting for a cast album. I wanted a piece of it to prove that my faith hadn’t been misplaced.

And I got it on Friday.

Lin Manuel Miranda has created something amazing. I don’t know about the show itself, I still haven’t seen it. But the album.


This isn’t In The Heights.

In the Heights took hip hop and blended it with traditional Broadway, which made it interesting. This is something completely new. This is a hip hop and pop opera. This is rap battles between Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson. This is the radio ready “My Shot.” This is framing King George as an abusive and oblivious boyfriend to the US.  This was worth waiting almost a decade for.

Hamilton will save us. Hamilton will remind us that this is a medium that is alive and growing. That it’s a medium that can absorb what’s happening around it and evolve and survive. It did it before. It did it when Rock and Roll showed up and pushed it to the side. It did it when Hollywood decide it was no longer a sustainable investment, so it didn’t have to cater to the tastes of a wider world and it could speak a more sophisticated language. It did it when families came back to it’s thoroughfare. It did it when a new generation of divas was born from that time.

It will do it again. Hamilton is the first shot in a new revolution. It’s a reminder that musical theatre isn’t old, isn’t out of touch, or doesn’t have to be.

I’ve been saying for months that I was pretty sure that Hamilton would be the one.

Now that I’ve heard this incredible musical, I know that Hamilton is the one. Or at least it should be.

I Want To Believe The X-Files Debrief Season 2

Guys, the truth is out there and the truth is making my head hurt and making me have tingly feelings in my nether regions because Mulder is aptly named “Fox.”

The Truth Is Out There

OK, look, I know it took me a season and a half.

I know that this season is about Scully being abducted by aliens, and Mulder finding out that aliens actually did abduct his sister and that she’s, you know, alive, somewhere.

Intellectually, I know all of that. And I still love Scully for all of her awesome badassery. I love that what brought her back from the brink of death (and getting to chill with her father at that afterlife lake) was that she and Mulder have more work to do. But every time that David Ducovney smirks and says something sarcastic, I stop worrying about aliens, or demons, or awesome feminist TV characters who kick all the asses and can run in heels.

And all I think is, wow, that is one amazingly hot conspiracy theorist/FBI Agent/Porn addict.



So, while, yes, I hate that my theory of, “aliens are real but Samantha Mulder wasn’t abducted by aliens” was like waaayyyyy off, and my heart is broken that Mulder’s father was killed in the season finale and we found out that he was somehow involved with The Smoking Man and horrific Nazi experiments on people, or possibly aliens, or both, and I again, love Scully and all of her world ruling greatness, none of it matters, because, seriously, the perfectly named, beautiful man who now stars in a large number of my fantasies is talking.

Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 142 & 143: Crushing and Old People!

This week on Sailor Moon everyone learns that old people can be in love too and also that Chibi-Usa is very desirable at her school. Also, everyone gets a power up!

Super S

First off a cranky old lady catches the attention of Chibi-Usa and Usagi. Mamoru also runs into her and she accuses him of wanting something for her when he offers her a spot under his umbrella.

He’s baffled by this, because, he is Mamoru, and he’s not great at “people.”

Anyway, Diana decides that she’s going to show this old lady how to be nice to her friends, kitty cat style.

Diana has impulse control issues, I think. Anyway, she gets swept up in the old lady’s kindness but notices that her huge mansion where she lives all by herself is sort of weird. It’s like she’s waiting for a second person to show up, but there’s no second person. Chibi-Usa finds this suspicious and confesses to Pegasus that she “smells a crime.”

Pegasus finds this hilarious and bids Chibi-Usa find out what’s happening. She goes and the lady, who we are assured is “notorious” is just really super nice to her. Also, real estate developers want to buy her mansion, but she won’t sell.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Anyway, Hawk’s Eye decides that he’s into her, because he likes older women, as you may recall.

Anyway, the moon family defends her and then an older man shows up and reveals that he’s her long lost love and they once planned to open a restaurant in the mansion but he left her in quite a huff, to go to France and become a great chef…or something.

In the next episode a cute soccer player from Chibi-Usa’s school asks her out on a date and all of her adorable school friends tease her about it, except the boy one, who probably also likes her because if you were a little boy and met Chibi-Usa wouldn’t you have a crush on her? She’s adorable!

Anyway, she has a bit of crisis about this and immediately asks the Senshi what to do and also Pegasus who gets into sort of a huff, because, you know, they’re in love.

But also, he’s a horse and refuses to tell her his name, so I don’t see what exactly Chibi-Usa is supposed to do about it.

Anyway, also it turns out that a Pegasus has been attacking cars in the city and Chibi-Usa gets very defensive about it when the others (who offer her terrible boy advice by the way) say that maaayyyybbbeee they can’t trust him.

Then they fight Fish Eye, who tries to seduce the elementary school soccer star (EWWWWWW), and steal his dreams. Turns out she’s been using Pegasus look alikes to attack people (GASP! PLOT TWIST) and Pegasus gives the Senshi a power up and they get cool new attack animation, but not actually any new attacks.

Also Chibi-Usa realizes that she’s in love with Pegasus.

But again, he’s a horse. And she’s an eternally ten year old princess of an ancient moon dynasty with magical super powers. I don’t quite see this relationship working out, but what do I know?

Game of Thrones Winner: “Garden of Bones”

As this episode started I wasn’t sure there would be a clear winner, because it’s one of those mid season, scattered all over the place table setting episodes. But then I remembered who won this episode a million times over.

Tywin fucking Lannister

Tywin Lannister

As Gendry is about to be tortured at Harrenhall (and let’s face it, Arya is probably next) Tywin comes riding in and just Lannisters all over the gods damned place! He says sassy things to the idiots who are torturing everyone. He notices Arya is a girl, he gets shit done.

Seriously, rewatching this seasons, I’m greatly appreciating Tywin. He’s sort of the best.

So congratulations, Lord Tywin Lannister of Casterly Rock, you won this episode by being a total freaking bad ass.

Runner up goes to Margaery, who zinged Little Finger but good. Good for her.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

Khaleesi got to Quarth this episode, which is a step closer to our favorite couple. Or, my favorite.

Sansa Agency Watch

Look, this is not a great time in the story for Sansa’s agency. Basically this episode she gets beaten and stripped by Ser Meryn at Joffrey’s behest. It’s…not great. But we do get the first instance of her realizing how powerful she can be. When Tyrion asks if she wants out of marrying her tormentor, she holds her head up, musters her dignity and says simply, “I am loyal to Joffrey, my one true love.”

“Lady Stark, you may survive us yet.”

And then some.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Not a lot of action from Arya, but her list grows a lot. And she’s gonna start learning from Tywin, which will be big for her.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Still no Jamie. He is….not in this season a whole lot it turns out. This segment is not going well.

Robb is A King And Kind of Bad At It

Robb met Talisa this week, which leads to him questioning what needs to be done when it comes to kinging. And she of course leads to the worst part of him being bad at being a king, that is breaking his vow to Walder Frey thus causing The Red Wedding and everything bad and horrible.

Just as a quick note, this is around the time in the show when the nudity goes from “porny and exploitative” to “violent and disturbing.” Not yet, “violent, disturbing and exploitative” though, because we haven’t met Ramsey.


Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 21 & 22

Hey everyone, it’s the end, for real this time. Not with 22 extra episodes, now we drift off into nothingness. I for one, have really, really enjoyed this year of exploring Kim Possible, and reminding myself of why I loved the show to begin with.

One Last Time

One Last Time

Season 4 Episodes 21 & 22 “Graduation Day”

So, Kim and Ron are getting ready to graduate from high school, but first they have to foil Drakken’s latest scheme which is something about mutating plants.

Basically Drakken wants to be Poison Ivy. Everyone, Shego included, thinks that he’s starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There is an accident however, and Drakken winds up half flower.

God I love this show.

Anyway, Kim considers the plan foiled and she and Ron go home to graduate. After being warned by Barkin that his life is all down hill from this point, Ron, starts to freak out, despite Kim assuring him that everything is going to be fine.

Also, the tweebs are building a satellite. Sure. Whatever.

There’s been a rash of vandalization of golf courses, which sends Kim and Ron to Duff Killigan, but that doesn’t do much, since he’s not the one doing it, they head to grad time.

Kim is abducted by aliens during the ceremony, as is Drakken. Turns out that it’s Warmonga and her boyfriend War Hawk. Hey! We know them! Anyways, they deploy an army of ships to conquer earth.

Ron and The Possible family go into a plan to get Kim back and save the world, meeting up with Shego in the process. Kim and Drakken break out of their bonds with the use of Drakken’s newly grown flower vine and they defeat War Monga and War Hawk as a team.

Almost. When it seems as if all is lost, Ron channels mystical monkey power and beats the crap out of War Hawk.

Then there’s a dance party after everyone graduates, except Bonnie, who has to go to summer school.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • I wish I could start with good things, but I really, really, dislike this ending. Why in the end is this Ron’s heroic journey? We got the apex of his monkey powers a few episodes ago. It’s sort of a betrayal of the whole concept of the show. Not into it.
  • I do love Shego and Drakken ending up together, as well as the tag of all the villains hanging out and Dementor ragging on him for finally getting things right as a world saver. That’s pretty good.
  • Hey! We see Zeeta and Felix, I kind of forget they existed! And I think they get together? This makes sense to me. Nerd love forever!
  • The tweebs just incinerator stuff. They are good at it.
  • Other people that pop by? Kim’s Uncle Slim and Nana Possible! Yay!!!!
  • I really adore that they use the Grease ending of Kim and Ron flying away in the car and waving to their friends. It’s pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

I don’t really know how to explain what this experience has meant to me. Making sure I watched a show every week, considered it critically, and wrote it up, without ever skipping, and only rescheduling once or twice has helped me grow immensely as a writer and specifically as a critic.

The whole thing was also great for me to pay closer attention to animation, voice acting and storylines as broken down in twenty two minutes. Kim Possible did a lot of good stuff in those areas, but it wasn’t perfect and it was always hard to see.

But especially, it was great to fall back in love with these characters. It was awesome to be reminded of how great Kim, Ron, Wade, Rufus and the rest of this gang was.

So, thanks for reading and finding me. Maybe in a few months I’ll pick up with another rewatch of something, but for now, I’m going to relax, enjoy having an extra flex day, and finish Game of Thrones and Sailor Moon.

TV Time

So, I was hoping to finish X-Files season 2 for today. That wound up not happening, so let’s do a quick trip down into what I’m going to be watching this TV season. (Not always live, also I already have a couple of premiers to catch up on, obviously.)


Once Upon a Time 8PM ABC

I’ll be live tweeting this whenever possible, and I’m really excited for it to come back next week. I mean, really, really, excited. I’m excited for the Dark Swan arc, I’m excited to meet Merida, I’m excited that Mulan is finally coming back. I’m just excited.

Brooklyn 99 8:30 PM Fox

This will be a DVR choice, but again, just can’t wait for it to be back, and to hang out with the 99th Precinct again. I want to know how Captain Holt is going to get back. Because he will get back. He has to. And Bill Hader! Also great!

Blood and Oil 9 PM ABC

Guys, Chase Crawford is going to be back on my TV brooding. This show might be terrible, but I will watch all of it. Because Chase Crawford will be back brooding on my TV.


Gotham 8 PM Fox

Well, this is back. Apparently this season is called “Rise of The Villains” which could be worse. I guess this means that we’re not going to go back to the Circus and check in on John and Mary Grayson and presumambly their son, at this point, huh? That’s a bummer. Anyway, I’ll also be live tweeting this, at least for the first few weeks…because then along comes

Supergirl 8PM CBS

Supergirl is exciting. Supergirl is important. Supergirl will fix everything. OK, it also might really suck, and it probably won’t fix everything. But, the fact the CBS and DC TV are understanding that young women are probably a big deal as a demographic and are making a show for them is a big deal. And I will live tweet this. The choice between this and Gotham comes down to which one is more fun to live tweet. Which will probably be Gotham, because snark is sooo easy and fun on twitter.


The Mindy Project Whenever, Hulu

The premiere already hit and I need to watch it. I’m just glad I get another season. I mean, the show has never been as great as it could be, but it deserves a final wrap up and I’m interested in seeing what happens with the baby.

The Muppets 8 PM ABC

THE MUPPETS ARE BACK ON TV! Every time I see a preview I start singing “Hello Dolly” in my head. I don’t care,  I don’t care. It’s going to be beautiful and wonderful, and a new generation of people are going to fall in love with comedy through the Muppets. It’s the best way for children to fall in love with comedy.

Scream Queens 8PM Fox

If Ryan Murphy can do anything it’s one season of high camp. So I will watch one season of Scream Queens, and then a second season and complain about how it’s just not as good. Because seriously, the man does not know how to execute a second season. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad. (Calling it now that I think JLC is the killer.)

The Flash 8 PM The CW


That is all.

Agents of SHIELD 9 PM ABC

Look, Secret Warriors are coming. Skye is officially Quake, and it’s quite likely that Melinda and Andrew are going to get back together. Also, WHERE DID GEMMA GO? Anyway, obviously I will be watching and live tweeting this.

Grandfathered 9 PM Fox

I like Fox Comedy. I really do, and I find John Stamos incredibly watchable and great. Which is all a round about way of saying this may not be a good show, but I’ll still watch it.

The Grinder 9 PM Fox

Hey, Rob Lowe is going to have his own sitcom. “Cool, I’m going to watch that.” He’s playing a washed up TV lawyer who decides to be a real lawyer. “Oh, fun concept, that seems to be a good fit for him.” Fred Savage is going to be on it too. “AWESOME, I love Fred Savage! Who doesn’t? I mean, he’s great.” They’re playing brothers. “Excuse me?” Yeah, and Fred is a real lawyer in their family practice. “SHUT UP AND LET ME WATCH THIS SHOW ALREADY!”


The Middle 8 PM ABC

I’ve been watching The Middle since the beginning and I’m not going to stop now. It always makes me giggle. Also, my mom loves it and she watches Gotham for me, so I give her this.

Arrow 8 PM The CW

We’re going to Coast City and we better meet Hal Jordan and Ollie and Felicity are a couple, and Malcolm is R’as Al Ghul and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

The Goldbergs 8:30 PM ABC

The Goldbergs should annoy me but it doesn’t, it’s just really, really funny, and smart and optimistic and loving. So I watch. Because happy comedy is good comedy.

Modern Family 9 PM ABC

I will watch until the bitter end, which at this point, may be in like 20 years. But I don’t care, I’ll be watching.

Empire 9 PM Fox

Everybody shut up. Empire is on.

blackish 9:30 PM ABC

The ABC comedy block is very good, and blackish is the best part of it. I would watch this show even Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson were terrible, which they aren’t, because the kids are so great.


Heroes Reborn 8 PM NBC

The only NBC show that I’m watching this year. But at least I haven’t completely abandoned my once beloved Peacock. I’ve been catching the odd old Heroes episode, because my brother has been re-watching it. (I don’t have room for another rewatch at the moment.) Anyway, I’m excited to see Noah Bennett and Hiro again. And hey, Zach Levi! I like him!

Scandal 9 PM ABC

EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP SCANDAL IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! II think it’s important that we remember that no matter what, we’ll all be gladiators until we die.


I don’t have anything on Friday, which means, I’ll either be going to the movies or working on my DVR.


Doctor Who 9PM BBC America

I still have to watch the premier, but I’m actually excited to watch the new series. I’m very excited for Maisie Williams and for more of Missy, quite obviously.

Go Sportsball! Score the points!

The fall is one of my favorite times of year. (Pumpkin Spice! Sweaters! Costume Season! My Birthday!) And not least of all because it’s time for Football!

I’ve written about my complicated relationship with my family’s chosen favorite sport a time or two, and being a football fan these days is something that comes with a heavy load of, “my fave is problematic” rationalization.

I’m not going to deal with that right now. Because I’m too busy heading out to South Bend, Indiana for the first time to go to the Mecca of football fans, Notre Dame!

Two of my cousins are currently attending the University and The Irish happen to be taking on Georgia Tech this weekend, where four of my cousins (and one of their spouses) graduated from.

This is after spending last weekend at Fordham seeing my cousin play in a game against Villanova and at Yankee Stadium seeing them play the Toronto Blue Jays. (Baseball, also being a sportsball, it counts) THEN I went home and watched the Men’s Final of the US Open.

What I’m saying is that sometimes it’s nice to leave my superhero hat at home and cheer on talented people who run really fast at each other, and I wanted to celebrate that.

I can be more than one thing is something that I often have to remind even myself, and these weekends are a case of that.

So remember kind reader, that you too can be more than one thing! Go forth and do that.

And Go Irish!

Sailor Moon: Super S Episodes 140 & 141: Boring Filler Time

Seriously, I’m pretty bored of this stuff now. I hate Sailor Moon filler. I hate it so much.

Super S

The girls go to a fashion show.

The designer has a killer undercut.

Usagi wants him to make her wedding dress when she marries Mamoru.

Chibi-Usa speaks vaguely about the future with Pegasus.

Blahdy, blahdy, blah, blah.

Fish Eye wants the designer and his dreams, but there’s no Pegasus there. Very little happens in this episode, is my point. The Lemure is kind of cool, it’s like beach ball, but a man. It was kind of cool.


The next episode is a little better. Tiger’s Eye and Hawk’s Eye (HAWK’S EYE! I finally know is name!) are both vying for Mina’s affection and she’s decided she loves them both.

You go Minako.

The guys are just trying to see into her love dreams, but they get all competitive with one another and it’s sort of funny.

What’s weird about this episode is that, did we know that Artemis was into Minako? I mean, is that new information? I mean, we (meaning those of us who have previously watched the show/read the manga) know that Artemis is a Cat-Man, not just a cat, but still, Minako, doesn’t know that. Does she?

What does Minako know?

Anyway, there’s a lot going on there.

Look, mostly but I’m done with the filler, I’d like for there to be some plot again.

We did get a new music video and there is a lot happening in that video. I don’t get it, because it doesn’t have subtitles, but it’s clearly about Chibi-Usa loving her life in the past. So, that’s nice.

You want to know what would make these episodes SUBSTANTIALLY less boring? Outer Senshi. I’m just saying, I could be rolling my eyes back at some dumb conversation between The Amazon Trio and then just ROSE PETALS! “We are The Guardians From A New Era…”

Come on, Super S, give me what I need.