Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

love this episode so very much. I don’t really know why, nothing terribly huge happens in it, but it’s a completely wonderful episode.

The winner of this episode, is, no surprise, the ghost himself Jaqen H’ghar


I love Jaqen, but this episode, particularly is a great one for him, where he and Arya speak again and he introduces her to the idea of death needing to be repaid. He mentions “The Red God,” which I’m pretty sure he never does again, and also leads me to believe that while giving “The Kindly Man” (as he’s called in the book) Jaqen’s face was a good call visually, it makes it clear that he might not be the same guy.

Anyway, his win comes from beginning his work as “The Ghost of Harrenhall,” the episodes title character!

Good for you Jaqen.

Runner up goes to Catelyn who saves Brienne from being tried for Renly’s death and then earns her as a protector and vassal, this is good for Catelyn. Kind of wish Brienne had stuck with her rather than going on Jamie guard dealing.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Dany send Doreah to have sex with dudes in Qarth to find out about Xaro, because men talk when they’re “happy.” I feel like she would never do this to Missandei, because Missandei is better than Doreah, and she’s also matured by the time. The other hand maiden who’s name I can’t remember is very defensive of Dany losing her Dorthraki identity. You should listen to that Handmaiden Who’s Name I Can’t Remember Dany…

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week. So, no agency to check up on.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

She teaches Gendry how to fight, or gives him tips at least. Not going to lie, I ship these two a little. Too bad they’ll probably never see each other again and Gendry may or may not be dead? Who knows. Anyway, she also serves Tywin, effectively lies about her identity (although I still bet that Tywin has an inkling about who she is.) and gives Jaqen the first of the names.

An excellent hour of badassery from Arya.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Still no Jamie. I mean, I know the second half and next season are great for him, but wow can’t believe how long it’s been since we saw him. Tyrion was a dick about him to Lancel, so I guess that counts?

Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It

No Robb this week. But in “Theon is a Person and Kind Of Bad At It” news, he comes up with his stupid invade Winterfell plan that ruins a lot of things. And this is a result of Robb being terrible at being King and sending Theon home.

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