Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: All Together Now

It’s over.

Two years and it’s over. I’m not sure what comes next, but I do know that this has been incredible. But first for the episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Moon stop Master Pharoah 90 from consuming the planet. Because of the power from the Moon Chalice, Saturn is able to destroy him without destroying the planet. It’s actually very beautiful, and par for the course in Crystal we get some truly beautiful and affecting still images.

When Hotaru is reborn as a teeny tiny perfect baby, the outers decide to raise her and I’m so glad that this got included. Also the image of Michiru picking up the baby is so freaking perfect and adorable that I can barely even about it.

But the last few minutes of the episode are my favorite. We learn that Usagi passed her exams, so everyone is going to high school together. (You know, except Rei, who goes to a different school) including Minako! Chibi-Usa is getting ready to go back to the 30th century when the eclipse comes.

And we all know what comes with the eclipse right? I mean, I want more Sailor Moon, of course, but I’m actually quite happy to have a break before diving into that mess of an arc again.

Although, Crystal Amazoness…sigh.

Anyway, it’s over, for now, and I’m not sure what comes next here. I mean, I do need to read the short stories. So maybe I’ll do that, and write them up next week. But I’m not sure. I am trying to get a senshi cosplay group together for NYCC (I got tickets WEE!) so I’ll update that as progress gets made.

Overall, I’m glad that I did this. I opened myself up to a whole world that I hadn’t even thought to check out. I have to watch more anime. I want to watch more. Seriously people, I need recommendations. (If it’s on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, so much the better.) I’d like to branch out beyond magical girl, but we’ll see…

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5 Episodes 15-18

OTH Season 5

Episode 15: “Life Is Short”

It’s Jamie’s Birthday, which is weird, because I thought that Jamie was born on graduation day, and this episode takes place right before the playoffs? (Continuity! Come on people!) What does this very put upon five year old want? A Wii, and to see his grandpa. His grandpa also wants to see him, but Nathan, Haley and Deb are (rightfully) wary of any interaction with Dan, who, lest we forget, is basically the devil. Dan shows up at Jamie’s birthday party anyway and gives Jamie Nathan’s first jersey as a gift. When Nathan confronts him about it, he says that he’s dying and that he wants to leave Nathan the beach house. Nathan basically spits in his face.

Brooke is having trouble with Baby Angie, who just won’t stop crying. She also has to get a bunch of work done, and it’s not happening because of the baby and the inability to focus. It’s actually a really fun story and I particularly like the moment it creates with Lucas when she shows up on his doorstep looking for help.

Peyton, meanwhile has a long talk with Skills about how she and Lucas belong together, but she’s letting it go for the moment, because he doesn’t need that. I think this is very big of Peyton. But, as I’ve made pretty clear, I’m very into her this go round. Skills confesses he feels guilty about Jamie’s kidnapping and he’s pretty sure that Haley and Nathan no longer trust him with the kid.

This is categorically untrue, it’s just that they’re jumpy about Jamie lately and they say so when they all have a conversation about it. That’s another thing about One Tree Hill in general, but specifically Season 5 that I’m noticing, the characters actually talk to each other, so these kinds of conflicts don’t fester that much. It’s almost refreshing.

Lindsey comes to Jamie’s birthday party, which Lucas thinks is a sign that she wants to get back together. It’s actually just a sign of her wanting to come pick up her shit, but of course Mr. I Know How People Really Feel Even Though They Tell Me The Exact Oposite Lucas Scott doesn’t buy this.

Also, Deb hooks up with Jamie’s birthday clown. Oh Deb!

Episode 16: “Cryin’ Won’t Help You Now”

Dan is dying and The Scott clan has to decide what that means to them. Especially Nathan. Here’s a thing that’s always annoyed me about Lucas in the later seasons. His insistence that Nathan have the same or similar feelings as he does about Dan. Lucas didn’t really know Dan until he was teenager. Dan may have been an emotionally abusive father, but he did raise Nathan, which makes his emotions a lot more complicated when it comes to his father. Anyway, Nathan and Dan talk and Nathan tells him that he’s never going to forgive him.

Haley is dealing with the “what do we do about Jamie wanting to see Dan” issue, and she deals with it by having him write Dan a thank you note, but then she throws it away, which is probably going to come back to bite her in the butt.

Lucas and Skills are still trying to figure out what the Ravens are going to look like without Q, and land on a kind of crazy strategy of putting Q at point guard and having the rest of the team shoot three points to make up for his points. They got the strategy from Jamie, which is awesome. Q and Nathan also talk about their respective injuries and Nathan’s come back. Nathan commits to it, for Jamie.

Brooke pitches a line of baby clothes inspired by Angie, who is she is also getting ready for her heart surgery. I love Brooke with the baby. It’s something I’m really looking forward to seeing when I get to the stuff I haven’t watched yet, because Brooke actually becoming a mom is one of the only storylines I really regret missing out on.

Episode 17: “Hate Is Safer Than Love”

Lindsey ends things with Lucas, she’s met someone else. He’s really pissed and upset about it, especially since it happens in the middle of the Ravens game. He freaks out on the ref and then one of the players on the other team. He gets thrown out of the game and then goes to see Brooke at the hospital where she’s waiting for Angie to wake up from her surgery. Then goes to Tric to get drunk. Peyton gets him home he says that he hates her. Which is way harsh.

Brooke is in full freak out mode. But she’s also doing really well. She befriends Angie’s doctor and cries beautifully.

Jamie finds his note to Dan in the trash and runs away. Haley finds him and they talk about it, and in the end she lets him give it to Dan, telling Dan that this is for Jamie not for him.  Dan also learns that he’s number two on a heart donor list, behind a minister who’s lived a good life. Karma’s a bitch right?

Nathan is training again. He and Jamie go running in the mornings. It’s adorable and perfect. Haley is working on her album and Mia is back, chatting about life on the road and it gets Haley nervous about balancing her life. Peyton reassures her, that she’s going to be great, and that she shouldn’t be afraid for the album and any success that comes after that.

Oh also Skills and Deb hook up. Which is ridiculous. And awesome.

Everything is in free fall.

Episode 18: “What Comes After The Blues”

Lucas us depressed and all he’s doing is getting drunk and lying in bed. He wakes up one morning with a mohawk to Jamie and Nathan, mirroring Nathan waking up on the couch early in the season. Nathan tells him he needs to get it together. Jamie decides he also wants a Mohawk. So that’s a fun runner.

Lucas has been suspended for 10 games and there are only 11 left in the season. So that’s kind of a bummer. Lindsey stops by to say her final goodbye, but he also talks to Brooke as she gives Angie away and he sees the giant mural of The Cure’s “I Will Always Love You,” that Peyton painted on the river court.

Haley records a song and Nathan dunks again, also Jamie overcomes his fear of swimming. Which I didn’t know was a thing. Anyway, it’s really cute. Deb and Skills are still hooking up and Mouth quits his job. We get two big cliff hangers, Dan gets hit by a car when the Reverend dies and Lucas calls, someone and asks them to meet him at the airport and elope to Vegas.

Who is? Just kidding, we know who it is.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

A lot more happens here than I remembered and there are few things that I love like I do the relationship between Jamie and Dan, which gets it’s sweetest moment here. I also love the beginning of Deb and Skills’s relationship just for pure whackiness, but there’s nothing more boring than the Lucas waffling. The Nathan comeback arc starts getting strong here, but it’s really at it’s best in Season 6.

Overall Analysis of This Season

Season 5 is kind of a bummer, because it starts out so strong and then just sort of peeters out. But the first half really is crazy good, and I actually really enjoy the Lucas and Lindsey relationship, even if it does cause us to see Peyton at her worst. The Brooke stuff this season and the Naley stuff really is great, and it introduced us to Joe Manginello, and I really can’t emphasize this enough, this is something that we all need to thank One Tree Hill for. Think of what Magic Mike and True Blood would be without him? Not as good, is what they’d be. (Honestly, I’m writing a blog about One Tree Hill, do you really think that I’m above Vampires Have Sex: The Show and Shirtless Dancing Men: The Movie?)

There Will Be No Peace


On their fantastic podcast Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor Of All Time Period, W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery talk about certain movies being “Day Changers,” that is, even if you have other plans, or something you should be doing, if you find that movie on TV, your day changes so that you can sit for two hours and watch it.

Independence Day is a day changer movie for me. I love everything about it. I love that it’s completely cornball cheesy, I love the on point charismatic performances from the entire cast but especially Jeff Goldblum and Will Smith. I love how straightforward it is. I love that it’s an action movie dressed up like a Sci-Fi movie.

Independence Day: Resurgence is the opposite, it’s a Sci-Fi movie dressed as an action movie, which gives it a place among other sequels that have switched genres, like T2 or Aliens. Now, I’m not saying this is as good as those movies, it isn’t. But Independence Day isn’t as good as The Terminator or Alien, so of course it doesn’t reach those levels.

The movie picks up 20 years after the events of the first movie, and we see the sort of Utopic future that’s been born from the unity of the finale. Nothing is perfect, and it appears that there is some psychic damage from many who had close encounters with the aliens. When a new ship appears, which looks mysteriously like a symbol many victims have been scrawling (including President Thomas Whitmore, played in a kooky and wonderful performance by Bill Pullman!) everyone, including David Levinson (Goldblum) kind of freaks out.

The action is pulled off mostly by a young ensemble cast, lead by Liam Hemsworth as Jake Morrison and Jessie T. Usher as Dylan Hiller. It turns out when he’s not playing the most insufferable dude in Panem, I actually enjoy watching Liam. The fact that it takes five young actors to replace one Will Smith is telling though. The others are Maika Monroe, who is great, but who’s casting I really resented, as there was literally no reason to not bring Mae Whitman back to play Patricia Whitmore, Angelababy, who’s Chinese pilot was a refreshing bit of WOC diversity, even if it was probably done to pander to the Chinese market, rather than to improve the story, and Travis Tope.

Brent Spiner, Judd Hirsch and Vivica A. Fox are all back in small-ish parts (guess who’s is the smallest? I’m hoping it’s because she didn’t want a big role.) and Hirsch’s storyline is easily my favorite.

Overall I really enjoyed myself and Resurgence leaves itself very open for sequelization, so we’ll see what happens next.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. Finding Dory
  6. Independence Day: Resurgence
  7. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Jason Bourne: Seriously, though, it looks so good. I really can’t wait for it.

Mike And Dave Need Wedding Dates: I feel like the marketing for this movie is holding me hostage. I’ll probably wind up liking it a lot, but UGH, I just don’t care and I’m sick of it.

The Legend of Tarzan: Looks pretty good. Tarzan has never really been in my box of toys, but I’ll certainly check it out.

Doctor Strange: FINE YOU WIN MARVEL. (You always win) I’ll go see the movie. I’ll probably love it. It will probably turn me around on Cumberbatch. FINE! FINE!

Game Of Thrones Winner: “The Winds Of Winter”

Winter is here friends and it’s time for us to name a winner for the season finale of season 6. This season has been incredible, a roller coaster ride of girl power fighting and righteous vengeance, and winners were often hard to call.

But I decided that this week, we’re all the winner.


To represent us all, here’s a picture of me and my friends as GOT characters at my 27th Birthday Party!

Guys, The Game Of Thrones was inside of us all along!

Oh and Jon Snow is actually the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and probably the rightful king of Westeros.


OK, I’m kind of kidding. I am naming an actual winner. After much internal debate, I’ve decided that Cersei Lannister won tonight’s Game of Thrones.

Cersei Lannister Season 6

I mean, I didn’t like it. It was brutal and my all time favorite character died in a horrible explosion. (RIP Maergary, I’ll always love you.) She had Franken-Mountain brutally torture Septa Unella, she caused the suicide of her youngest child.

But she is currently sitting on the Iron Throne. Probably not for long. Because Dany is coming and JON SNOW IS A MOTHER FUCKING TARGARYEN!!! But for the moment, she is the Queen of Westeros, sitting on the Iron Throne, she won.

Runner up is Arya, because, DID YOU SEE THAT????

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

They were barely in the episode. But they’re on their way to Westeros. In other Mereen relationship news, Dany dumped Daario, because she needs to marry someone from Westeros to hold the throne and can’t bring her lover. (PLEASE MARRY JON! MAKE ALL MY DREAMS COME TRUE!)

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa said no to Little Finger, she made Jon The King In The North (OH AND HE’S A TARGARYEN!) Sansa’s running things. I’m very excited about it. I’d rather she be Queen, but Tyrion was named as Daenerys’s Hand, and I’m pretty sure? they’re still married, so that could be a thing for her.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya fed Walder Frey his sons in a pie and then slit his throat. Guys, Arya is the spirit of Lady Of Stoneheart. But oh, was it gorgeous and perfect and glorious. Revenge is Arya’s, and she will not be stopped.

King Tommen The Adorable

Dead. After his beloved wife was blown up (seriously, I knew it was coming and I’m still very upset by it),  Tommen took a dive off of the Red Keep. I’ll miss him a lot. But I think that his death is going to make Jaime snap.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

R + L = J

Bran goes back to The Tower Of Joy and we see Ned and Lyanna, and she makes him promise to protect Jon, because “if Robert knew, he would kill him.” GUYS! We know now, for sure, that this is a thing. We’ve waited so long. And we know now. We know.

So now we wait. We wait until season 7, or until The Winds Of Winter comes out, whichever comes first.

I’m kidding it will be the show. The Winds Of Winter is never coming out, probably.

Moving Forward

I know I still have to go back and name winners for Season 3, and I’m going to start on that very soon. Probably in August. When I get a decent enough lead on One Tree Hill, I should be at a point where I can take the 10 hours out to watch it.

I’m also going to invest in the audiobooks. I want desperately to reread them, but the thought of actually rereading just seems horrendous. So, when I run out of podcasts at work, I’m going to listen to them. I’m still figuring out what that will look like here, but I’m excited.

And I’m working on a Sansa cosplay. I’m not leaving Westeros behind even a little. I never can at this time of year!

Cosplay Corner: You Win Or You Die

As we gear up for the finale of Game Of Thrones Season 6, I decided it would be fun to dedicate this week’s closet cosplays to Westeros. I don’t have a con ready cosplay for GOT, though I am working on getting my Maergary party dress in shape for it/Sansa’s Wolf dress to be a thing at all.

Closet Cosplays

Sansa Stark

After last week’s episode, it made absolutely no sense not to kick the week off with Sansa. I brought out the grey tunic that I wore for Eponine again, since grey is a Stark color. It also had some cool embroidery and embroidery is kind of Sansa’s thing. I also wore a pair black stretchy pants that land at the ankle, Audrey Hepburn style, which I think fits Sansa (being the consummate lady and all.) Add in my Ugg Flats, which are technically winter shoes, because of the North.

Jewelry was a tougher call for Sansa than any other before, but I landed on a long pendant with a tree of life on it, to represent the Heart Tree of Winterfell, and of all over the North really. Of which Sansa is now the Queen. The Queen In The North. BUT! I added a piece I’d forgotten about. I have a bracelet that’s twisted silver around purple stones, which, you may remember were the color of the stones in Sansa’s necklace/hairnet (depending on show or book version) that were used to poison Joffrey.

The Night’s Watch

Probably my favorite of the week. On Tuesday I took the black. Because of my retail background I have a surplus of black clothing and was easily able to put a bunch of it together into a very cute outfit.

The shirt is another H&M buy, and it actually a tunic, but I tucked it into the skirt, which is New York & Co, I added the thick belt from Kohl’s in order give a sort of “armor” look. I also wore Combat boots (obviously) and a necklace my cousin Catherine gave me for Christmas a few years ago that’s made out of chain mail! I also did a little bit of old school mall punk emo smokey eye, something I haven’t even attempted since high school!

Daenerys Targaryen

If I was going to get through hump day this week I needed an extra power boost. And I got it by dressing up as the true queen, The Breaker of Chains, The Unburnt, Mother of Dragons. Channeling Dany was surprisingly easy with my wardrobe. I wore a brown corduroy skirt and a cream crepe top (adorned with silver beading.) and I borrowed the Targaryen family crest necklace that Mary has. (Thanks sis! She was actually a big help in this whole project)

The tough part here was the hair. My short summer hair does not lend itself to intricate braiding, and certainly not first thing in the morning, when I’m in kind of a rush. I did figure out though, a cute way to handle it. I braided small strands on the underside of my hair and pinned them up. I was actually very happy with how it came out.

Maergary Tyrell

I wasn’t going to go through this week without channeling my absolute forever fave, and I put  a lot of thought in the Maergary outfit. I went with a black pencil skirt because I think that the kind of controlled sexuality of that kind of garment really fits her character. I added a blue crop top which has rose petal cut outs because she wears a lot of blue and Roses are the symbol of House Tyrell.

I wimped out on my hair because my Khaleesi hair sort of wore me out and also I overslept. But I obviously wore my Maergary necklace, and I also have a pair of earrings that Mary gave me that have flowers on them.


This costume is a little bit different, rather than just trying to get across someone’s essence, I made a work appropriate version of one of Missandei’s actual outfits. Also, I was originally planning on doing something for Arya, but I couldn’t figure it out and Mary suggested that I try Missandei, who is very high on the favorite list!

Anyway, I wore my grey maxi dress, with my leather vest from my Black Canary costume over it, and gladiator sandals. I was trying to recreate this costume:

I think I did OK.

Overall I had a lot of fun with these outfits. I do think it’ll be a while before I do a full week of closet cosplays again though. It was a lot of work and organizing, which while I enjoyed it, is effort that could have been spent elsewhere.

Anyway, everyone enjoy the weekend, here’s hoping we get a Stark Sisters reunion on Sunday. (I doubt it, but we can all dream.)

Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Saturn Rising

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Look, this is the third version of this story that I’ve taken in, and I understand that when Sailor Saturn wakes up it means that shit is about to go down. Her job is literally to end the world so that disaster doesn’t further spread or whatever, but damn is it cool when she emerges.

But the episode begins with the Sailors Moon transforming into their Super Selves and it’s really great, they also attack the monster with a “Double Moon Heart Ache” and it looks amazing.

I could spend an entire post just talking about how beautiful this season has been.

But I won’t because we’ve got some plot to deal with. So, after the Double Heart Attack doesn’t do the job, Sailor Saturn is born and explains how she was never supposed to awaken in this time, but because Professor Tomoe just had to turn his daughter into a cyborg, it ruined everything.

Uranus, is kind of having none of it and like the pure straight up bad ass that she is she charges at Saturn as Saturn is getting ready to wipe out existence.

And that’s where things end. Seriously. There actually isn’t a lot of plot momentum here because we get the Saturn awakening and explanation, but the other pause and enjoy it moment comes when Usagi realizes that everyone has always watched over and guarded her and that now it’s her turn to guard everyone else.

Seriously, it’s always my favorite story climax when Usagi realizes that it’s time for her to fight, and that she does it with love power from and for her friends.

Also, does Mamoru have powers? I always thought Tuxedo Mask was a Hawkeye type, you know, no particular powers, but lots of skills and everyone thinks he’s useless until he isn’t? Also, I cannot watch that Mamoru closing theme without laughing. I get what they’re going for, but it’s just so unrepentantly corny and hilarious.

Anyway, we only have one more episode. And then one week where I write a heartfelt post about what the past year and a half has meant to me, discovering this crazy new fandom.

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5 Episode 11-14

Only four episodes this week, partly because I’m a little behind, and partly to even out the posts. This season has 18 episodes, so, 4 this week, and 4 next week!

OTH Season 5

Season 5: Episode 11: “You’re Gonna Need Someone On Your Side”

Lindsey and Lucas spring a Parent Trap for Haley and Nathan. Also Chace comes back! YAY Chace! And Rachel and Mouth interact. But we’ll get to that. First Lucas and Lindsey’s parent trap. They decide to have a big party for both of their bachelor and bachelorette, thus forcing the estranged couple to talk.

Jamie sees a family in a store playing rock band and fixates on it as something he wants to do as a family. I love this, because even though it’s a clear product placement, that kind of fixation is so something that little kids do that it really works. They also get a bounce house, because Skills is emotionally about the same age as Jamie.

Meanwhile, Brooke, Owen, Lucas and Lindsey go to Macy’s as Brooke prepares for a meeting. But Victoria took the meeting without her. Because EVIL. Brooke winds up firing Victoria, who also goes to Brooke and Peyton’s house where Rachel is detoxing and breaks down her already fragile self esteem. Ugh, Victoria is just the absolute worst.

Also, Dan is out of prison, and he had sex with a random girl he met at a sporting goods store. Also, he seems determined to meet Jamie.

This is when this is creepy, before Dan and Jamie’s relationship became one of the biggest hearts of the show.

Season 5: Episode 12: “Hundred”

It’s Lucas and Lindsey’s wedding day and every one is daydreaming. Nathan is daydreaming about coming home to his family. Peyton is daydreaming about interrupting the wedding. Brooke is daydreaming about becoming a mom.

Also, Karen is back! With Lily! And she’s with Andy! It’s all awesome. Andy now looks exactly the same age as the kids, which is completely hilarious. But I always loved that they ended up together.

Dan shows up at the wedding and Haley tells him off. It’s a great Haley moment. Also, Nathan is trying really hard to talk to her and it’s terribly sweet. Lindsey leaves Lucas at the altar, because she realizes that Lucas is still in love with Peyton from his second book.

And then the crazy explodes. After going to the bathroom, Jamie is snatched by Carrie, who then takes him to a motel and tells him that he’s going to be her son now. She tries to die his hair. Then Dan breaks in and puts her into a wall and returns him to the house, where Nathan and Haley and everyone are being very worried and Skills is feeling guilty, because he didn’t go with Jamie to the bathroom.

Season 5: Episode 13: “Echoes, Silence, Patience And Grace”

It’s the look at the camera and talk about their feelings episode. And it’s a good one. Nathan and Haley are in couples counseling. Brooke is being interviewed by an adoption agency. Peyton is talking to Max who used to own the record store. Lucas is talking to Andy and then Lindsey. Dan is talking to his Parole Officer. Jamie is in show and tell at school.

Haley and Nathan are trying to fix their marriage and it’s not going super well. They are talking and Nathan is back in the house. They talk a lot about losing their identities as a basketball player and a musician respectively. They talk about giving up their youth to raise their son. They reconnect. It’s quite lovely.

Brooke describes wanting to be a parent to save a child from having the kinds of neglected love starved childhood she had. It’s really touching. But in the end we learn that Victoria torpedoed her chances by disclosing every dirty secret of Brooke’s life.

Peyton talks about Lucas, and loving Lucas and how she feels awful for how heartbroken he is at the moment. It’s actually really nice and heartfelt. Max also tells her not to give up on music, since her opening the label changed Mia’s life and will change other people’s lives.

Jamie talks about how his bunny is his best friend. And his grandpa Dan. Speaking of Dan, he’s so into getting his family back together that it’s deluded and sad. He also pays his PO to talk to him. This is remarkably sad, but then again, even when he was super powerful, no one actually liked Dan, so I’m guessing he didn’t have a lot of friends.

Lucas talks to Andy about how he wants Lindsey back. Literally no one believes this is the case. Especially Lindsey. He says he’ll only publish the new book if she edits it. She’s kind of “whatever” about that.

Season 5: Episode 14: “What Do You Come Home To?”

Brooke’s getting a baby! Temporarily, but it’s meant to be a test run with the adoption agency. She’s fostering baby Angie while she is in the country to get a surgery. Brooke is over the moon about it, but as it turns out, Owen is not into the idea of having a family. He doesn’t even have the guts to tell her this himself, Chace has to do it.

I love Chace.

Anyway, Lucas is back and he and Peyton basically forgive each other, but she still feels bad. He’s annoyed though, because Q is refusing to admit the extent of his injury. Q told Skill about it but asked him to keep it from Lucas. Obviously, Skills does not keep it from Lucas. (Obviously.) Q gets really mad about this and calls Skills an Uncle Tom.

This righteously pisses Skills off, and there is no resolution. One Tree Hill does not often tackle race. And when they do it feels pretty on, because it just sort of hangs there.

Mouth asks Millie to move in with him and she accepts but also tells him that she’s a virgin. He doesn’t care. It’s adorable. Peyton and Haley decide to record an album together. Everyone debates whether to tell Jamie that Dan is a murderer…AND Deb comes back to be Jamie’s new nanny and it’s really exciting, because I mean, DEB!

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

Because it’s a short one, and we’re again dealing with moves that need to happen to get to end game, which is Peyton and Lucas reunited, there’s not a whole lot to say. But there’s good stuff here. It’s the deepest we’ve gotten into Nathan and Haley’s fundamental differences in a while, and it’s nice to be reminded that their love didn’t completely erase who they are. The kidnapping plot and Carrie Single White Female stuff is really the show at it’s soapy best. As is Lindsey leaving Lucas at the altar.

And at that, we’re nearing the goodbye to Lindsey, who, I know I keep saying it, is a character I really, really like. But you know, as a Team Jacob, “On My Own” singing, Galinda-phile, this makes perfect sense. I feel for the spare in a love triangle. (Brooke long transcended that role.) And I think Lindsey is good at that.

I’m looking forward to “Brooke as Mom,” and really, the Peyton and Lucas reunion is pretty epic.

Just Keep Swimming


Finding Dory is a highly anticipated sequel. I wish that was something that I could get more hyped for, but to be perfectly honest, it’s pretty rote.

But it’s always worth checking out what Pixar has brewing, knowing that even at their worst, they’re delivering streamlined, emotional, family entertainment.

Inside Out is probably my favorite Pixar movie, and it replaced Finding Nemo at the top. So, obviously, Finding Dory had a lot to deliver on. And it gets there, almost.

Focusing on Dory’s origin story was a good track to take, and learning that she came from an aquarium is a fun little twist. Meeting her parents, and learning that her memory problems have been an issue her whole life was an even better one. And of course, it really is incredible how perfectly Pixar has managed to create water environments, and we see some more new ones this time.

Ellen DeGeneres remains a treasure, and her performance as Dory perfectly heartwarming. I didn’t cry though, and all the greatest Pixar films must cause tears, which ranks this one lower than it should be from a technical standpoint. But like most Pixar films, totally worth checking out on it’s own merits. The new characters, a cantacterous octopus, a pair of friendly wales, and some lazy Sea Lions were also great.

The short, Piper was completely adorable and absolutely the most stunning animation from Pixar yet! It’s worth the price of admission.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. Finding Dory
  6. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Pete’s Dragon : I was sobbing through this trailer. Just uncontrollable weeping as soon as Pete said, “I wasn’t alone. I had Elliot.” Ugh, gut punch.

Moana: The guys next to me whispered to his wife, “I know that voice.” “The Rock?” “No, the guy singing…” “Honey, that’s the guy from Hamilton.” “Oh right.” But in and of itself, even without the Lin-Manuel factor, it’s looks wonderful. Really looking forward to it.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life really seems to be climbing the list of must sees. So much of the trailer reminds me of the solid kids movies of the early 90’s, and I’m glad that scene is returning to cinemas.


Game of Thrones Winner: “Battle Of The Bastards”

You’d think that maybe one of those Bastards would be the winner, and although Jon had a lot going for his win, I think we all know who actually won this episode.

It’s Sansa. Sansa is the winner for this episode and all episodes ever. Sansa wins everything.


Completely. Out. Of. Fucks.

Why does Sansa win? She sat on her horse and told Ramsey that he was going to die the next day. She yelled at Jon about how Ramsey plays games. She got the Knights of The Vale to come save Jon and The Wildlings (although SHARING this information with Jon, might have been helpful.) And then, and THEN in the end, after they won back Winterfell. (Though Rickon died. Sorry Rickon) Sansa FED RAMSEY TO HIS OWN DOGS and walked away. I half expected her to also spill some gasoline and light a match and walk away from the explosion. (I know that there isn’t actually gas in Westeros.) It was epic. It was perfect.

Runner ups (yes two) are Dany and Yara, who are now teaming up to take back Westeros.

Guys we are so close to Three Queens of Westeros. (Dany on The Iron Throne, Yara on The Salt Throne, Sansa as Queen In The North.) More on this below.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Grey Worm killed the masters. Missandei rolled her eyes at them. There was no drunken joke telling. The episode was worse for it.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

SHE FED RAMSEY TO HIS DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Her agency is doing just fine.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

No Arya this week. Booo.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No Bran this week. But Melisandre explained the nature of the Lord of Light and how we can’t know his plan. Whatever. Davos also figured out that she burned Shireen to death. So that’s not going to end well.

King Tommen The Adorable

No Tommen this week. It’s a bummer.


Yara and Theon got themselves to Mereen and Tyrion notices that Theon has changed but does remind us all of what a little dill hole he was. Anyway, Yara and Dany flirt. (I ship it)  They agree that their dads sucked and that they’re going to make the world a better place when they take back Westeros.

You know, with the ships that Dany got from the Masters and Yara and Theon. And dragons. AND WE WILL HAVE THREE QUEENS IN WESTEROS AND ALSO ARYA WILL RAIN DOWN VENGEANCE ON THOSE THAT HAVE HARMED THE STARKS!

In other news, I’m closet cosplaying Game of Thrones characters every day this week. Check out my Facebook to see those!

Cosplay Corner: Give My Regards To Old Broadway!

Because the Tonys I decided to focus this week on Broadway Cosplays! (Hooray!)

Con Ready Cosplays

I don’t have any strictly Broadway cosplays (I threaten to do Galinda every year and always wind up backing off)

But I do have Belle and Beauty And The Beast was a Broadway show. So we’ll talk about that.

This was the simplest costume ever (except maybe Captain America…), I owned the blue dress as a 50’s costume for years, and the white long sleeved shirt is from my Princess Leia costume from last year. I bought the apron on Amazon, threw on a pair of black flats, tied my hair back and voila! Belle! (If you’re interested in Kristi’s Jedi Sleeping Beauty costume, check out her great post about it!)

Closet Cosplay

I had a lot of fun with these this week. Thinking of shows that I love and characters I like and embracing those aesthetics and figuring out what in my wardrobe would work to bring it across.

Eponine – Les Miserables

I wore this on Sunday for the Tonys, but I didn’t actually wear the whole thing because it was too hot to wear the coat and hat. BUT I know that I can do that for colder weather.

Les Mis is my favorite musical ever and Eponine is my favorite character in it. So it’s nice that approximating her look is so freaking simple.

Anyway, the outfit is simple, jeans, a grey tunic, a brown jacket and a cap. Add a distracted forlorn look and you’re a perfect Eponine!


I didn’t zero in on a specific character here, I just wanted to put forward a general feel for the show’s aesthetic as I understand it…having not actually seen the show yet. You know what? That’s OK. I think so at least.

Anyway, the white leggings come from my Princess Leia costume, the riding boots from my life as a preppy girl, and a blue shirt that I’ve always felt looked vaguely historical, an invokes the color of the Patriot Army. I’m all set to be in the room where it happens…

Galinda – Wicked

After Les Mis, comes Wicked when it comes to my favorites. And I’ve related to the character of Galinda/Glinda from the moment I met her.(You know, through the OBC, as played by Kristin Chenoweth)

A simple costume, pink fluffy skirt, white V-neck and pink jewelery! It helps that I’m blonde!