Cosplay Corner: A Galaxy Far Far Away

Hey guys! Remember that I sometimes do this? So, last week to gear up for Rogue One, I did some Star Wars themed closet cosplays, and I was really happy with how they came out!

I started off with Saturday and dressed as my favorite Star Wars character (before You Know Who showed up) Obi-Wan Kenobi. I love Obi-Wan for a lot of reasons, but mostly because he’s the best and you’ll never convince me otherwise. So, I wore a white tee shirt and brown leggings and a tan jacket, because Jedi wear robes.


The next day, Sunday, I had no intention of leaving the house, but I realized I had lounge ware that would let me channel Anakin Skywalker pretty well. I went with a black yoga pants, a brown tee shirt, and a black cardigan with grey trim. Poof! Instant Chosen One. (Brooding and Fall To The Dark Side not included.)


On Monday I was back at work, so I had to get a little more creative, as leggings and yoga pants based outfits were not really an option anymore. I realized though that with my brown skirt and cream fair isle sweater, I could easily channel Luke Skywalker. (Not pictured Uggs! I’m very much back into my Uggs this winter!) I feel like the sweater gets across the idea of Luke’s innocence very well and that’s like 80% of his character in the first movie.


Tuesday I decided to go off the main movie path, and decided to dress up as Ahsoka. A maroon cardigan, like her clothes, an orange skirt, for her complection, grey leggings, like hers, and a blue scarf for her horns.


A LOT of planning went into this costume, which I think is appropriate as Ahsoka’s voice actress is a geek girl fashion icon.


Me with Ashley Ecksten at NYCC 2014! HerUniverse ALWAYS the best.

Wednesday was a little bit lazier, and it was time for Kylo Ren. Kylo’s easy, black sweater, black pants and a black scarf. I also wore red earrings to be his lightsaber. (I thought about it at least a little.


Thursday was movie day, and I was planning on wearing my Hoth Leia costume to the movie, but first I had my company’s Christmas party and these people don’t know me and also I wouldn’t wear a costume to a Christmas party. So, I needed to figure out a way to wear the base of the Leia costume, and have it be something else. Enter, the true hero R2-D2. Blue sweater with my white leggings. TA DA! My hair was in my Leia braids though, because those need to be done while my hair is wet.


Anyway, that’s what I did to celebrate Star Wars! 

Try To Stay Whelmed

So in the craziness that has been the last few days, there’s a piece of pop culture news that I didn’t get to properly celebrate.

Young Justice is coming back!

Young Justice


Young Justice is a perfect beautiful cinnamon roll of a show, focused on the teenage sidekicks of the Justice League. In it’s second season it expanded out to include just about every teenage hero in DC’s arsenal (Yes, Arsenal was also a very important character.)

It was also unceremoniously cancelled by Cartoon Network due to not capturing their desired demographic of boys ages 8-13. You know who did love the show? Girls ages 12-18 (and everyone with a modicum of taste.)

Yeah, this show was cancelled because too many teenage girls liked it and traditionally speaking, teenage girls don’t buy toys. They do buy just about every other branded piece of crap out there though, so it was a pretty stupid call.


I give you, Exhibit A

Anyway, DC fans have lobbied loudly and with gusto that we wanted a new season of the show, as season 2 ended on kind of a big cliff hanger, and this week, we learned that we’re getting the show back.

Now, as long as they save Wally West from the Speed Force, I’ll be happy. I also wouldn’t mind an full on exploration of Jason Todd (who we know exists in this continuity, as there’s a memorial to fallen team members and it includes him.) but I don’t expect it because while the Bat-Family are certainly a part of Young Justice, really only Dick is a main character. (Barbara pops up a few times and Tim has a couple decent episodes…but mostly, just our boy.)

I’d also like for Supergirl to get her due here, as she was conspicously absent during the expansion. I mean, it made sense, season focused largely on Superboy (Conner Kent, Clone of Clark and Lex Luthor version) and the second season was mostly about alien invasion. And they definitely didn’t skimp on the female characters. (Bumble Bee is a character in this show. BUMBLE BEE) But especially now, I feel like Kara deserves a spot on The Team.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s coming back! Now the waiting comes.

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Indian Summer

Summer seems to be finally breaking and I’m thrilled about that. I love fall and here’s a bunch of the stuff that I’m using to wait out the heat, so we get to the time of year of tights, sweaters and boots. (I’ve already started with boots though…)

Anyway, here we go:

  • Gilmore Guys: I mean obviously, but I’ve been listening to it like crazy, not at the expense of my other podcasts, but a whole lot.
  • “Nobody’s Crying” a song by Sutton Foster about her divorce from Christian Borle. It’s on her solo album Wish. It’s melancholy and heartbreaking and perfect, and I’ve loved it for a while, but Crystan and I listened to it while we were driving into the city on Saturday and my love for it has sprung anew. Listen to it, I swear you won’t be disappointed.
  • Revolutionary Girl Utena…WHAT THE FUCK IS THIS SHOW? I should explain, despite a long list of anime that friends I love and trust have recommended to me, I decided instead to dive into this one because, “The Mary Sue says that it heavily inspired Steven Universe.” As I have previously noted, I will do just about anything The Mary Sue tells me to, so I clicked it on Hulu and now I’m sucked in when I should finally be watching Stranger Things or at least Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood like everyone I know told me to. And yet now I’m sucked into this weird anime about sword fighting and lesbians and incest where everything might just be happening inside of the characters heads or whatever. But it’s fantastic and I love it and I think Utena might be my new favorite protagonist in anything (Sorry Korra.) Mostly because I love a passive protagonist. (Sup Harry Potter?) And Utena doesn’t really do anything except wear a totally stylish blazer and get dragged along by the plot. I’ll do a full post about it when I finish, but it’s taking up a lot of my time and brain power.
  • My friend Lora’s daily closet cosplays! She’s putting me to shame you guys! Check out her Tumblr and Instagram (@dailycasualcosplay)!
  • Party Planning! I made the facebook event for my birthday party this year and I’m really excited about it. My costume is done, which means I can focus on the other fun stuff, liked themed food and drinks, decorations, and entertainment options! I’m really excited about it.
  • Comic Con planning. I’m so organized that I’m worried I’m missing something. But I’m going to just let it go. (LET IT GOOOO…)

So that’s what I’m doing right now. See you tomorrow with more stuff!

Cosplay Corner: Costume Season and Red Shirt

Hi everyone! It turns out this is becoming a more difficult to maintain feature than I thought it would be. But I’m determined to keep it going, at least through what I call “Costume Season” (Renn Faire to My Birthday Party). I’m working on a few things for Costume Season, all of which I’m really excited about.

I really should have taken some pictures here, but I didn’t think of this until I was already on my way to work, so…that wasn’t going to happen. Anyway…here’s a breakdown of what I’m working on…

Renn Faire

I still haven’t settled on what weekends I’m going, but it would appear that I will be attending both the New York Renaissance Faire and the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. At both I plan to wear a costume I put together, which I am deeply excited about…Renn Faire Lady Poe Dameron! I’ll be wearing the same base pieces as my costume from last year, the white dress and brown corset belt. To bring the specifics to it, I added an orange maxi skirt, grey lace up tank top, that looks like a bodice. I’m also going to wear a Rebellion/Resistance symbol necklace and a black and red flower crown. I’m crazy excited about wearing this.

Lead East

I’m sad, this is the first time in maybe 8 years? That I’m not going to make it to Lead East, the 50’s car show that’s been a mainstay of Katie and my summer since we’ve known each other. But I have a good reason, I’m going to Austin with my family! So we’ll see how that goes.

New York Comic Con

I’ve finally settled on my costumes (though I’m still working out which days I’ll be wearing them)

Poe will be coming back. (For a full breakdown of my Poe Dameron Costume) as will Peggy Carter (ditto)

But I’m working on Sansa Stark! I’ve got it mostly done. I bought a wig, cape, faux fur piece now sewn onto the cape and black maxi dress. All that’s left is creating a Direwolf sigil, and I have an idea of how I’m doing that, I just need to get it done. I have a few months, but I wanted it settled by mid September at the latest. This is going to be a part of a group effort, so I’m quite excited about it and know I can’t screw it up. When I’m done with it I can move on to my other new costume.

Red Hood! When I put together the Red Hood closet cosplay a few weeks ago, I realized how good it looked and decided that I wanted to finish it up and make it ready for a con. I need to buy a red domino mask, and a white hair extension. I’m also going to buy a fresh black tee shirt, and some red cotton and iron on, and then re-enforce with hand stitching the Red Hood symbol. I have my leg holster from Poe, and I need to buy a prop gun. I’m waiting for the NYCC weapons regulations to come out, because I’m not interested in spending a bunch of money only to be immediately confiscated.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead on these, but I’m excited for them.


Depending on my plans, I’ll either be wearing a modified Poe (my Disneybound Poe dress, with the vest and chest piece from the full costume) or Sansa. If I’m at a party, it’ll be Sansa, a bar, Poe. If I’m with the nerds, then it’ll be Jason.

Hallow-Reenie 2016: Teen Drama

My Birthday Party! I’m still trying to figure out when I’m having this party. I don’t want to have it actual Halloween weekend, for a couple of reasons that are very boring. The next weekend, when I’d ordinarily have it, my parents are away (I like having my parents at this party…) and it’s my 10th high school reunion, so there’s some working around to be done. Anyway, the theme this year is Teen Drama, and I’m torn between two costume choices.

I want to do either Brooke Davis or Blair Waldorf. For both I’d be wearing my Jessica Jones wig. For Brooke, I found a blue skirt on Amazon that looks kind of like a cheerleading skirt and blue tank tops aren’t hard to come by.

Blair is even easier because I have plenty of dresses and headbands left over from the time when my entire wardrobe was Blair Waldorf approved.

I had settled on Brooke, but then Mary said that she would do Serena if I did Blair…this gave me doubts.

Closet Cosplay

This is a simple one! I’m off to see Star Trek Beyond tonight, so I had to channel it some how.

I have this red tunic shirt, so I’m wearing that, and jeans and for the picture I picked up my Poe blaster to stand in for a phaser!

I’m a red shirt, so I mean, I probably won’t make it out of today alive…but I had to do it!


The Great And Lovable Peridot

So, here’s the deal, I was going to wait until Monday and write up and entire post on this week’s Steven Universe “Steven Bomb,” but then yesterday’s episode “Message Received” came and I was too giddy to not just gush everywhere. 

Because Peridot did it!

That little green brat actually stood up and did what was right.

OH YEAH AND YELLOW DIAMOND IS PATTI LUPONE!!!!!!!!!!!! If we don’t get a villain song by the end of this series I will be quite disappointed.

This Steven Bomb has been pretty amazing, (“Steven’s Birthday” was totally heartwarming and the animation in “The Answer” was absurdly gorgeous and “It Could Have Been Great” gave Peridot a singing moment, which, swoon!) but now one of my favorite cartoons ever has been been graced by the glory that is La LuPone.


Peridot, also in awe of Patti’s, er, Yellow Diamond’s sheer fabulousness!

We don’t know a lot about Yellow Diamond but I imagine that she’s got the cool detachment of Evita combined with the drive of Mama Rose and the pure white hot crazy of Norma Desmond & Mrs. Lovett. Combined of course with Reno Sweeney’s comic timing and sex appeal.

(If you’ve been around for a while, you probably remember that I am a big, big fan of Patti Lupone.)

But more about Peridot’s awesome redpemptive arc. Peridot showed up exactly a year ago (thanks internet!) as a mysterious holigram, and like everything in Steven Universe turned out to be something totally different than she seemed. She’s really just a big old dork, who wants to go home.

I’ve grown unbearably fond of this character, (although she’ll never replace Pearl in my heart as favorite.) mostly because she’s just such a loveable dork it’s hard not to adore her, like Zuko before her, we were all just waiting for Peridot to join the Crystal Gems properly, and by refusing to allow earth to be destroyed and standing up to her commander, she has.

But it was also some of the best character work so far on a show that has had nothing but stellar character work for ages. It isn’t just the cruelty of allowing the gem cluster to explode that’s breaking Peridot’s faith it’s that Yellow Diamond, who she considered the paragon of reason is allowing emotion, and a petty emotion like spite to lead her actions. Peridot could never follow such a leader.

And so she trots out her favorite insult and calls her leader “A Clod.” (A term previously hurled at Steven and all of the other gems in excess.)

Instead now she’s a Crystal Gem, to quote Garnet, “Whether she likes it or not.” It’s pretty amazing. The big question now is that will happen to the opening credits. Will Peridot be in them in some way now?

I hope so.

I love the little green Dorito!

Sailor Moon Check In: Plot! FINALLY! Episodes 146-149

Hey! I’m back, I almost spread these out over two days, but then I decided I might as well just knock everything out all at once.

Super S

OK, so the first two are more filler, but very entertaining. First of we get “Juban Holiday” which is a play on Roman Holiday where a princess pretends to be sick and runs around a festival with Usagi and Chibi-Usa. She’s even dressed like Princess Anne, except she’s a blonde, so she looks a little like Princess Diana.

And…surprise, surprise, she gets attacked by the Amazon Trio and then the Sailor Moons save her.

Next up it’s Makoto’s turn to get her attacked on. The girls go to a dance at Mamo’s college and no one is dancing with Mako because she’s too tall, which is weird, because I get that she’s tall, but like, most of the dudes on this show are taller than her. I don’t get it.

Anyway, Tiger’s Eye winds up dancing with her, and she falls deep into crush town. She winds up waiting all night in the rain for him, and then Fish Eye traps her and the other Senshi save her and she decides not to give up on love.


OK, so the two episodes that were new (on Hulu) this week are about The Amazon Trio learning they aren’t human and also Fish Eye falling in love with Mamoru and realizing that Usagi is Sailor Moon and Chibi-Usa is Pegasus’s Host, which is pretty great.

Also, the Amazon Trio are nature spirits, I think, and Pegasus takes them to live in the forest. Oh, and also some mysterious shadowy girls are now going to serve Madam Zirconia, who is not the big bad, she’s just like, the Queen Beryl level bad, which I sort of forgot about.

I think I might have to reread this arc of the manga because I don’t remember it at all, but I kind of can’t believe there was SO MUCH filler before getting to the main point, because Oh My God, it was so much.

Anyway, Mamoru and Usagi are actually really nice about Fish Eye trying to get in between them, which I guess is like a major personal growth thing for Usa, because she’s not normally great about that.

Oh, yeah, and I’m pretty sure the Chibi-Usa and Pegasus are like officially a thing, because when she’s talking to him about Mako and Tiger’s Eye they remind each other that they fell in love at first sight.

But, she’s still an elementary school student and, I cannot say this enough times, HE IS A FLYING HORSE.

I mean, I remember enough of the Manga that I know he’s a cursed fairy prince or whatever, but for one thing, I strongly ship Chibi-Usa and Hotaru, and for another he’s a horse. And she’s a child. I mean, she’s 900 years old, but still, a child.

I’m not really going to miss The Amazon Trio, since it took me most of this arc to even remember which one was which. But having to learn a whole new batch of name is going to be tough.

Other News

Hey! Crystal is coming back in the winter, I think? We don’t have a date or anything, but who’s excited to see some Crystal Outer Senshi? Also, an English dub of Crystal, which will be nice. I still haven’t decided how I’m going to structure these check ins once it comes back. But I’ll probably stick with the once a week, rather than going back to every other week, tacking on a Crystal recap.

But we’ll cross that moon bow when we come to it.