The Force, It’s Calling To You

Hey! A piece of <em>Star Wars: The Force Awakens</em> marketing that didn’t make me cry! I did get choked up, but the newest trailer managed to get me choked up and more than a little bit excited.

A lot of things that I’ve extrapolated, and much of it is just theory:

  • Leia voice over! Which is pretty great. And we saw Carrie Fisher. WHO LOOKS AMAZING. I’m very excited about her being back and seeing her. My guess is we’re getting one more trailer where we’ll finally see Luke. I could be completely wrong about that.
  • The Force appears to have sunken even further into myth and legend after The Fall of The Empire. To the point that Han has to reassure Rey and Finn that it’s real.
  • HAN is the one assuring people that The Force is a thing. Mr. “I’ve been to one end of this universe to the other” himself! Awesome.
  • Kylo Ren has Darth Vader’s melted helmet and is vowing to “finish what you started.” That is Skywalker talk, if I’ve ever heard it, for better or for worse
  • Rey refers to herself as “no one.” OK, pookie, no one buys that for a second. But those shots of her climbing around the crashed Star Destroyer are awesome.
  • Finn, what is his deal exactly? I do like his jacket though.
  • Captain Phasma. Captain Phasma is everything.
  • Not enough BB8. He’s all over Disney World, so I assume that he’s important. Also, he’s adorable.
  • The complete lack of Mark Hamill in this trailer and the poster is an interesting move. We know he’s in the movie. We’ve seen his Jedi beard, and we’ve heard the voice over, but still. I worry.
  • These trailers seem really serious. I sure hope there are some jokes in these movies. Star Wars requires jokes.

Anyway, that’s where I am! I’m excited, I got my opening night tickets this morning. (Didn’t feel like sorting through the mess last night). May The Force be with you all!