Emmy Live Blog

Hello All! I’m actually doing this “liveblogging” thing for the Emmy’s! (I swear I’m not giving up half way through it this time!)

Here We Go!

7:50 PM: Emmy time! Just spent the day watching Katie be awesome in The Music Man, and catching up with Kate. Cherry on top of an awesome weekend.

7:56 PM: Jesse Tyler Ferguson is amazing. I love him so much! I love his Burberry bowtie.

7:57 PM: Zooey is pretty.

7:58 PM: Yes, this is the kind of insightful commentary you can look forward to all night.

8:00 PM: All of the best TV women in this sketch! Also Naked Lena Dunham is a nice touch!

8:03 PM: Julia just makes everything that much better! So does Ellen.

8:04 PM: I’m a little disappointed Jimmy didn’t wear the too small pants.

8:06 PM: Chik Fil A joke, perfect! “Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chik Fil A sandwich on the snack table at Glee.”

8:10 PM: I forgot how much I loved so many of these shows in comedy montage. So psyched for the new season.

8:11 PM: Louis and Amy are going to be hilarious. Actually I’m already laughing.

8:12 PM: I love Eric Stonestreet, but it should have been Schmidt!

8:16 PM: Why is Kristen Wiig getting a special Emmy? What a stupid thing. The point of SNL is to leave your mark. If Chevy Chase didn’t need one, then Kristen Wiig doesn’t!

8:18 PM: Sorry, I just don’t get why everyone loves her so much.

8:20 PM: I’m really glad Louis won. Like, really glad. I mean, I would like Community and Parks and Recreation to get theirs. But he’s so freaking amazing.

8:23 PM: Yay Julie Bowen! I’ve loved her since Ed and love that she’s getting hers.

8:25 PM: Did someone dare her to say the word “nipple” over and over again?

8:29 PM: Nothing to do with the Emmys, but who else is excited for Once Upon A Time taking on Peter Pan?

8:31 PM: Oh Matthew Perry, you scamp!

8:34 PM: Oh Lena Dunham and your playful anti semitism.

8:37 PM: I would love to see Ken Jeong as Lily.

8:38 PM: All Mindy, all the time!

8:39 PM: Why Jon Cryer? Please end that show!

8:41 PM: OK, if Amy doesn’t win now, I’m going to throw something!

8:44 PM: YAY Steven Colbert. I love you so much!

8:46 PM: See, this bit that they’re doing is why I can’t believe that she still hasn’t won.

8:49 PM: Since I don’t watch much Reality TV I will have less to say in this section.

8:50 PM: They’ve made me interested by having Damon and James introduce the category.

8:52 PM: I have always tried to avoid watching The Amazing Race because I can’t afford to be addicted to another show.

8:57 PM: Haha, Sheldon likes the accountants!

8:58 PM: Ughhhh, Seth McFarland.

9:00 PM: Aww, I ❤ Tom Bergeron. I’m glad he won, since Padma wasn’t nominated.

9:03 PM: Really, Emmys? Everything amazing that happened on Mad Men this year and you pick Megan and Don’s weird sex game?

9:05 PM: But, but…Tyrion…naw, I hear Breaking Bad is awesome (I have never watched it.)

9:06 PM: Also, Aaron Paul is adorable. I think I love him a little bit.

9:11 PM: “Newsies” should win all the Emmys.” – Mary


9:18 PM: Mad Men continues it’s perfect record of never having won an acting award. (Losing to Maggie Smith is acceptable)

9:24 PM: These little packages are just precious!

9:25 PM: I’m on pause because this is my mom’s favorite part (even if it’s a joke!)

9:30 PM: This package about himself is hysterical. And I love with Josh Groban does stuff like this.

9:32 PM: I am 100% on the Jon Hamm train. I love how he’s just kind of given up by this point!

9:35 PM: Alright, I’m caught up.

9:37 PM: I hope Jon gives Elisabeth her Emmy.

9:38 PM: Oh, but the 90s kid in me is so happy to see Claire Danes do anything. Thank you for introducing me to unconventional Shakespeare.

9:39 PM: Also, she “holla’d” at Mandy Patinkin. Which, yeah, I would probably do that too…even if I wasn’t nominated for acting with him.

9:42 PM: AZIZZZZ!!!!

9:43 PM: Aziz making fun of the Brits. BEST BIT EVER!

9:45 PM: I love Louis, I really do. But I want the Tony’s to win things.

9:50 PM: Ricky Gervais is going to say something not even vaguely controversial that everyone is going to say was really offensive.

9:53 PM: Aww, yay! Go Tonys!

9:56 PM: Nope, this is the best part of the Emmys, this is the best part of television in the history of the world.

10:04 PM: I’m kind of really bored right now. Was Missing a miniseries? I thought it just got cancelled?

10:06 PM: Yeah, that had to happen. American Horror Story is freaking amazing. But I love Sarah Paulson.

10:12 PM: This is the suuuuppper boring part.

10:13 PM: Ellen helps though.

10:15 PM: I didn’t watch Hatfields & McCoys maybe I should have? When there isn’t baseball I find Kevin Costner tedious.

10:17 PM: Well, now I’m going to cry. Thanks Ron Howard…

10:21 PM: That was nice. Really, it was.

10:26 PM: I hate Lucy Liu’s dress, but she and Kiefer are probably my two favorite TV actors.

10:27 PM: Um, I did not know that Jonathan from Buffy wrote Game Change…that’s nice.

10:35 PM: I did not know that Lindsey Lohan was playing Elizabeth Taylor, but she too is a trainwreck, so this makes sense.

10:37 PM: Also, I guess I have to watch Game Change.

10:38 PM: The Republican in me just couldn’t so it.

10:39 PM: “If you build it, he will come.”

10:41 PM: I really want to see Argo. I really want the world to appreciate Ben Affleck again. (I know, this is a strange wish. But I love him.)

10:42 PM: TOM HANKS!

10:48 PM: Someone in the AMC publicity department is getting fired tomorrow. Also Matthew Weiner is probably drinking a lot of scotch.

10:52 PM: This is 40 is going to be the best movie ever.

10:55 PM: Me: Heh, Johnny Galecki is so little Mary: Not as little as Peter Dinklage

10:56 PM: Modern Family wins, surprising no one.

Well, that was the Emmys! Thanks for watching with me!