All Hallows

Sorry I’ve been away folks! It was kind of a crazy week/weekend! But I’m back now and I’m here to talk about Halloween.

I know that it’s only August, but you have to understand that Halloween is my favorite Holiday and making plans for it begins for me usually around November 5. (My birthday is November 2 and my father’s is November 4…it’s always a good week. That might be why I love Halloween).

Anyway, I thought I’d landed this year on exactly what I wanted to do. Thanks to a wonderful/awful/hilarious/ridiculous TV show that really deserves it’s own “Lies Musical Theatre Told Me” Post.

Let Me Be Your Star!

Because of Smash and my giant girl crush on Megan Hilty (or maybe just Ivy Lynne…) I was sure that I was going finally dress up as Marilyn Monroe for Halloween, something that I’d been saying I’d do for years but always backed off on…

I’ve always been an Audrey Hepburn/Grace Kelly girl in real life, but it’s fun for Halloween!

I have a few dresses that would be great, and a good friend of my mother’s is a wigmaster on Broadway, and hooked us up with his distributor so I’d be getting a really good Marilyn wig, not something cheap that we found at Party City (my mom has always insisted that we have the best costumes. She rocks that way.)

But then well…I mean I spent a week talking about it. This exists:

Seriously, this is a thing!

While I’d probably stay away from The Dark Knight Rises version and go with the classic 60’s Catwoman, it’s a good year for either of these costumes.

What’s a fangirl to do? This is hard for me!