Game Of Thrones Winner: Emmys!

So, this timing worked out almost perfectly! I didn’t know exactly what I was going to slot in here yet with there not being any more Game of Thrones to deal with.

But luckily, “Battle of The Bastards” quite rightly cleaned up, winning for best writing, best direction and then the show getting best drama. Honestly, this past season earned it. And while I still hate that Sophie Turner wasn’t nominated, and it was a bummer that Lena Headey, Maisie Williams and Emilia Clarke didn’t win, nor did Peter Dinklage of Kit Harrington.

But overall, it was a good win, and seeing David Benioff and D.B. Weiss hearfeltly thank the people that made “Battle Of The Bastards,” the truly amazing bit of television that it was.

So congratulations to my favorite show and here’s hoping I figure something out to put into this slot soon! (And something in One Tree Hill’s slot, as I’m rounding third base on that project too!)

Valar Doharis.

Game of Thrones Winner: A Man Without Honor

Oh God, this was a really easy pick, and, I keep forgetting how much I love this season. Just in general, it’s all so wonderful.

But by far, this winner is Cersei.

Cersei Lannister

Which isn’t really fair, since it isn’t so much that Cersei won, so much as Lena Heady is so good in this episode that it’s impossible to ignore.

First off, Sansa gets her period and Cersei is vulnerable and honest with her for probably the first and last time ever. She tells her that she doesn’t need to love Joffrey, but she will love his children. This is neither the first nor the last time that Cersei points to motherhood as woman’s refuge from, well, everything.

She also talks to Tyrion about their loss of control of Joffrey. I’m just saying that this is when I started really admiring they way they made Cersei human around this time. She’s still evil, but she’s not a monster, she’s a person. I’ve described her as someone who’s been banging her head against a patriarchal brick wall, and failing miserably. It’s why she’s so threatened by Margaery, who easily navigates through those waters.

But we’re not there yet.

Runner up is Shae, who tries to help Sansa hide her period, so that she doesn’t have to marry Joffrey. Shae is the best.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

Good Handmaiden died when Dany’s house was raided. Doreah is missing. Her blood riders are dead. She needs the two best now. In other shipping watch, Ygritte is trying real hard to get into Jon’s pants in these episodes. Ygritte is great. Jon is adorable. So much love.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa is have PTSD dreams about her attempted rape, which isn’t fun, but she does try to hide her period from Cersei. With Shae’s help. Her conversation with Cersei is an incredible exercise in grace and poise though. Sophie Turner, also really good in this episode.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya comes up with a cover story so that Tywin stops trying to figure out who she is…I’m pretty sure he knows who she is. He mentions that Arya reminds him of Cersei. This is meant as accomplishment, but Arya does not take it as one.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Oh, just everyone. There was that cousin, who he killed. Then the Karstark kid, who he killed. Then Cat, who he antagonized before she set him free. Just, he’s a huge dick to everyone.

Robb Is A King And Kind of Bad At It

Uggghhh, more stupid Theon stuff that’s the result of Robb being terrible at being a King. And he brings Talisa to a surrender meeting. Which is a dumbass move of the highest level.

Game Of Thrones Winner: “The Dance of Dragons”

Well, I think it’s official that Season 5 of Game of Thrones is the absolute worst ever. 

I was about five seconds away from naming Kelli O’Hara the winner of the game of thrones because seriously, last night belonged entirely to Kelli O’Hara, who after years of hard work, iconic performances and losing five times, finally won a Tony award for her portrayal of Anna Leonowens in The King and I at Lincoln Center, which I still really want to go see, actually more than ever, because ugh, so fabulous. But that is another post for later in the week.



But then the ending happened and Drogon. Drogon is the winner of tonight’s Game Of Thrones, because, much like the rest of us, I am pretty sure that he is over this shit. He is over, Sansa being raped, and us being afraid that, oh, maybe Arya too, and Dany being a bonehead, and Sand Snakes threatening to kill Myrcella AND STANNIS ALLOWING MELISANDRE TO BURN SHIREEN AT THE STAKE LIKE SOME KIND OF CRAZY PSYCHO!  He is done, and he is taking Dany to the desert, where she will be safe, and can’t make anymore stupid boneheaded decisions.



I knew this was coming, but sort of thought maybe it wouldn’t since you know oh, STANNIS BURNED SHIREEN AT THE STAKE. Because I hate him. And he is the worst. And that didn’t happen in the books. WOOOORRRRRSSSSTTTT! So I feared that maybe, just everyone would die in the fighting pits instead of Drogon and Dany flying away.

And this season is the worst.

And it will be over next week. Finally.

And everything can stop being the worst for like, maybe a minute. Ugh.

I hate this season.

Runner up goes to, Myrcella, I guess. She gets to go to King’s Landing and Trystane is coming with her. He does not seem overly psyched about this outcome. But hey, what are you gonna do man? Maybe Myrcella can get Tommen out of his room and then Margaery can give her the sex talk. I think I’ll write that fanfic.

This is what you’ve done to me Game Of Thrones, you’re forcing me to write asinine fanfic about Margaery telling Myrcella about penises.


Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

They both protected Dany very bravely this week. There was no smooching or interaction of any kind. THE WORST.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

No Sansa tonight. Which is good. I probably couldn’t have handled it.

But hey! Kelli O’Hara won a Tony!



Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Strong Ladies Edition

Hey Everyone! I’m going through a couple of obsessions lately, and most of them are lady type people and feminism related, and thus let’s begin.

  • The new season of Veep. God, could this show get any better? Amy’s freak out at Selina was incredible last week and the fact that Selina is the most ineffective president ever is particularly awesome. If you haven’t watched Veep, I recommend it. It’s funny, smart and altogether brilliant. (Not to mention Bechdel-busting, and great at the numbers game.)
  • Agent Carter got renewed! Hooray! Let’s all happy dance.
  • NYCC tickets and acquiring them. (Not feminism related exactly, but still annoying) Look, I’m not the only one of my friends to get shut out. It’s a decent mix of people who got some and who didn’t. Hoping to hit the jackpot at Special Edition and if not, it’s Stub Hub for me!
  • The ACLU inquiry into hiring practices in Hollywood at as related to sexism. Can we get a Boo-Ya!
  • Sailor Moon…going over six months strong on the obsessions list. You’re about to hit the Batman mark my friend. Congratulations.
  • Jen Lancaster, I reflected on her work and what it meant to me last week, but now I’ve been making my way through her books again. This happens pretty much every year. But I felt it was worth noting.
  • The Indoor Kids podcast. Oh my God. I love this podcast. I’m behind on everything because I’ve been listening through old episodes but it’s so worth it. It’s hosted by Emily V. Gordon and Kumail Nanjiani, and they’re adorable. Emily is everything I love about the women I’ve encountered as I’ve traveled through the oceans of nerd culture. She’s feminist, she’s sex positive, she’s intelligent, she’s passionate about games. I’m completely obsessed with it. You should listen to it.
  • The adding of more female characters to Silicon Valley.
  • Hey! Pitch Perfect 2 tonight. I’m not like, super psyched about it. I think it’s a wholey unnecessary bit of movie, but I’m just excited that another Bechdel Buster is getting an ridiculous unnecessary sequel.
  • Ava Duvernay is in talks to direct either Black Panther or Captain Marvel. I will take either, but I’d rather see Black Panther, not because I want her pigeon holed, but because she directed Selma and thus has strong working relationships with most of the best black actors in Hollywood, and that will be a useful network for Black Panther.
  • Oh right, and the Supergirl sneak peak? How AMAZING IS THAT? This show looks perfect. I’ve always wanted The Devil Wears Prada but with powers. If it sounds like I’m being sarcastic, I absolutely am not. Seriously, I’m all packed for this weekend and seriously considering changing up and doing Supergirl instead of Black Canary, it’s that good.

So that’s what’s going on with me. How are you guys?

Delicate But Potent


Mad Men is going into it’s final season this weekend. I’m kind of in denial about it.

There’s an ongoing debate in my house about whether Mad Men or Breaking Bad is the greatest television show of all time. I’m on the Mad Men side and there are dozens of reasons, but it’s mostly because, while I really enjoyed the ride of Breaking Bad, I’ve never once felt the need to revisit it. Granted, it’s only been a year, but still.

I’ve watched Mad Men in it’s entirety 3 times, and I’m sure I’ll watch it again. I plan on watching Rolling Stone’s “Top 30 Episodes” this weekend, because, well, why not, right? There’s a good chance that will lead to a full rewatch.

I’ll probably reflect on the show in a more cogent way in seven weeks, but for now, I keep thinking about how this show is ending.

About how it was the first show I got from Netflix. (Back when I got actual DVDs from Netflix.) About how I watched it at the behest of my women’s study professors, and couldn’t believe the level of detail, the time taken with the characters, how engrossed I was in it, how disgusted, how immersed.

I couldn’t believe how well this show played The Numbers Game, as I called it. There were so many different kind of women here. Hell, there were distinct characters inside of each type of woman. Betty and Trudy were both housewives, but they weren’t at all alike. Joan and Peggy both had careers but their lives didn’t look the same.

Every season Mad Men has snuck up on me. Every season I think, it won’t be as good, as interesting, as funny, as stylish, and it always, always is.

And I’m curious how it’s going to wrap up. I don’t think there’s going to be an ending, per se. Mad Men isn’t that kind of show. But there’ll be something. Mad Men is like a novel, it’s not going to end with something big. It’s a story of moments. It’s going to end on a moment, a quiet, small moment.

Oscar Bait


I really love award shows, as I’ve mentioned before, and I was really excited for the Oscars this year, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I was also really excited that I’d seen the best picture winner…this um, isn’t always the case, as Oscar fare, isn’t always Reenie-fare.

But yay! Birdman won, and that’s a movie that I really enjoyed and found thought provoking. JK Simmons also won, and he’s one of my favorite actors. Actually, it was generally a really good night for character actors, which is an odd thing to say, but really and truly. If I’d pursued a career I would have been categorized as “character” just because that’s where my skill set lays, (I’m funny, and not interested in losing 30 pounds thank you…) so I always like seeing those people be celebrated.

Also. Anna Kendrick threw a shoe at Jack Black in the opening number, and I love that we live in a world where that’s not the weirdest thing to say about this telecast.

NPH was off his game, he seemed really nervous and jumpy, which, he’s such a seasoned host, I was really surprised by that.

Patricia Arquette called out equal pay, which shit man, yeah. It’s a complicated issue that has mountains of bad statistics around it, but it makes sense that an issue that has probably effected her directly moves her to action. Empathy will only get people so far.

I really enjoyed the show, but it was quite long. I was willing to accept the length, because a lot of it went to Lady Gaga singing that Sound of Music medley.

And HOLY CRAP! She’s was amazing. She hit every note, and was doing full vibrato, I mean, look, she’s a talented woman and it’s pretty awesome to see. I mean, she made Julie Andrews cry.

In the end the only thing that really surprised me was that Richard Linklater didn’t win best director. I still haven’t seen Boyhood, and I really loved Birdman, but it was such a staggering achievement, I don’t know. I was also glad the Grand Budapest Hotel’s many artists were recognized. Anderson gets a lot of credit for his singular vision, but that the people who help him execute it were on display last night.

The fashion was stellar and believe it or not my favorite dress was Oprah’s. Not only was it a beautiful garment on it’s own, it so suited her and was a phenomenal color.

So, this week’s post schedule is going to be a little bit screwy. Tomorrow is Batman Eternal, then I’m starting KP season 2 on Wednesday (back to Tuesdays next week) and Sailor Moon on Thursday. Friday is wild card, but I’ll probably talk about Bitch Planet, who are we kidding?


There were so many things that I could have written about this week.

I have to wrap up movie season.

The Girls season premier.

The Golden Globes and Tine Few and Amy Poehller and everything that I love about them.

The new Star Wars comic.

The season premiere of Parks and Recreation.

But here’s the thing.

I just didn’t feel much like writing this week. I pushed through and got a few things up (Monday and Tuesday have real posts and everything.) But mostly I was feeling lazy and listless and like I’ve got nothing to say.

So this is me saying nothing. Neil Gaiman says that this is what you’re supposed to do when there’s nothing. Actually, all professional writers say that. So I’m writing, and maybe something will come out.

Nothing is coming out and I have to get moving and go to work now. I’m sorry for being lame this week guys. I promise that next week will be better.

(I have no guarantee that next week will be better.)

It will though, because, I mean, I’m spending the weekend in the city. I’m going to see Wicked, I’m seeing Aless for the first time in what feels like FOREVER. I’ll hang out with friends and talk and laugh. As opposed to this week, where I was in that “No longer sick, but still energy zapped, oh, and also work is super busy, HAVE FUN and also write blog posts.”

I’m exhausted. Here’s shirtless Chris Pratt

You're Welcome!

You’re Welcome!

They Say The Neon Lights Are Bright

So Sunday night was Tony Night. Generally, I adore the Tonys, because as you may have figured out from me mentioning every month or so, I really love theater. I hadn’t seen much of the nominated work this year, and we were being led by Hugh Jackman instead of Neil Patrick Harris, being that NPH was busy winning a Tony this year.

It’s a slightly different vibe than the past few years and the show kind of suffered for it. Jackman’s past outings hosting were great. The year that he was nominated for The Boy From Oz, was a particular favorite of mine, but this year felt like the host was phoning it in. The show as saved by truly transcendent nominee performances, however. Sutton Foster’s performance for Violet was unbelievable, as was Idina Menzel’s for If/Then. Obviously, I lost my mind as Jessie Muehler sang “I feel The Earth Move” only to be joined by Carole King. (And then when Meuhler won. I mean, seriously.)

I also wish that Rocky would have chosen something other than the final fight to be it’s performance. (One of the duets or either of Rocky’s Act I songs…)

Bryan Cranston won, because this is an award show, so obviously, he had to win something. I’m halfway convinced that he might get an Oscar for Godzilla this year…

But of course this is the Tonys, and the evening will always belong to two people.

And those people are Neil Patrick Harris and Audra McDonald.

For her portrayal of Billie Holiday in the play Lady Day At Emerson’s Bar And Grill, Audra won her 6th Tony. She is now the most decorated Actress in Tony history. She’s amazing. Her speech was emotional and lovely and her tribute to her daughter and step sons were completely wonderful. She cried. She always cries. Also, at the very end, when Hugh called the all the winners up on stage with him, she sprinted up. Because she’s the best. Our First Lady, Audra McDonald just always owns the Tonys.

The there was NPH. Neil is currently performing in Hedwig And The Angry Inch, which is a story about a rocker who went through a botched sex change operation, which leaves her with only an “angry inch” as genitalia. The song that they sang on The Tonys was “Sugar Daddy” and it was incredible. NPH was walking around the audience and gave Sting a lap dance. His acceptance speech was lovely, thanking his husband David, talking to their children, apologizing for his extended absence from their normal routine. It was just lovely.

There’s one more thing that I wanted to touch on that separates the Tonys from other awards shows.

And that’s women.

While yes, seeing that The Gentleman’s Guide To Murder won for Best Musical was fun, I don’t think anyone was even talking about the Best Musical Category. You know what everyone I know was talking about?

Best Performance By An Actress In A Musical.

Jessie Muehler won.

She was up against Idina Menzel, Sutton Foster, Kelly O’Hara and Mary Bridget Davis.

All of these roles were fully realized characters driving forces in their shows. Not a one was “The Love Interest” to a male lead. In the case of Idina and Sutton, they were the reason that shows happened at all. If you look at representation, it’s just no contest that women are better represented on Broadway than in other media, and I’m absurdly proud to be so much a fan of something that for some reason seems ahead of the rest of the things I love in this way.

No one waffles on Broadway that a female star and female driven vehicle will open. Even before Frozen, I doubt anyone hesitated to finance and bring If/Then around.

Violet is an obscure strange musical that used to play black box theaters, but attach Sutton Foster to it and it’s worth opening on Broadway.

Wicked celebrated it’s 10th anniversary this year.  10 years of a show that’s entirely about the friendship between two women is THE HIGHEST GROSSING SHOW IN BROADWAY HISTORY. It’s just a part of the fabric of the culture that I hope the rest of the things I love start paying attention to. We spend money, and spend a lot of it, when we see ourselves represented in some way.

Also diversity! Both of the straight play awards went to Women of Color (but I mean, it’s Audra, Queen of the Tony’s), as was the Best Actor In A Supporting Role In A Musical, and a musical about trans people was a major winner. Queer themes aren’t exactly as breakthrough on Broadway as elsewhere, because, it’s Broadway, but it’s still pretty cool.

I’m just saying that while Broadway isn’t perfect about these things, they’re worlds ahead of other forms of mainstream media and deserve at the very least a pat on the head.

Emmy Live Blog

Hello All! I’m actually doing this “liveblogging” thing for the Emmy’s! (I swear I’m not giving up half way through it this time!)

Here We Go!

7:50 PM: Emmy time! Just spent the day watching Katie be awesome in The Music Man, and catching up with Kate. Cherry on top of an awesome weekend.

7:56 PM: Jesse Tyler Ferguson is amazing. I love him so much! I love his Burberry bowtie.

7:57 PM: Zooey is pretty.

7:58 PM: Yes, this is the kind of insightful commentary you can look forward to all night.

8:00 PM: All of the best TV women in this sketch! Also Naked Lena Dunham is a nice touch!

8:03 PM: Julia just makes everything that much better! So does Ellen.

8:04 PM: I’m a little disappointed Jimmy didn’t wear the too small pants.

8:06 PM: Chik Fil A joke, perfect! “Being a Republican in Hollywood is like being a Chik Fil A sandwich on the snack table at Glee.”

8:10 PM: I forgot how much I loved so many of these shows in comedy montage. So psyched for the new season.

8:11 PM: Louis and Amy are going to be hilarious. Actually I’m already laughing.

8:12 PM: I love Eric Stonestreet, but it should have been Schmidt!

8:16 PM: Why is Kristen Wiig getting a special Emmy? What a stupid thing. The point of SNL is to leave your mark. If Chevy Chase didn’t need one, then Kristen Wiig doesn’t!

8:18 PM: Sorry, I just don’t get why everyone loves her so much.

8:20 PM: I’m really glad Louis won. Like, really glad. I mean, I would like Community and Parks and Recreation to get theirs. But he’s so freaking amazing.

8:23 PM: Yay Julie Bowen! I’ve loved her since Ed and love that she’s getting hers.

8:25 PM: Did someone dare her to say the word “nipple” over and over again?

8:29 PM: Nothing to do with the Emmys, but who else is excited for Once Upon A Time taking on Peter Pan?

8:31 PM: Oh Matthew Perry, you scamp!

8:34 PM: Oh Lena Dunham and your playful anti semitism.

8:37 PM: I would love to see Ken Jeong as Lily.

8:38 PM: All Mindy, all the time!

8:39 PM: Why Jon Cryer? Please end that show!

8:41 PM: OK, if Amy doesn’t win now, I’m going to throw something!

8:44 PM: YAY Steven Colbert. I love you so much!

8:46 PM: See, this bit that they’re doing is why I can’t believe that she still hasn’t won.

8:49 PM: Since I don’t watch much Reality TV I will have less to say in this section.

8:50 PM: They’ve made me interested by having Damon and James introduce the category.

8:52 PM: I have always tried to avoid watching The Amazing Race because I can’t afford to be addicted to another show.

8:57 PM: Haha, Sheldon likes the accountants!

8:58 PM: Ughhhh, Seth McFarland.

9:00 PM: Aww, I ❤ Tom Bergeron. I’m glad he won, since Padma wasn’t nominated.

9:03 PM: Really, Emmys? Everything amazing that happened on Mad Men this year and you pick Megan and Don’s weird sex game?

9:05 PM: But, but…Tyrion…naw, I hear Breaking Bad is awesome (I have never watched it.)

9:06 PM: Also, Aaron Paul is adorable. I think I love him a little bit.

9:11 PM: “Newsies” should win all the Emmys.” – Mary


9:18 PM: Mad Men continues it’s perfect record of never having won an acting award. (Losing to Maggie Smith is acceptable)

9:24 PM: These little packages are just precious!

9:25 PM: I’m on pause because this is my mom’s favorite part (even if it’s a joke!)

9:30 PM: This package about himself is hysterical. And I love with Josh Groban does stuff like this.

9:32 PM: I am 100% on the Jon Hamm train. I love how he’s just kind of given up by this point!

9:35 PM: Alright, I’m caught up.

9:37 PM: I hope Jon gives Elisabeth her Emmy.

9:38 PM: Oh, but the 90s kid in me is so happy to see Claire Danes do anything. Thank you for introducing me to unconventional Shakespeare.

9:39 PM: Also, she “holla’d” at Mandy Patinkin. Which, yeah, I would probably do that too…even if I wasn’t nominated for acting with him.

9:42 PM: AZIZZZZ!!!!

9:43 PM: Aziz making fun of the Brits. BEST BIT EVER!

9:45 PM: I love Louis, I really do. But I want the Tony’s to win things.

9:50 PM: Ricky Gervais is going to say something not even vaguely controversial that everyone is going to say was really offensive.

9:53 PM: Aww, yay! Go Tonys!

9:56 PM: Nope, this is the best part of the Emmys, this is the best part of television in the history of the world.

10:04 PM: I’m kind of really bored right now. Was Missing a miniseries? I thought it just got cancelled?

10:06 PM: Yeah, that had to happen. American Horror Story is freaking amazing. But I love Sarah Paulson.

10:12 PM: This is the suuuuppper boring part.

10:13 PM: Ellen helps though.

10:15 PM: I didn’t watch Hatfields & McCoys maybe I should have? When there isn’t baseball I find Kevin Costner tedious.

10:17 PM: Well, now I’m going to cry. Thanks Ron Howard…

10:21 PM: That was nice. Really, it was.

10:26 PM: I hate Lucy Liu’s dress, but she and Kiefer are probably my two favorite TV actors.

10:27 PM: Um, I did not know that Jonathan from Buffy wrote Game Change…that’s nice.

10:35 PM: I did not know that Lindsey Lohan was playing Elizabeth Taylor, but she too is a trainwreck, so this makes sense.

10:37 PM: Also, I guess I have to watch Game Change.

10:38 PM: The Republican in me just couldn’t so it.

10:39 PM: “If you build it, he will come.”

10:41 PM: I really want to see Argo. I really want the world to appreciate Ben Affleck again. (I know, this is a strange wish. But I love him.)

10:42 PM: TOM HANKS!

10:48 PM: Someone in the AMC publicity department is getting fired tomorrow. Also Matthew Weiner is probably drinking a lot of scotch.

10:52 PM: This is 40 is going to be the best movie ever.

10:55 PM: Me: Heh, Johnny Galecki is so little Mary: Not as little as Peter Dinklage

10:56 PM: Modern Family wins, surprising no one.

Well, that was the Emmys! Thanks for watching with me!