Oscar Bait


I really love award shows, as I’ve mentioned before, and I was really excited for the Oscars this year, which shouldn’t surprise anyone.

I was also really excited that I’d seen the best picture winner…this um, isn’t always the case, as Oscar fare, isn’t always Reenie-fare.

But yay! Birdman won, and that’s a movie that I really enjoyed and found thought provoking. JK Simmons also won, and he’s one of my favorite actors. Actually, it was generally a really good night for character actors, which is an odd thing to say, but really and truly. If I’d pursued a career I would have been categorized as “character” just because that’s where my skill set lays, (I’m funny, and not interested in losing 30 pounds thank you…) so I always like seeing those people be celebrated.

Also. Anna Kendrick threw a shoe at Jack Black in the opening number, and I love that we live in a world where that’s not the weirdest thing to say about this telecast.

NPH was off his game, he seemed really nervous and jumpy, which, he’s such a seasoned host, I was really surprised by that.

Patricia Arquette called out equal pay, which shit man, yeah. It’s a complicated issue that has mountains of bad statistics around it, but it makes sense that an issue that has probably effected her directly moves her to action. Empathy will only get people so far.

I really enjoyed the show, but it was quite long. I was willing to accept the length, because a lot of it went to Lady Gaga singing that Sound of Music medley.

And HOLY CRAP! She’s was amazing. She hit every note, and was doing full vibrato, I mean, look, she’s a talented woman and it’s pretty awesome to see. I mean, she made Julie Andrews cry.

In the end the only thing that really surprised me was that Richard Linklater didn’t win best director. I still haven’t seen Boyhood, and I really loved Birdman, but it was such a staggering achievement, I don’t know. I was also glad the Grand Budapest Hotel’s many artists were recognized. Anderson gets a lot of credit for his singular vision, but that the people who help him execute it were on display last night.

The fashion was stellar and believe it or not my favorite dress was Oprah’s. Not only was it a beautiful garment on it’s own, it so suited her and was a phenomenal color.

So, this week’s post schedule is going to be a little bit screwy. Tomorrow is Batman Eternal, then I’m starting KP season 2 on Wednesday (back to Tuesdays next week) and Sailor Moon on Thursday. Friday is wild card, but I’ll probably talk about Bitch Planet, who are we kidding?

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