“The World Needs You To Fly”

Supergirl Poster

Like today wasn’t going to be about the Supergirl pilot?

What, have you not been paying attention?

OK, so let’s get this out of the way.

It was not the most transcendentally amazing hour of television ever made.

OMG whattashock right?

It is most certainly the pilot episode of a superhero television show. Which means that it was a little bit clunky, a little bit overstuffed with mythology and a lot of bit ridiculous.

I knew all of that going in, because I was like, one of the last people on earth who hadn’t watched the pilot yet. I’ve been watching TV long enough to know that a pilot isn’t always indicative to how a show is going to be overall.

Need we rehash things like Glee and Smash? Or in the opposite direction, 30 Rock?

But let’s not focus on the negative. (Clunky writing, tell don’t show all over the place), and let’s focus on the good. We get a quick crash course in Supergirl lore, that is, Kara is sent as a protector and companion to her cousin, Kal-El. She is delayed (cryo sleep in the Phantom Zone), and when she arrives on Earth, the already adult Kal-El sets her up with a family, scientists named The Danvers.

Literally, all you need to know about her origins and we knock it out in the first five minutes. Great.

Now all grown up, Kara is working for Cat Grant (yay!) and not using her powers until her sister Alex is on a plane that’s going down and she decides to save the plane. Now she’s Supergirl, and her friend Winn is helping her. Oh, also James Olsen (seriously, only Superman is allowed to call him Jimmy), is around and he’s going to mentor her.

That’s the show. She’s also going to be tracking down a bunch of escaped Phantom Zone prisoners, because, believe it or not, a superhero show does require a plot engine and this is a good one for this.

The show has a lot of promise, shown especially in the really great cast, and the way they click. Melissa Benoist was a brilliant choice for Kara. She’s immediately appealing, and has the hard to pin down it factor that makes for a good lead. Calista Flockhart seems to be having the time of her life with Cat, which is great, (I thought she was the perfect choice for this character.) Jeremy Jordan brings his trademark sweetened smarm to Winn. Mehcad Brooks is dreamy and perfect as James.

And I think we really need to talk about Chyler Leigh as Alex Danvers. I figured from even the previews that the relationship between Kara and Alex was going to be the show’s heart. I love the prospect of it and I like that they delivered it here. These two feel like family. It’s not an easy dynamic to sell, but it’s still pretty great.

The show did more right than it did wrong and didn’t shy away from girl power, though, even I was starting to feel like, “maybe we back off after this, we get it.” It’s already won the numbers game. The ladies on this show outnumber the dude folks. (Oh, and two of the dude folks are black!)

I’m really excited to see where this goes, and the implications for my little sequined corner of nerd-dom are huge, to the point where I can’t even begin to verbalize it. The hastags last night of #Supergirl and #SupGurl will fill you in in ways that I never can.

Sailor Moon Super S Check In: Episodes 150-151 Golden Dreams

We’ve got a new opening! And new bad guys! And a big bad who is calling herself “The True Moon Queen” and has black hair and a bunhead. There’s a lot of stuff happening here!

Super S

In our first episode, we get to know the Amazoness Quartet, I don’t know their names, except the baby, who is Palla Palla, and who I adore already. Anyway, we meet them at the arcade and we see Motoki and Chibi-Usa’s friend Momo.

I feel like Naru is left out, everyone else’s random friends are there. Anywho, everyone goes to the circus, The Amazoness Quartet try to steal Momo’s dreams. Everybody fights.

Oh, right and our new Big Bad, informs Madame Zirconia (Middle Bad?) that Pegasus’s Host will have a golden dream mirror.

That is good information to have.

Our next episode has Ami fall in love with a composer over the internet, and decided she wanted to write lyrics for his music. Of course the rest of the Senshi are very cool about it.

Except not at all, they basically stalk the guy, and then of course they all become best friends, because Senshi Magic.

The Red Amazoness Girl tracks them down, and Ami has a crisis of confidence about this whole situation, but then she passes out and talks to the spirit of Sailor Mercury or something. It wasn’t super clear what was going on there.

That isn’t the most important part of this episode though, the most important element of this episode is that the cats explain the Internet to the girls that aren’t Ami. Seriously. Because they are magic future cats, so they know what the Internet is and the girls don’t, and it’s very 90’s and great.

So that’s what’s happening there. Sorry this is brief, I sort of was planning on watching Back To The Future Part II last night, and then changed my mind, so watched this, and it was late and you don’t care.

See you guys next week!

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 17 & 18

Hey everyone! Only two more weeks left after this. I’m going to miss my little visits to Middleton, but I am excited for more room to work with other things, especially with the new TV season coming up, but still, this has been a remarkably fun year! (Or so)

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4: Episode 17: “Clean Slate”

Drakken had a dream of a fool proof plan that he can’t remember. In order to recover the memories he attempts to steal a machine meant to recover memories.

He also begins using to-do lists because Drakken is a tremendous dork and I love him very much in this episode.

Anyway, the machine breaks and instead of giving Drakken back his memories, Kim’s get erased. With Kim out of comission Shego goes on a crime spree and Drakken continues to try to piece his plan together, which is actually infecting soldiers food with his mind control formula, and it almost works.

Meanwhile, Ron is in a panic, because Kim is starting to remember things, but she doesn’t remember dating Ron, which is tough on him. They do eventually save the day and Kim remembers that they’re a couple and that “I think I love you.”


Season 4: Episode 18: “Homecoming Upset”

Kim and Ron open the episode saving a tech genius/food blogger from Duff Killigan. It’s a decent battle. Ron and Wade both worship the guy and Kim has no idea who he is.

Anyway, once he’s safe, Kim and Ron head home to attend the Middleton Homecoming game. Ron scores the winning Touchdown (natch!) and then is voted Homecoming King, unfortunately Bonnie is voted queen rather than Kim.

This miffs Kim but she really gets irritated when she catches Bonnie kissing Ron and it turns out that she’s heartbroken because Brick broke up with her. Ron resolves to find her a new boyfriend, which gets in the way of a new mission, because the Snack Blogger has gone missing again.

It turns out the guy wasn’t kidnapped, it’s just that Senor Senior Jr. hired him to create the best search parameters for him finding the perfect girlfriend, who as it turns out is Bonnie!

I love the fact that the series wraps up with them as a couple.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Pretty much everyone says that “they never got” Kim and Ron, but I am clinging most to Shego, because SHIPPITY SHIP SHIP SHIP!
  • Drakken’s to-do lists are my favorite, but I also like that Shego decides to keep to do lists also.
  • Bonnie’s breakdown over her breakup is great, but when Ron calls Brick about it, he calls her simply, “The Mean Girl,” which is harsh, but true.
  • Wearing her tiara cheers her up. Bonnie and I have that in common.
  • Ron takes him homecoming king duties very seriously. Which is almost as adorable as Drakken’s To Do list.

Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 136 & 137: Shenanigans For Everyone!

Guys, I really love it when Sailor Moon lets our girls get up to shenanigans, and this week gave me that. I am grateful.

Super S

In the first episode Rei accidentally trashes Mamoru’s apartment with a fire extinguisher because Diana yelled Fire! (Meaning she saw one outside and thought maybe the Scouts should to hero-ing, but she was misunderstood. Poor Diana.) Because of the accident Mamoru can’t use his apartment? For reasons? Anyway, this is a problem because he’s very behind on a big “college paper.” Rei offers him a room at the shrine, which makes Usagi very nervous, due to their ex-ness. (Who forgot that Rei and Mamo used to date? I totally did.)

Diana offers to chaperon so there’s no hank-panky and everyone blushes except Usagi who just freaks the ef out. 

She then dresses up as ninja to protect Mamoru’s virtue. She is of course too late, because Rei walks in on him changing and sees his patootie. (Patootie is adora-speak for butt) Yuichiro is very upset about this. (Who forgot that Yuchiro was a character? I totally did.) When Tiger’s eye decides to attack Rei, the Moons and all of the other scouts save her (naturally) and Yuichiro’s plan to biol Mamoru to death. (Shenanigans!) is additionally foiled.

Diana is queen of the cute in this episode with her worrying about hank-panky and Mamo’s grades. I ❤ Diana.

In our next episode Chibi-Usa gets a little crush on a writer and artist, but she also tells Pegasus about him, so it seems like even she knows that this is just a crush which makes Chibi-Usa the most mature eternal 10 year old in existence.

Anyway, she shows the drawing to Pegasus and he says that the stuff in the book looks an awful lot like his planet, and Chibi-Usa is all “huh, that’s weird,” and decides to find and befriend the artist.

Fish Eye decides that she wants this guys dreams and while this turns Tiger’s Eye and other guy (Bird Eye? The Purple one!) into a little bit of a friend zone pout fest. They remind her that they are boys, but she runs off to impersonate a fairy. When the Moons and Tuxedo Mask (Hey! Mamo hasn’t suited up in a while.) And the writer says that he saw two fairies in the forest and Chibi-Usa says that those fairies are probably real and that he should totally introduce her to them.

Chibi-Usa is great.

In Diana is adorable this episode news: She notes that the fairy lady does not smell like humans, and is probably not a fairy, because she smells like fish.

Diana’s logic is air tight!

I have given up watching for the outer senshi. I will continue to miss them though.