Let It Go, Warrior Princess

I didn’t talk a whole lot about the Olympics. Other things held on to my attention more, but as I watched The Women’s Free Skate competition on Thursday night, I started thinking about Gracie Gold and her place in the pantheon of great American Olympic figure skaters and found myself thinking, “God, when is she going to get one of those Disney figure skating specials that Michelle Kwan got?”

Do you remember those? I loved figure skating when I was little (still do), because I was an artistically inclined girly girl, and the idea of pretty girls twirling around on ice in sparkly costumes is immensely appealing. So when Disney gave Michelle Kwan a whole hour to just skate to Disney Princess songs in 1999 it was pretty much my dream come true. I think the time has come to do this again, but let’s hand it over to Gracie this time.

Look at That Smile!

Look at That Smile!

I mean really? Don’t we all want to see her zip around the ice to “Let it Go?” (If only because it means we get to listen to “Let it Go.” Not that we need an excuse.) She could even wear her blue costume from the Olympics. Gracie has the poise and attitude of a Disney Princess, too, and actually says that when she goes onto the ice she thinks of herself as a warrior princess. This mentality will give her what she needs to channel Mulan and kill “Reflection.” (It of course will not touch Michelle’s “Reflection” but nothing ever will.) And her natural pretty blonde-ness will give her what she needs to create a memorable interpretation of “A Dream is Wish Your Heart Makes,” and “Once Upon A Dream,” would be a cinch, since she skated to “The Sleeping Beauty” in the Olympics.

This is clearly a good fit. Honestly, someone at Disney please get on this.

The Island is Full of Noises

No this post is not about Lost.

Sorry, we’re not going back. I’m still not ready for that.

It’s about last night’s opening ceremonies for the 2012 Olympics! I love the Olympics. I love the pageantry, I love the spontaneous burst of patriotism that inevitably follows in it’s wake. I love Michael Phelps.

I was really psyched for the London Opening Ceremonies because I’m also a huge Anglophile. (One who loves things related to England)

An Anglo I would like to phile

So I was hoping that the whole weird cultural performance art piece that always opens the games would really speak to me this year. Also it was being directed by Danny Boyle, who is 100% the man. It did speak to me. I loved the agrarian opening, and having Kenneth Branagh deliver a speech from The Tempest was great. (I ❤ Kenneth Branagh.)

I’m not saying it all made a whole lot of sense. But James Bond and The Queen parachuting out of a helicopter was pretty epic. I still don’t quite know if I buy that Mary Poppins could kill Voldemort.

Unnecessary, a spoonful of sugar would have done it

But in general, I really liked the whole thing. It was all very, very British. And I totally dug it. I did expect to see David Tennant light the torch though, like in that one Doctor Who episode where he lights the torch. I’ll settle for those seven young athletes though. It was pretty cool.

Of course, now I don’t really care. I really don’t, my Brit love fangirling is over. Now the only thing I care about is how many gold medals Michael Phelps brings home (if its 0, then they all should go to Ryan Lochte), and whether the Fab 5 should be triumphant.

Look how cute and tiny they are!

Go Team USA!