Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 10

It’s the rise of the Blacks, and the fall of two precious babies. But first, who wins?

The Winner

While it isn’t without two deep sad losses, Rhaenyra really kicked ass this episode. After become Queen, she curbed her warmongering husband, (While this blog is Green Leaning we are not Anti Rhaenyra or the Blacks in general. We are anti Daemon though. Fuck that guy) stood up to Otto Hightower, and did her best to bring this whole thing to an end with minimal carnage.

She failed, but gets tonight’s win for the attempt.

I Ship It

Alicent sending the page of the book as a sign of her goodwill broke my heart.

Dragons Are Great

SO MANY DRAGONS. The devastating battle between Luc and Aemond, Syrax threatening the Greens on Dragonstone. Caraxes just being around. Daemon naming and numbering their dragons, and then trying to catch the wild ones. SO COOL, you guys, I love dragons.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Not In This Episode

It’s OK though, because I shared by “She’s Blair and Rhaenyra is Serena” thoughts with my friend Lora this weekend, as Lora is also a fan of both shows and she was so happy to get on board with it.

Also, listen to Taylor Swift’s new song “Vigilante Shit” and try not to think of our girl, dressing for revenge.

Prophecy Corner

DAEMON DOESN’T KNOW. He doesn’t know the Song. Well, now he does, but he didn’t. He does not care for this.

But In The Book

Oh boy…just seeing the emotions behind these decisions and moments really hit me. I enjoyed this so very much.

And Now MY Watch Is Ended (Or At Least Paused)

I really loved sliding back into Westeros and my winners you guys. I don’t know how long HBO will make us wait for more, but be assured I’ll be here, ready to make jokes, talk about dragons, and Stan our Queens.

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 9

I loved this episode, it was a lot of fun! And while I had a winner picked early on, the last few minutes changed everything.

The Winner

Princess Rhaenys Velaryon wins. By interuppting Aegon’s coronation by landing on Meleys in the middle of the crown and literally burning the celebration down, to express her disapproval of this circus and support of Rhaenyra. This was incredible. I loved it.

Do I Ship It?

sigh Guys, we have to talk about Larys and Alicent’s feet.

I mean we don’t, but that happened. I do not ship it, btw, to be clear.

Dragons Are Great

In addition to Rhaenys’s brilliant entrance, Aemond talked so more about his dragon riding, and that was pretty great.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Just Going To Do It Herself, I Guess

Alicent is really stretched, y’all, and that one of her main advisors wants to look at her feet and jack off is like, the least of her problems, though it is quite disturbing. Her father is all, “I know, let’s kill your stepdaughter in the dead of night” and her husband died, and her son is off running around in brothels and doesn’t even want to be king, and she’s trying her best! Oh, also Rhaenys called her a girl boss which is never fun.

Mysiria and Her Accent Are Back!

She doesn’t do much, but she’s here, helping Criston Cole and Aemond find Aegon, with her weird accent and veiled threats

But In The Book

Like last week, not a lot of change here, except we know Alicent is kind of losing it, trying to juggle everything. She’s not an evil mastermind, she’s just got way too much on her plate.

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 8

Sorry this is late everyone! I was at New York Comic Con and so I was a little bit wiped out when it came to watching the episode, forget writing it up. But, we’re here now.

The Winner

While it’s going to lead to a lot of problems down the line, we have double winners!

Set 200 years before the events of Game of Thrones, this epic series tells the story of House Targaryen.

Jaecaerys and Lucerys Velaryon (Strong) really got some big wins this week, event though everything is a mess. Luc is declared the heir of Driftmark, thus solidifying, officially, that he and his brother are indeed Velaryons, not bastards born of adultery. This is of course, a lie, but for the moment this is good for them. They also become betrothed to their cousin/step sisters, which is great news, for them and their mother, Baela and Rhaena Targaryen.

Do I Ship It?

It can’t last but the brief reconnection between Rhaenyra and Alicent really made me feel awesome.

I also like Jace and Baela! They seem to really like each other. These two crazy kids might just make it work!

Dragons Are Great

We see no dragons. Few dragon banners too. During the intervening years, Alicent has found Jesus…er, I mean The Seven, and now The Red Keep is just covered in The Seven Pointed Star, AKA the Westerosi version of a John 3:16 sign on your front lawn.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Blair Waldorf and I will Not Be Taking Further Questions At This Time

Rhaenyra is her Serena.

But In The Book

From my recollection, the historians basically got this whole situation right, especially Aemond’s outburst at his nephews, and Aegon’s basic disinterest in Helaena and his mistreatment of other women in the Red Keed.

Prophecy Corner

Oh…I am have thoughts and feelings about the prophecy right now, and I will do my best to articulate them. So, while he’s zonked on Milk Of The Poppy, Rhaenyra asks Viserys about The Song of Ice And Fire. This conversation never finishes, but later, while dying, a confused Viserys babbles about Aegon, and dreams and The Prince and the great enemy to Alicent. She thinks he means their son, obviously. But as Viserys talks about Aegon, and promises, someting popped into my head.

Promise me, Ned.

Aegon. The Prophecy. PROMISE. A painful death, a secret and a misunderstanding from it that dooms so many.

Here I was thinking the show was staunchly “Team Dany” when we’re now presented with some of the strongest possible textual foreshadowing for Jon. Who is, you may remember, actually named Aegon. While I think it’s actually quite possible for the prophecy to not matter nearly as much as Viserys and Aemond and Rhaegar and as a result, we think it does, or for it to mean something completely different than we think it does (prophecies are tricky like that, so is George RR Martin.) But oh boy, I’m having fun going nuts about this. (Might have to reread A Game Of Thrones and make some notes…)

Game of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 7

The internet is talking about how dark this episode is. (Like, the actual colors, though also the content.)

I’m going to talk about one of our poor Dragonless Babies getting his dragon.

The Winner

Aemond Targaryen COME ON DOWN.

Sure, this little prince lost an eye after ACURATELY calling his nephew a bastard, but her also gained a dragon, as his paternal grandfather perkily out to his mother. He claims and rides the mighty Vhagar, after Laena’s funeral.

Do I Ship It?

No real shipping news. Daemon and Rhaenyra are finally together, this is nice for them. I don’t care which of her brothers wind up with Helaena but that’s coming, mostly, I’m hoping that when Dune (Part 2) comes out in a few years, Alia is anywhere near as awesome as Phia Saban is playing her here.

Dragons Are Great

So much good dragon stuff, the fight in the pit, the claiming of Vhagar. Dragons are great, you guys.


Between the continuing to deterioate Viserys calling her AEMMA (RUDE!) Ser Criston becoming more useless than ever and Larys creeping around her, it’s really no wonder that when her son loses an eye and everyone is all, “boys will be boys, lol” she LOSES HER SHIT and tries to stab Rhaenyra with the dagger that hold the prophecy.

Look, Twitter is not fond of Alicent, but I still love her. I relate very strongly to that sense of injustice when you do everything that everyone has asked of you and then the people who break the rules get ahead, and for some reason, you’re STILL THE BAD GUY AND THE BITCH for not being happy about it. This is a HUGE double blind for a lot of women.

But In The Book

Easily the coolest thing this show has done is be a “correcting of the record” by taking the biased perspectives of the fictional historians cited in Fire & Blood out of the equation. Thus we learn things like, Laeno didn’t actually die, but Rhaenyra and Daemon planned with him to fake his death and escape across the narrow sea with his lover to a happy(ish) ending.

This simply rules. I love it. I love everything about this development.

Prophecy Corner

Look, Alicent wielding the literal prophecy against Rhaenyra while screaming about duty and sacrifice, in an episode preoccupied with legacy, might be a little on the nose. Rhaenyra knows her duty, and it has very little to do with the immediate future. It’s all about getting to Danaerys (or Jon) (Or Tyrion? Seriously, I’m not fond of “secret Targ Tyrion” as a theory but it’s fine, and applicable here)

Game Of Thrones: House Of the Dragon Winner: Episode 6

TIME JUMP. Aside from wondering if with a time jump Daemon was going to now be played by Tobias Menzies, I was excited to see what Emma D’Arcy and Olivia Cook brought to Rhaenrya and Alicent as adults.

But who won?

The Winner

Larys Strong is definitely this week’s winner. Alicent’s only ally, he sold out his brother, who’s been fathering Rhaenyra’s children. (Granted Harwin wasn’t making it easy to not be sold out.) And became proxy Hand of The King when his father wants to step away from his responsibilties because of Harwin and Rhaenyra’s whole…deal.

Do I Ship It?

Man, I wish we’d gotten more time with Daemon and Laena, they seemed great. Nanna Blondell was amazing as Laena and she’ll be missed.

Dragons Are Great

Last week…no dragons. This week, so many dragons! Aegon, Jacaerys and Lucerys hang out in the dragon pits to train their young ones, while Aemond approaches Syrax, because his dragon egg never hatched.

Over in Pentos, Laena chooses the death by her Vhagar’s fire over childbirth, while her daughters, Rhaena and Baela have their own issues. Baela is also Dragonless, her egg didn’t hatch, but Laena assures her she too can become a rider.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Kinda Over All This Bullshit

Alicent is dangling. Her son is an idiot, her husband is dying, her rival is openly courting scandal and her only ally is Ser Criston Cole who’s still hung up on that one time he had sex a zillion years ago. It’s a real recipe for a “NOT GREAT BOB!” moment.

But In The Book

Laena’s death is different, but I liked the change, she knew she would die, and chose a dragon riders death.

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 5

It’s a Wedding In Westeros! We all know what that means. (GRISLY DEATH! USUALLY) Our winner, is complicated…but here we go.

The Winner

Lord Corlys Velaryon, come on down

Pretty much the only person who got what they wanted this week was Lord Corlys. He married his son, Laeno to Rhaenyra, thus restoring the honor stolen when Viserys didn’t marry Laena. (Laena’s got her own stuff about to happen.)

Of course this all ends badly, but for now, way to go!

Do I Ship It?

Rhaenyra and Alicent are fully broken up, you guys, I miss them. And the tragedy of Criston and Rhaenyra has been laid out. I was sitting on my couch, hugging my knees while he begged her to run away with him and get married.

I do not ship Rhaenyra and Daemon. I’m psyched to see what happens with her and her later paramour Harran Strong though.

Dragons Are Great


Queen Alicent Hightower Is Forming Her Own Political Party

It’s the birth of The Greens! Alicent shows up to Rhaenyra and Laeno’s betrothment (which becomes their wedding) dressed in clear Hightower Battle Green, shades her step daughter, and looks right at Viserys and lets him know what’s up. This is over. Aegon will be king.

But In The Book

This all happens at a tournament instead of a feast. It’s fine though.

A Now Their Watch Is Ended

I want to say a few words of appreciation for Milly Alcock and Emily Carey, who played teenage Rhaenrya and Alicent and who’s last episode this was. Next week we jump ahead and meet their adult selves, but they were both spectacular and I hope they go on to wonderful things.

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 4

Hello Friends! OH boy, this was a weird episode, and a hard one to pick a winner for. But I think I’ve got the win picked!

The Winner

Ser Cristen Cole! Hey, way to go, having sex with Rhaenyra. Sure, it’s because Daemon couldn’t get it up, but it’s still good for him. She seemed to enjoy herself too. I know it’s “dishonorable” because she was a virgin, and he’s taken a vow of chastity and all, and this all ends bad, but for now, good job! Happy for both of you.

Do I Ship It?

We’ll get more into Rhaenyra and Alicent below. (Poor poor Alicent) but this was a big episode for them. They repaired their friendship, which likely won’t last, but was nice. There was hand holding and a fight about Rhaenyra being an ungrateful little brat (she kind of is, even though she’s got a point)

Ser Cristen and Rhaenyra did it! And Daemon was reunited with Misaria and her weird accent, all is well in shipville. (I DO NOT ship Daemon and Rhaenyra, is a bad idea.)

Dragons Are Great

We are starting to enter, “WHERE THE HELL ARE THE WOLVES?” territory with the dragons. We get one quick glimpse of Caraxes, but that’s it. I miss them.

Queen Alicent Hightower is Not Doing Great

Alicent’s life is kind of a bummer you guys. Like, not in the violent, nothing can go right Sansa way, or the her husbands keep dying before they can bone Margaery way. No, Viserys is very nice to Alicent, it’s just that as queen she’s super isolated and her former best friend is pissed at the world which includes her, and her father is a grasping asshole and she’s all alone. There’s a really brilliant montage, that shows Alicent’s evening of solitude in The Red Keep, contrasted with Daemon’s taking Rhaenyra around Flea Bottom. It does not seem like fun.

Let’s Talk About Sex Baby…

One of the things that before the premier was stressed by the creative team was that the portrayal of sex was going to be different from Game Of Thrones and that is really evident in this episode. It’s montagey, focused on female pleasure and artfully arranged. There’s no whimpering sex workers getting done doggy in the background of unrelated scenes. Daemon and Rhaenyra’s trip to the brothel, contrasted with Alicent and Viserys dutiful sex, are intense, a little scary, but don’t feel exploitive and gratuitous. I’m currently rewatching Game Of Thrones season 2, and even by then a lot of the sex had been toned down, but this was really well done, I was impressed.

But In The Book

This episode did one of my favorite things any adaptation could do! Get the vibe and intention of a work the same without staying 100% faithful to exactly what happened. While rumors abound about Rhaenyra’s virtue and how her uncle was involved in her seduction of Ser Cristen Cole in Fire & Blood, none of it exactly as it played out here, but with the same result, Viserys banishing Daemon and Rhaenyra engaged to her cousin, Laeno Valeryon.


Rhaenyra and Viserys discuss The Song Of Ice And Fire and The Prince That Was Promised. I inwardly scream, because JESUS CHRIST WHICH ONE WAS IT! (Again, it feels like HBO is pushing Dany. But the Jon of it all…)

Game Of Thrones: The House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 3

Sorry this is late! I was away for the Holiday weekend. I was drinking wine and playing board games while the episode aired and then driving all day yesterday

The Winner

Congratulations to Prince Daemon Targaryen, who won a brutal and very exciting victory at The Steps against The Crab Catcher.

Also Rhaenyra is refusing to get married which is…also good for him, probably.

And in general I think Matt Smith is doing really great work here. I’m a little distracted by him being Matt Smith, but it’s a good strong performances, he’s tamped down a lot of his tics, which as both The 11th Doctor and Prince Phillip I was nervous about seeing here.

Do I Ship It?

So…having now read the book…(well most of it) I’m still Rhaenyra/Cristen, and I’m curious is Daemon is going to be giving her blowjob lessons to seduce him. (This is a thing that ALLEGEDLY happens. Because the structure of Fire & Blood is a history book, a lot of the more outrageous things are handled in terms of allegation that cannot be backed up.)

Dragons Are Great

No Syrax this week, but my man Caraxes is around burning up Myrish sailors at the steps.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is The Prettiest

When I mentioned that I wanted to cosplay Alicent my sister sighed at me, “Of course you do.” Anyway, my girl is really pregnant this ep. After having had a baby 2 years earlier. She’s still SUPER pretty though, and has her hair in a lovely snood.

But In The Book

The main change so far is Rhaenyra’s age. Making her and Alicent contemporaries is briliant however, in Fire & Blood, Rhaenyra is 8 years old at her mother’s death, 10 when her brother is born. The gap being smaller is a good deal less dramatic, especially with the schism that’s coming between them.

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 2

No need for explanations let’s dive right in. I think there’s an obvious choice tonight!

This Week’s Winner: Otto Hightower

Ser Otto Hightower, you played the winning hand.

Otto’s very creepy move of having his teenage daughter hang out with the still grieving King Viserys paid off by Alicent and Viserys getting engaged. This isn’t a good thing, but it’s definitely a win for Otto.

Do I Ship It?

Still living for Rhaenyra and Alicent, now with a sexy step mom complication!

Also, love Rhaenyra just giving her crush Ser Cristen a spot in The Kingsguard cause she can. I’m gonna go write some fic about it.

I feel like Misaria and Daemon have a rough road ahead of them, but those two crazy kids might just make it!

Dragons Are Great

Did you know that Targaryens used to have Dragon Eggs in their baby cradles? THAT’S REALLY FUCKING COOL. We learn this because Daemon claims Misaria is pregnant and he needs an egg. (She’s not, he’s just being kind of a butthead.)

When Otto threatens Daemon, Caraxes almost attacks, until Rhaenyra and Syrax show up. And I get so excited because I love dragons.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is The Prettiest

I don’t have a lot to say on this matter, I just think she’s super pretty and I think I love her more than Sansa and even Margaery.

Hey! I Know That Guy!

Did I realize Simon Pegg was going to be on this show? Nope! Am I psyched that he is? YUP!

Opening Credits

COOL. I love the locks and sound effects.

But In The Book…

I got Fire & Blood from the library this week and I’m diving into it today. I will soon become insufferable again saying, “Well, in the books…” so I hope you’re ready for THAT!

Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 1

Hello Friends! In the name of The Old Gods and New, I welcome you back to Westeros and my excited and unhinged ranting about who I personally think deserves to be sitting in that big spiky chair week to week.

If you’re new around here, welcome, and please, read my previous Game Of Thrones writing, where a half baked joke about someone “winning” the show, developed into some of the most fun I’ve ever had writing, several strange fixations, and most of the people in my life texting me congratulations when Grey Worm and Missandei got together. (I miss them…I’ll always simp for unstoppable badass and sweetie pie nerd ships.)

But this is a new show! I’m sure I’ll have new faves, new pet obsessions, new patterns to pick up on.

This Week’s Winner: Rhaenyra Targaryen

After her mother dies giving birth to her baby brother, who also dies, the only child of King Viserys, first of his name, is declared his heir. Breaking the precedent set by his own ascension, of having a male heir.

The choice was made because Viserys’s younger brother Daemon is a brutal shit head who no one likes, so the king instead chooses his totally rad daughter to rule after him and entrusts her with “The Song Of Ice And Fire” prophecy about how The Prince That Was Promised has to be a Targaryen to save the world from doom that overtook Valeria.

Anyway, as the lords of Westeros kneel before Rhaenyra, I know she’s got a long road ahead, but tonight’s a win for her. (And for Milly Alcock, who I found very compelling)

Do I Ship It?

Oh, my babies, of course I’m building ships. I’ll have a fleet soon.

Alicent Hightower and Rhaenyra? I ship it!

Rhaenyra and Ser Cristen Cole of Dorne? SHIPPING IT!

More to come, I AM SURE.

Dragons Are Great

You want to know what’s the coolest thing about this show taking place 172 years before the death of The Mad King? SO MANY DRAGONS.

Rhaenyra rides her Syrax, even though her parents are nervous about it. Daemon leaves King’s Landing with his mistress, Mysaria on the great red Caraxes.

The giant fucking skull of Valerian The Great is hanging in it’s place of honor, not smashed and hidden underground by the paranoid pretender Robert Baratheon. Dragons are cool man.


Viserys tells Rhaenaera about the greatest burden of all Targaryens, that the line MUST continue in order to save the world from the great darkness, by producing The Prince That Was Promised.

Funny how for three seasons no one seemed to give a shit about that anymore, but WHATEVER! I’m glad to be thinking about The Prophecy again, and the prologue specifically highlighted Dany, not Jon…which is interesting…

Random Line That Made Me Laugh

I will not be addressing “The Prequel Problem” for the most part because I don’t believe in it. But I’m going to highlight something prequelly that made me giggle. This time, it was, “Baratheon tongues will wag, it doesn’t change anything!”

Yeah, we’ve got a few generations before that tongue wagging comes to anything!

I’m so excited to be back, y’all, talking about Westeros. I have NO IDEA if these sections will continue, but they feel as good as anywhere to start. (It’s hard to know this first time out if we’ll ever get ANYTHING as epic as Missandei and Grey Worm Watch or Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It, but we might.)