JJ Abrams, I believe in You

A long time ago I made a list of things that annoy me about JJ Abrams. For the most part they were things like, “What do the numbers mean?” and “Interdemensional beings don’t make any sense,” and “I really wanted Josh Jackson to be on Grey’s Anatomy and now because of Fringe that isn’t happening.”

Like I said, this was a really long time ago. Although is Christina Yang had gotten some Pacey lovin’, I think things with that show would have been very different.

Then Star Trek came out and I was all “Whoa!” Because that movie is flipping fantastic. I never even liked Star Trek before that movie came out. Chrissy and I have always shared the opinion that Star Trek is boring, like CSPAN in space. I’ve always been a Star Wars Person.

I've mentioned how much I love him!

It’s amazing, and he doesn’t hurt

Of course so has JJ Abrams. This annoyed my Trekkie friends to no end. (I am aware that Trekkie is a derogatory term. So is Fangirl, I deal with the label) My friend Jen actually said about it, “I just feel like get out of my fandom dude, stick to your own.”

Well, now JJ is going to stick to his own. He’s been comisioned to write, produce and probably direct Star Wars: Episode VII.

This movie is going to be awesome.

It probably won’t make a lot of sense. There will probably be ghosts. JJ loves ghosts. There will most definitely be alternate universes, and I really hope someone walks in to that Cantina on Tatooine and orders a Slusho.

But basically, all the things considered, given how precarious this venture is, moving forward with the Star Wars universe is going to be controversial no matter what, I think that JJ Abrams is the man to do it. He’s proved he can handle beloved material, has a good grasp of the mystical mumbo jumbo that makes up the Force, Jedis and the other stupid crap that we all love about Star Wars. This man will even make Medichlorians make sense. I guarantee it. Did you ever watch Alias? That show made no sense at all, but it was completely captivating. Felicity was like, the dumbest thing ever, but everyone loved it. And when you say the plot of Lost out loud it sound like a psychotic took acid and watched Gilligan’s Island. 

So I say, way to go JJ! Can’t wait to see what Bad Robot does in a Galaxy Far Far way…