Game Of Thrones Winner: “The Old Gods And New”

So, we’re entering that stage of Game of Thrones where nobody wins because everything is terrible.

But there is someone who sort of wins in this episode, and it’s someone we never met before.

Ygritte! Ygritte won the Game of Thrones tonight.


While she has yet to remind Jon that he knows nothing, she does manage to get her whole “kissed by fire” thing going and thus spoon with him, and prevent him from chopping off her head.

I really love Ygritte, and she’s a figure of some controversy in our house because my sister really, really hates her but most specifically she hates Rose Leslie’s accent. But I really like her and I specifically love Leslie and Kit Harrington’s chemistry, so I’m glad she’s on the scene and that Jon didn’t cut off her head.

Runner up goes to Tyrion, who slaps Joffrey around a little bit, which we’re all always glad to see him do.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch


Sansa’s Agency Watch

When the peasants attack everyone coming back from seeing Myrcella off to Dorne, Sansa almost gets raped and murdered. This is by far the worst thing to happen to Sansa so far, but not the worst thing that will happen to her. She does slap the guy and then get rescued by The Hound, which is nice. She’s also nice to Tommen, when he’s sad about his sister leaving, saying that Rickon cried when she left. D’awww. Oh, and she realizes that she can trust Shae. Sansa, marshalling allies.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya names her second name, this time to save her own skin, as she’s pretty sure that the guy is going to rat her out to Tywin. It still bugs me that stupid Little Finger doesn’t grab her and take her back to Cat or The Eyrie or whatever at this point, because I hate Little Finger, he is the absolute worst. Anyway, more Jaquen and Arya stuff to come, and I’m going to miss it all so much when it’s gone.

Who Was Jamie a Dick To?

No Jamie. But Tywin does tell Arya that Jamie is dyslexic, which is a detail I had forgotten about and I like a lot.

Robb Is A King and Kind Of Bad At It

Robb flirts with Talisa. Bad. Robb finds out that Theon took over Winterfell, because he made the terrible decision of trusting Theon. Robb then trusts Roose Bolton to take Winterfell back, or to trust his Bastard to do it.

Oh hey guys, we’re about to meet Ramsey.

Who’s excited?

Not me. Obviously. No one is ever excited to meet Ramsey.

In A Totally Unrelated Story:

I fly off to Disney World Tonight!! Watch my Facebook for pics, random though updates and general joy. I’m unbelievably excited, but a little bummed out about not being at NYCC! Have a good Con, those who’ll be there.

Two Sides of A Coin


I remember watching Once Upon A Time’s first season, I watched it in a day, hoping to catch up and watch Season 2 live, it worked out that way, and I was stunned by how good that first season was. The way it managed to use fairy tales and the kind of Lost style ensemble story line and create likable interesting characters, and tell a coherent story was remarkable.

Since that first season, Once Upon A Time has, not always lived up to that, while still managing to bring the fun factor, and I would watch three episodes in a row about Mary Margaret and David staring at Baby Neal if it meant I got 15 minutes of Regina and Emma going back and forth about magic.

Which is why I have great hope for this new season, which is bringing back the flashback sequences in a vital way. (A large chunk of the cast was in Camelot for six weeks but can’t remember what happened, and in that time Emma fully embraced being The Dark One.) And has Emma and Regina taking on their roles as savior and bad guy, but this time the roles are reversed.

With Emma fully embracing her role as The Dark One, we get to see her be ruthless and see everyone do something besides universally adore her. And by putting Regina as a straight hero Lana Perrilla something new to do.

And they’re giving Henry a girlfriend! Her name is Violet and she’s from Camelot and if she’s a character from The Sword In The Stone or The Black Cauldron someone please tell me. Anyway, she’s adorable, and Henry pulls a Star Lord on her. By that I mean, he talks to her at a party and they listen to a song on his i-pod and she is enchanted by it.

Obviously Camelot’s people are now in Storybrooke, hanging out in the campsite with Robin Hood and His Merrymen.

Which pretty much sets up a possibility for the greatest Renn Faire in history. Storybrooke should get on that.

As for Camelot itself, it’s pretty cool to see everyone back in enchanted forest mode, and to see the way people react to Regina. The reminder that she has a lot of terrible things that she’s done is a good thing. I’m also enjoying all of the Hook and Belle stuff. I feel like Belle could be his sponsor or something.

Anyway, I think that this season is going to be pretty great, don’t you?

Just The Doctor In The TARDIS With Clara Oswald

I’m always shocked by how Doctor Who sneaks up on me.

When I started watching the show on Netflix all those years ago, I wasn’t sure how I was going to feel about it, even after watching “Rose,” I had a feeling that like Star Trek before it, I was going to jettison Doctor Who into “not my thing” land.

And then along came “The Impossible Child” and Captain Jack Harkness, and I was hooked. Even more so when I came to know the The Tenth Doctor. Then Rose Tyler was gone and I wasn’t sure how I could get behind anyone else, but I came to view Martha Jones with great affections, and then Donna Noble.

Then I got to The Eleventh Doctor and rolled my eyes. I didn’t take to Matt Smith’s goof ball Doctor, and I still don’t quite get why the world is so obsessed with him.

I think you can see the pattern.

After the strange tone of last season, I went into this season with a hearty shrug, but I knew I’d watch, because I wanted to get to Maisy Williams’s appearance. (Still hoping she’ll be Jenny! Or perhaps a new regeneration of Missy…) And once again, I’ve found myself floored by how this show always, always wins me over in the end.

Which makes it a lot like it’s title character.

The two part season opener which saw Clara and Missy trying to escape from The Daleks while The Doctor had what might be a final confrontation with Davros, while contemplating if he should go back in time and kill Davros as a child, (spoiler alert, it is neither the time of Davros’s death nor does the Doctor kill the kid. I know, I know, it’s shocking.) blew me away with it’s fun action, plenty of Daleks, and interesting meditation on human nature.

Also, it had The Doctor riding a tank while playing guitar.

So, that's great!

So, that’s great!

I was officially on board for the new season.

This week we were treated to The Doctor and Clara encountering actual ghosts, which actually might not be, but it’s another 2 parter, and since I’ve already got one foot out the door to The Happiest Place on Earth, I probably won’t know what the heck is going on here for quite a bit, but the mystery and the joy that The Twelfth Doctor seems to have in solving puzzles is more than enough to carry me through.

A few things I’m not sold on though:

  • We know that it’s Jenna Louise Coleman’s last season, and we can see them ramping up for her departure already. I’m not a huge fan of this, but it’s not yet quite as heavy handed as Amy and Rory’s final few episodes.
  • The Doctor has ditched the sonic screw driver in place of a pair of Ray Bans. While I love what it does to enhance Twelve’s look, which as I’ve said a million times, I’m obsessed with, I don’t like losing the screw driver.
  • We need more Missy. Every episode that she isn’t in is worse than an episode that she isn’t in.

Comedy Tonight!

What is comedy?

It’s a complicated definition.

Good comedy should make you think. If it’s narrative it should also tell a good story. It should pertain to your life in some way. And of course, it has to make you laugh or else it doesn’t count.

Which, to me, is the most important part. I’ve chronicled a million times why I don’t really “get” Community, because it’s very rarely actually made me laugh. Impressed me? Absolutely. But laugh? Nope. Same thing with Girls Season 2. (Every other season of girls though, was gold! Jerry! GOLD!)

This new TV season, I’m not watching a whole lot of comedy. I’m just not. Mostly because there’s not a lot there. New Girl has been pushed to mid season because of Zooey Deschanel’s pregnancy. I have no idea when Mom even sits anymore. I don’t watch Big Bang Theory on it’s first run anymore. Parks And Recreation is over. I’m 3 weeks behind on The League. (Oooh, I’m in a Fantasy league this season! I’ll write about that in December!)

But I am watching the amazing new season of The Mindy Project, which, set free by Fox to Hulu is exceptionally good. I watched the boundary pushing, thoughtful and hilarious season premier of blackish, which made me consider the “n-word,” which, as a rich white girl only just getting acquainted with hip-hop on a deeper level, (thanks Straight Outta Compton and Hamilton!) still makes me super uncomfortable. I’m back on The Middle, which gave us a brilliant opening 2 episodes with Sue heading off to college and Sue and Axl bonding and Brick making a new friend through the power of dance, and The Goldbergs, which this season is just cementing Erica Goldberg as the second best female character on TV. (Number 1 is obviously Cookie Lyon.)

But let’s take a minute and talk about The Muppets.

I’m not sure about it.

love The Muppets, the entity. And I think that what The Muppets, the show, is trying to do is kind of cool, I’m just not sure that it’s working. I liked the pilot well enough, and got halfway through the second episode.

And while I love Josh Groban and Miss Piggy singing “If I Loved You,” (that’s a classic Muppet moment there!) I’m not sure I love the back stage shenanigans in “reality show” format. Maybe it will just take some getting used to. I should probably finish the episode and hey! Next week features Liam Hemsworth.

I like Hemsworths. I mean, he’s definitely the B team, but still.

As for other new stuff. I haven’t watched Grandfathered yet, but I probably will at some point. I enjoy John Stamos and babies.

But then there’s The Grinder.

I knew that The Grinder was going to be good, but I didn’t expect it to be meta, and weird, and quirky, and bright. I’m not straight up looking for a Parks And Rec replacement yet. Nor do I think anything will ever actually replace it, but I think, if they go in the right direction, it could come close.

Rob Lowe is a delight as the clueless but well meaning Dean. Fred Savage is wonderful as Stewart, the also ran brother. They feel like family, and while those around them still need fleshing out, creating two strong leads is enough for a comedy pilot.

And it made me laugh.

So that’s important.

Happy TV season everyone!

Sailor Moon Super S: Episodes 144 & 155: Adorabable

Hi everyone! I’m trying so hard to stay caught up that I almost forgot to watch Sailor Moon Super S this week, which would have been silly.

Super S

In our first episode the girls go to the beach and bring Shingo! Remember Shingo? He’s Usagi’s adorable/annoying brother. Usagi brought him along because Mamoru was busy with “college research” (I don’t know about you but it sounds to me like Mamo was lying, because that, is not a thing.) and Usagi decided that the girls needed a body guard to protect them from not cute boys at the beach.

This is the most Usagi plan I’ve ever heard.

Anyway, Shingo quickly falls in love with Ami, because of course he does. Ami rules! And she’s basically the Anti-Usa, while the other girls are just way too much like his sister to be viable crush objects.

Also, Ami is nice to him.

Anyway, Madame Zirconia seems to know what’s up, or at least have her head slightly less up her posterior than the Amazon Trio, sends them after Ami, and Tiger’s Eye says he’ll capture her and seduce her with his awesomeness. (Hawk’s Eye and Fish Eye both say that Ami seems too smart to be seduced, they would be right!)

So, he goes to the beach and hits on Ami and she’s all, “oh that’s nice, but no.” And then he winds up trapping her and Shingo in a cave and the Senshi and Tuxedo Mask (who shows up for no reason and with no explanation) beat him and then everyone watches fireworks and that’s it.

The second episodes is about ballet and it’s a ballet movie.

Really, basically everyone tries out for a production of Giselle, including Fish Eye, who gets the lead at the expense of a ballerina who’s worked really hard for it and is also in love with the teacher.

Usagi and Chibi-Usa convince her not to give up and then they beat Fish Eye and their new friend plays Giselle and Usagi is the moon. But most importantly, we see everyone dressed as ballerinas and it’s wonderful.



This is important because not only do they all look adorable it contributes to my cosplay dream of “hipster Senshi.” (If anyone would like to do this with me, I’m on board, and this episode helps. Hipster Ami should 110% have that headband)

Anyway, I got these episodes in. Next week is going to be interesting, what with all the travel, but I will do my best!

Love you all!

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

love this episode so very much. I don’t really know why, nothing terribly huge happens in it, but it’s a completely wonderful episode.

The winner of this episode, is, no surprise, the ghost himself Jaqen H’ghar


I love Jaqen, but this episode, particularly is a great one for him, where he and Arya speak again and he introduces her to the idea of death needing to be repaid. He mentions “The Red God,” which I’m pretty sure he never does again, and also leads me to believe that while giving “The Kindly Man” (as he’s called in the book) Jaqen’s face was a good call visually, it makes it clear that he might not be the same guy.

Anyway, his win comes from beginning his work as “The Ghost of Harrenhall,” the episodes title character!

Good for you Jaqen.

Runner up goes to Catelyn who saves Brienne from being tried for Renly’s death and then earns her as a protector and vassal, this is good for Catelyn. Kind of wish Brienne had stuck with her rather than going on Jamie guard dealing.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Dany send Doreah to have sex with dudes in Qarth to find out about Xaro, because men talk when they’re “happy.” I feel like she would never do this to Missandei, because Missandei is better than Doreah, and she’s also matured by the time. The other hand maiden who’s name I can’t remember is very defensive of Dany losing her Dorthraki identity. You should listen to that Handmaiden Who’s Name I Can’t Remember Dany…

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week. So, no agency to check up on.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

She teaches Gendry how to fight, or gives him tips at least. Not going to lie, I ship these two a little. Too bad they’ll probably never see each other again and Gendry may or may not be dead? Who knows. Anyway, she also serves Tywin, effectively lies about her identity (although I still bet that Tywin has an inkling about who she is.) and gives Jaqen the first of the names.

An excellent hour of badassery from Arya.

Who Was Jamie A Dick To?

Still no Jamie. I mean, I know the second half and next season are great for him, but wow can’t believe how long it’s been since we saw him. Tyrion was a dick about him to Lancel, so I guess that counts?

Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It

No Robb this week. But in “Theon is a Person and Kind Of Bad At It” news, he comes up with his stupid invade Winterfell plan that ruins a lot of things. And this is a result of Robb being terrible at being King and sending Theon home.

Schedule For The Next Few Weeks

Hey all! So, I realized several months ago that my fall was jam packed. (Seriously, I haven’t had a weekend of “no schedule event” since mid August, even if scheduled event was just, “go to Uncles’ bar for grand opening party”) But the next few weeks are really going to test me.

Since I know myself, the way I’m going to handle this onslaught of stuff is going be through heavy scheduling and structure of things around here. So, I’m putting this in public writing so that I have some sort of contract to keep to it:

Wednesday September 30

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

This is actually one of my all time favorite episodes and I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Thursday October 1

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

What shenanigans will every one be up to, now that Chibi-Usa admits that she loves Pegasus. Which, I mean, is still weird.

Friday October 2

It’s time to talk about TV comedy that I’m watching.

Monday October 5

Hey, we’re 3 weeks into Doctor Who, let’s deal with that. (How good was that opening 2 parter! GAH!)

Tuesday October 6

I don’t know what this post will be, but it’ll be something. Maybe Once Upon A Time, to keep things Disney-ish!

Wednesday October 7

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Old Gods And New”

Urgghhh, the beginning of the “Theon Conquers Winterfell” terribleness. But who knows what my impression of that arc will be this time. (Pretty sure I’ll still think it sucks)

Thursday October 8

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

Still bitching about lack of Outer Senshi, I bet. Seriously, I miss them.

Friday October 9

Juli and I will have spent Thursday at The Magic Kingdom the day before and you will hear all about it! And see lots of pictures. You’re welcome in advance.

Saturday October 10

What? A weekend post? What is this, last year? Talking about Disney Hollywood Studios (dumb name), which will include Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so we’ll be a little more on topic than the rest of the Disney World stuff.

Sunday October 11

Recapping our day at Epcot, which will feature our attempt to “Drink Around The World” without passing out and eat delicious food at the Epcot Food And Wine Festival.

Monday October 12

Sunday is Animal Kingdom, so we’ll talk about that. It’s the park I know the least of. I’ve been to all of the others upwards of 7 times, and Animal Kingdom just once. I’m crazy excited to ride Expedition Everest and to see tigers.

Tuesday October 13

Back to The Magic Kingdom on Monday, and general Disney impressions.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident I can do those, and I hope you guys like what I’m working on!