I’m Sorry, but the damn snow

Look, guys, I’m really sorry, I have nothing for you. Do you know why?


This damn winter has zapped all of my energy. 

I cannot take another day of snow. Of having to get up early to brush snow off of my car, of wasting gas to warm my car up in the morning. Of wrapping myself in a cocoon of blankets in order to sleep.


I want it to go away for ever. 

 Normally, around this time every winter, I go a little crazy and start looking at jobs and houses in Florida. I’ve managed to not do that this year. Because I’ve been planning conventions instead. So we’ve got that going for us folks. 

 But it’s so cold, and so snowy, and I’m just so very deeply over it. 

 This is a picture of what my yard looked like today:


 And I’m done with it all. 

So I’m going to spend the weekend in bed trying to write. 

And watching SNL, because it’s Chris Hemsworth with musical guest Zac Brown Band this week, so we’re going to go for that.

I’ll take that first


Natasha/Bruce sexual tension, maybe, probably, kind of.

Vision Android

Ultron and Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver scheming to destroy the Avengers.

Emo Tony!

Sassy Steve!

Sassy Natasha!

Clint still…um, not really doing anything!

Science Bros, being all Science Bros!

Tony with Loki’s Staff!

Natasha on motorcycle!

Thor calling for more Ultron robots to destroy.

“I tried to build a suit of armor for the world.” TONY WHAT DID YOU DO????

It can be May now. Please. Thank you.



So Leonard Nimoy died on Friday. I didn’t spend a lot of time Eulogizing him, but last night, as I sat with my family (at our Tuesday night getting dinner with my family and drinking a lot of wine, because that’s what we do night) and I asked what I should write about for today and we decided I should write about this.

So I’m going to talk about Leonard Nimoy and Star Trek and how it has effected my life even though, as I’ve outlined many times I’m very much not a Trekkie.

There are icons, and there are icons. As a Star Wars and Batman: The Animated Series fan, I revere Mark Hamill, but I don’t expect people who aren’t fans to mourn him. But there are nerds who aren’t into that who still consider William Shatner, Leonard Nimoy, George Takei and Nichellle Nichols who still understand that these are the people who invented fandom. So nerds everywhere were mourning Mr. Nimoy when he passed away, because that’s how important Star Trek and Trekkie fandom is to nerd fandom is general.

So much of who I am I owe to Leonard Nimoy, to Spock and to the world that Star Trek and Trekkies have created.

I’m grateful for that world, because without that world, I don’t know what my life would look like. So I’m grateful for Leonard Nimoy.

The other day, a friend of mine, Scott said, “To explain this, I just have to say, it’s like every geek you know just lost their favorite grandparent.”

A podcaster I know referred to him as “a real mensch.”

It’s just a very strange thing to contemplate.

Anyway, Mr. Nimoy lived long, and he prospered, and we’ve all benefited from it.

But to the rest of you, Live Long, and Prosper.

We all get to do what we do here because of this man. Let’s honor that.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2: Episodes 3 & 4

Hey guys, we’re back for the rest of season 2. I’m remembering how much I love this season as I explore these episodes, in a big way, which is why we’re just going to get started talking about it. These are kind of bare bones eps though, not a lot to talk about.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 3: “Two To Tutor”

I know I keep saying that certain episodes are my favorites, and there will definitely be some kind of ranking when we get through the series, but this one is definitely up there, because it has so many of the things that I love. More gender trope subversion, Shego, Seniors, and baked goods.

Kim and Ron are rushing home from a mission because it’s time to sign up for their electives, but they are unfortunately too late and they get stuck in Home Economics, taught, of course, by Barkin, who explains he learned to cook in an Apocalypse Now style flashback. Kim is struggling to even use the mixer for baking, meanwhile, Ron excels. Because, well, he’s been baking his whole life. He offers to tutor Kim, and not wanting this to bring her grades down, she accepts. He also starts running the cafeteria, because he’s Ron.

Meanwhile, Senor Senior Senior, has decided that Junior needs to get his evil act together. Junior, is as usual, not really terribly interested in villainy, but Senior brings in Shego to whip the kid into shape. She does so. They steal stuff and then go on a big heist looking for steal a cookie recipe from a big corporation. Ron and Kim stop them, and Kim learns how to use a mixer. Also, Senor Senior Senior realizes that Shego’s a little too ruthless for their particular brand of evil.

Season 2: Episode 4: “The Ron Factor”

Global Justice is back and they want, Ron? Even Kim is thrown, so much so that she can’t make it through the theme song without expressing her incredulity. But GJ is convinced that Ron is a huge part of Kim’s crime fighting success, so they study him.

Kim is less sure and is afraid that Ron will let this whole “Ron Factor” business will give him a big head. She is of course, right.

We are introduced to Gemini, a mysterious one eyes, robot handed villain that wants the Ron Factor for himself. So he kidnaps Ron. Kim and Doctor Director go to save him, and we learn that Gemini is Doctor Director’s twin brother, who always nursed a grudge that she didn’t treat him with the respect he, as the four minutes older twin, deserved.

Their sibling squabble buys Kim the time she needs to get Ron out and GJ discovers that The Ron Factor might not be what gives Team Possible their edge, but in fact the Rufus factor.

Nacos and Boo-Yas

  • One of my dream projects is to bring Kim Possible to the mainline Marvel Universe. I would do this by having her recruited to SHIELD. (She would make a great SHIELD agent.) While this was happening, Ron would be at culinary school…this episode is basically very important to my pitch for this project. Seriously, Marvel comics, call me. (Or I could just write it as fanfiction…)
  • “You need a plan. With Drakken it’s taking over the world. Always.”
  • Among the things that Shego and Junior steal is a bunch of “Le Goop,” because Junior can’t do anything without his favorite hair product.
  • Senor Senior Senior feeling left out after hiring Shego is one of the most adorable things ever.
  • Gemini and Doctor Director’s real names are “Sheldon” and “Betty”
  • Gemini has a habit of throwing his henchmen out by seating them in a chair with an ejector seat. One such henchman, “Gamma” is voiced by Deidrich Bader. Fun!
  • All of the GJ agents start Grande Sizing in order to ape Ron
  • Gemini: World Wide Evil Empire, or WEE, it’s an acronym!
    Ron: Acronym, that’s a school word…I should know it.
  • The reveal of the “Rufus Factor” is underscored by the melody of “The Naked Mole Rap,” which has not yet made it’s appearance, but it’s a fun little nod to the future.

The Claire Underwood-Melanie Grant Center For First Ladies Who Run Things

I finished season 3 of House Of Cards, and I really liked the season. Anyone who’s talked about the show with me knows the even though I really like House Of Cards and admire the work that it does, one of my favorite rants is talking about how gendered the response to it is versus the response to Scandal. If you’ll recall this time last year I pitted Olivia against Frank and said that I thought Olivia would come out on top. I still think that, because well, Doug totally failed the Huck test this season. And Remy totally failed the Abby test.

But that’s not what this post is about. This post is about the other storyline that I really loved on House of Cards this year.

Season 3 pretty much did away with any notion that Frank is the main character of this show. Season 3 was about Claire Underwood, it was about her giving up ambition, about sublimating her entire life, a life that was full of potential, to advance her husband.

Hey, do you guys know another character who’s had that plotline for multiple seasons now? I’ll give you a hint! She isn’t on House of Cards and her husband isn’t quite as ruthless as Frank Underwood.

You guessed it! We’re talking about Mellie Grant!

I said back last year, that the real joy of any universe where Scandal and House Of Cards coexisted would be seeing these two interact, but I can’t help but be annoyed that this story, which Shonda Rhimes has been telling excellently, placing in the incredibly competent hands of Bellamy Young, is now probably going to be hailed as “original” and “incredibly interesting,” when being told by Beau Willimon and placed in the also incredibly competent hands of Robin Wright.

It just kind of sucks that these two shows are held to a different standard when they’re doing the same thing. And when one of them did it first and you know that the other one if going to get the credit.

And Huck would still TOTALLY knock Doug on his whiny little ass. And Olivia would still call Frank a “little bitch baby” and then maybe shoot him in the face, because that’s a thing she does now.

But when Frank actually stood and said to Claire, “I had to give that speech without you…it’s time to do you job,” my jaw dropped. THEY DID NOT!

“Other people don’t have that luxury, other people have to get up and go to work, and do their jobs.”

Do you know when this was uttered? This was uttered nearly six months ago, in October, by Abby Whelan to Mellie Grant. There’s something to be said for paralel thinking and I hope this is that, but I still want to point it out. I know a lot of the time the things I write here are just shouting into the void. I get that. But this is a void that needs to be shouted into. I’m not saying that House of Cards or Scandal should change the stories they’re telling, because I like those stories.

I just think it’s time for everyone to sack up and admit that almost everything House Of Cards has “pushed the envelope” on, Scandal did too, and usually first. House Of Cards is revolutionary for it’s distribution model, it’s not revolutionary for content.

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Guys it’s SO COLD

So I know I was supposed to write about Sailor Moon today, but I was out in the city last night, so instead I’m doing things I’m obsessed with right now! Here we go!

  • New Cosplay that I’m working on! I’m planning for the conventions (yes that’s a plural!) that I’m going to this year. I plan on doing what’s called in the Doctor Who fandom as “50’s Rose,” which is the adorable bobbi soxer outfit that Rose wears in the episode “The Idiot Box.” I have the dress. I need to figure out the jacket and hair and I’m there, and I’m really excited about it.
  • Empire. I love it sooooooo much you guys. I love the music, I love the characters, I love the ridiculous story lines. I loooovvvveee Cookie. Who doesn’t love Cookie? She’s amazing. Taraji P. Henson is amazing. Just, amazing. “What do you do Yoko? DO YOU PLAY THE TAMBOURINE?” I might just start saying this to people in my life, for no reason. Also Jamal came out. And sang an adorable song with child-who-might-be-his-daughter-but-probably-isn’t-because-come-on-guys-really? Also Andre? So crazy! Right? And it turns out Hakeem has feelings and isn’t the worst. Wow. Good for Hakeem. I could keep going. This post could basically be all about Empire.
  • A new podcast! Tales From The Jungle Crews, where a guy who used to work on The Jungle Cruise at Disneyland interviews other people who used to work for The Jungle Cruise and it is fascinating and awesome and you wouldn’t expect it to be, but it’s really cool.
  • Talking about how cold it is. Look, if you’re not in the Northeast, you’re probably sick about hearing it. It’s not even that cold anymore, but before yesterday, it was so cold. YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW COLD IT WAS!
  • Listening to songs from Empire. Even if you don’t watch the show listen to “No Apologies,” and “You’re So Beautiful,” and also maybe “Drip Drop.” Or just watch Empire. WATCH EMPIRE!
  • Editing my manuscript. I’ve rewritten nearly 20 pages now. It’s terrible. I hate it. But I’m invested enough to keep going. Which counts as an obsession…I guess.
  • Choosing what Cons I want to go to this year. Obviously, I’m going to New York Comic Con. There’s no question there. That’s my con. I know I’ve only gone twice, but I still feel protective of it. I might go to Special Edition New York as well, that’ll be a little more last minute. I’m also looking at Atlantic City Boardwalk Con, and Dragoncon in Atlanta…that’s going to come down to money. (Believe it or not, Atlanta might be cheaper because I have family there to stay with…pretty much, I need someone to split the hotel room with me in Atlantic City to make it worth it…Anyone want to go with me? Split a room? Let me know.)
  • Taraji P. Henson. And Empire. Have I mentioned that I’m obsessed with Empire?

So that’s where I’m at these days. Enjoy your obsessions! I know I’m enjoying mine.

10,000 Candles In The Wind

Parks And Recreation and Parenthood ended.

And I find myself, for the first time, not regularly watching an NBC show.

For most people, this would not be a big deal, but for me this is kind of a huge deal.

The first shows that I really followed, were Friends and ER. The first death of a TV character that I will never get over for as long as I live was Mrs. Landigham on The West Wing.  The first time I ever said, “I really miss those guys,” was when I realized that there weren’t reruns of Will & Grace on anywhere. (This has been, mercifully, rectified. Now there are Will & Grace reruns, ALL THE TIME. And it is glorious.) I realized there was a whole world that loved my kind of movie quoting, semi sarcastic, more heart than head but still a lot of head, comedy with 30 Rock and The Office. I watched every last stinking episode of American Dreams, Heroes, and Smash.

I’m an NBC girl, I guess is my point.

So saying goodbye to these two shows that I loved so much, isn’t just saying good bye to them, but, it’s saying good bye to my network. Now, I guess, I’m a Fox person…which is weird, but yeah. Gotham, Mindy Project, New Girl, Brooklyn 99 and Empire are my shows now, there’s no turning back. It’s a part of my pop culture identity that has shifted and it’s a weird one to say good bye too, because even in the scheme of the trivial things that I spend too much time analyzing, is unbelievably trivial. I’m sure next year I’ll fall in love with some doomed NBC project, whatever the next Up All Night or Smash is that I’ll keep assuring people, is “like really good though,” even though it kind of isn’t, at all…

But Parks & Rec and Parenthood were good. They were really good, and I’m going to miss them. I’m going to miss that these were both shows about good people who loved each other and wanted to make the world a better place. They were about and families, and friends, and barbeques, and waffles, and baseball, and board games, and one tiny horse.

So bye, bye, little Peacock, you’re 10,000 candles in the wind.