Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: So Many Snuggles

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

OK, so this week, we got everyone dealing with the whole, “new Senshi” fallout and also Chibi-Usa does a parent trap!

OK, seriously, though…The Inners fight The Outers and realize that Neptune’s mirror and Uranus’s sword are both Talismans (Talismen?). Also, Ami fights a Deathbuster by herself LIKE A BOSS.

A lot happened in this episode. But I’m having focus issues, so let me bring it in for the real thing.

After their confrontation with Sailors Uranus and Neptune, the inner Senshi decide that they must be enemies, what with all of that attacking them for no reason stuff. Usagi isn’t so sure, because “We’re all guardians! We should be friends.”

I love her so much.

That night, she and Mamoru have the same dream about The Deity of Destruction, and they wake up, you know TOGETHER, in HIS BED with CHIBI-USA SNUGGLING and it’s the most adorable thing in the world. They hold hands and looked worried at each other.

The next day, Usagi is sitting around in a park like she do, and Haruka “Guess Whos?” her and they talk about Haruka’s androgyny, and then they kiss and Mamoru sees and then they go back to his place and are awkward until Chibi-Usa shows up and talks about wanting to make a Holy Grail for school.

Usagi doesn’t know what that is, but they do it anyway, and during the project they make up and Chibi-Usa falls asleep and PARENT TRAP!

We’re burning through the Witches 5, which is fine, I don’t miss the repetitive nature of the original anime, although I do miss getting to know everyone a little bit better. I’m also very into the increased focus on Rei (obviously) and her visions of destruction.

The episode ends with us seeing Setsuna for the first time! Guyssss, outer senshi are assembling and it’s totally the best!!!!

So movie season starts tonight, and that’s going to be a thing in my life for the next 7 months. (Marvel to Star Wars…that’s the way this works.)


I’m One Of THOSE People Now: My Solo Disney World Adventure Part 1

It was really only a matter of time before I had the time and disposable income to become a Crazy Disney Person. The writing was on the wall when I went to Vegas and spent half the time thinking I’d rather be in Disney, but it solidified with my pure joy at my trip this past October, and diving into the Disney blog scene plus my growing friendship with Kristi, it kind of had to happen. (Yes, Kristi, I’m blaming this on you…)

But this weekend, the only free weekend I have for a couple of months I think, I decided to spend in Disney World, by myself, (save lunch on Sunday!), on my second trip inside of a year, well that clinched it. I’m a Disney Person now. I guess my next step is an Annual Pass and after that DVC..but right now I’m just at one trip a year stage.

And what a trip it was! I’m going to go Day By Day because that’s easiest for me!

Friday 4/29

After the genuine hell that was Newark Airport Security (seriously, I showed up at 5:30 for a 7 AM flight and only made it because the flight was delayed…CRAZY) I had an uneventful flight and trip back to The Swan where I was staying. I chose The Swan for a lot of reasons, I’ve always wanted to stay there, since driving past the weird stylish Swan & Dolphin buildings as a kid, and it was about the same price wise as staying at Port Orleans and it’s a way better location (walkable to Epcot and a minutes long Boat Ride to Hollywood Studios.) I registered, though didn’t get into my room (it was 10:30 in the morning, it was a longshot), changed out of my tee shirt and yoga pants plane outfit and walked myself over to Epcot.

It was the Flower and Garden Festival so Epcot was especially beautiful, and I was planning on being there for at least a little while every day (meals, for the most part). Since it was now approaching noon and the only things I’d had to eat were a Special K bar at 4:30 AM and a cookie on the plane, I was ready for some real deal good World Showcase food. I’d decided before leaving home that I’d grab a sandwich at Les Halles de Boulangerie in France since it’s not far from the gates and apparently awesome. So I grabbed the Beurre Jambon sandwich and a Mimosa and got going.

I sat down inside because it was noon in Orlando in April and I’m not a crazy person….and was almost immediately joined by a young woman named Heather, who was enjoying a day in the park while her boyfriend stayed at their hotel. We chatted and oohed and ahhed over our sandwiches, she mentioned that she was heading for a wine flight, I said I was going to wander around until I got into my room and then was heading to Hollywood Studios, we parted ways.

I then wandered around World Showcase, peaking into the various pavilions in a way I didn’t get to in October, since it was the Food and Wine Festival and I was focused on well, Food and Wine. I was particularly thrilled when I hit the Mitsukoshi Department Store in Japan and was immediately greeted by my favorite Pretty Guardians.

I caught the tail end of The Flag Show in Italy and also wandered in and out of the shops in China, and by the time I hit Germany, I knew it was time for me to grab a drink. Since I’d done wine in Germany previously, I went to the quick service restaurant and got an Oktoberfest, as well as a big tall water (Hey Water Buddy, even 1,000 away I can hear you in my head!) I drank it and wandered through the German Village and next door to Mexico, and into the pyramid (which is great, because it’s Air Conditioned!) and noticed that the line for La Cava De Tequila wasn’t terribly long. I was psyched, because in October it literally wound four times around the pyramid. So I popped in and got the Blood Orange Margarita, and you guys, I cannot make this more clear, this is the single greatest drink I have ever had. It was everything a Margarita should be, sweet and tangy and smooth and fruity and amazing.

At this point I realized that if I didn’t ride Test Track, I’d probably be too drunk if I waited much longer. So I headed in that general direction, stopping to say hi to Daisy on my way.

Got on the single rider line, got stuck in a car full of cheerleaders and thoroughly enjoyed my first Disney ride of the trip.

I then went to Spaceship Earth, because you have to eat your vegetables and also I love it. (I justify the fact that I never plan to do The Hall of Presidents again, by loving the crap out of Spaceship Earth.) By then I’d basically sweat through my clothes so I decided to see if I could get into my room. I could! So I showered, unpacked and then hopped right on a boat to Hollywood Studios.

Guys this was my favorite part of the trip and I know this post is crazy long, but seriously, it is amazing over there right now. It was like I died, got to heaven and it turned out that heaven was just full of Star Wars stuff. (As I imagine heaven probably is.)  Of course I did the usual suspects, I rode Tower of Terror (twice, once during the day and once after dark), and Toy Story Mania and The Hollywood Rockin Roller Coaster and The Great Movie Ride. I saw The Indiana Jones stunt show.

I skipped The Muppets because when it made sense timing wise for me to do it, I had a headache and the old 3-D was not a good idea. I also skipped Fantasmic, because I’ve seen it and I’d already cried enough by then (I’ll get to it) I hit The Hollywood Brown Derby Lounge for Dinner, and had their Shrimp and Grits as well as their white Sangria (for the most part I tried to eat places I didn’t eat in October, and I think this counts because the Lounge menu is completely different than the dining room menu) both were awesome, but especially the Shrimp and Grits which is a dish I would eat pretty much anywhere I see it because it is not common where I live.

Anyway, Star Wars, so obviously, let’s start with Star Tours, which I wanted to ride twice but only got to once. I got to see the new scene where you meet up with Finn on Jakku, and while this creates just a universe of continuity errors (Vader and Finn are not around at the same time, Star Tours…) I giggled and clapped when he popped up on my screen. I saw the tail end of “Trials of The Jedi Temple” show and watched the Younglings with their sabers and cried. Then I saw the Star Wars: A Galaxy Far Far Away show and cried. Then I went to do the meet and greet with Kylo Ren and Chewbacca and stood up to Kylo Ren because I was dressed as Poe, he got in my face, I was defiant, and I have a new profile picture (sorry Cap!) then I saw Chewy and he noticed my outfit and roared and saluted me and I cried.

Then I ran around taking pictures of all of Rey and Poe’s props so that Aless and I can use those as reference points (#cosplayproblems) then I found a spot to watch the Star Wars: Symphony In The Stars fireworks and I cried. Look, if you’ve been around for a while you know that Star Wars stuff makes me cry, this isn’t news. (The sangria didn’t help…) Studios was open until midnight so there was a lot of running around late at night getting stuff done but I made it back to the hotel and basically passed out.

Anyway, I figured I’d get the Star Wars stuff in today! May The 4th Be With You!

Rest of the trip report will probably be up next Tuesday…Love you all!

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 3: Episodes 16-22

Quick Schedule Change due to getting in later than I planned yesterday! But this is an important stretch of One Tree Hill anyway.


Season 3: Episode 16: “With Tired Eyes, Tired Minds, Tired Souls, We Slept”

It’s the episode. The one that changes everything. The one that, in the big book of TV history, it will be the episode of One Tree Hill that people talk about.

The school shooting episode. Where Jimmy Edwards brings a gun, holds Mouth, Haley, Skills, Nathan, Rachel and two other kids we’ve never seen before hostage in the tutoring center after shooting Peyton in the leg. In the end he kills himself, and Dan finds the gun and then kills Keith.

I didn’t watch the show when it aired, but I remember hearing about it. I was a teenage girl and there were things that were just talked about. And the shooting episode of One Tree Hill was one of those things. I still cry every time. I still think this is an important, if somewhat didactic episode of television.

Season 3: Episode 17: “Who Will Survive, And What Will Be Left Of Them”

This is the episode that really breaks my heart. The funeral episode. While everyone parses out what they feel about Keith’s death at what they all think is Jimmy’s hand, Lucas goes through the stages of grief, quite literally, and quite explicitly. Like punching a locker for anger kind of thing.

Anyway, it’s the power of friendship and Brooke love that brings him back, and not the illegal party that Rachel and Brooke throw to heal the school in the same hallway where the shooting was.

Look it’s a really good and emotional episode and when Lucas and the river court guys decide to go to Jimmy’s funeral anyway, I just start crying like a baby. And it doesn’t let up because Karen’s anger and grief are some of the best acting that I’ve seen out of Moira Kelly.

Overall these episodes are hard to watch again, which is why I included them in a weekend binge rather than at lunch, because the sobbing would have been awful.

Oh, also Dan is being haunted by the ghost of Keith as a child, because, I mean, these episodes are intense and emotional, but it didn’t stop being One Tree Hill, which means, at it’s core, it’s a completely ridiculous soap opera.

Mouth and Rachel finally kiss, but right after she confesses that she’s the one who leaked the time capsule and he walks away, because seriously, that was a shitty thing to do and also it caused one of his best friends to (as far as he knows) murder his best friend’s father.

Also, Peyton hooks up with Pete Wentz because this is One Tree Hill and that’s the kind of thing that happens there.

Season 3: Episode 18: “When It Isn’t Like It Should Be”

It’s time for everyone to start healing, so Rachel decides to assuage her guilt by inviting everyone up to her family’s cabin. The weekend of relaxing and fun is decidedly good for everyone, and there are shenanigans galore, mostly based around two very specific events.

Nathan has decide to repropose to Haley so that they can have a real wedding in front of all of their friends and family. So he wants to get her ring, but every time he gets a hold of it, Haley freaks out because she lost it. So things go around and around, until he does finally managed to propose. It’s a really sweet little story and this episode is such a nice exhale after the last few.

The other shenanigan is Peyton and Pete, who comes on this weekend with a bunch of high school kids, even though this was the spring of 2006 and Pete Wentz had a couple of top ten singles, one of which my entire high school was obsessed with because the music video featured Katrina Bowden, later of 30 Rock, but that year of my Women in Literature class. Anyway, they do a bunch of making out and his acting is terrible, but Hilarie Burton is really charming here, and so believably awkward even though she’s definitely at least 30.

There’s some small stuff between Brooke and Lucas which is nice. Rachel and Mouth make up, and Bevin and Skills provide the comic relief. Also, Karen confronts Dan for being a terrible human being, but we all knew that was inevitable.

Season 3: Episode 19: “I Slept With Someone In Fallout Boy And All I Got Was This Stupid Song Written About Me”

Everything is starting to settle in to new Status Quos. Naley is back in the apartment and Brooke moves in with Peyton. Lucas and Karen are both really depressed although Lucas is starting to come out of it. He still can’t bring himself to play basketball and in the end he even tells Whitey that he has HCM and that he can’t play at all anymore.

Peyton is dealing with what it’s like to date a rock star and to be honest it’s not as great as she thought. They never see each other and he’s not really around and he only calls late at night and her dad is kind of sick of it. So is Peyton to be honest. They have a really nice talk about what she should be looking for in a guy and Larry tells her to follow her heart, which of course leads her to going to visit Jake…and I cry.

Brooke foudn an old picture of Rachel, when she was chubby and awkward and had a different face and printed posters of it to put all over school. She explains the situation to Mouth who basically tells her that he just likes her more now because they’re amazing and I hate the show for never going there, but I’ve made that clear.

Also Cooper is back in town and shacking up with Rachel, because she told him that she was a 26 year old model and not his nephew’s classmate. He also gives Lucas some good advice about honesty or dealing with the darkness, or something.

Nathan and Haley are getting ready to renew their vows and go to a pre marriage counseling class. Also Haley decides they should not have sex again until their second wedding night, and it’s all kinds of adorable.

Season 3: Episode 20: “Everyday Is A Sunday Evening”

Lucas and Karen are on a road trip. They’re healing and everyone gets that.

Peyton is in Savannah, spending a weekend with Jake and Jenny, and it’s really, really, sweet. They talk a lot about what their lives look like, why they can’t be together, why they should be together, and then they have sex and Peyton proposes. And I love them and it’s perfect and wonderful.

Brooke and Mouth figure out that Rachel’s older boyfriend is Cooper and scheme to clue him in to Rachel’s lies. Basically it happens by accident, after the Ravens game.

And about the game. This episode has one of my all time favorite Nathan moments, when he sinks a free through while smirking at the crowd to show up a jerk he met at High Fliers. It’s just such a fun moment. It’s also so great to see Nathan and Haley happy, which is pretty much what the next few seasons are showing. Or the next season. Look, I just love when they’re a team.

Deb and Nathan also give Dan a restraining order. This just leads to a lot of scenes of Dan standing around outside of buildings, but he’s not talking to Keith’s ghost so that’s at least something.

Season 3: Episode 21: “Over The Hills And Far Away”

One of the best things about One Tree Hill is that it’s got so much tied into feelings. It’s about love and friendship and family, and this episode gets to the heart of that in a big way, and I love it for that.

Brooke is throwing Haley and Nathan a rehearsal dinner, complete with a series of skits acting out their interactions in season 1. It’s completely beautiful and funny and delightful and it’s so telling that Brooke, who spent the first two seasons learning how to open up her heart is so invested in their love. It’s beautiful.

Peyton and Jake talk about getting married and why that would work for them. But as they fall asleep, Peyton starts talking about loving Lucas. So she decides to go to Tree Hill and finish high school, and decide what she wants to do regards to her heart. After acting in a skit with Lucas she realizes that she still loves him. She tells Brooke as much and that’s going to be dramatic.

Lucas is back and happy to be home. He’s decided that since basketball isn’t in his future he’s going to study literature, and they learn that Keith had been saving a college fund for him and SHUT UP YOU’RE CRYING.

Haley decides to invite Dan to the wedding because Nathan wishes things were better. Rachel is dealing with Cooper sleeping with her one last time and then ghosting on her. And this plot sucks because she really should have gotten together with Mouth instead of Cooper and the show is terrible about this sort of thing.

Season 3: Episode 22: “The Show Must Go On”

It’s the Naley wedding! I love this episode because it’s everything that One Tree Hill does well. It’s beautiful emotional moments. It’s great music of the acoustic pop variety. It’s a ridiculous cliff hanger. It’s large semi literary speeches. And it’s another hit at the greatest love triangle of all of time. And it’s some weird supernatural mumbo jumbo.

Brooke is dealing with the fall out from Peyton telling her that she loves Lucas. She asks Lucas to stay away from Peyton which of course he can’t do. So she gets really mad at him but then they have a very sweet talk and I’m pretty sure that this is when they break up? But it’s not made clear. I just love it so much. Brooke does, however, unequivocally break up with Peyton. She ends their friendship and Peyton is devastated. And honestly? That’s what I love about this show and about this triangle. It’s so much more about Brooke and Peyton’s friendship than about either girl’s relationship with Lucas and it’s such a rare thing in narrative. It’s about how this boy causes them to hurt each other, not how they hurt him or he hurts them. He’s secondary.

Rachel gets drunk at the reception and makes a scene about Cooper and then steals the limo. This becomes important later. Nathan has been having visions of Haley drowning and is really worried about it. While Cooper and Rachel rush back to the ceremony and Nathan and Haley drive off contented to start their honeymoon, the almost crash into Rachel and Cooper who wind up driving off a bridge and the season ends with Haley screaming after Nathan when he dives in to save them.

Also, Deb tells Dan she tried to kill him, so he starts seeing Keith’s ghost again, because of the guilt. Also, Karen is pregnant, and Brooke, Haley or Rachel might also be. (Hint, it’s the married girl…)

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

I cried like seven times watching these episodes. That doesn’t mean a lot, because making me cry is fairly easy, but for the most part, I’ve managed to keep myself at a non emotional critical distance during this rewatch, but not here. Also, I did not realize I was attached to Rachel and Mouth as an OTP. I mean, I know that next season Mouth gets a few girlfriends, but I really do love the romance of that relationship.

Overall Analysis of This Season

Season 3 is held up as the best season of the show by a lot of fans and it really is. The storylines are tight, (Dating Pete Wentz not withstanding…), the characters are at their best, the music is fantastic and the School Shooting arc is so brilliantly handled. (Only show that did it better was Degrassi…) Seeing Keith and Karen get their happiness snatched from them is heart breaking, but seeing Nathan and Haley figure it all out is wonderful. The Brooke and Lucas relationship remains my favorite in just about any show and they are so wonderful here.

Peyton and Ellie’s story is an important one that I think should be talked about more. Their reconection, her death and Peyton’s grieving are beautiful and such a unique take on an adoption story that it makes everything worth it.

It’s a good season, objectively, I agree it’s the best. But it’s not my favorite. My favorite is coming up. Get ready for season 4 you guys because it’s the best!

Game of Thrones Winner: “Home”

First of all, the only thing that would have kept me from watching this episode live was the fact that while it was airing I was watching the Mainstreet Electrical Parade. (There was also a dragon in that.)

Anyway, I got back to my room around 12:30 and streamed the episode immediately. I even planned on writing this post immediately.

That didn’t happen because it took me a while to decide who the winner of the episode was, but in the end, I landed on an unconventional choice!

Viserion and Rhaegal are the winners of last nights Game of Thrones. Because Tyrion decided to unchain them because they weren’t eating. It was actually a really cool scene


We got some old school Tyrion backstory and speechafying and he made friends with the dragons. It really is a detail that’s been forgotten by the show that was a big part of the book that Tyrion is obsessed with Dragons.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

No Grey Worm, this one misses him a lot. But we did see Missandei again which is pretty cool. She discusses the whole dragon situation with Tyrion. I’d missed her too. I’m hoping we see my favorite ship together again at some point.

Sansa Agency Watch

Sansa didn’t do a lot but she did talk to Brienne about what was going on at Winterfell that she regrets not going with Brienne in the first place. (Obviously) They also talk about Arya and the look of love on Sansa’s face is absolutely heartbreaking, but completely beautiful and totally earned. She also says goodbye to Theon, who has decided to go home to the Iron Islands. That probably won’t go well, but whatever.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya fights The Waif, but you know actually wins this time which is pretty great. Then The Faceless Man shows up and quizzes her about who she is, she reiterates that she is No One, begin referring to herself as A Girl instead of as Arya, it’s intense and badass and great.

Is Jon Going To Stay Dead?

Nope. Jon’s alive. Melissandra brought him back, but she doesn’t think that she did. Everyone gave up on him. But also there was an awesome mini battle between the Wildlings and the men of the night’s watch. It involved the giant. But anyway, Jon’s alive. Just like we all knew he would be, because he’s obviously alive. I mean duh. I’ll keep this section going at least one more week though, because I do want to get into what happens now that Jon is alive.


So Balon Greyjoy is dead. His brother killed him. Yara is all set to be the ruler of the Iron Islands, but first there has to be a Kingsmoot to select the next ruler. I am delighted by this. We heard about Kingsmoots in the books, but never saw one.

I didn’t even get into my favorite part of the episode which is the Tommen stuff, because I’m pretty sure that Tommen Baratheon (Lannister) is the best character on these show, in terms of being a good person, and this means that he will surely be dead in a few episodes.

Trip write up is coming you guys, I had an amazing time! Seriously most of the day was kind of perfect anyway, so topping it off with a not dead Jon Snow just makes it the biggest winner of all.

Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Her Hair Is Full of Secrets

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Everyone is asking Chibi-Usa to keep secrets and it’s kind of weird and annoying. I mean, it’s one thing when Hotaru does it because they’re in love, but when Haruka picks her up in her helicopter and tells her that their relationship with Usagi is a secret it sounds…predatory? I don’t know, I’m not into it.

Anyway, Chibi-Usa goes to see Hotaru to return her handkerchief, and to flirt, because they’re adorable. They talk about how Hotaru was in an accident and it’s awesome and I love them and this Ship is leaving the harbor.

Meanwhile, Usagi is freaking out about that kiss with Sailor Uranus, but when she’s talking to the other Senshi about it, she’s all, “she told me to stay out of their way and definitely nothing else happened you guys, OMG what??????” Sometimes I feel like Usagi should speak only in Emogi.

So Haruka gives Usagi tickets to Michiru’s next concert at Mugen Academy and the Senshi decide to go to investigate and also because pretty violin music. Mamoru got tickets from Michiru and I’ve always hated this aspect of this arc because it’s like, dudes you’re all star crossed soul mates here, stop making it difficult for the others. Anyway, he brings Chibi-Usa.

Minako is bummed about this because in another theater at Mugen Academy (how big is this school?) Pop Idol Mimi something (Mimette! MY LOVE!) is performing and she’d much rather do that, so she sneaks off to go to that show and learns that Mimi is really Mimette and goes to get the others. They fight and Uranus and Neptune show up and win the fight.

When Sailor Moon asks who they are we get a beautiful shot of them standing in dual spot light, and they say their names and the episode ends.

I’m liking so many things about this season, but the fact that we get this show once a week instead of every other week is probably my favorite part, it keeps everything from being bogged down and keeps the momentum going. And I really did forget just how much this arc books. 

I want to talk for a minute though about the closing theme which hit me in a completely different way this time. The opening chords are so haunting and gothic and perfect for Michiru and Haruka. Also, I’m a huge sucker for a female tenor line, which is what Haruka is singing here. Michiru sounds like a Mezzo? It’s pretty high but it doesn’t quite hit the full on soprano line. Anyway, for another stellar example of gorgeous female tenor stylings, listen to Queen Latifah’s version of “California Dreaming,” or any of her songs from December’s production of The Wiz. It’s one of the things that I’ve come to really love about Sailor Moon is how integral music is to the show and how beautiful the music is.

Anyway, I’m off to Disney World tomorrow, so I may not update tomorrow. It depends on how packing goes tonight!

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 3: Episodes 11-15


Season 3: Episode 11: “Return of The Future”

So Keith is back! And it’s great, because Keith is really the best. He shows up at the Raven’s second game, which they lose, because Lucas and Nathan are refusing to engage with each other or, really the rest of the team. Remember when Tim was a character on this show? Anyway, as punishment Whitey sends them to an old beat up gym that they have to get into shape to play in for the rest of the season. Nathan is being a jerk about it, because of course he is. But he’s really being a jerk because when he and Haley had sex they didn’t use protection.

He confronts her about it and they fight a lot about it. But in the end they make up and have an actual conversation about their future and it’s lovely.

Brooke finds out that she’s going to be in a big fancy fashion show called Rogue Vogue and she thinks that Lucas submitted her so she decides to reward him by them finally having sex. Or having sex again. Whatever, it winds up not happening because of the Naley fight and also because she learns it wasn’t Lucas who did the submitting, it was Rachel. They do agree that Lucas is now going to write her as many letters as he wrote him. And it’s great.

Ellie and Peyton go to see Nada Surf to convince them to put a song on their benefit album. They succeed. They also bond more and it really is beautiful. I love this plot so much.

Keith tells Karen that he was planning to go after Dan the night before he left, but Deb beat him to it. After they decide to give their relationship a try, Dan has him arrested for attempted murder.

Season 3: Episode 12: “I’ve Got Dreams To Remember”

I hold this episode very close to my heart because it was the very first episode of One Tree Hill that I watched. It was on Soap Net and I was 20 and I fell head over heels for the show, and spent the next few months getting caught up on it.

It’s also an example of my favorite kind of OTH episode, the excuse to stare straight into the camera and talk about your feelings. The gang are going to see the guidance counselor to talk about college and it’s pretty great. Haley wants to go to Stanford, but Nathan wants to go to Duke. They need to work that out. Lucas isn’t sure what he wants, except he thinks he needs to stay close to home, would like to keep playing basketball and wants to study literature. Peyton doesn’t even really want to go to college. Brooke wants to go to FIT, but also doesn’t want to leave high school, the world she knows and is good at.

Meanwhile, the Ravens have a game coming up. They have to win, now, for real. Lucas and Nathan are ready for it, but Nathan gets benched when he cuts a class that Dan is the guest speaker for. It’s unfortunate because there is some big scout at the game, but in the end, Lucas makes sure that Nathan at least gets to talk to the guy.

Karen and Keith go on their first date. It’s ADORABLE! Dan is really jealous and Keith tells him off. It’s all perfect and wonderful.

Also, Peyton and Ellie decide to call their album, “Friend With Benefit,” and Oh god, I just love it so so so much. Also, it turns out Rogue Vogue and The Sparkle Classic are the same weekend, which is why Rachel submitted Brooke’s designs.  She also starts spending time with Mouth which causes a rift between Brooke and Mouth which is just really, really sad. Brooke decides to do both and I really love this storyline because I love Brooke and Lucas as a couple and I love empowered Brooke.

Season 3: Episode 13: “The Wind That Blew My Heart Away”

Ellie dies. But it takes a minute to get there, but it’s all very moving. Ellie and Peyton finish working on Friend With Benefit and she’s getting ready to leave but when a hurricane knocks out the power they get one last night together. Peyton tells her how much she hates that they don’t have deeper conversations, talks to her about Jake, and all sorts of things, Ellie tells her that she needs to live life, and then leaves and dies.

Lucas and Brooke stay at her place. Lucas brings another letter and it turns out he used the same phrase he ended it with when he wrote a note to Peyton and Brooke freaks out about it. They kiss in the rain. It’s wonderful.Speaking of kissing in the rain and being wonderful…Nathan and Haley hang out at the big house, eating junk food and talking about good memories. They also talk about college a little bit. Haley says they should go to Duke because it’s Nathan’s dream, he says that they should go to Stanford because it’s hers. They run out and kiss in the rain to the Tyler Hilton version of “Missing You,” and everything about it is perfect.

Mouth spends the night with Rachel and I always wish the show had gone there with them. They compliment each other so well, but as it is, Rachel tries to get Mouth to be meaner to girls, and he says he just wants to meet someone to love and she wants to make out and he thinks she’s just trying to make Brooke jealous, but she does actually like him, she just can’t be vulnerable, and OMG I love it so much, and I wish that these two had gotten together, truly.

Also Karen and Keith finally have sex and it’s perfect.

Season 3: Episode 14: “All Tomorrow’s Parties”

It’s time for Rogue Vogue! And also the Classic! Brooke is determined to do both, but when her show gets moved to the second day, she has to make a decision. She decides to do the fashion show, it means too much to her not to. She makes friends with a fifteen year old model, and they go out on the town together. Brooke realizes that she’s not ready for this grown up world yet and decides to skip the fashion show and head to the classic.

Peyton is having trouble dealing with all of the Ellie fall out, but she’s just bottling it up and winds up getting drunk with Rachel who deposits her in Lucas’s bed. This would be remotely surprising if anyone wasn’t paying attention for a little while. She manages it because Bevin has arranged for everyone to trade rooms so that she and Skills can share a room.

Nathan and Lucas meet up with one of Nathan’s friends from High Fliers and spend the evening with his really awesome family. They pledge to be better fathers than Dan when the time comes. This will not be difficult for either of them, since Dan is, just the absolute worst. Nathan gets back to the hotel and he and Haley have lots of hotel sex and it’s adorable.

Keith and Karen get engaged and the kids end the episode by having a massive dance party. You just know things are about to get bad in Tree Hill, because everyone is way too happy right now. And they really are about to get terrible…

Season 3: Episode 15: “Just Watch The Fireworks”

Someone opened the time capsule and everyone saw how angry everyone else was in season 2. Seriously, I understand the need for this episode from a prelude stand point, but God, it really is just a reminder of how awful season 2 is. Brooke also flashes the whole school, which she of course manages to turn into a marketing campaign for Peyton’s benefit concert. That’s about the only good part.

Haley is worried about performing after seeing how hurt and angry Nathan was, afraid that it will trigger him into it again. But when she does perform, they’re mostly just still in love and kind of perfect and amazing.

But then there’s the big one. Jimmy Edwards, who used to be good friends with the River Court guys rants on the time capsule about how awful Tree Hill High is, and it’s really, really brutal. Mouth and Lucas try to reach out to him, but it doesn’t really go anywhere and it leads to a fight at the benefit and also Rachel being a huge bitch to everyone.

Lucas does make a crack about The Outsiders though and Nathan doesn’t understand and Lucas assures him that he’d be a soc. This is painfully obvious to anyone with eyes. Also, Keith decides to adopt Lucas and I’m really, really not ready for what’s coming next, like at all.

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I love it so much because everyone is so happy, and I hate that it doesn’t last and OH GOD, it’s just so awful what happens next and I’m trying to not get overly invested in it, but I know that I’m going to cry so so hard. UGH!

Playing Catch Up

I haven’t been super into writing lately and it’s mostly because I’ve been playing a lot of catch up and remembering that we’re gaining on movie season and getting ready for my travel for the next three weekends and my day job getting pretty busy.

What I have been doing lately is catching up on things that have been hanging out on my DVR and after the past few days I’ve got things pretty well caught up.

I’m up to date on Agents of SHIELD. I don’t want to go into movie season behind. Not that I expect Civil War to have a huge impact on it, but there might be one. I hate that the team is split but I like it for the narrative.

I have one episode of Scandal before being caught up and everytime I think that show can’t get more ridiculous, Olivia does something like beat Andrew to death with a chair in the White House bunker. Also it looks like she and Fitz are going to get back together which, you know, ick.

Caught up on Empire. I don’t even know what the plot of that show is anymore, but I’m still loving it. I’m glad that Hakeem and Jamal haven’t turned on each other and that Andre is scheming again and the twist that Lucscious’s mother is actually alive is also pretty great.

Fox Comedies, I don’t even know how behind I am, although I think just one week? It’s hard because the programming schedule on that block is weird and some weeks some shows have new episodes and others have reruns.

I have one The Flash, since The CW is even more inconsistent than Fox, god knows if it’s even worth getting caught up. I’ve given up on Legends of Tomorrow and I watch Arrow begrudgingly these days, although I’m caught up on it too. (RIP Laurel, a character who never met the potential laid out for her.)

I’m finished with Supergirl and absolutely adored the finale. I really hope we’re getting a season 2, but I’m even more looking forward to Melissa Benoist showing up next year on The Flash as Power Girl. Overall I think Supergirl was a qualified success, much like the first season of Agents it was a slow start, took a while to find it’s legs and then took of running. And it’s sunny beautiful view of superheroics is so necessary right now if the genre is going to survive.

So that’s where I’m at. I’m hoping to binge How To Get Away With Murder over the summer and maybe Jane The Virgin and Crazy Ex Girlfriend too, but we’ll see what I have time for with movie season and HBO and OTH rewatch. I’m also considering trying Battle Star Galactica since that’s another foundational piece that’s missing from my geek stuff. I don’t know, we’ll see.