This week was an exercise in exhaustion and overkill for me. I stayed up later than I like to watching movies and TV shows that I like, but that I could barely invest my brain in.

I was snapping at my family, friends and coworkers.

I didn’t even enjoy my mid Scandal glass of wine last night, not really, at least.

But in all of that craziness, this sort of weird fog, there was a shining beacon…

Beyond Belief #1 came out on Wednesday.

Yes, I was exhausted, frustrated and more than a little bit mad at the world.

But do you want to know what’s stronger than any level of ennui?

It’s two people, who love each other more than anyone else in the world, throwing on black tie and going to defeat some ghosts, all without spilling their martinis.

Frank and Sadie Doyle, the toast of Park Avenue, trekked out to the suburbs to take care of the ghosts in their friend Donna’s house. (Donna, not yet married to her werewolf husband, and not yet turned into a vampire, and certainly not yet impregnated to with Harbinger of The Apocalypse.) They also kind of cast out my demons and I’m so grateful for that.

Of course when The Thrilling Adventure Hour ends in a few months I’m going to miss Paul F. Thompkins and Padget Brewster’s actual performances as these characters, I’m so glad I’ll still get to hang out with them once a month.

Because when it comes down to it, who cares what ever lurks in the hearts of men?

Unless evil’s carrying the martini tray, darling.

Sailor Moon Check In: Catching Up

God, this week’s been busy, and sleepy. But I managed to get Sailor Moon in, which is great. The good news is that after next week, my viewing time is back to normal, what with not having to watch Marvel movies all the time.

Anyway, not the point.

Sailor Moon


Yeah, right, and monkeys might fly out of my butt. – The Immortal Wayne Campbell

The Best Cartoon I’ve Ever Watched, Sorry Korra

There was a lot of, “oh yeah, that makes sense” in these four episodes.

Like duh, Makoto has a crush on Haruka, because, that’s what Makoto does, she gets crushes.

And Ami isn’t sure whether to focus on school, or being a Sailor Senshi or being a good friend, because seriously, if you were Ami, that would be a tough choice.

And Haruka’s in a motocross tournament because it’s the 90’s and EXTREME SPORTS! Also, like duh, Usagi totally doesn’t get the concept of detachment, because she’s Usagi.

And Yuchiro is, a character.

I sort of forgot he existed.

Anyway, that’s what I took away. It was slightly better in terms of content, filler wise, and I really can’t get get too mad at any run of episodes that features Michiru LITERALLY PLAYING THE VIOLIN IN THE MOONLIGHT WHILE ROSE PETALS SWIRL AROUND YUCHIRO, but I’m also ready to see Saturn, and I miss Chibi-Usa…

Didn’t think I’d ever miss Chibi-Usa, good thing she’s hanging around in…


Seriously, I love time travel shenanigans so freaking much and this episode fulfills all that fun stuff. As Sailor Moon, Sailor Venus & Tuxedo Mask learn all about Crystal Tokyo and Chibi-Usa and the future there’s all kinds of good stuff. Plus a decent battle with The Black Moon and the first hint of Prince Diamande and his creepy rapey intentions.

But seriously, I can’t decide which made me laugh more, Luna and Artemis’s reaction to finding out that Diana was their daughter or Minako’s reaction to finding out that Chibi-Usa was a result of Usagi and Mamoru doing the nasty in the past-y. (All possible Futurama references must be made at all times.) But all reactions to these pieces of news are adorable.

Next time around I’ll probably be a little more engaged, but I can’t promise anything. The next few months, and specifically the next few weeks are really busy for me. I’m doing my best to push through everything I do regularly though.

The Moon is The Messenger of Love

Rewatching The MCU: Phase 2.1: Iron Man 3 & Thor: The Dark World

Sigh, as I rewatched these  movies on Monday night, I realized how, not into Phase 2.1 I am. I mean, I loved the movies when I saw them, and Thor: The Dark World is actually one of those movies that gets better when you watch it a second time, because it’s, actually pretty complicated. Which, given Thor is probably the least complicated movie of Phase 1, is something, I guess.

Iron Man 3

Ironman 3

I like Iron Man 3 a lot. It’s one of those movies that I just grin through, it’s just so much damn fun. Change is the watchword as Tony works through his PTSD, Pepper runs Stark Industries and Happy, um, is generally listless.

Rhodey’s the same, although the paint job and rebranding are such a fun run in the movie. Particularly when Tony mentions it to Harley who thinks, “The Iron Patriot” is “so much cooler,” than “War Machine.” Tony responds that “it’s really not.”

And speaking of Harley, let’s just talk about this kid for a minute. I love this kid. I’m so excited to see this kid fight dinosaurs in Jurassic World this summer. Watching RDJ with this kid is so much fun, and so very worth the price of admission on this movie.

As is Pepper’s arc here. Yes, Pepper Potts has always been the gold standard for how superhero significant others should be written in any movie. With their own agency, and goals, but still solid supporting characters, lending everything to the main narrative. (Amy Adams’s Lois Lane in Man of Steel is also an excellent example of how to do this.) But there’s nothing in the world as amazingly satisfying as watching Pepper, infected with extremis kick the crap out of Killian. It’s a really great moment, followed by the excellent explosion of all of Tony’s suits.

MCU Bits

  • You feel the lack of Coulson here. It’s sad really. I wish they’d subbed Maria in, just for some lightness, you know?
  • It’s revealed in the post credit that the movie is just Tony recounting these events to Bruce Banner and it’s awesome, I’d like to think that Rhodey is talking to Steve at this point, detailing how impossible trying to run a mission with Tony is.
  • I hope we see more of Harley, I once heard someone suggest a Power Pack story centering around him. I think that could be fun. I also wouldn’t mind seeing a certain um, New Jerseyian teenager team up with him. (Kamala, I mean a Kamala/Harley team up.)

Thor: The Dark World

thor the dark world poster


Seriously, the first time I saw this movie I wasn’t sold on it, the second time I got why it was the way it was and now I’ve seen it enough times, that I don’t really care. It’s a beautiful film, visually though, so we can focus on that.

Every costume, every inch of Asgard, every battle sequence, is stunningly crafted.

Also there’s Tom Hiddleston, who as I mentioned last week, is still pretty GD amazing in this role. I mean, look, I get why people are sick of the Loki Love (I mean, assume they are, I don’t see how, he’s awesome!) Loki’s journey in this movie from arrogance, to despair and back again is something to behold. Which shouldn’t take away from Chris Hemsworth.

Thor is a pretty flat character, there’s just not a lot of there, there. But Hemsworth gives him something, a heart, among other things, but it’s a pretty remarkable performance with all things considered.

MCU Bits

  • Loki’s Captain America impersonation remains my favorite thing in this movie.
  • Renee Russo, Natalie Portman, Jamie Alexander and Anthony Hopkins are all also great. I feel like Russo doesn’t get enough credit for Freyja. She did such a wonderful job with her, really and truly.
  • Darcy and Jane talk about SHIELD a lot, and this make sense, as they’re probably two of the only non agents to work for the organization that we’ve ever seen. (Jane was sent to a SHIELD observatory during Avengers, I assume that Darcy went with her, for fun.)

Can you believe that we’re just over a week away from Ultron? I’m really freaking out about it.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 2: Episodes 18 & 19

Hey hey hey. We’re back in Middleton for the week. I was away for the weekend again. (This keeps happening, having a real life is getting in the way of blogging in a big way. Ugh.) But I managed to get the episodes in. (Did not manage Sailor Moon, so I might have to delay or do a special Saturday post for that…it depends on what this week winds up looking like.)

Anyway, Kim Possible.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 2: Episode 18 “Hidden Talent”

One of the best things about The Disney Channel Girls is that they are, for the most part, all multi talented. They all act, sing, dance, have wholesome all American good looks.

“Hidden Talent” wasn’t the first time that Disney Channel took advantage of Christie Carlson Ramano’s considerable musical chops. (That goes to the brilliant musical episode of Even Stevens, “Influenza!” You now have, “We Went To The Moon,” stuck in your head. You are welcome!)

This episode centers on Ron and Kim deciding to show Bonnie a thing or two, regarding the school talent show. Ron signs Kim up after Bonnie brags about winning being a “Rockwaller family tradition,” and then showing off her sick ballet skills. Kim’s going to sing, but we learn she tends to crack on the high notes.

There’s a vague mission with Shego and Drakken, nothing worth writing home about, because the main conflict is with Bonnie.

Kim doesn’t win the talent show, because Ron does. (He basic Vaudevilles the hell out of the show while buying Kim time) but she gets a personal victory by getting through her song without cracking.

Season 2: Episode 19 “Return To Camp Wannaweep”

The Mad Dog Cheer Squad has been invited to a very special cheer camp. Everyone is really excited, but Ron has an icky feeling about it, and he’s right to.

It turns out that the brand new Camp Gottagrin, is just Bad Old Camp Wannaweep, with a fresh coat of paint, and a cleaned out lake. Kim assures Ron that everything’s going to be OK, but remember, this is a place of evil.

Compounding Ron’s anxiety is the fact that Gil (back to one “l”) is also at the camp, now rehabilitated and working as his school’s mascot. Ron’s not convinced that change is for real, and given their past can you really blame him? Kim again, assures her friend that everything is cool.

It isn’t, of course, because Gil actually planned the whole Gottagrin business to get back to the lake and remutate. He does so, and goes about converting the other campers, but Ron fights him (after becoming a giant Beaver, natch) and they get him back to the science guy who was treating him to begin with.

Also, Kim and Bonnie are competing over a spirit stick that neither of them winds up winning. It’s a fun little B plot, but two episodes in a row of Kim and Bonnie competing is a little bit much, and not a great light on Kim’s character.

Boo-Yas and Nacos

  • The song Kim sings is “Say The Word,” which was most definitely on my first I-Pod and many an early high school mix CD. I was really into this show, and we’re smack dab in the middle of the stuff I remember best and loved the most.
  • Some of Ron’s acts include a soft shoe with Rufus, a magic act and ventriloquism. Barkin says his win is “quantity over quality” but that soft shoe is damn adorable and deserves every bit of adulation it gets.
  • The competition over the spirit stick is fun, but I cheered for years and never saw one of these things. I mean, I never went to camp, so I’m not saying that they aren’t real, it’s just before Bring It On they were probably a weird cheer camp thing, that now the rest of the world knows about. Which I know was sort of the point of Bring It On, but still, it’s always bugged me.
  • The other mascots think of Ron as a legend, which is cute. But even this does not cheer him up.

Game of Thrones Winner: “House of Black and White”

This was not a hard week to pick a winner.

This week’s winner is Jon Snow.

Not because Jon did anything particularly awesome. But because Jon. Literally. Won. The. Game. Of. Thrones.

Hear me out, we saw Jon elected to Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch, at Samm’s behest, after turning Stannis down for being legitimized as the Lord of Winterfell.

And Jon Snow! So much Jon Snow

Jon Snow.







In an election. To be Pope of the Night’s Watch. Do they burn white smoke at the wall? Habemus Jon Snow!

Anyway, there isn’t much else to say about this, because when someone literally wins, there’s not a lot to say about that.

And so Jon Snow, The Bastard of Winterfell, and now Lord Commander of The Night’s Watch, congratulations on your ACTUAL LITERAL WIN this week.

Runner Up: Ser Barristan! Who gave Dany some great advice, that she carried out in the most boneheaded way possible. Which is, just, so Dany, am I right?

Also Drogon who showed up and was awesome.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

They were both around but did not interact. In my head canon, they held hands while they watched Drogon fly away and shared a meaningful look about it.

DC Animated Movies: Batman VS Robon

It’s a very special weekend post, because of Star Wars induced back up. This month is just too crowded for this to be moved elsewhere

The idea of combining Grant Morrison and Scott Snyder is…intriguing to me, for obvious reasons. If you’ve ever read this blog, you can probably figure them out. Throw in a hint of Kyle Higgins and well, forget it, I’m in for life.

To Batman VS Robin’s credit it doesn’t rely too heavily on my all time favorite comic run ever, or my favorite New 52 event, but takes elements from both and creates something new and much more interesting than it’s predecessor.

I don’t think that we need to revisit my myriad of disappointments with Son of Batman, so I won’t go down that road. the movie continues it’s spot on interpretation of Damian and Jason O’Mara’s Bruce Wayne has absolutely seeped into my consciousness as the only acceptable Non-Conroy Batman.

Anyway, plot. So, a few months after enlisting as his father’s partner, Damian is chafing against Bruce’s rules. I loved seeing the Damian stealing the Batmobile scene. (Battle For The Cowl, he lacks the female companion this time around.) After fighting The Dollmaker and his dolls (who bore a strong resemblence to Professor Pyg and the Dollotrons, just sayin…) Damian spares the villain only to see him killed by a Talon, who, he of course, does not know is Talon, but he’s fascinated by this stranger. Bruce doubts that Damian didn’t kill the bad guy, but settles on believing his son, but quickly benches him.

Bruce has a date with a woman in the house and introduces Damian as his ward, which, stings, I bet. The woman, Samantha, is clearly an owl, I mean, obviously, but whatever. Bruce benches Damian and leaves him home to train with Dick, which, should be better than it is. It’s fun, but I just don’t like the Dick/Damian dynamic being coopted by the Tim/Damian dynamic. Or frankly, Tim being erased from this story. Bah, I just don’t like it.

There’s a cute scene where Tim talks to Kori on the phone though and she descibes her lingerie. I mean, it’s cute, but he’s all excited she’s wearing a thong, and I was thinking, “dude, you’re dating Starfire and a thong excited you? That seems wrong.”

Anyway, Bruce is kidnapped by the owls and Talon approaches Damian. The final fight between the talons, Bruce, Alfred, Dick and Damian is fun, and Talon’s taunt to Dick, “you would have made a good talon,” cracked me up.

Yeah, uh, The Grey Son Of Gotham would have been a pretty good talon.



The animation was, not great. It was servicable, but nothing really stand out. I did like some of the designs, and in particular showing Damian as so much smaller than everyone just makes him seem that much more bad ass.

Voice cast was, for the most part the same gang from Son of Batman, and they were all awesome. Jeremy Sisto is new as Talon, and he does a remarkable job. But the movie is completely hijacked by Kevin Conroy, voicing Thomas Wayne, who recites the “Court Of The Owls” nursery rhyme to young Bruce.

It’s kind of like they created the perfect Batman moment for fans in their 20’s. Our Batman speaking the exact words of our definitive writer. It was pretty awesome.

And it’s just cool to see The Owls adapted. I’m still hoping that they show up as the big bad on Gotham, because seeing something this new become this resonant, is pretty cool.

So I’m hanging on to that.

The Force Is Strong In My Family

Today’s post was supposed to be about Batman VS Robin, and for something lesser, it totally would have been. But this isn’t lesser. This is EVERYTHING.

I get a little hysterical excited when I talk about Star Wars, because I love it so deeply and truly. Seriously. It’s Star Wars, I didn’t spend my childhood running around in the yard playing Batman VS Robin, OK? I didn’t manipulate my little sister into believing that a character who can’t speak was really super cool and she should totally pretend to be him so that I could be Damian Wayne. (Sometimes I think about our childhood and wonder why my sister even speaks to my brother and I, the making her be R2-D2 was symptomatic of how we treated her in general.)

No, I was a Star Wars kid. In middle school, when I learned one of my friends had never seen the movies but wanted to go see Episode II with me, I said, “NOPE, not allowed,” and forced her to have a 4 movie marathon in my basement, so that she could fully appreciate what we were going to see…that didn’t really work out, but that’s Episode II’s fault, for being basically unwatchable. (I will still be watching it come December.)

Star Wars is snuggling on the couch with my Dad while I covered my eyes at the stuff that freaked me out. (As previously chronicled, this wasn’t difficult as I was a chicken.) Star Wars was late night marathons with my cousins, and my first crush.

This Guy!

Him. I had a crush on Han Solo…and Indiana Jones…and Linus from the Sabrina remake (THE ONLY ACCEPTABLE THING ABOUT THE SABRINA REMAKE)…and just Harrison Ford

Star Wars was waiting in line with my sister for Episode III and Christmas mornings because it was what we all felt like watching. Star Wars is my dream Cosplay. (Hoth Leia…I could probably pull it off now, but I want to be a certain size…it’s a motivating factor.) Star Wars is a series of choreographed play light saber battles in my cousin’s basement with everyone taking turns who would be Luke and who would be Vader.

The point is that Star Wars is important to me.

I had a feeling that we’d get something this week, coming out of The Star Wars Celebration, but I didn’t expect a new trailer, I really didn’t. I figured it would premier before Age of Ultron, because Disney loves Synergy so much. (I am looking forward to seeing it before Ultron, because, come on, you know it’ll be there.)

But this teaser, this beautiful wonderful teaser, with it’s light sabers and it’s Mark Hamill narration, and Harrison Ford pop ups and perfect music cues, and beautiful everything about it.

You know what, let’s just watch it again. And again. And again.

“Chewie…we’re home.” #Chewiewerehome, I’m making this a thing.