“I’m Marrying A Gay Guy Too”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 15 & 16

OK everyone, I’m done hesitating about this show, I’m completely in love with it. It’s so perfect in every possible way.


Season 1: Episode 15: “Love And Marriage”

So, Javier is getting deported, and he asks Felicity to marry him for his green card. She agrees because she’s a people pleaser. Noel isn’t thrilled but is sort of dealing with his own crisis, in that his older brother Brian has come to town and come out of the closet.

So Noel’s freaking out about that, and his girlfriend marrying his older gay man. These two stories don’t really dovetail at all, but it’s sort of a weird queer themed episode. Anyway, as Felicity learns that a green card marriage is way more complicated than she thought (no duh).

Meanwhile, Ben has been swimming and wants to try out for swim team and also he’s being kind of a jerk to Julie, but he does tell her that he misses being part of a team, so she encourages him to try out. He makes it! He also makes friends with a couple of people from the team, which becomes more important next episode.

Anyway, Javier’s boyfriend basically calls off the marriage, which is a huge relief to Felicity, and Noel comes around, kind of on his brother’s gayness and even meets his boyfriend, which is nice.

Season 1: Episode 16: “The Fugue”

Hannah’s back! (Jennifer Garner, SO CUTE) And Noel is confused, so is Felicity. She’s even more confused as she starts to talk to Eli, a cute painter boy who she’d met previously when checking out the art studio. Even Elena thinks he’s cute and that is high praise.

Meanwhile, Julie is getting ready for an open mic night and also she’s kind of over Ben’s swimming friends, who apparently are kind of the worst. Ben is less than sympathetic. But Sean’s really nice about the whole thing. Seriously they’re cute. Then it turns out that Ben’s annoying swimming friend is actually really cool and helps Julie tune her guitar and is actually quite nice. Ben, however, still the worst.

Noel breaks up with Felicity because he’s confused about his feelings, and starts to get back together with Hannah but decides he’s too confused for that.

I am rapidly becoming annoyed with Noel. Meanwhile, Felicity hangs out and then makes out with Eli. GO GET YOURS FELICITY!

Other Things

  • Why I Hate Ben: I cannot possibly hate how dismissive he is of Julie and Sean now that he’s on the swim team more. DUDE, these people like you and are there for you.
  • Team Noel: This ship is sinking fast. Though adorable, his “I can’t choose between Felicity and Hannah” thing better not go on long because I have NO interest in seeing beautiful wonderful ladies like Jennifer Garner and Keri Russell fight over that dummy. I still like him more than Ben Though.
  • Crystan Says: “There’s a couple that you’ll never see coming that you’ll absolutely love.” CRYSTAN IS IT JULIE AND SEAN????? Because I love them.

“I Like Todd”: Felicity Season 1: Episodes 11 & 12

Another two parter, and watching them as a set was really fun! Especially because this is a set of episodes that turn out very differently than I thought I would.


Season 1: Episodes 11 & 12: “Todd Mulchahy Parts 1 & 2”

Ben: Felicity’s got a stalker.
Sean: Has or is?

So, one day, as Felicity and the gang go about daily drama a guy named Todd Mulchahy shows up and it turns out aside from being like, the best guy ever, he’s had a huge crush on Felicity since they were twelve. He insists that he’s come to New York to kiss her and begin their destiny together.

Felicity is freak out,  by this and it doesn’t help that everyone else who encounters Todd talks about how great he is. It turns out that he and Ben were friends, and he and Noel talk about computers and Julie thinks he’s nice. Elena might not encounter him, but she has her own thing going on. That is, telling Blair to go fuck himself after that whole, cheating on her with her best friend thing.

Oh, also, Felicity and Elena are trying to get into a seminar that’s basically “get right into medical school right after college,” class. It’s very competitive. They both get in, but not before Todd gives Felicity a crisis of conscience and eventually decides that she’ll continue pre med, but she’s going to start focusing on art more.

This crisis comes when Todd gets hit by a bus and it turns out that he’s engaged? This is a a weird as hell episode. Todd winds up OK, and like everything in this world it’s all about Felicity.

Oh, and it turns out that lady is not Julie’s birth mother, although, I think there’s something else going on there, but I could be wrong.

Other Things:

  • Why I Hate Ben: He gets a job at Dean & Deluca and is kind of a shit to Javier, but whatever, it’s just Ben being Ben. I do think his relationship with Julie is softening him.
  • Team Noel: He’s all adorable and confused and awesome here. He’s a good boyfriend. Everyone should love Noel!
  • Sean is inventing cereal. I think that I’m also Team Sean. He’s great. I mean, I knew that because Greg Grunberg and all, but still. I enjoy him.
  • The scene where Ben realizes that he and Todd used to skateboard together is probably me favorite Ben scene so far. Oh right, this dude is kind of charming and great.
  • The fact that when she’s worried about getting rid of Todd, Felicity runs right to Ben is insanely hilarious. Really, really enjoyed that.

“You’re My First Boyfriend”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 11 & 12


Season 1: Episode 11: “Gimme An O!”

Everyone’s back from Christmas break, and Felicity and Noel have not only decided to be a couple, but Felicity is determined to have sex for the first time. Noel, being a red blooded twenty year old male, is ALL OVER this plan, and so hilarity ensues as these two dorks try to come up with time to bump uglies.

First they arrange an elaborate sex date at Noel’s room, but a confiscated Christmas tree catches on fire and the mood is ruined. Then they get a hotel room, but a BIG SECRET comes out and they wind up having a fight instead of sex. Whoops.

The BIG SECRET by the way is that Julie and Ben have been hanging out. She’s been sleeping at his place, they went away together over break, and they haven’t hooked up yet. (Man, for two hot people who are deeply into each other, Julie and Ben move glacially.) Julie admits that this is a little bit because she’s afraid that she’s hiding from recovery with Ben.

In the end Noel and Felicity agree not to rush the sex thing but they’re going to be a couple. YAY! Team Noel.

Season 1: Episode 12: “Friends”

So, Blair is cheating on Elena with her best friend from back home and that really sucks a lot. I don’t have much else to say about it, except that of course, Felicity is the one to find out about it, because isn’t life just like that sometimes? Anyway, she moral dilemma’s her way through whether or not to tell Elena, and decides not to. She does confront Blair who tries to get out of it by invoking “oh, so you’re saying all black people look alike?” Which of course throws ultimate well intentioned white girl Felicity off her certainty.

Blair and Tara (said best friend) wind up fessing up, though not completely and Felicity goes into investigator mode (WHY, Felicity? Why do you do this?) and learns that they weren’t being honest. She tells Elena who refuses to believe her, and says that Felicity is not that close a friend. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Noel has an adventure with a vending machine. It’s adorable and I love him. Julie finds her birth mother and applies for an internship at her company, which I’m guessing, just, will not end well, like, at all.

Other Stuff:

  • Team Noel: I understand that there’s three more years of show left, but at the moment Team Noel is winning! HOORAY!
  • Why I Hate Ben: Gah, where to begin, the lying, the being a dick about Julie feeling bad about the lying. The being weird about Julie finding her birth mom, just, all of it. He’s the worst.
  • Actors I Love Who Are One This Show: Donal Logue!  He’s there as an exasperated dude in the library who bizarrely remembers everything about anyone he’s ever seen making out.
  • Things Fall Apart: So the Elena and Blair breakup is kind of crushing isn’t it? Ugh, it just sucks a whole lot, because I liked them.

“What Does This Mean?”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 9 & 10

Guys, I almost missed watching this week! Seriously, I’m kind of a mess…ANYWAY! Onto the episodes.

Season 1: Episode 9: “Thanksgiving”

I love a show that contrives reasons for it’s characters to spend a Holiday together when it doesn’t actually make sense to do so. This time, it’s because Julie doesn’t want to face her parent’s after her rape. Of course she doesn’t say this, but it’s pretty clear that’s the reason.

Felicity decides to stay as well, to be supportive or something. Noel is staying to spend the weekend with Hanna. (JENNIFER GARNER!) And Ben is staying because he misses his plane, or something? So, they all get together and Felicity and Julie cook a makeshift dinner at the dorm. It’s ridiculously the adorable, but that’s not the important part.

The important part is that Hanna (JENNIFER GARNER AND HER PERFECT CHEEKBONES) is moving to New York, and this forces Noel to realize that he has feelings for Felicity. She yells at him about something stupid, because she’s mad about Hanna (JENNIFER GARNER IN ADORABLE GLASSES) and they wind up kissing in the bathroom. Also Ben sees them. GASP! Oh and Hanna (I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THAT THIS IS YOUNG PERFECT JENNIFER GARNER) has been seeing someone in Chicago, so I guess they break up.

Season 1: Episode 10: “Finally”

It’s finals week, and which Noel and Felicity are trying to both study and make out with each other a lot, but also avoid making out with each other, the rest of the cast is trying to get it together. Ben needs poetry help. And Felicity helps him (WHY?) Sean is walking around trying to sell fruit, and help Julie with her economics work, and Elena is trying to memorize everything.

So, with Felicity abandoning him for Ben help, Noel gets some kind of enhancement powder from Meg to help him focus, but since it’s made of beets, which apparently turn him into a crazy person, he loses it a little bit. But the guys wind up talking and bonding on their own terms, which is pretty great. I’m in for this love triangle. I’m in a way I haven’t been for a long time. But you know, Team Noel, all the way. I hate Ben. (I mean, less, than I did a few weeks ago. But you know. I hate him.)

Mostly though, this episode, amazes me. There’s something deeply stylish about the whole thing, and I kind of love the cutting and the subtitles, the whole thing is awesome.

Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: I don’t, really, this week. My hatred is fading, I guess that’s good. Or maybe I have Ben related Stockholm syndrome. Whatever, I don’t hate him so much anymore
  • Team Noel: So. Much. Kissing. It is glorious. Also, they decide to be together.
  • Actors I love on This Show: JENNIFER GARNER AND HER WONDERFUL PERFECT FACE AND AMAZINGNESS. Also, she is yet another future spy on this program. I’m just saying, this is a weird pattern. (I know that this is where she met JJ Abrams, I get all of that.)
  • I’m waffling on whether this show is satisfying my Teen Soap urge and whether I should indulge in Riverdale, which is apparently the best thing to happen to the genre since Chuck Bass bought a burlesque club. If I start watching, I may tack on little mini recaps here, would everyone be cool with that?
  • If this were really The WB/CW, there’s be a month long break before I got back to watching episodes. Luckily, it’s Hulu, so I’ll be back next week!

“Maybe I Am A Lovesick Schoolgirl”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 7 & 8

So, that was heavier than I was expecting. I decided to watch these episodes after two episodes of Jessica Jones. And then, well, I wasn’t going to also watch the second one, I mean, I did, eventually, but well…yeah, I needed to watch something not about rape. (This is, by the way, a story point I knew hit eventually, I’d heard it talked about, but it didn’t know when, or the circumstances.) ANYWAY!!!


Season 1: Episode 7: “Drawing The Line Part 1”

So, to begin with, this is a very good episode of television, even without the gut punch of the ending. We have, basically, three stories being evenly balanced.

Ben is not talking to Felicity because of the situation with his paper. It’s nice for Ben that he’s getting a sense of boundaries, and all, but it’s also, like, I hate him? So I want him to stop being such a dick about it. Felicity, in turn, is whining to Noel about the whole thing, and Noel is talking (in hypotheticals, FOR REAL) to the other RA’s about it, and how he can’t take having feelings for this girl and having to listen to her talk about this other guy. They suggest he tell her that he can’t be her sounding board. He does, she’s hurt, but eventually gets it.

Elena loses out on a scholarship she was counting on and is in panic mode. Blair (OMG I LOVE HIM) decides to help, by preying on Felicity’s lack of boundaries and getting her to look at Elena’s admissions file. They then find a scholarship specifically for young black women who want to be doctors at New York. What a stroke of amazing luck! At first she’s mad, but then realizes, with help from Noel, that her dreams are worthy and she should fight for them.

The third story is about Julie and Zack. Their relationship is becoming more intense, both emotionally and physically, but Julie wants to pull back physically. After a night of Julie scoring Zack’s movie and then partying, they go back to Julie’s room, and, clearly have sex. The next day, Felicity find Julie, having stripped her bed and deeply upset. After asking what’s wrong, Julie describes her night, explaining that Zack was aggressive, that she said no and he didn’t stop.

Season 1: Episode 8: “Drawing The Line: Part 2”

What I like about this episode? The focus is very much on Julie and her dealing with the fact that she’s been raped. (Possibly not for the first time? Way to drop that bomb and then do nothing with it, show! Unless you do later.) However I do not like that Felicity makes it all about her. Way to be the worst Felicity.

Anyway, as Felicity encourages Julie to trust the system when it comes to her rape, taking her to the hospital and scoping out the counseling center for her. She also tells Noel, which is very Felicity of her, but also seriously, not her call. Anyway, together, these two well intentioned busy bodies attempt to get Julie to report Zack.

Meanwhile, Zack is coming to grips with the fact that he raped someone. In (yet another) perfect encapsulation of dude obliviousness when it comes to rape culture. Julie was into it, he didn’t attack her. When she tells him, finally, that she is reporting him, that she’s going to fight for herself, well, it’s pretty moving, especially when he says that he’s going home he knows that he has a lot to grapple with.

But nothing beats Ben. The moment where he talks about being abused by his father and coming to grips with it not being his fault, so Julie needs to realize that she did nothing wrong either, it was incredible.

I hate him a little less now. (As described below)

Other Stuff:

  • It hit me that both Felicity and Noel grow up to be spies. This feels important, somehow. (It is not actually important)
  • Why I Hate Ben: He tries to turn Blair against Felicity. What the hell man? She’s a nut job, but she deserves friends!
  • Why I’m Coming Around On Ben: He’s very kind of Julie about everything, actually listens to her. We learn that they didn’t have sex because she said she didn’t want to and he punches Zack in the face.
  • Greg Grunberg, who’s character name I can’t seem to remember, is an utter delight on this show, with his weird invention/business ideas. Also, I’m thinking he never leaves Ben, his and Blair’s apartment.
  • Felicity looks darn cute in her Dean and Deluca uniform. Also, I hope she starts standing up for herself more. She’s way less annoying when that happens.
  • Amy Jo Johnson is a BEAST acting wise in these episodes. She’s really, really, good.
  • Crystan Says: “All I want is for Jake and Elizabeth (Keri’s character on The Americans) to meet up and be badass spies together. Also, you will hate everyone on this show at some point. And Felicity continues to be a door mat. (GREAT) And his name is Sean (his name is GREG GRUNBERG!)”

Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 5 & 6: War Stories

felicity-season-1Season 1: Episode 5: “Spooked”

Felicity and Ben get mugged, and react to it in different ways. Felicity reacts by applying for a job at Dean and Deluca, helping the police and talking Ben through his feelings. Ben reacts by calling Felicity in the middle of the night to talk about his feelings and then making out with some other girl at a Halloween Party.

My hatred of Ben grows strong, it may turn me into a Sith, or like whatever the WB version of a Sith is. (Chad Michael Murray? A male vampire from Buffy before they fell in love with Buffy?) I mean, I kind of hate Felicity too, but I also relate to her, because I so get being that girl, I was that girl for so many guys when I was that age, and younger, but oh God, is it awful to see it being acted out by a character I like so much. I want to shake her.

Anyway, Noel encourages Elena to go with him to the party, which he winds up skipping because he’s taking care of a crying drunk Felicity, because OMG HE’S THE BEST EVER.

Julie, meanwhile, is hanging out with Zack and they kiss a few more times and I like this plot a lot. Overall this was an interesting episode that was made awesome by a few weird touches that I’ll get into below.

Season 1: Episode 6: “Cheating”

This episode is, for reasons I guess I understand not about Noel cheating on his girlfriend with Felicity. (Which I would have much preferred.) Instead, it’s about Felicity rewriting Ben’s paper for their poetry class because Felicity has BOUNDARY ISSUES. Ben didn’t ask her to, she just did it. And it’s pretty awful, because they both wind up in big trouble for plagiarism, and because it illustrates both of their most monstery qualities.

Anyway, that’s all happening with Julie and Zach get ready for their second date to go see Solaris, which Julie is only marginally interested in. She fakes it, but winds up being honest and hey, he likes her anyway. Also, Elena and Blair, the guy she hooked up with on Halloween also deal with having relationship things, mostly, he’s really sweet, and she’s kind of freaked out about it.

Oh, and Noel goes to Ben’s apartment and eats some Marzipan that Ben’s roommate (GREG GRUNBERG!) made. Because adorable.


Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: He makes out with a Pink Power Ranger (haha, I totally get that. That’s really funny) instead of Felicity at the Halloween party. He also bails on their couple costume. Granted, he confesses that the mugging reminded him of being scared of his father, and while I always have sympathy for WB Characters With Horrible Abusive Fathers. (Love you Nathan Scott and Pacey Whitter) Ben has none of Pacey or Nate’s redeeming qualities, so it’s not enough.
  • Team Noel: If anyone likes you even after you throw up on them, they deserve to continue being your friend. Also, he’s nice to Elena, who’s sort of a jerk to everyone, but Noel is so nice he’s even nice to her.
  • Actors I Love On This Show: Guys! Greg Grunberg! Who I knew was on the show and I was waiting for, but oh the glory that is the beginning of the most important friendship in all of entertainment, that of JJ Abrams and Greg Grunberg. Also Ian Gomez! Not only do I enjoy his work, he’s married to Nia Vardalos, which makes him the coolest man alive.

“It’s Not Ben, OK?”Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 3 & 4


Season 1: Episode 3: “Hot Objects”

I thin the thing that’s striking me the most about the show is how quiet it is. I mean, aside from the occasional instrumental faux indie song, there’s almost no music, no one raises their voice above a whisper. It makes the whole thing feel very intimate and much  more serious.

Anyway, Felicity’s dorm is throwing a party, and Felicity is fixated on inviting Ben and then, maybe possibly having sex with him. I still do not understand her attraction to this person. So, she’s focused on that, but she’s also freaking out because her Inorganic Chemistry professor, who she worships, doesn’t seem to like her very much. Anyway, in her tape to Sally for the week, Felicity talks very briefly and without much fanfare about wanting to have sex, kind of maybe sometime in the future, which then gets put on instead of music at the party for a second, which is very embarassing, but the whole thing is so vague, it’s kind of hard to invest in her humiliation.

Anyway, the party itself is kind of glorious, one of the dorm kids. (Not John Cho or Constance Zimmer) gets her sketchy cousins to help Noel put the whole thing together. It winds up quite elaborate, but also someone gets sick, and also, Meg tells Felicity that Ben is into Julie and Julie is into Ben and they’re probably boning. They aren’t, because Julie cares more about her friendship with Felicity than boning Ben. Which is very nice.

Season 1: Episode 4 “Boggled” 

Noel and Felicity kiss while playing Boggle and it’s the best thing in the world. It’s awkward, and weird and fun, and cute and great. It’s also complicated because Noel is her RA (why does no one call him an RA, why do they all say “Resident Advisor” as if no one has ever been in a college dorm before.) but also, it’s Fridge lottery week. (These kids don’t just bring a mini fridge to college? Weird) Anyway, Felicity gets the fridge, because it turns out that Noel rigged it. SCANDAL! (Hey, I didn’t even do that on purpose.)

It gets even more scandalous, because Elena wanted that fridge and she figures out the whole thing, and then gets even more complicated because Meg decides to tell Elena that

Julie goes on a date with a guy that turned all of his clothes pink in the wash, which I think is really funny because Amy Jo Johnson! (She was the Pink Ranger…my brain is wired weird.) Ben tries out for track and it’s super boring, but Felicity indulges her stalker tendencies by watching him run and remembering watching him run in high school.


Other Stuff

  • Why I Hate Ben: He goes into an acting class, because he couldn’t get the elective he wanted and he refuses to take it seriously. Also, after the party, he goes to Felicity’s room and sleeps over, and HE KNOWS HOW SHE FEELS ABOUT HIM AND I’M PRETTY SURE HE’S A MONSTER.
  • Team Noel: Noel is great. Noel gets Felicity chocolate for the party and her chemistry book. He’s also kind of not great, when he finally asks Felicity on a date just to tell her he has a girlfriend. I mean, really? What the hell man? Then he Nice Guys all over her, but at least he apologizes. They also kiss, and it’s great, and they maintain their friendship/
  • New Friends! At the party, Felicity meets Elena, who I like a lot, but is also kind of pushy, but that’s pretty great, since Felicity can be such a doormat.
  • Actors I love who are on this show: Ben’s acting teacher is a character actor I love who’s name I can’t think of.

A Colossal Mistake: Felicity Season 1: Episodes 1 & 2


OK, so, we’re diving into yet a another WB era drama. This time, I’m way less attached to it, although I have high expectations, as the people I know who like this show basically love everything about it. And, if I’m being honest, so far, I do too!

Season 1: Episode 1: “Pilot”

Felicity Porter is a character I do not know very well, but from the moment she opened her mouth in the pilot I felt like I knew her exactly, I felt like she was me in a little way. Her impossible crush, her indecisiveness, her, well, everything.

Her decision to follow Ben across the country and start a new life in New York is referred to several times in these first episodes as “a colossal mistake,” but of course it isn’t. The reasoning might be insane and after Crazy Ex-Girlfriend, it’s hard for me to see it as charming, or even like at all OK. Luckily, Felicity doesn’t dwell on the motives of the decision so much as the mechanics and aftermath of it, so I can probably get past it.

Anyway, Felicity in New York captures that free floating wait what’s next feeling of starting college in a really breathtaking way. Every character feels just a little bit in over their head, every feeling is just a little more intense and suddenly everything is just different.

Anyway, I was about halfway through the pilot when I decided that I hate Ben. I hate him. Also, I love Noel, and not just because he’s young Scott Foley (TEAM JAKE FOREVAAA!) but because he’s dorky and sweet and has a crush on Felicity and tells her so when she asks but doesn’t make it weird when he knows that she doesn’t have the same feelings. I love him.

I also like Julie, and I’m always happy to see Amy Jo Johnston, and I love that she chooses Felicity’s friendship over her crush on Ben, because that is a thing that happens in real life, like all the time, especially at that age.

I’m into the “letters” to Felicity’s ex tutor Sally as a framing device for the voice over and I’m interested to learn more about that relationship.

OK, so I’m hooked. Let’s move forward.

Season 1: Episode 2: “The Last Stand”

Felicity needs to reckon with her parents who do not approve of her decision to come to New York. They don’t yet know that she did it to follow a boy, but when they find out they are even less on board with the whole thing. As she tries to explain to them what her new found independence means to her, she winds up deeply hurting her Mom’s feelings and bringing her father around.

I really like this episode and this plot. Her parents don’t understand and are worried about what they see as a sudden change in their daughter. So they try to bring her back under control, because of that worry. Felicity understands that they’re afraid, but isn’t going to budge on her new life. It’s pretty great.

Noel is also great, and assures said worried parents that he’s looking out for them. While this is a little bit paternalistic and weird, I adore him and I’m willing to forgive it. There are some ridiculous Ben related shenanigans, including Felicity sending him a copy of her college admissions essay, which was about him. Oh, honey, no, why? Ben is still hung up on Julie, who reveals that she came to New York to find her birth mother, but she can’t tell her parents, because she knew that they’d be hurt.

Other Stuff

  • Reasons why I hate Ben: He cannot admit that he’s being really unfair to Felicity. Reason why I can overlook that one? She’s basically stalking him. He lied about having a brother who died to get into college. WHO THE HELL DOES SOMETHING LIKE THAT AND WHY DOESN’T A NICE GIRL LIKE FELICITY RUN AWAY FROM HIM VERY QUICKLY AT THAT POINT? He continues to hit on Julie even though he knows her best friend has a monster crush on him. Not a fan.
  • Actors I Love Who Are On This Show: John Cho plays a kid on Felicity and Noel’s floor who’s roommate might want to kill him. Also Constance Zimmer is in a bathroom where Noel talks to Felicity about her parents. I doubt we’ll see them again, but I was really excited about it.
  • I imagine that Felicity’s roommate Meg eventually becomes more of a character. At least I hope so, because I bet she’s really fun.
  • Crystan Says: “I’m really glad you’re covering Felicity and might have to watch along with you.” I hope she does. Check out The Fangirl’s Dilemma Facebook to see what she says.