Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 10

It’s the rise of the Blacks, and the fall of two precious babies. But first, who wins?

The Winner

While it isn’t without two deep sad losses, Rhaenyra really kicked ass this episode. After become Queen, she curbed her warmongering husband, (While this blog is Green Leaning we are not Anti Rhaenyra or the Blacks in general. We are anti Daemon though. Fuck that guy) stood up to Otto Hightower, and did her best to bring this whole thing to an end with minimal carnage.

She failed, but gets tonight’s win for the attempt.

I Ship It

Alicent sending the page of the book as a sign of her goodwill broke my heart.

Dragons Are Great

SO MANY DRAGONS. The devastating battle between Luc and Aemond, Syrax threatening the Greens on Dragonstone. Caraxes just being around. Daemon naming and numbering their dragons, and then trying to catch the wild ones. SO COOL, you guys, I love dragons.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Not In This Episode

It’s OK though, because I shared by “She’s Blair and Rhaenyra is Serena” thoughts with my friend Lora this weekend, as Lora is also a fan of both shows and she was so happy to get on board with it.

Also, listen to Taylor Swift’s new song “Vigilante Shit” and try not to think of our girl, dressing for revenge.

Prophecy Corner

DAEMON DOESN’T KNOW. He doesn’t know the Song. Well, now he does, but he didn’t. He does not care for this.

But In The Book

Oh boy…just seeing the emotions behind these decisions and moments really hit me. I enjoyed this so very much.

And Now MY Watch Is Ended (Or At Least Paused)

I really loved sliding back into Westeros and my winners you guys. I don’t know how long HBO will make us wait for more, but be assured I’ll be here, ready to make jokes, talk about dragons, and Stan our Queens.

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