20 Days More

Les Miserables Movie

Hey All! So, I know I have to get back to Buffy rewatching (and I will…someday) and regular updates, (again…someday), but for now, the only thing I want to read about, think about and fangirl about is Les Miserables. Seriously, just last night my friend Nancy and I were discussing how we have to actually focus on talking about things besides Les Mis, because we don’t want to be completely boring. (Nancy is not as lucky as I, she doesn’t have a blog to get this all out with.)

So, I’ve decided, much like the week leading up to The Dark Knight rises, where I wrote about Batman, I’m going to spend this month writing about Les Mis. Specifically, I’m going to, at least once a week, write a profile about one of the main characters. I’m also reading the novel again, which is really for the first time, since I read it when I was 15 and barely understood it. (I’m loving it this time.) Anyway, the characters I will be covering, Valjean, Javert, Fantine, Cosette, Marius, Eponine, Enjorlas, The Thendardiers, and Gavroche.

If there are any other characters you guys want to hear me talk about, let me know!