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Confidently Catholic

It’s all about being young and Catholic and devout, in a youth culture that doesn’t exactly value our devotion and a Catholic culture that doesn’t exactly value our youth. I write there sporadically, but far more often some of my great friends from college provide fun and whacky spiritual insights.

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There I mostly write Mad Men and Modern Family spoilers that cause my cousins to stop speaking to me…

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4 thoughts on “More About Me!

    • I hadn’t seen that. I honestly haven’t actually watched the 1966 Batman since I was a kid. But it holds a special place in my heart for introducing me to the Dark Knight


  1. What do you mean by Catholic Culture that doesn’t exactly value our youth?
    I like your profile picture, (are you in the Vancouver area?) Is your favourite super hero Super man?
    I won’t otherwise know what to say to a fervent super hero fan without Super Man being the favorite.


    • I’ve found (in my own experience) that there’s not a lot of room in traditional Catholic circles for young adults. There’s just no space once your’e out of school but not ready to start a family of your own. So we created our own.

      I’m in the New York area, and my favorite heroes are Batman and Captain America.


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