Game Of Thrones: House Of The Dragon Winner: Episode 9

I loved this episode, it was a lot of fun! And while I had a winner picked early on, the last few minutes changed everything.

The Winner

Princess Rhaenys Velaryon wins. By interuppting Aegon’s coronation by landing on Meleys in the middle of the crown and literally burning the celebration down, to express her disapproval of this circus and support of Rhaenyra. This was incredible. I loved it.

Do I Ship It?

sigh Guys, we have to talk about Larys and Alicent’s feet.

I mean we don’t, but that happened. I do not ship it, btw, to be clear.

Dragons Are Great

In addition to Rhaenys’s brilliant entrance, Aemond talked so more about his dragon riding, and that was pretty great.

Queen Alicent Hightower Is Just Going To Do It Herself, I Guess

Alicent is really stretched, y’all, and that one of her main advisors wants to look at her feet and jack off is like, the least of her problems, though it is quite disturbing. Her father is all, “I know, let’s kill your stepdaughter in the dead of night” and her husband died, and her son is off running around in brothels and doesn’t even want to be king, and she’s trying her best! Oh, also Rhaenys called her a girl boss which is never fun.

Mysiria and Her Accent Are Back!

She doesn’t do much, but she’s here, helping Criston Cole and Aemond find Aegon, with her weird accent and veiled threats

But In The Book

Like last week, not a lot of change here, except we know Alicent is kind of losing it, trying to juggle everything. She’s not an evil mastermind, she’s just got way too much on her plate.

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