Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 9-11

We’ve got three episodes this week, since there were only three episodes left before So The Drama, it just made sense to cram these last 3 planned episodes of the show.

As endings go, these aren’t super satisfactory, but they do put some really fun factors into play for So The Drama and provide some nice little moments character moments and check ins, so they do their jobs.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3 Episode 9: “Team Impossible”

Back in “A Sitch In Time” we learned all about Kim’s first mission, which only happened because someone logged on to her website instead of that of “Team Impossible,” who are never mentioned again, until now.

The team, which is made up of three pretty annoying guys who are cocky and confident in their skills finally decide that Kim’s amateur world saving is cutting into their profits so it’s time to shut her down.

It’s a cool conflict because Team Impossible aren’t bad guys, just incorporated, so it works in a little bit more of a grey area than the team’s usual fights. But things get really bad when Team Impossible fries Wade’s system and he has to go down and deal with them.

In person.

It’s an overall fun episode that relies a lot on world building, which kind of makes it the perfect season 3 episodes.

Season 3 Episode 10: “Gorilla Fist”

Ron’s status as the ultimate monkey master isn’t delved into as much as I wish it was, but here is it is used in a pretty great way. The school is in an uproar when a ghost wrote Ron’s name on the wall in gravy, but when it turns out it was just Ron’s old Sensei from ninja school back in “Exchange,” well, things just get even weirder.

First let’s talk about Ron and Yori and Kim’s reaction to them. While Ron is largely oblivious to Yori’s feelings about him, it’s quite clear that he has feelings for her too, and Kim, for really the first time, isn’t OK with the fact that Ron is into another girl.

They defeat the threat that brought Sensei in, with help from Monkey Fist, a mysterious being called Gorilla Fist, who it turns out is DNAmy…TWIST!

Season 3 Episode 11: “And The Mole Rat Will Be CGI”

love this episode, it’s so delightfully meta.

After stopping Senor Senior Jr. from steeling the Tower of London, an action movie director is impressed by Kim and Ron and decides to base his next film around them. He hires two actors, Heather and Quinn to play the kids. (Despite their advanced age of 28, too old to play 16 year olds. Considering Disney Channel has always been one of the only places to see teenagers playing teenagers, I found this to be a delightful little joke.)

Heather is full method, insinuating herself into every facet of Kim’s life to better her performance. It drives Kim nuts. Quinn on the other hand is a monosyllabic mope who Ron fears will never capture his Ron-ness. (In fact the only words that Quinn utters are “Whatever” and then a lackadaisical “Boo-Ya”)

Junior meanwhile has decided that he’s the only logical choice to play the villain in this movie but he’s rebuffed.

Poor Junior.

Boo Yas and Nacos

  • I wish we got more time with Team Impossible, but Kim gets them involved with Global Justice pretty quickly.
  • Team Impossibles “Shut Down Kim Possible” plan was to take away Kim’s transportation, it’s a good plan.
  • “Gorilla Fist” just doesn’t do the whole Ron as ninja warrior plot justice, but it does move the necessary pieces to get Kim and Ron together, so I forgive it.
  • Quinn is voiced by Danny Masterson, which is great, because I love That 70’s Show a whole lot and no one does disinterested quite like Masterson. His laid back barely talking is such a good match for Will Friedle’s crazy manic voice style. I like it a lot I guess is my point.
  • Monique gets some good action in these episodes, particularly in “Gorilla Fist” where she calls Kim out on her jealousy. I kind of love that Monique is so clearly aware of Kim and Ron’s feelings and she’s mostly just really amused by them.

Judgement Day is Coming

So, I skipped hitting a movie season movie this week, and instead decided to watch a whole lot of things on my laptop…

And two of those things were The Terminator and Terminator 2: Judgement Day

It had been years since I’d watched either and while I know I didn’t have time to immerse myself in the multiple alternate timelines of this universe (I’d rather never watch Rise of The Machines or Salvation again and I don’t have time to rewatch two seasons of The Sarah Conner Chronicles) I figured I could go in to Terminator: Genysis with at least the basics refreshed.

So, in case you need them refreshed, here they are, as I understand them:

Some time in the not too distant future, (The date moves, because time travel, and extended length between sequels) a missile defense system known as SkyNet becomes sentient and destroys humanity. This is known alternatively as “The War” or “Judgement Day” depending on what movie you’re watching.

The surviving humans created a resistance and were led by John Conner. SkyNet, hoping to end this resistance before it started, sent a Terminator, an unstoppable killer robot, back to 1984 to kill Sarah Conner, John’s mother, before he was born.

In response, John sent a soldier, Kyle Reese, back to protect Sarah. In a weird bit of semi oedipal self fulfilling prophecy, Kyle and Sarah fall in love, and conceive John. They destroy the Terminator, and Kyle dies. Sarah goes on the run, carrying the savior of humanity.

Ten years later, Sarah’s been committed to a psychiatric hospital and John is in foster care. Two terminators are sent back at this point, one to kill John and the other to protect him. John, Sarah and the good Terminator team up and stop the creation of SkyNet and save the future…maybe.

Then there’s a whole bunch more mucking with the time line, a revelation that Judgement Day will come regardless, and also that Terminators will learn how to be hot chicks in addition to being impossibly large Austrian men. Also, John Conner will grow up to be Christian Bale, possibly?

Like I said, I’m not planning on watching the other two movies, or the TV show, but I like knowing going in to Genysis that everything we know is wrong, because this timeline has been messed with so many times. So when Kyle goes to protect Sarah in 1984, nothing is going to be the same.

And that she’s going to have her own Terminator guardian, played, of course by the man himself Arnold, but seriously, it all seems like it’s going to be bonkers and great and a whole lot of fun. But we’ll see how it works out. We already know that James Cameron is on board, and hey, I’ll never say no to watching Emilia Clarke do anything. She’s pretty stinking amazing.

Sailor Moon Check In: Stay Out Of The Way

Hi Everyone! Can you believe how much happened in this week’s episodes? Well, I don’t know that you watched them, but there’s a lot of stuff that happened

Sailor Moon



Best Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

SO MUCH HAPPENING! First of all, I just want to talk about how much I love Mimete? She’s adorable, and frankly if I were in her position. (Setting daimons loose to steal pure hearts) I’d be doing the same thing that she’s doing. (Using this situation to meet celebrities.) When the professor calls her out on this, she spins a yarn about how people with lots of charisma probably have like super pure hearts. 

I relate to her, on many levels, is what I’m saying I guess. And her costume is totes adorbs.

Meanwhile, Chibi-Usa is head over heels for Hotaru, and can you blame her? She’s so cute with her little turtle neck and her tights. I love her.

You know who doesn’t? Haruka, because she absolutely senses dark energy around this kid and tries to warn Usagi, who is just really psyched that Chibi-Usa has a friend…besides Pluto, who is also absolutely precious. Chibi-Usa has good taste in friends.

Hotaru’s childhood looks like it was a nightmare, but at least Mamoru is great. Mimete hits on him, and he shuts her down by just casually dropping that he’s hanging out with “family,” meaning his future wife and daughter. As if that’s perfectly normal, which I guess to guy like him, pretty much is. He also provides us with a beautifully animated monologue about the outer senshi and how they have different mission stuff than the others.


Blah blah blah, Dark Lady/Mamoru gross makeouts blah blah blah Wise Man fused with Nemesis blah blah blah dead Saphir blah blah blah Usagi getting bonked on the head by Moon Rod blah blah blah Senshi incapacitated by dark magic.



So, while Pluto is angsting about not being able to help the others, Diana comes and says that she’ll watch the Space Time door, because even though she’s too little to fight she still wants to contribute. And then they snuggle and it is perfect, and as Nikki said…Diana is the character winner for this week’s Sailor Moon Crystal, even though I don’t do that for this show, but it doesn’t matter because she’s great, and this moment was great, and do more of this sort of thing Crystal, because the rest of this episode, I didn’t care about much at all.

Other Stuff

I bought a new phone! I am shopping for cases. There are some very cute Sailor Moon themed ones on Etsy, that are high in the running. I wear Batman Earrings every day and carry a Nightwing key chain, so that fandom is pretty much covered. (Also Marvel, because I have like 5 Captain America tee shirts…) I will report back on the decision when it’s made. (I know you’re fascinated. Who wouldn’t be?)

Great Power, Great Responsibility…we know this song

Houston, we have a Spidey!

His name is Tom Holland. He’s been in a couple of things. He as Billy Elliot on The West End. He is 19 years old.

Cutie Patootie

Cutie Patootie

I’m not familiar with this kid, like, at all, and I’d kind of already checked out of this particular search when they said it was definitely totally going to be Peter Parker.

Because, I mean, really? Must we?

We’re already working in an alternate universe from the ones that Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man took place in. So maybe, like, I dunno, in this universe Gwen Stacy got bit by the spider, or something…

Or a half black, half Hispanic kid from Brooklyn…

Or anything but a young Peter Parker. Because we’ve seen that movie.

Then they said they wanted younger, so Logan Lerman was out of the search.



Anyway, I’m luke warm on this whole thing anyway, but we’re currently living in a world where I’m more excited about whatever Fox is doing with The Fantastic Four than the newest Marvel studios release. (I am now intrigued by Ant-Man, but that’s about it.)

Also, it’s another Brit.

Guys, we really need to stop outsourcing our superheroes. I was under the impression that casting that nice boy from Boston had broken this habit.

Clearly not. *sigh*

Game of Thrones Winner: “Winter Is Coming”

Hey! It’s time for our first Game of Thrones throwback winner!

Who’s excited to go back to a simpler time in Westeros, where the worst thing that happened was Bran got shoved out a window and Jon Arryn was murdered, probably. Also remember when Theon was just really snotty and mean to Jon, and not like, the reason Westeros fell further into war torn chaos and everyone’s lives were completely ruined?

And Viserys…ugh, the very first definition of the worst. 

Anyway, who won? Here’s what’s going to be weird with this, is that the movements mean more knowing what they do in context. So winners are hard to pick.

That said, King Robert Baratheon!


For possibly the last time. (As we all know Robert doesn’t last long.) Robert Baratheon is the winner, as he gets what he wants here. Ned is going to be the Hand of The King and Sansa is going to be betrothed to Joffrey.

Which, I mean, it doesn’t turn out well, but it wasn’t the worst idea the man ever had. (Killing Rhaegar was a real bad one. Marrying Cersei, terrible, awful, worst idea ever.) 

Runner up goes to Danerys, because even though she doesn’t know it yet, and at the moment it really sucks, marrying Khal Drogo is going to be great for her. Just at first it sort of sucks.

It sort of really sucks.

Also, many more boobs in the beginning. And when we first meet Tyrion he’s getting a blow job.

This show has always been so classy right? Also HOLY CRAP I forgot how scary the wights are in the beginning.

Also, Baby Jon Snow.

I love him.

And Theon sucks.

And Robb…also kind of sucks.

This is going to be fun.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

We have not met them yet. I await them both eagerly.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa has more agency here than she’ll have for a long time. She convinces Cat to betrothe her to Joffrey. (HORRIBLE decision.) She also sews some things. Kind of forgot how annoying she is until season 2.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

NEW FEATURE! Because, right out the gate, Arya is doing bad ass crap. She’s all firing arrows and hitting targets that Bran can’t, and being snotty to the King and asking, “Where’s the Imp?” So, we’re going to catalog a series full of Arya being a bad ass!

So here we go, who’s excited? (I AM!) These will be landing every Wednesday…possibly to be moved if something else more compelling comes up for Wednesdays…that seems unlikely.

Winter is coming y’all…see you around!

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8

There are a lot of things about this week’s episodes that I love a lot, and as we get into these wind down episodes that are a lot of fun to check in with. (And even when it seems like we’re done, there’s 22 episodes left! Hooray!)

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3: Episode 7a “Overdue”

Kim is being held prisoner by the evil Middleton High librarian, because she didn’t return a book. Ron realizes that this is because he’s lost the book and goes off with the Wade Bot to retrieve it. He faces off with Duff Killigan and Monkey Fist, and as it turns out it was in his backpack the whole time.

He accidentally switches it with a magical monkey text though which probably consumes the library.

Probably for the best.

Season 3: Episode 7b “Roachie”

A bug scientist invented a giant bug thing and Ron becomes friends with one of them. And…that’s pretty much the whole episode. Just an excuse for Ron to be friends with a giant bug, who he names “Roachie.” Kim is squicked by it. I do not blame her. It’s pretty damn squicky.

Season 3: Episode 8 “Rappin Drakken”

Oh God, this episode. This joy of joyous episodes, that is just the perfect influx of what both John Dimaggio and Will Friedle do well on the mic.

Drakken has finally perfected his mind control shampoo and is selling it as “Lather Rinse and Obey,” which is a hilariously on the nose name. Of course it isn’t selling, which Kim is quite happy about because it means that she doesn’t have to do much work to foil the plan.

But when Drakken decides to market the product by competing on “America’s Next Singing Star” with a rap about it, everything just goes coocoo in the best possible way.

Also Ron has to write a creative writing assignment about something in his life and he’s decided to write about his relationship with Rufus. This leads to the most enduring of all the Kim Possible original songs, “The Naked Mole Rap,” which I still get stuck in my head occasionally.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • I’m skipping right to “Rappin’ Drakken,” because it really is an example of everything the show does right. The American Idol parody is perfect especially, as well as a host/judge who’s what would happen if Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell procreated.
  • Drakken’s rap is awkward, and terrible and John Dimaggio delivers it flawlessly, I am constantly in awe of that man’s ability, everytime I watch something he’s done work for, but this is a tour de force comedy performance.
  • Oh right, and this whole rap scheme? Drakken came up with it at karaoke. Which he and Shego go to weekly. And he sings The Oh Boyz “Hello, hello, hello.” So, yeah, that’s a thing.
  • This is a showcase week for Friedle. The stuff in “Roachie” doesn’t really work except that he sells it’s escalating silliness, and “Overdue” shows Ron’s big heart at it’s best, and seriously, listen to “Naked Mole Rap,” it’s exceptionally good. “What’s that I can’t hear the girly’s sing.”

We Love Our Girl

Inside Out

It’s not hard to make me cry, because I’m a weeper. Seriously, I will cry at anything.

30 seconds in to Inside Out,  I was sniffling.

I didn’t cry though the whole thing, and I was never reduced to sobs. (A mercy that I didn’t go to brunch before seeing it, because if I had a drop of alcohol in my system, things may have been different.) It’s a deeply emotional movie, given that it is quite literally all about feelings.

Basically, we are taken inside the mind of Riley Anderson, an eleven year old goof ball, who loves her friends, family and hockey, on the week that she’s moving half way across the country. In the wake of all of these changes, the little emotions in her mind, Disgust (Mindy Kaling…and my next cosplay, probably…), Anger (Lewis Black), Fear (Bill Hader), Sadness (Phyllis Smith) and Joy (Amy Poehler), are doing their best to keep Riley, well, Riley, but when Joy and Sadness find themselves lost in Riley’s memories, Fear, Disgust and Anger may ruin everything.

If it sounds simple, it is, and that’s what makes it wonderful. Joy is a compelling protagonist and her learning that without the flip side of her coin sadness, Riley will never grow is a really inventive arc to take, and also doesn’t serve the more predictable vein of “Happy feelings are great and bad ones are always bad.” No, all of Riley’s feelings have a place and a job.

It’s visually stunning and inventive, but it’s Pixar, so duh.

The voice acting, particularly the five feelings is top notch. For one thing, it’s just five comedy heavyweights doing their thing. Joy gives Amy Poehler another perky go getter, Disgust is Mindy Kaling’s masterpiece, with Kelly Kapoor’s vapidity mixed in with Mindy Lahiri’s intelligence, Fear is Hader channeling every fussy comedic straight man that came before him, and if anyone other than Black had taken on Anger it would have been a travesty, and Phyllis Smith sells Sadness’s deep despair in wonderful ways. Both Joy and Sadness are real treasures for the Disney-Pixar Pantheon of buddies, definitely able to stand up with Woody and Buzz and Mike and Sully.

I also have to note that the illustration of depression in the movie doesn’t focus on sadness at all. It’s what happens when Anger, Disgust and Fear are driving.

The short preciding it is a delightful little song about anthropomorphic volcanoes who are in love with each other called Lava.  I’m not doing it justice, it’s adorable.

Go see Inside Out, it’s wonderful. Really.

  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Inside Out
  3. Tomorrowland
  4. Jurassic World
  5. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  6. Entourage
  7. Pitch Perfect: 2


Shaun The Sheep: Still looks cute, still probably a skip for me.

Minions: Duh, it’s the minions, who doesn’t love those little guys? I’m looking forward to it.

The Good Dinosaur: Pssh, what, Pixar dinosaurs? That’s not going to be THE BEST MOVIE EVER or anything!!!!

Zootopia: Do you think that this takes place in the same world as Robin Hood? I think so. I’m assuming so until we’re told otherwise.

Whatever It Takes

Degrassi: The Next Generation has been cancelled from TeenNick, and been picked up by Netflix.

But for a minute, the internet is really sad about it.

I’m really sad about it.

Everyone should be really sad about it.

Because Degrassi was wonderful.

I didn’t watch the show’s first few years, due to my lack of premium cable, but, by season 3, I used to go to my friend Ali’s house and we would have “Degrassi Parties,” and watch it with all of our friends. (We were really cool, in case you couldn’t tell…) The first episode I ever watched was when Manny and Craig had sex in his garage. (He got her pregnant, we didn’t know that yet.) In college, my roommates and I would watch the “every episode ever” marathons, because Degrassi invented binge watching.

Here’s how those worked: Around the clock TeenNick would show every episode of Degrassi, you would sit down to watch a couple and then all of a sudden it was twelve hours later, Ash and Craig had gotten back together five times, JT was dead and Paige was a lesbian. (Or bi? I think Paige was the first bi character I was really aware of in something.)

Yes, the writing is hamfisted, and the acting atrocious, and Ellie and Marco never got enough to do, and no one ever talked about Hazel’s sudden disappearance. (Seriously, where did Hazel and Terry go? They should have graduated with Paige, Ellie & Marco right?) But also, Manny Santos taught me that slut shaming was wrong, (I didn’t absorb the lesson right away…but still) and Paige’s college breakdown made me feel a little bit better about my own (I at least never set anything on fire), and JT was just the most devastating character death in the history of character deaths.

I dropped off watching in adulthood, mostly because I was tired of having to track the new characters. But I loved my Degrassi gang so much. Just, so very much.

I’m going to go cry about JT for a little bit.

I Wanna Be Your Superhero

Instead of a promotional picture, here are some of my favorite people dressed as characters from Entourage at my birthday party.

Instead of a promotional picture, here are some of my favorite people dressed as characters from Entourage at my birthday party.

I’m not going to apologize for liking Entourage, the TV show. The problem, and benefit of Entourage, the movie, is that it reminded me of everything good about the show.

Because there wasn’t enough of what was good about the show in the movie.

There was plenty of what was bad about the show in the movie. PLENTY.

But there were also snippets of what was great about the show. A multi cut early morning conversation about the state of Vinnie’s latest movie between Ari and Eric? That was there. Turtle trying to get a new girlfriend, who, now that he’s skinny and rich is still out of his league, because she’s great and he’s Turtle? That’s there. Vinnie standing by Drama for reasons that escape everyone’s comprehension, that’s absolutely there.

The things that aren’t so great? Lloyd is reduced to a punch line. Ari’s family barely exists. (And his daughter Sarah isn’t there at all, just his son, which is a real shame.) Vince’s ridiculous insecure ego, which created one of the situations for possibly the show’s greatest episode (“One Day In The Valley” Season 3, it’s amazing, I am watching it as I write this and you should watch it too.) makes the movie seem like a waste of time. Drama doing some C List celebrity thing (a leaked sex tape in this case). Eric’s commitment issues. These are all writ large in the movies.

The trouble with reducing a season of TV to two hours is that you lose the side issues. The problem with reducing a season of dumb TV to two hours is that all of the charm and fun  gets minimized and only the dumb stuff remains.

That said, if you’re a fan of Entourage, you should see the movie, if only to see the final moments, and to see Kevin Connolly finally get top billing. (Even if E is probably the worst part here.)

Also, Jeremy Piven was amazing.

Of course he was.


  1. Mad Max: Fury Road
  2. Tomorrowland
  3. Jurassic World
  4. Avengers: Age of Ultron
  5. Entourage
  6. Pitch Perfect: 2


We’re You’re Friends: Zefron as a DJ, I have no interest in this movie.

Trainwreck: ROMANTIC COMEDY WITH RISE AGAIN! And Amy Schumer will save it. This movie looks awesome.

Paper Towns: More stuff, I’m at least intrigued now, rather than apathetic, so that’s a thing.

Spectre: Come, like I’m not going to see it?

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 3 Episodes 5 & 6

This week has been weird. In a lot of ways. But I did manage to get Kim Possible in after all.

Which is great.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 3: Episode 5: “Showdown At The Crooked D”

Ah, the obligatory Dude Ranch episode, the staple of children’s and family television. Kim, Mr. Dr. P, Ron and the tweebs head to Montana to see Dr. Possible’s brother Slim and his daughter Joss at the Lazy C ranch. Joss is wildly obsessed with her cousin Kim and her adventures. (Who wouldn’t be?) and while Kim is initially flatter she eventually finds the younger girls idolatry kind of difficult to swallow.

Meanwhile, Drakken is dejected after being turned down again from a genius society he applied for and has decided to take out all of the other geniuses by inviting them to a dude ranch…for some reason. The plan isn’t exactly logical but does provide us with where Kim gets her competitive streak from, as Dr. Possible is very put out he wasn’t invited. Of course, the whole thing was just to get the scientists to wear “Silly Hats” which make them act like idiots.

Anyway, in the end, the Possibles (and Ron) save the say, by working together and Joss learns that being herself is way better than being Kim. Also, that Ron is a better hero for her, for reasons.

Season 3: Episode 6: “Dimension Twist”

I love “Dimension Twist” but it’s a very dated episode. Drakken steals the Pan Dimensional Vortex Inducer (again) and gets himself, Shego, Kim and Ron sucked into the TV and they participate in various show parodies. Some of them are classic, an anonymous medical drama, a Friends send up, and Star Trek. Others, such as “Evil Eye for The Bad Guy,” and “That 1670’s Show” are really only funny to the early 00’s audience.

That said, it’s a very fun episode where we get some great action, and a good deal of hilarious voice acting. So there’s that.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • This is a big week for call backs, which is great, but bringing back the pan dimensional vortex inducer really is a stroke of genius.
  • There aren’t a lot of extras in “Crooked D” the Tweebs get some fun animation though, mostly in the background, and Joss is voiced by Tara Strong, because, duh.
  • To be fair to the pure dated notion of sending up Queer Eye For The Straight Guy, that show was everywhere at the time, even if now looking back, there was no way that was a thing that was going to last, and if you were to watch it today it would seem super mega offensive. (That said, I’m pretty sure I watched every episode)
  • The Friends parody, “Chums” is unbearable to Shego, she is particularly perturbed by the laugh track.
  • The best TV bit is when Ron is hosting a talk show interviewing Drakken about his book, “Well, I quite like me.”
  • Ron and Drakken also get stuck in “The Fearless Ferret” credits. CALLBACKS!
  • You’ve got to admire the fact that with so few episodes left the gang went for something this absurdly silly. And doubled down on Drakken and Shego, when they probably could have been checking in elsewhere. Cool Stuff.