Cosplay Corner: Wonder Edition

Hey everyone! In honor of the Wonder Woman trailer, (and some history made in politics, but we’re not getting into that here…) I decided that this week, I’d dive into Wonder Woman cosplay stuff. Now, Wonder Woman isn’t in my general stuff. Mostly because it’s one of Aless’s favorites, so she tends to lean into it.However, I have done Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark, Young Justice) and may do her again sometime.

It’s a fairly easy costume and it turned out really well. I wore a pair of red yoga pants that I owned already. I bought a black leotard with a turtleneck, and I ironed on the gold WW symbol, I bought the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman accessories, and a blond wig. I also wore Jazz sneakers, which are my favorite shoes in the world, because for people with normal feet, they force your feet to arch, but if you’re a high arched freak like me, they just fit your natural shape. I used to use them for dance auditions, now I use them to actually be comfortable at comic con.


Anyway, the leotard fell apart almost immediately which is why I’ve never worn it again. (I’m also not nuts about the wig, to be frank…)

Closet Cosplay

I did a quick Closet Cosplay of Wonder Woman at Wizard World Philly, but that was with the Wonder Woman accessories set, and that’s no good for work, and as we’ve discussed, these are all supposed to be work appropriate.

So, I threw together some other accessories. Jeans, and red tank top make for a good base. (Red Tee Shirt, will also work, I don’t have one of those though…) I also have this gold and black sparkly belt, which is my lasso of truth for the day. I’m wearing a bronze headband, and two similar silver bracelets. I’m Wonder Woman.

So that’s what’s going on this week with cosplay. Next week I have some cool stuff coming up, and I really am planning on pushing through this feature until after my birthday.

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Oh God, it’s been forever.

Hey all, I didn’t really get a post together for today, and I realized it’s been quite a while since I chatted up Things I’m Obsessed With

So, here we go!

  • All of The DC trailers from Comic Con last weekend. Wonder Woman looks great. Justice League looks fun. Aquadrogo seems to work and I thought that Gal Gadot and Ben Affleck flirting was the best part of BVS so you know, there’s that. Overall I’m psyched, you’ve got me DC…though it’s not quite on the level of…
  • The Defenders, OHMIGOD OHMIGOD YOU GUYS! Seriously, the five or six times I watched it, plus every time I think about it I start singing. Luke Cage also looks awesome. I’m looking forward to it.
  • Willfully ignoring the National Political Conventions. I think that one speaks for itself.
  • Cosplay, cosplay, cosplay. I have the house to myself this weekend, so I’m going to try to get some work done. I actually am most focused on Brooke, even though the party isn’t scheduled yet. I found one kind of reasonably priced uniform on E-Bay, but it’s in Australia, so shipping would destroy “reasonably priced.” More on that tomorrow. But I bought pom-poms, so, I guess I’m committed to this. (To quote my sister, “you ask everyone to go all out for this party, you have to put some work into what you’re wearing.” Also, she’s trying to get a group together to do the Atomic County versions of the characters from The OC, so she just wanted an excuse to not do Gossip Girl)
  • Ballers season 2. Ok, not actually obsessed, because that would require thinking about Ballers, and that just ruins the fun. But I am watching it. They did do a scene about “Leaning In,” and my mom and I were impressed and aghast.
  • Disney Planning! I’m in a bit of a holding pattern because the hotel is booked, but I’ve got a month before I can do dining reservations, but that hasn’t stopped me from reading, and looking at table seating times and figuring out where and when we want to be at restaurants, plus estimating what the park hours are going to be…well, you know, there’s stuff to deal with.
  • SHOW TIME! My show opens next weekend! You’re A Good Man Charlie Brown! If you’re in North Jersey you should come! It’s a great show and a wonderful cast, and I’m really, really psyched about it.
  • Camp NaNoWriMo, I’m gonna finish this year, I’m happy about it. My piece needs a LOT of work, but I’ll make my word count.


Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill: Season 6: Episode 16-20


Episode 16: “Screenwriters Blues”

Lucas, Adam and Julian are casting the movie and a few other small things happen. Adam and Lucas can’t agree on a Peyton, as Lucas can’t make decisions without a Haley pep talk, and Adam just wants the hottest one who will sleep with him. The rest of the gang is tripped out by seeing their dopplgangers.

Particularly Brooke, who’s actress takes to following her around and to learn about her. She’s very focused on the sex aspects, which makes Brooke very angry, particularly because she thinks this is how Lucas and Julian think of her. Julian explains that the Brooke character has an arc, and he’s not actually interested in Brooke as she was at 16.

Haley is beginning a conflict with her new principal, she wants to publish an essay Sam wrote in the school paper, and the principal says it’s inappropriate. She publishes it anyway, because she wants Sam to know that she matters.

Peyton is having trouble doing baby stuff on her own because Lucas is busy with the movie. Nathan feels guilty for taking another guys roster spot, and Jamie has a crush on his teacher, and Dan, not realizing it’s his teacher encourages to pursue it, which then leads to an adorable interaction between all three of them. In the end everyone makes up and is together, and the movie moves forward. (Oh also they cast Lucas’s choice for Peyton, because obviously.)

Episode 17: “You And Me And The Bottle Makes 3”

First of all, great song, second of all, OK episode. Peyton collapses because you know, it’s Lucas and Peyton, the can’t be happy for longer than 5 episodes in a row without something awful happening. Turns out that there’s some vague problem with the pregnancy, and the doctor is recommending they terminate it. Peyton doesn’t want to, Lucas’s the worst-ness comes out and he tries to guilt her into it because he doesn’t want to lose her. They decide to keep the baby.

Haley and Nathan celebrate their anniversary in an old house in Charleston, that Haley is thinking about buying. They discuss moving, changing their lives, and Haley possibly touring again. It’s pretty great.

Deb is babysitting Jamie and he invites Dan over for dinner. They all actually have a lovely evening, until Jamie goes to bed and Deb and Dan talk about, you know, that whole “he murdered Keith” thing. He points out that he only did it to get revenge for Deb sleeping with Keith and then thinking Keith set him on fire when Deb set him on fire. (God, that seems like so long ago…) Anyway, then Dan’s pager turns off and he

Mouth and Millie try to get back together, but don’t quite get there. Brooke and Julian talk about how Brooke closes off her heart when he says that he loves her. He winds up backing off, when he realizes that the last time she was in love was Lucas and he is not interested in getting back on that ride.

This is why I love Julian, he cuts right through the crap of the Tree Hill people.

Episode 18: “Searching For A Former Clarity”

It’s the greatest moment in the history of television. You know the one. When Dan is supposed to get his new heart, but then the EMT drops it and a dog eats it. It’s just so great, and then Lucas looks at him, like “see, see what Karama does?” Anyway, then Dan does his goodbye tour, you know, after throwing himself in the ocean and screaming at God for a while.

I love this show.

Lucas, Julian and Adam learn that Julian’s dad has been fired and Ravens has been put into turnaround. Adam celebrates, because he gets paid either way, Lucas and Julian are devastated. In the final scene of the episode, Adam lays down some Capeside wisdom for the two kids, it’s not about making the movie, it’s the beauty of the attempt, also he points out that he shot one scene, a sunset. This Dawson-esque moment allows for Julian and Lucas to at least get their production bonuses.

But because there’s no movie, Julian needs to go back to LA. This is a wrench in the works for him and Brooke even more than the unreciprocated, “I love you.” She freaks out and winds up taking it out on Sam, who gets caught shoplifting again, this time because she’s covering for Jack, who Brooke eventually takes in as well, because Brooke is a big softy.

Haley is facing repercussions for publishing Sam’s essay in the school paper, and is offered the chance to get her job back if she publicly apologizes. She’s about to and then changes her mind and walks out. She decides to become Mia’s full time producer. Oh also, Skills and Deb break up, because she realizes that once again he wants things that twenty three year olds want in the future, like children.

Episode 19: “Letting Go”

So much crying. Julian asks Brooke to come with him to LA, and to bring Sam, so that they can all be a family. She thinks it over and even has a heart to heart with Sam about it. But in the end she decides that she needs to stay in Tree Hill, because Sam needs the stability and she’s not quite ready to open up to him.

Sam and Jack stage a walk out when the new principal is basically abusive and awful, and all the kids show up at Haley and Nathan’s and they have a class on Catch-22 even when they don’t have to. In the end, Haley sends them back to school and turn the principal down when she offers her her job back.

Peyton is making an “in case I die” box for the baby, which is just the most Peyton thing ever. Lucas and Nathan take Jamie to Keith’s garage and teach him about cars and guy talk. Also Mouth and Millie get back together after Skills takes him to see Gigi and he realized how much he needs her.

Episode 20: “I Would For You”

I watched this episode twice and I barely remember what happens in it. Seriously, it’s not that memorable. I know Victoria’s back and wants Brooke to come back to Clothes Over Bros because without her the brand is tanking. Peyton gets into a car accident and has to be on bedrest for the rest of her pregnancy, and Lucas’s protective douche mode is activated. Jack gets placed with a new foster family in Charlotte and he and Sam are adorable. (They’re also adorable in the various ways they frustrate Victoria.)

Haley and Mia come visit Peyton, I think? Seriously, I don’t know why, I just can’t retain this one, you guys, I’m sorry.

Oh, and Mouth and Millie go to see In The Heights, because, like me, One Tree Hill was on the Lin-Manuel Miranda train early. Why don’t you tell me everything you know?

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

God I love the movie arc. Aside from introducing us to Julian, who really is truly great, it gave us a glimpse of James Vanderbeek’s comic genius that would, a few years later, be fully unleashed on Don’t Trust The B in Apartment 23. (Sadly cancelled too soon, but without its cancellation, we probably wouldn’t have gotten Kristen Ritter as Jessica Jones…so…) I also love just everything about Sam and this is her prime episodes. Also, I always wished the show had actually killed Dan, I mean I get why they didn’t, because there would have been an even larger gap to fill in with Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton’s imminent departure if you also lost your main antagonist, but God, the preparing for death stuff is so good, and to not get the logical end to that story (you know, death) is such a buzz kill.

That’s What Being A Part Of A Crew Means


As I’ve (maybe?) talked about at length, until JJ Abrams Star Trek came out and I saw it with my college friends, I had next to no interest in the series. And I’ve yet t have my usual post Star Trek movie “what was wrong with this movie from a trek perspective” sit down with my old roommate Jen, so I’m just going to have to evaluate it from the perspective of someone who doesn’t know enough about Star Trek to nit pick.

This is a fun, good movie. There are things about it that annoy me, a lot. (You damsled Uhura? Are you serious, Pegg?) But for the most part this is an exciting space adventure, that flirts with some serious thoughts about aging and priorities and legacy, but is mostly about bang bang explodey stuff.

3 years into their 5 year journey to go where no one has gone before, everyone, particularly Captain Kirk , are getting a little antsy. They miss home, and some of them families (Gay Sulu!). Kirk is ready to hand the Enterprise over to Spock, who is considering leaving Star Fleet entirely, wanting to take over the work that Spock Prime was doing. It’s quite touching how the movie memorializes Leonard Nimoy.

Anyway, all this ennui, gets pushed to the side when they’re sent on a rescue mission that goes wrong and are confronted with Idris Elba in a rubber mask, The Enterprise is destroyed and they have to find a way out of the mess. Revealing much more would drown us in spoilers so I won’t do that, but it’s all really fun.

The cast continues to shine, Chris Pine is aging into James Kirk better than anyone could have expected. John Cho and Zoe Saldana get a bit more to do this time around, though they still stay sidelined, Anton Yelchin’s youthful buzziness is going to be missed in this franchise. But as always, the stand outs are Simon Pegg’s Scotty, Zachary Quinto’s Spock and Karl Urban’s McCoy. The best parts of the movie are Spock and McCoy’s squabbles and Urban and Quinto play the parts perfectly. Scotty’s storyline with another stranded alien, Jayla is heartwarming and delightful. (Although she is really hot and Kirk spends exactly no time hitting on her. I find this disappointing. Not because I don’t love the progressiveness of that story choice, but because, I mean, it’s Captain Kirk…)

Add in a cool new location in the new Federation settlement Yorktown, and you’ve got yourself a rolicking space adventure with a good amount of heart.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Captain America: Civil War
  5. Star Trek Beyond
  6. X-Men: Apocalypse
  7. The Legend Of Tarzan
  8. Finding Dory
  9. Independence Day: Resurgence
  10. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Jason Bourne: God, I just want this movie to come out so I can stop seeing this trailer.

Suicide Squad: I’m so excited I could take a giant mallet to everything! This movie just looks so freaking good. We’re two weeks away from it, and while I’m still bummed I won’t be able to hit opening night, it’s going to be great.

XXX: The Return Of Xander Cage: I mean, Vin Diesel has to do something between Fast And Furious and Guardians movies, but was anyone begging for this to come back?



Game Of Thrones Winner: “Walk Of Punishment”

I’d forgotten that this is actually one of the funniest episodes of the show. Between Edmure Tully not being able to light his father’s funeral pyre and Tyrion dragging a chair up to the council table.

But Pod is the winner.


If you’re unfamiliar or lost track of this episode, this is the one where Tyrion hires a bunch of prostitutes to take Pod’s virginity and whatever happens is so good, that they refuse to take the money.

It’s such a genius scene. And I love that Pod is apparently the greatest lover in the seven kingdoms.

Runner Up is Hot Pie, who got himself a cozy little job baking bread at an inn. He also makes Arya a wolf bread, and it’s all very sweet.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

Dany takes her from her master. She will soon be freed. Also, she contributes to the comedy, with her interpretations of her master’s insults to Dany. Basically, I just wanted to give her a win, because, she’s my fave.

But also, since they often fall under the auspices of this section, I’ll note that Gilly gave birth to Little Sam this episode, and Sam saw it.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa is not in this episode

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya’s not so much a bad ass here as she is really sad to be losing another friend. But at least for now, she still has Gendry

Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It

Robb’s actually doing OK at the moment. But the results of his horrendous kinging, IE Theon being captured and tortured by Ramsey Bolton (Who is still Ramsey Snow at this point, and we don’t know who he is…) is in full swing and I really forgot how tedious those scenes are.

King Tommen The Adorable

OK, it’s not Tommen, but the actor who later plays Tommen is in this episode as one of the Lannister Cousin, so I had to bring this up.

Who Was Jaime A Dick To?

All those Bolton men, and also Brienne a little bit.

Cosplay Corner: Costume Season and Red Shirt

Hi everyone! It turns out this is becoming a more difficult to maintain feature than I thought it would be. But I’m determined to keep it going, at least through what I call “Costume Season” (Renn Faire to My Birthday Party). I’m working on a few things for Costume Season, all of which I’m really excited about.

I really should have taken some pictures here, but I didn’t think of this until I was already on my way to work, so…that wasn’t going to happen. Anyway…here’s a breakdown of what I’m working on…

Renn Faire

I still haven’t settled on what weekends I’m going, but it would appear that I will be attending both the New York Renaissance Faire and the Pennsylvania Rennaisance Faire. At both I plan to wear a costume I put together, which I am deeply excited about…Renn Faire Lady Poe Dameron! I’ll be wearing the same base pieces as my costume from last year, the white dress and brown corset belt. To bring the specifics to it, I added an orange maxi skirt, grey lace up tank top, that looks like a bodice. I’m also going to wear a Rebellion/Resistance symbol necklace and a black and red flower crown. I’m crazy excited about wearing this.

Lead East

I’m sad, this is the first time in maybe 8 years? That I’m not going to make it to Lead East, the 50’s car show that’s been a mainstay of Katie and my summer since we’ve known each other. But I have a good reason, I’m going to Austin with my family! So we’ll see how that goes.

New York Comic Con

I’ve finally settled on my costumes (though I’m still working out which days I’ll be wearing them)

Poe will be coming back. (For a full breakdown of my Poe Dameron Costume) as will Peggy Carter (ditto)

But I’m working on Sansa Stark! I’ve got it mostly done. I bought a wig, cape, faux fur piece now sewn onto the cape and black maxi dress. All that’s left is creating a Direwolf sigil, and I have an idea of how I’m doing that, I just need to get it done. I have a few months, but I wanted it settled by mid September at the latest. This is going to be a part of a group effort, so I’m quite excited about it and know I can’t screw it up. When I’m done with it I can move on to my other new costume.

Red Hood! When I put together the Red Hood closet cosplay a few weeks ago, I realized how good it looked and decided that I wanted to finish it up and make it ready for a con. I need to buy a red domino mask, and a white hair extension. I’m also going to buy a fresh black tee shirt, and some red cotton and iron on, and then re-enforce with hand stitching the Red Hood symbol. I have my leg holster from Poe, and I need to buy a prop gun. I’m waiting for the NYCC weapons regulations to come out, because I’m not interested in spending a bunch of money only to be immediately confiscated.

I’ve got a lot of work ahead on these, but I’m excited for them.


Depending on my plans, I’ll either be wearing a modified Poe (my Disneybound Poe dress, with the vest and chest piece from the full costume) or Sansa. If I’m at a party, it’ll be Sansa, a bar, Poe. If I’m with the nerds, then it’ll be Jason.

Hallow-Reenie 2016: Teen Drama

My Birthday Party! I’m still trying to figure out when I’m having this party. I don’t want to have it actual Halloween weekend, for a couple of reasons that are very boring. The next weekend, when I’d ordinarily have it, my parents are away (I like having my parents at this party…) and it’s my 10th high school reunion, so there’s some working around to be done. Anyway, the theme this year is Teen Drama, and I’m torn between two costume choices.

I want to do either Brooke Davis or Blair Waldorf. For both I’d be wearing my Jessica Jones wig. For Brooke, I found a blue skirt on Amazon that looks kind of like a cheerleading skirt and blue tank tops aren’t hard to come by.

Blair is even easier because I have plenty of dresses and headbands left over from the time when my entire wardrobe was Blair Waldorf approved.

I had settled on Brooke, but then Mary said that she would do Serena if I did Blair…this gave me doubts.

Closet Cosplay

This is a simple one! I’m off to see Star Trek Beyond tonight, so I had to channel it some how.

I have this red tunic shirt, so I’m wearing that, and jeans and for the picture I picked up my Poe blaster to stand in for a phaser!

I’m a red shirt, so I mean, I probably won’t make it out of today alive…but I had to do it!


Ready To Run: Training Speeds and AK Drink-A-Thon

So here’s what’s going on. I run a lot now. And I’m working on National Novel Writing Month, and (as I said before) I had some personal stuff going on.

So we’re going to talk about running. I’m using the Couch to 13.1 Ap on my phone, because I am a useless human who can’t do anything without technology.

Not like, I’m incapable, just like, I’m lazy? We’ve established how lazy I am in the past so let’s just move on.

Anyway, the way the ap works is that it tracks your training intervals for you and gets you on a running program. This week, I’m doing 5 minute warm up, and the 7 5 minute intervals of 3 minutes of running, 2 minutes of walking. It’s killer, I’m dead by the end of these runs, but the good kind of dead. I’ve set a training pace of about 13 minutes per mile. (Disney requires 16 minute miles. I had those at the beginning of the year, so I’m not worried about that.)

Also, as the planning process kicks into high gear, I think of my family. We’re big drinkers, and “Drinking Around The World” is going to be a center piece of this vacation, I can assure you. But one thing I want, is to explore The Animal Kingdom a little bit more. And, knowing my family the best way to do that is with some kind of alcoholic boost. So I scanned google for Animal Kingdom bar crawls, and nothing popped up, so I made my own!

Drink Through The Jungle

This is an idea that I have. It may not work for this trip, but I can’t seem to find a “drink around the world” style bar crawl for Animal Kingdom, which seemd CRAZY because there are so many weird little watering holes in that park. So I’ve put together a little list of how I think an Animal Kingdom bar crawl should look.

Disney World, for the most part doesn’t start serving alcohol until after 11AM (I think you can get breakfast drinks for sit down breakfasts and at La Halles Boulangerie in France but that’s about it.) What’s good about that is that if you go on a early extra magic hours day (Reccomended) you can get all of your rides in except Kali River Rapids, which also doesn’t open until around 10.

So let’s say that’s it’s Saturday or Monday, when there are AM EMH’s at Animal Kingdom. You got there for opening, got right on Kilamanjaro Safaris, then everest, and headed over to Dino-Land, and went on Dinosaur, if you’re so inclined. (I will never go on that ride again. Unless I someday have children who demand it.) Maybe you’ve even wandered the Animal Trails, and you’re ready to do yourself some drinking.

First Stop:

Africa – Dawa Bar

I should disclose that I haven’t been to many of these places. When Juli and I went, we were quite hungover on our Animal Kingdom day, and when I went on my own, I had a couple of drinks, but left early in the day to take a nap. But Dawa Bar seems really cool.

Second Stop:

Africa – Harambe Market

I did grab a beer there. The Market is probably the coolest non Be Our Guest atmosphere place to eat. It looks like a town square in a Kenyan village, and each window has different foods. It’s really cool. Highly reccomend.

Third Stop:

Asia – Yak And Yeti

Last trip I did lunch here, which I would reccomend for this also, but if you can’t do that, just go to the bar, or to the “Quality Beverages” window at the Local Foods Cafe if that’s even too crowded. But great Daquiris here!

Fourth Stop:

Asia – Thirsty River Bar & Trek Snacks

This just looks like a cart outside of Expedition Everest. It’s not. It’s a fully stocked bar, where the friendly and smiley tenders will mix you up some strong mixed drinks, if that’s your bag. And while you’re in this area, you might as well hop on the Everest single riders line.

Then don’t get a drink but see Finding Nemo: The Musical, and if you are me, cry.

Fifth Stop:

Dinoland USA – Anywhere

There isn’t actually a bar in Dinoland, but you can get Bud Lite at most of the counter service spots. So if you’re feeling it, pick one up there.

Sixth Stop:

Discovery Island – Nomad Lounge

The bar attached to Tiffins and it was supposed to be open when I went in May, but all the new Animal Kingdom stuff got delayed because of STUPID, but we’re definitely planning on going here, and eating at Tiffins on our trip.

Seventh (Optional) Stop:

Entrance – Rainforest Cafe

I mean, if you want to, pop into the Rainforest Cafe on your way out. Why not?

The thing that makes this tricky is that unlike Epcot, where the bars open at 11, and keep serving until 9 or 9:30, unless the “Animal Kingdom Nights” become permanent. (Doesn’t look like it right now, and I’m PISSED) everything finishes up between 5 and 7 PM, which gives you a lot less time. But, there are only 6 stops on this crawl, which is totally managable. Especially if it’s an Extra Magic Hour day and you get your rides in early, there’s plenty of time to get them in and wander with your drinks. I really want to spend more time exploring Animal Kingdom