Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 21 & 22

Hey everyone, it’s the end, for real this time. Not with 22 extra episodes, now we drift off into nothingness. I for one, have really, really enjoyed this year of exploring Kim Possible, and reminding myself of why I loved the show to begin with.

One Last Time

One Last Time

Season 4 Episodes 21 & 22 “Graduation Day”

So, Kim and Ron are getting ready to graduate from high school, but first they have to foil Drakken’s latest scheme which is something about mutating plants.

Basically Drakken wants to be Poison Ivy. Everyone, Shego included, thinks that he’s starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel. There is an accident however, and Drakken winds up half flower.

God I love this show.

Anyway, Kim considers the plan foiled and she and Ron go home to graduate. After being warned by Barkin that his life is all down hill from this point, Ron, starts to freak out, despite Kim assuring him that everything is going to be fine.

Also, the tweebs are building a satellite. Sure. Whatever.

There’s been a rash of vandalization of golf courses, which sends Kim and Ron to Duff Killigan, but that doesn’t do much, since he’s not the one doing it, they head to grad time.

Kim is abducted by aliens during the ceremony, as is Drakken. Turns out that it’s Warmonga and her boyfriend War Hawk. Hey! We know them! Anyways, they deploy an army of ships to conquer earth.

Ron and The Possible family go into a plan to get Kim back and save the world, meeting up with Shego in the process. Kim and Drakken break out of their bonds with the use of Drakken’s newly grown flower vine and they defeat War Monga and War Hawk as a team.

Almost. When it seems as if all is lost, Ron channels mystical monkey power and beats the crap out of War Hawk.

Then there’s a dance party after everyone graduates, except Bonnie, who has to go to summer school.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • I wish I could start with good things, but I really, really, dislike this ending. Why in the end is this Ron’s heroic journey? We got the apex of his monkey powers a few episodes ago. It’s sort of a betrayal of the whole concept of the show. Not into it.
  • I do love Shego and Drakken ending up together, as well as the tag of all the villains hanging out and Dementor ragging on him for finally getting things right as a world saver. That’s pretty good.
  • Hey! We see Zeeta and Felix, I kind of forget they existed! And I think they get together? This makes sense to me. Nerd love forever!
  • The tweebs just incinerator stuff. They are good at it.
  • Other people that pop by? Kim’s Uncle Slim and Nana Possible! Yay!!!!
  • I really adore that they use the Grease ending of Kim and Ron flying away in the car and waving to their friends. It’s pretty cool.

Final Thoughts

I don’t really know how to explain what this experience has meant to me. Making sure I watched a show every week, considered it critically, and wrote it up, without ever skipping, and only rescheduling once or twice has helped me grow immensely as a writer and specifically as a critic.

The whole thing was also great for me to pay closer attention to animation, voice acting and storylines as broken down in twenty two minutes. Kim Possible did a lot of good stuff in those areas, but it wasn’t perfect and it was always hard to see.

But especially, it was great to fall back in love with these characters. It was awesome to be reminded of how great Kim, Ron, Wade, Rufus and the rest of this gang was.

So, thanks for reading and finding me. Maybe in a few months I’ll pick up with another rewatch of something, but for now, I’m going to relax, enjoy having an extra flex day, and finish Game of Thrones and Sailor Moon.


Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 19 & 20

Guys it’s our second to last week. So as we get ready to say goodbye to this gang, which I am having trouble with, it’s about time that we got an episode that’s all about Rufus.

Well, half an episode. But still.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4 Episode 19 A “Chasing Rufus”

Kim and Ron are at a fancy party and find that Camille Leon has been posing as a Greek Shipping heiress to steal, something.

Doesn’t matter, because I really, really like Camille. Anyway, after they catch her, Kim and Ron have to fly commercial because Wade is on vacation with his parents. Rufus gets separated and winds up on an adventure with Debutante, Camille’s hairless cat, to get home.

Kim and Ron also fly back and forth to Greece like 5 times.

This episode just feels like a love letter to the classic chase cartoons, with their own flip on the script and Nancy Cartwright kicking all of the asses with her voice work.

Season 4 Episode 19 B “Nursery Crimes”

Not as brilliant as “Chasing Rufus” but the second half of this episode send Kim and Ron on the chase of an evil nanny who is stealing pacifiers and creating an army of babies with a machine that turns adults into babies.

It’s not great. It’s funny, and Kim saving the day with her babysitting skills is a cool detail,  but there’s nothing much here to excite me.

Season 4 Episode 20 “Larry’s Birthday”

Kim’s cousin Larry is not my favorite KP character. I don’t dislike him the way I do, say The Bebes, but I still think that there’s a lot of room for improvement as far as he’s concerned.

But that’s OK because “Larry’s Birthday” features one of my favorite KP characters as well, and that’s Professor Dementor. I’ll always appreciate Drakken’s much more competent rival, not least of all because of Patton Oswalt’s brilliant voice over work.

Anyway, plot, Kim is tasked with distracting Larry while his surprise birthday party is set up. Meanwhile, Dementor is trying to tech his brother in law about super villainy and still lusting after Kim’s battle suit. The brother in law mistakes Larry for Ron. (The only descriptor is “A guy with Kim Possible who doesn’t look like he should be.) Thus there’s a lot of cool action that Larry assumes is the world’s biggest RPG.

Boo Yas And Nacos

  • My utter delight over “Chasing Rufus” cannot be overstated. I think it’s perfectly wonderful.
  • As much as I dislike Larry as Nerd Caricature, I do love that he’s the king of said nerds and Brian Poeshenne does wonderful work with him. He even gets a girlfriend in the end, the arguably worse caricature of nerd girl, Charlotte.
  • Hannah helps on the mission, and by help, I mean she sets off lasers with her ninja magic. Obviously.
  • Dementor, like all of the non monkey fist villains, cannot remember Ron’s name, but he refers to him as “the boy that Kim Possible improbably dates,” and “the sidekick.”
  • Seriously, guys, Patton Oswalt. So great.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 17 & 18

Hey everyone! Only two more weeks left after this. I’m going to miss my little visits to Middleton, but I am excited for more room to work with other things, especially with the new TV season coming up, but still, this has been a remarkably fun year! (Or so)

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4: Episode 17: “Clean Slate”

Drakken had a dream of a fool proof plan that he can’t remember. In order to recover the memories he attempts to steal a machine meant to recover memories.

He also begins using to-do lists because Drakken is a tremendous dork and I love him very much in this episode.

Anyway, the machine breaks and instead of giving Drakken back his memories, Kim’s get erased. With Kim out of comission Shego goes on a crime spree and Drakken continues to try to piece his plan together, which is actually infecting soldiers food with his mind control formula, and it almost works.

Meanwhile, Ron is in a panic, because Kim is starting to remember things, but she doesn’t remember dating Ron, which is tough on him. They do eventually save the day and Kim remembers that they’re a couple and that “I think I love you.”


Season 4: Episode 18: “Homecoming Upset”

Kim and Ron open the episode saving a tech genius/food blogger from Duff Killigan. It’s a decent battle. Ron and Wade both worship the guy and Kim has no idea who he is.

Anyway, once he’s safe, Kim and Ron head home to attend the Middleton Homecoming game. Ron scores the winning Touchdown (natch!) and then is voted Homecoming King, unfortunately Bonnie is voted queen rather than Kim.

This miffs Kim but she really gets irritated when she catches Bonnie kissing Ron and it turns out that she’s heartbroken because Brick broke up with her. Ron resolves to find her a new boyfriend, which gets in the way of a new mission, because the Snack Blogger has gone missing again.

It turns out the guy wasn’t kidnapped, it’s just that Senor Senior Jr. hired him to create the best search parameters for him finding the perfect girlfriend, who as it turns out is Bonnie!

I love the fact that the series wraps up with them as a couple.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • Pretty much everyone says that “they never got” Kim and Ron, but I am clinging most to Shego, because SHIPPITY SHIP SHIP SHIP!
  • Drakken’s to-do lists are my favorite, but I also like that Shego decides to keep to do lists also.
  • Bonnie’s breakdown over her breakup is great, but when Ron calls Brick about it, he calls her simply, “The Mean Girl,” which is harsh, but true.
  • Wearing her tiara cheers her up. Bonnie and I have that in common.
  • Ron takes him homecoming king duties very seriously. Which is almost as adorable as Drakken’s To Do list.

Kim Possible: Season 4 Episodes 15 & 16

Hey everyone! It’s a Ron heavy week, which is a lot of fun, but also kind of, meh. I like Ron heavy stories, but I feel like two in a row makes Kim feel like a side character and that’s a bummer.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4: Episode 15 “The Mentor of Our Discontent”

Smarty Mart has installed stock robots, which Ron loves and Barkin hates. Ron’s abilities as a Smarty Mart employ insights Martin Smarty to put him in charge of his young son.

This does not go well, as the kid is very into a rebellious stage, constantly going against “the man,” as Ron has learned he is. But not in the good way.

Meanwhile, Drakken is feeling uninspired, but when Frugle Lucre shows up, asking to be mentored. Drakken is skeptical at first, and Shego is annoyed, but when Lucre’s plan to hack to stock bots seems viable everyone goes with it. Shego gets the codes to the bots by seducing Smarty, which she winds up being very cool with.

The plan is foiled by Young Smarty and some otters, and Smarty and the kid bond, and Ron is pronounced, “the man,” this time in the good way.

Season 4: Episode 16: “Oh no, Yono!”

Ron has been having trouble managing Hanna, although he doesn’t yet know she’s a mystical ninja baby, he has his suspicions that something is definitely up with his sister, who he adores, by the way.

In order to defeat the ultimate weapon, who he does not know is Hanna, Monkey Fist awakens Yono the destroyer, with a pledge to serve “the dark path.” Whatever that means.

Kim and Ron learn that Sensei arranged Hanna’s adoption and go to the Yamanuchi school to ask him about it, just in time for Monkey Fist’s attack, and while Yori and Kim manage to stall them, the final showdown comes down to Hanna and she does an awesome job.

“The Dark Path,” as it turns out means getting turned into stone and buried in the earth, which is…disturbing.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • The biggest stand outs of “Mentor” are Barkin’s technophobia and Shego trying on a relationship with Martin Smarty. She decides she’s not cut out to be a step mom. Probably a good call.
  • Gah! I just love all the Yamanuchi school stuff! All of it! But my favorite part of this episode is Yori and Kim working as a team. I love, love, love, that they’re not jealous of each other and just want to work.
  • Hanna uses the basic lessons that Ron teaches her, ie dancing and turning book pages, and her super magic Ninja strength to defeat Yono and Monkey Fist.
  • Ron’s parents are pretty unphased by Hanna’s ninja-ness. It’s great.
  • At one point Ron is convinced that Hanna is part of a large government super baby conspiracies called, “Juggertot.” This is the cutest thing ever.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 13 & 14

Watching Kim Possible has started to become such a part of my weekend routines now. I wake up on Saturday morning, I watch my episode, I go downstairs, I have breakfast. I write this post. It doesn’t always go that way, but more often than not it does.

Weird that that’s coming to an end!

Anyway, here’s this week’s write ups

Kim Ron RufusSeason 4: Episode 13 “Cap’n Drakken”

I love pirates. I always have, I grew up in a house where Peter Pan, in all of it’s various incarnations, is basically a sacred text. Then I was a teenager during the explosion of Pirates of The Caribbean, and my senior show was The Pirates of Penzance. 

This all goes to say, that I think an episode where Drakken is possessed by the the ghost of a long dead pirate who was defeated by Barkin’s ancestors is a splendid idea, and not just because it gives John DiMaggio a chance to do a pirate voice.

It’s senior trip week, and when a freak storm hits the beach side location, the grade is instead sent to Barkin’s father, who runs a historical village, where they must live as if it’s the 17th century. This does not go over well, and everyone is pretty bad at it, especially Bonnie.

The village was once attacked by a vicious pirate who vowed his revenge from beyond the grave. When Shego and Drakken find his gold, well, guess what happens?

The end game is a fight with ghost pirates and Kim as a pirate, and it’s wonderful.

Season 4, Episode 14 “Mathter and Fervent”

Kim and Ron have to do a paper on their hero, and Kim is doing her dad, and since Barkin said Ron wasn’t allowed to do Kim, he’s drawing a blank. His own father is a little hurt by this, and Ron is a lot oblivious about that.

Ron instead decides to do his paper on Hego, and he and Kim head to Go City, and wind up fighting Team Go’s math themed villain the Mathter. Ron winds up being changed into an anti matter, something, and it’s his dad that saves him with number powers.

This is a weird episode. I didn’t really get it. But Ron ends up writing the paper about his dad and it’s very sweet.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • The historical village is a fun detail, but I’m wildly obsessed with Kim’s pirate outfit.
  • Other fun things in the pirate fight? Monique climbs a mast and cuts a bunch of ropes, because she’s the best.
  • Shego does not like to be called “Wench.”
  • Watching “Mathter and Fervent” made me wish that Hego was voiced by Kevin Conroy. For…reasons. You know the reasons. Don’t play dumb.
  •  Seriously, this is not a good episode. It’s OK because the other one is SO GOOD it makes up for it. But ehhh, no.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible : Season 4 Episodes 11 & 12

Charging towards the end, we get two really solid episodes and one of my all time favorites. It’s a strong week for the Kim/Ron romance, which is so strongly rendered, but there’s also another tension that reveals I’ve probably been spending too much time on Tumblr…

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 4: Episode 11 “Odds Man In”

Ron’s Dad has won actuary of the year and Ron learns all about calculating risk. This is good, except that it causes him to become overly protective of Kim, which is not so fun for Kim. She tries to convince him that she will be and is fine, but he wants to keep her safe.

The instinct is great. The execution less so. Things only get worse when he looks at his own odds of dying and winds up locking himself in a panic room, while Wade heads out on mission.

Meanwhile, Drakken is corporatizing with a cupcake bakery. That’s right, this episode aired back when cupcake bakeries were still extremely cutting edge. This subplot is all about him trying to bring on a new ice age, but for me is mostly about Shego’s job titles, which are golden.

Season 4 Episode 12 “Stop Team Go”

Shego, Hego, Mego and Wego are all summoned under false pretenses to be confronted by their electronic villain Electronique, who has just gotten out of prison. She’s using the Attitudinator to turn them evil and it does turn the guys evil, but Shego, having gone evil all on her own, goes good!

Hiding out from her vengeful brothers, Shego gets a job as a teacher at Kim’s school and then they team up to get them switched back. Also she dates Barkin.

I love this episode so much. It’s perfect in every possible capacity and best in it’s final moments, when even after being switched back, you see that Shego actually does have a real affection and respect for Kim.

Boo-Yas And Nacos

  • My favorite thing about Kim and Ron’s relationship in this season is how gentle the shift is from their friendship. They’re still the same people, and the slight alterations at their interaction are more about self awareness than anything else.
  • Wade is a really bad side kick. But at least he knows it.
  • Kim/Shego, I ship it. Their hang outs in “Stop Team Go,” are delightful and Ron’s jealousy is palpable.
  • While Shego is off being a good guy, Dr. Drakken is stuck, he is unable to open a jar of pickles, and thus requires her help.
  • Electronique is basically Livewire. Which is great. Because Livewire is the best!

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 4 Episodes 9 & 10

Hey all! I kind of can’t believe that we’re winding down this season, and thus the show. But I’ll get to my weepy goodbyes when we’re actually done! For now, let’s just get moving.

Kim Ron Rufus

Episode 9: “Big Bother”

Ron’s health class woes rear their ugly head again, this time he’s asked to care for a bag of flour as if it were a baby. It’s not explained that this is meant to be a teen pregnancy deterrent, because, Disney Channel, but I’ll let that slide because this is such a universal teenage experience, it’s nice to see Kim Possible do their spin on it.

Ron is incapable of caring for the flour, which he names Sacky, with an escalating string of Roman Numerals he adds on as each bag is somehow destroyed. Meanwhile, Ron’s parents have adopted a baby girl named Hana, and Ron is unhappy about it. Kim tells him he’s being ridiculous, but he is unmoved.

In mission land, Monkey fist has stolen an ancient scroll from The Yamanuchi school and Yori calls on Ron for help. Kim insists that he tell Yori immediately about their relationship and Yori is totally cool with it, but Kim is still a little jealous of the other girl. They defeat Monkey Fist, who is hunting for an ultimate weapon, who it turns out is Hana! Sensei placed her with the Stoppables so that she and Ron could learn from one another. Awww,

Season 4: Episode 10: “Fashion Victim”

Monique has been promoted to assistant manager at Club Banana! GO MONIQUE! Because of her new position, she gets a sneak peak at the latest fall collection and Kim does not. Kim is bummed but not crazed about this.

The designs are then stolen, by someone who looks like Kim and this causes friction between the girls, obviously. Camille Leon broke out of prison and is posing as Kim to get into the store is all. Camille is also hooked up with a group known as The Fashionistas, who we already met, actually, but episode order is what it is, who produce knock offs based on stolen designs. (They’re Forever 21! Retail humor…)

Ron’s subplot involves having to organize the Smarty Mart stockroom and a standoff with Barkin, who also works at Smarty Mart, but not in any supervisor capacity. It’s sort of fun, and Patrick Warburton gets to do some great unhinged work.

Boo-Ya’s And Nacos:

  • If you’d like to see more of Will Friedle unable to handle the fake baby assignment, I bet there’s a Boy Meets World episode where Eric screws up this assignment. But there’s also a Batman Beyond where Terry has to watch an egg. It won an Emmy. Bruce Timm is, not really a fan of it.
  • I love that Yori is totally over Ron, and happy for him and Kim. Healthy female dynamics are part of the great joy that is Kim Possible.
  • I kind of wish we got at least one scene of the Tweebs with their flour. I feel like that could have been great.
  • No Shego and Drakken this week. It feels weird.
  • Because Ron is stuck working in “Fashion Victim” Monique sidekicks for Kim. She does well, because, duh.
  • It’s fun to see Camille again, she’s a great match for Kim and shapeshifting powers are always fun.
  • The head designer of Club Banana is names “Coco Banana,” and it’s genius. As is Kim and Monique’s manager. Love it all.