I Like This Chick, She Has Rage Issues

As y’all know, I get emotional at certain things. I can usually see it coming. I didn’t expect any tears during Birds Of Prey And The Fantabulous Emancipation Of One Harley Quinn, and they came in one moment. My heart skipped a beat and I burst right into tears when Dinah Lance (Jurnee Smollet-Bell) finally let loose and we got a Canary Cry on the big screen.

That made me cry.

Anyway, on to the rest of the movie. It is an incredible triumph. It’s joyously funny, in a great silly way. Feminist without pandering or neutering itself. (Turns out just by centering women and making your villain a misogynist you can make a pretty feminist film even without posturing. Who knew? Oh, every woman ever, that’s right.)

Trying to explain the movie is beside the point for me, here, but it underperformed this weekend so GO SEE IT. Anyway, more thoughts, it’s framed around Harley Quinn trying to figure out what her life is going to look like post Joker. At first, she’s keeping the breakup on the DL, as she knows she’s crossed a lot of people in her career. But she finally snaps and blows up ACE Chemical (and then there’s a whole thing with a Bacon Egg And Cheese sandwich) and all hell breaks loose.

Harley finds herself in the crosshairs of Roman Sionus, AKA Black Mask, played deliciously by Ewan McGregor. Roman employs Dinah Lance AKA Black Canary (Jurnee Smollet-Bell, perfect) as a singer and enforcer, and Victor Szasz (Chris Messina) is his right hand man. She’s also being pursued by Detective Renee Montoya (Rosie Perez) They’re all looking for young pick pocket Cassandra Caine (Ella Jay Basco) who’s gotten her hands on the priceless Bertenelli Diamond, which holds the key to the vast fortune of an executed mob family.

Gotham’s underworld is also being cleansed by a mysterious Cross Bow Killer, who prefers Huntress, thank you. (Mary Elizabeth Winstead) and in the end, in order to survive, all the women band together to protect Cass.

There’s hijinks galore in between, fantastic action, plenty of swears. (The R rating is entirely for the use of the F word and some real bone crunching violence. It’s great) The movie is a brightly colored fever dream in places and totally perfect. Margot Robbie is a dream, the rest of the cast follows suits. (I have to admit hearing Rosie Perez’s actual Brooklyn accent next to Robbie’s exaggerated Quinn voice is hilarious.)

Seriously, this movie is so special. I’m thrilled with how DC movies have turned around in the past year. Aquaman was so fun! Shazam was miraculous, Joker uhhh, well Joaquin won an Oscar! And Birds Of Prey is so much fun. This gets me super psyched for Wonder Woman 1984, and also, as I realized Black Widow. 

All the super hero movies I’m looking forward to this year are about women. That’s incredible, given that a few years ago, no one even knew if Wonder Woman was going to ever happen.

You’re A Loser, Eddie


In the past six years, I’ve watched a lot of movies, and I’ve enjoyed most of them. Even the bad ones. I’m pretty good about rooting out stuff I won’t like and find things I like even in movies that I don’t really care for.

Once in a while though, I come across a movie that I watch and think, “my lord this is dumb, and I love everything about this.”

And that is how I felt watching Venom. 

Venom is not a good movie by any objective standard. The acting is hammy, the script is convoluted, the action sequences (save one) are muddy and nonsensical, and the effects are meh.

But boy is Venom a fun movie to watch. Tom Hardy sells the crap out of asshole with a heart of gold Eddie Brock, and Michelle Williams does well with her requisite “sad girlfriend” role, something she could probably do in her sleep at this point. (Though her, “new but not as interesting boyfriend,” is played by the delightful Reid Scott! I gasped and said “BRANDO!” out loud. I was not embarrassed.) (I recently learned that a lot of people’s first Netflix binge was My Boys, which makes me happy because that means more people than I thought are aware of that show.)

Venom suffers for being an attempt to start a Spider-Man connected universe without access to Spider-Man, but otherwise is pretty good, it reminds me of The Incredible Hulk, another totally meh movie that I greatly enjoy everytime I watch it. I’m sure when this pops up on a streaming service I already own I will happily watch it a few times.

As for those mostly only OK action pieces? The car chase in the middle makes up for all of them. Holy crap is it inventive and cool and uses the symbiotes powers in some very neat ways. And that post credit scene kind of encapsulates everything that’s wrong headed about people doing post credit scenes that aren’t Kevin Feige. Though I am, of course, always happy to see Woody. (Seriously, always.)

Anyway, the movie is fun. I’m glad I finally saw it, but also glad I didn’t run out to see it or anything because it’s not great. But it’s fine for what it is.


  1. The Incredibles 2
  2. Bohemian Rhapsody
  3. A Star Is Born
  4. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  5. Deadpool 2
  6. Mamma Mia: Here We Go Again!
  7. Ocean’s 8
  8. Infinity War
  9. Ant-Man And The Wasp
  10. Venom


Alita: Battle Angel: I can think of few better matches between source material and director than Robert Rodgriguez and Alita. The movie looks bonkers, and I”m always on board for Rodgriguez’s vision.

Into The Spider-Verse: THIS WILL BE THE GREATEST MOVIE EVER. I audiably gasped when Spider-Gwen (Shadow Spider? Right?) showed up.

Aquaman: You know how sometimes you just inhale deeply because someone is so attractive. This is pretty much how I feel everytime I see Jason Momoa, ever.

Glass: Hahaha, hahaha, hahaha. This is the most improbable movie to ever be made and I’m thrilled for it.

Renegades, World Building, And Other Thoughts


This summer, when I read The Lunar Chronicles, I eventually fell head over heals with the complicated and fun sci fi fairytale world that Marissa Meyer created. (Also, when I learned she got her start with Sailor Moon fan fiction, a lot of her decisions suddenly made a lot more sense to me.) And, I give an immense amount of credit to both  The Lunar Chronicles and The Dark Tower and their games of genre mashup, which helped give me the confidence to finally dive in and work past my fear of making The Marina Chronicle what I wanted it to be and to share it with people. (HEY! READ THE MARINA CHRONICLE! Also check out my facebook, where there is now an album of likenesses I created of many of the characters!) (The genres I’m mashing up are old school WB style teen dramas and epic fantasy.) (It’s easier than you’d think.) (If you live in my head.)

But, when I finished Cinder I thought, “I liked this, and I think the world is cool, but it took a while for me to get into it.”

And here’s the thing, the exact same thing happened while I was reading Renegades: Book 1, the first book in Meyer’s new series about super heroes and villains.

I love the conceit. A world where people with powers come to prominence, live for years in a world of villain sponsored chaos and then a group of super heroes defeat the villains and establish something akin to an autocratic rule. In the middle you’ve got a generation of teens who remember the terror of their childhood, but aren’t sure about the new system either.

At it’s center is Nova, a girl raised by supervillains, who infiltrates The Renegades, and find her loyalties torn when she falls in love with the son of two of the most influential Renegades.

This book has everything I love. Seriously, super heroes, girl lead, teens with powers, star crossed romance, murky motivation, philosophical discussions about the nature of human beings and societal constructs.

But it took me forever to get into it. Like, I would read a chapter, think, “huh,” put it down and then not pick it back up again for a week.

Finally,  because I’m starting a new reading project for 2018 in January, I decided I was going to finish it last night.

And once I got to about the halfway point, I was hooked. I was invested in Nova and Adrian’s love story. I was invested in the murky decisions the Renegades were making. I was invested in the Anarchists (the villain gang that raised Nova) and their goals. I was invested in Nova and her torn loyalties.

But, here’s the thing, this story that has all these elements that I love should not take nearly one hundred pages to hook me, and as it’s now the second time this has happened with me and Meyer, I think it must be some disconnect between me and her way of kicking off stories.

But I like her stories, so I guess I’m going to keep reading. And in the end Renegades was very worth it.

Anyway, about that 2018 reading project? Like The Vonnegut project, (cut off early, and unfinished, because my depression was sort of kicking my ass, and I needed to lighten up my media intake for a bit) (this is also why I haven’t watched The Punisher yet and I’ve been rewatching Psych!) (Psych is awesome!) (And really good for depression watching.) (It’s so perky and life affirming!) it’s about making sure that I stretch my brain a little bit. I’m going to read an epic novel every months of 2018. I’m starting in January with War And Peace. (What, Natasha, Pierre And The Great Comet of 1812 has nothing to do with the decision…what a ridiculous thought.) I’ll also be tackling Dune, Middlemarch, David Copperfield, Infinite Jest & probably Ulysses.

That’ll push me up to June, and I’m sure others will come to me in that time, but I’m SUPER open to suggestions. I’m trying not to reread any epics I’ve already read. Though I’m overdue to try Les Mis again, and I’m curious what my new slightly woker self would think of Gone With The Wind and no visit to Middle Earth is wasted, it’s time to expand my view a little bit. ESPECIALLY looking for epic novels not written by white dudes. Or white people in general, as my those first six are REALLY white. (I’ve also already read The Color Purple.)


Hey everyone! Today kicks off costume season. (It was delayed a week due to me being in Texas instead of at Lead East!) Tonight I’m off to the Sonic Boombox/NYCC Heroes & Villains Party. (Followed by a day at Renn Faire, which we’ll talk about next week)

I’m taking it as a chance to dress as neither a hero NOR a villain, because I’m difficult that way, and debut my Red Hood costume.

It’s a simple and very fun outfit. Jeans, a black tank top which I attached the Red Hood symbol to, a brown leather jacket (seen previously in my Captain America costume…two such different characters) and of course a white hair extension.

I’m carrying a toy gun, which I picked up at Spirit Halloween. And I have a red domino mask, but I’m still not sure about using it…

This one’s gonna make a return at New York Comic Con, probably Thursday, because, well, easy to ride the train with it on, but we’ll see!

Sailor Moon Check In: Ick Factor & Hooray!

Hi everyone! I missed last week’s check in because I was getting ready for the wedding and doing a few show related things, but I’m all caught up now. And here’s where we are

Sailor MoonManga:

Hahahahahaha! I haven’t even read regular comics in two weeks because I haven’t been feeling it. There is no way manga was happening. That said, I’m going to be at ACBC this weekend, and I’m guessing I’ll be able to pick up Sailor V and The Short Stories there, so, there may be some movement here soon.

Greatest Cartoon Ever Sorry Korra

I’m still 1 episode behind, but since next week is a Crystal week I’m OK with that. (I’ll have 3 instead of 4, and this week I have 5 instead of 5, it evens out).

God I love this arc, but what I loved that most about this week’s episodes besides awesome new opening that features Neptune and Uranus. (And Nikki, I AM SO ON BOARD with your Neptune crush, she’s not Mars, but I get why you love her, she’s amazing.) And oh yeah THE RETURN OF CHIBI-USA.

Guys, I missed her so much. I missed her so much that when Usagi started seeing Luna-P at the Juban Festival (which Rei organized because OF COURSE SHE DID) I got all giddy immediately. I like that we’ve got Sailor Chibi-Moon in the mix, and we’ve seen Rainbow Heart Attack, and also that it’s pretty much useless, but guys, I missed the kid and I’m glad she’s back.

But not quite as glad as I was to see Haruka and Michiru in kimonos, because OMG SO PRETTY! But seriously, I really liked that.

Oh right, plot. Professor has a new Minion, and there was a Daimon who was trying to steal Usagi’s heart, who had her voice, and that taught Mercury and Uranus that like, not EVERY pure heart is a talisman and also killing all the pure hearts is like not the way to go here. And, also Venus got to disguise herself as Sailor Moon, which is fun, since the whole “Venus as Serenity” plot always makes me think of Star Wars: Episode I: The Phantom Menace and how Padme pretended to be a handmaiden, instead of the queen, which…if she hadn’t done that might have saved the galaxy some grief, but also wouldn’t have born the chosen one, or whatever…also then Han probably would have been lonely.

I don’t know how I made this about Star Wars, but let’s move on.


Ugh, we’re into the ickiest portion of the Dark Moon arc and I just want it to be over. Usagi has been imprisoned by Prince Demande and he’s revealed his totally rapey intentions toward Neo Queen Serenity, because she looked at him like he was dirt and control control control. Also Usagi learns that she can’t transform but the power of her friend-feels (I don’t know what else to call it you guys, I’m sorry) wakes up Mercury, Mars and Jupiter and they start planning to find her, which is a fun scene. Also, Minako literally falls to her knees and screams in frustration at one point, which, I feel you girl, I really do.

King Endymion (I wonder when in the 2000 or so years that they were alive Usagi and Mamoru decided to ditch the new life names and just go by their Silver Millenium ones. Also what happened to the rest of the Tsukino family? Mamo-chan is an orphan but like Shingo and Usagi’s parents are pretty good people. Did they die? Do they live in the Crystal palace?) goes to Pluto to ask her to help the other Senshi and she’s all “I’m on it,” and Chibi-Usa sees this and decides that this means Pluto isn’t her special friend anymore, because like Mother like Daughter? So she runs through the space time door which leads her to wise man, which will lead to Dark Lady, which will lead to…ick…

Overall this was a strong episode that I enjoyed a lot, but I just really don’t like this part of the story, so there’s that.

Other Stuff

I’m guessing that the convention is going to give me some fun Sailor Moon moments, and since this is technically a Crystal week, I’ll be reporting on it after.

Here’s The Sitch: Kim Possible Season 1 Episodes 19 & 20

Hey guys! We’re closing in on the end of Season 1, so next week I’m only going to do one episode, then take a week off before diving in to season 2. This is mostly because I’m going to be away week after next, but also just to give myself some breathing room.

Anyway, let’s talk about this week before we do anything else.

Kim Ron Rufus

Season 1: Episode 19: “Monkey Ninjas in Space”

There are so many things that I love about this episode. Just it’s title is sort of everything great about the show. Back when the show was new, I always loved Monkey-Fist, and Ron’s ties to the mystical Monkey Power, and the idea of Monkey Ninjas is so bonkers fun, and I’m a fan of sending just about anyone into space…so basically this ads up to a winner.

Monkey Fist has retrieved a Golden Banana, which when placed before an ancient scroll will reveal the secret to becoming the “Ultimate Monkey Master,” which is, obviously, what he wants to be. The Banana releases the spirit of a the “Monkey Monk” (heh) who says that they need to follow the smartest monkey to the stars, making the master, “unstoppable.” The smartest monkey turns out to be Frederick, a trained astronaut monkey, under the guidance of who else? Dr. James Possible!

Mr. Dr. P. is excited to bring Kim to the annual “Rocket Booster’s Day.” He founded the group when Kim was little to show her that science was cool, and is having trouble accepting that his Kimmy-Cub just isn’t that into the whole thing anymore. Luckily Ron is super into it, or at least into the rocket shaped cookies that they’ll get to eat.

There’s a fun bit of animation where Ron is actually bouncing with Glee in the back of the car as they drive to the lab.

Frederick immediately identifies Ron as a friend, and as Ron is terrified of him, this leads to some good comedy. When Monkey Fist attacks and insists that Frederick lead him and the monkey ninjas to the stars, he goes along, in order to protect his friends. (Frederick also speaks with a computer, look, there’s a lot of monkey related suspension of disbelief in this episode.) Ron, of course, winds up in space and Kim and Frederick rescue him.

Kim also gets up the courage to tell her father that she’s growing up and he begrudingly accepts it. It’s actually one of the most organic, “Kim’s teen girl life” and “Kim’s hero life,” episodes in the series, and that’s one of the reasons it’s one of my favorites.

It is revealed to the monkey ninjas after Monkey Fists’s apprehension that in fact, the “Monkey Master” is “RON Stoppable,” not “Unstoppable.” Again, this is an important world building detail that becomes a really big deal later on.

Season 1: Episode 20: “Ron The Man”

You want to know what’s fun about watching KP after years of studying feminism in an academic setting and reading tons of articles dissecting popular culture from a feminist view point, and even writing a few pieces of that kind myself?

EVERYTHING, that’s what. But in particular, this episode, which I recall finding a little bit irritating when I first saw it, becomes revelatory. Kim’s frequent saving of Ron, as well as their mostly platonic until the very end of the show friendship, are fun subversion of genre tropes, sure, but “Ron The Man,” actually spends a whole episode dwelling on what being a man means, a culture and attitude of toxic masculinity, and why being who you are, regardless of traditional gender roles can be pretty awesome.

Plus it’s funny.

Anyway, Drakken and Shego are scaling a mountain to steal something called a “pan dimmensional vortex inducer,” only to thwarted by Doctor Dementor, who, is Drakken’s other nemesis, but as an evil doer. He’s frustrated, especially when he sees Dementor’s, big strong, competent henchmen. Shego suggests that Drakken go see Jack Hench, a villain consultant, but Drakken balks at the cost. So Shego decides to go steal some new HenchCo tech, with her boss’s blessing.

Meanwhile, in Middleton, the students are presenting projects on their personal histories, and Ron talks about how he became, “The Man,” pointing to his Bar Mitzvah as the true proof, when it’s revealed that his Rabbi never signed his Bar Mitzvah certificate, he has a crisis. It doesn’t help that Barken points out that he’s constantly being saved by a girl and he’s small and weak. He talks to his parents who assure him that he’s fine as he is, as do Kim and Rufus.

Wade buzzes in with the call that Jack Hench has asked for their help, and it turns out that Shego stole a ring that provides instant muscle enhancement. Ron uses the ring to feel more manly, but everyone else hates not just Ron’s ridiculous new physique, but his cocky attitude.

Drakken, meanwhile, brings his new buff Henchmen to Las Vegas to steel back the Pan Dimmensional Vortex Inducer from Dementor. Their fight is interupted by Kim, and Ron runs into his rabbi, who assures him that he can be a man, without the bulk, and it’s this realization that saves the day.

Boo-Yas and Nacos

  • Elliot Gould and Andrea Martin voice Ron’s parents. Just in case this voice cast didn’t rule enough. Patton Oswalt is Doctor Dementor.
  • When Kim convinces her father to let her take his new ship into space it’s a great moment for them.
  • Ron’s appreciation of those Rocket Cookies does not get old, throughout the episode.
  • Little Kid: Are you here to babysit us?
    Kim: No. (It’s not a great joke just, delivered perfectly by Christy Carlson Ramano.)
  • I love Shego in this episode, she and Kim get really competitive and it’s really fun.
  • The Vegas, Las Vegas hotel where Dementor is hilarious, and actually very close to my experience of the city last month.
  • Mr. Stoppable: I prepared a lot of advice about manhood.
    Ron: Huh, well, you can talk to Rufus, he’ll brief me.
  • Ron: Kim, how often do you save me?
    Kim: I don’t know, sometimes? Frequently.
  • Monique is immediately disturbed by Ron’s muscles, because Monique is always right. (Have I not made it clear that Monique is my favorite.)
  • Monique: Since when do you care what Brick and those other guys think?
    Ron: Since…right now, when they accepted me.

Sailor Moon Check In: It’s Kind Of All About Chibi-Usa huh?

So this is a very strange and awesome week for a check in, things just kind of aligned, but I think it needs to be noted at the end. But we might as well get started.

Sailor Moon




We ended “The Dark Kingdom” arc and now we’re into “The Dark Moon” arc, which is going to be fun. But I guess we’ll talk about the finale, which involved the essence (though not ghost persons)  of the Senshi to empower Usagi as she defeated Queen Metalia and made out with Mamoru. Also they all met on a bridge and cried for a minute, which was, fine I guess. But really, this episode of Crystal was all about Luna, which I am surprisingly OK with? Basically, it’s Luna’s prayers to the moon that finally give Usagi/Sailor Moon/Princess Serenity the power she needs to win her fight. We also get a glimpse of “Luna’s People Body” which if you follow, Nikkisee’s blog at all, you know was a big part of our conversavation. Anyway, The Good Guys Win, and Usagi and Mamoru are about to smooch and be awesome when all of a sudden a weird pink haired little child falls out of the sky and kisses Mamo-chan instead.

Yeah, Chibi-Usa has landed on Crystal…so that’s going to be fun


Big week for Chibi-Usa…to be kind of the WORST. So first, this little stinker STEELS USAGI’S TRANSFORMATION BROOCH, because “Usagi is selfish and ungrateful…” or something? So, she knows that Usagi is Sailor Moon, and Puu (Sailor Pluto) has said, “You have to trust Sailor Moon…” and also doesn’t she know that SAILOR MOON IS HER MOTHER? and yet she doesn’t, UGH…this kid just is the worst. Anyway, this gets the rest of the senshi abducted by Rubeus.

Speaking of Rubeus, can we talk about how Sailor Moon has 4 levels of bad guys? They have henches, they have middle bad (whichever Shittenou was scheming at that particular moment, the Spectere Sisters) and then a third level (Beryl, Rubeus) and then the big bad (Metallia, The Dark Moon Clan) that’s pretty cool, and fairly unique.

Anyway, Chibi-Usa being the worst doesn’t change how awesome it is, when Usagi stands on Mamoru’s balcony and decides she’s doing whatever it takes to get her friends back. Or Mamoru convincing Chibi-Usa that what she did was wrong and hurtful, and it was so cute.

Also, there’s a cute scene where Luna and Artemis decide that they should disguise themselves as Chibi-Usa, which is both cute, and impossible, because they’re cats. I mean, they’re cats and they wanted to pretend to be a child. They are adorable for this.

In the end Usagi saves everyone, Rubeus gets dead, and we’ll see how everything goes moving forward, but I think we can all agree that this week belonged to Chibi-Usa and Luna.

Also, there’s a badass new opening. There are melty Dali style clocks which are great because TIME TRAVEL SHENANIGANS! I can’t wait for more of them.


I stare at a version of the Sailor Mars outfit that I could order from a Chinese bootleg website every week. I haven’t ordered it. I might not ever. But I look at it longingly.


Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now 3: Start of Fall Edition


Hey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the things that are obsessing me these days. (Of course if you’re really interested you can follow my twitter or like my facebook page and see these obsessions develop in real time!) But as fall comes around my obsessions tend to shift (again, twitter, facebook. You’ll see!)

  1. Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I decided to watch this over the weekend because I had the house to myself and wanted to binge something that I knew my siblings and parents wouldn’t be into, since I had the opportunity. Rather than watch Buffy or Veronica for the fiftieth time, I thought I should go for some new content, and I am so glad that I did.
  2. Analyzing the feminist implications of Avatar: The Last Airbender. My god are the girls on this show fantastic stinking awesome, heroines and villains alike they are fascinating, powerful and interesting. I start thinking that Katara is my favorite and then Azula pops up, and the Toph does something great. It’s just so amazing and I love that there’s a generation of kids who grew up watching them and a generation of creators will draw on this show and these characters for influence.
  3. Speaking of influencing kids and feminism: Lumber Janes! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THIS COMIC BOOK! I’m late to this party but it’s spectacular. I’ve only gotten one issue, but the camp gets attacked by raptors from the bathroom and there’s a Were-Bear Lady.
  4. Football Season! The Giants kind of stink, but I still love watching games.
  5. The return of pumpkin flavored things. Pumpkin coffee! Pumpkin Ale! Oh, how I love Pumpkin Ale!
  6. In the same vein, today I wore my favorite fall outfit. Brown sweater, orange skirt and brown Frye boots. Best!
  7. Fantasizing about the Gotham fanfiction I’m going to write once I understand how that show’s universe works. Yes, I’m at the point where I am anticipating writing fanfiction. I think I’m a little too far gone.
  8. Scandal and Revenge come back next week! Twisty turny soapy violent goodness. Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda! Olivia and Jake ran away on a plane! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
  9. Aless is watching Once Upon A Time. This makes me incredibly happy. For more information on this, again, see twitter and facebook. I’m sure there will be interaction.
  10. My NaNoWriMo project that I am outlining! I was going to write this as a comic and then realized I could do it as a novel and it fits much more with what I’ve always wanted this story to be. I’m really, really excited about this.
  11. My birthday dress, which came yesterday. So pretty, so fancy, so exactly what I wanted it to be!
  12. Speaking of dresses, who costumes Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who? Did you see that little black dress she wore in “Listen?” So freaking gorgeous. I’m obsessed with all of her clothes.
  13. Also The Twelfth Doctor. I love him.
  14. Chrissy’s Twitter. We will now live tweet things together whenever possible even when not in the same room. Feel free to enjoy.
  15. On last night’s New Girl Reid Scott played a guy Jess was hitting on at a wedding. In my brain, it was Brandon from My Boys. I picture Jess and PJ hanging out talking about how the guys in their lives don’t “get” them all the time.
  16. Mindy and Danny as a couple on The Mindy Project! They’re adorable.
  17. NEVERENDER! I’m going to Coheed in Montclair next Thursday
  18. The Girls Poop Rainbow Podcast. A part of my “listen to girls on my phone too” initiative, I’m very glad I found it. Check them out.

So, that’s what I’m into right now. See you later.

Aless’s Justice League Dream

Apparently my best friend dreams in cartoons. I’m publishing this because

  1. It’s one of the best Justice League Stories I’ve ever seen.
  2. Everyone should get a glimpse of what a conversation between Aless and I actually is.
  3. I’m lazy and didn’t feel like writing last night (again, sorry!)

So here it is, in her own words:

First thing you should know is that my dream was animated and it was in the same style as the Justice League cartoon show, which makes sense because my dream included the Justice League. I was Wonder Woman obviously haha.

Really, they look EXACTLTY the same.

Really, they look EXACTLTY the same.

So here’s how the story goes…

An evil magician transports the entire Justice League to Germany 1944 and takes away their powers hoping they die in the war and can’t interfere with his world domination plans in the present. Since all the JL members are scattered, first thing to do is to find them in the battlefield. Superman and Batman find Flash (Barry) and Martian Manhunter, I (Wonder Woman) find Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Wally and slowly but surely we all find each other, there’s only about 12-15 of the members, I don’t remember all of them. Only the ones who where fighting against the magician where sent back aka the main ones. We steal uniforms to infiltrate a convoy headed to Berlin. We do this because as you know the Justice League was already sent back to WWII once and we have to avoid running into our old selves and altering that timeline because that would be bad So we head to Berlin, once we get there and start investigating we realize that Hitler isn’t real. He is a puppet controlled by the same evil magician because he needed to create chaos and needed people to experiment on without drawing too much attention to himself. He needs to create 2 points of chaos in history in order for his plan to work. Don’t know why? He’s evil, that’s what they do.

We manage to get in Hitler’s inner circle because we figured if he’s a puppet there must be some way to get to the magician through him. Someone was helping us get to him and it turned out to be Stauffenberg (I think that’s how is spelled, he’s the man who tried and failed to assassinate Hitler in July 1944). His attempt to help us is just that, he tries to uncover Hitler as a puppet but fails. Anyway, we don’t get caught and somehow we gain access to Hitler’s bunker and find a secret door leading down to the evil magician’s lair. While the rest of the league searches for the magician, Batman and I fight some of his puppets (btw we’re the only ones with strength. Batman doesn’t have superpowers so there was nothing to take from him and the magician only took my weapons not my amazon strength haha!) and capture the magician , but turns out he was also a puppet. He takes his face off like a mask, which is kind of disturbing and sets off an alarm that traps all of us in a maze-like structure and we only have an hour or less to escape before it heats up and microwaves us. Most of the doors close but with the help of the Flash, who somehow got his powers back, and my amazon strength we jam the last door which gives us time to get everyone out of there.

So that’s what happened there. She wanted to clean it up more. But I insist that it was perfect.

Hopefully I actually want to blog tonight…but I’m not making promises anymore. Thinking of scaling back my schedule. I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated

If I Were A Rich Ock

So, around this time last year, I wrote about the connection between my two favorite art forms in a very vague and conceptual way. This post is a little bit more specific. It’s mostly about the fact that the longest running superhero actor and one of the greatest actor’s to portray a supervillain are both huge Musical Theatre Guys.

I’m of course talking about Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina.

Hugh Curly
Alfred Molina Fiddler
Now, I should note, that I don’t particularly care for either Oklahoma or Fiddler On The Roof as shows, but both Hugh Jackman and Alfred Molina totally owned the roles of Curly and Tevye respectively and made both of those show watchable.

And it should be noted that around the same time, they both played other iconic roles.

Alfred Molina Doc Ock Hugh Jackman Wolverine

Um, they also played Wolverine and Doctor Octopus, in case you weren’t paying attention to life for about fifteen years. Anyway, I’ve always found Hugh’s double appeal deeply interesting (and thought that it would bode better for Les Mis, frankly) and the idea of Molina doing the “If I Were A Rich Man” Shimmy’s with Doc Ock’s multiple arms has created many mind giggles for me.

But tonight after seeing Beautiful: The Carole King Musical (Which was amazing, and stars Jake Epstein from Degrassi: The Next Generation) Mary, my mom and I headed to Tony de Napoli’s, a restaurant near the theater, where we’ve gone before. One of the thing’s that’s fun about the restaurant is that they have different characatures of various Broadway shows and actors around the restaurant. Here are the pictures of Jackman and Molina:

IMG_1609 photo (1)

Please note how Tevye has Doc Ock arms and Peter Allen has Wolverine claws. Also note how this is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.

I’ve had too much wine to be analytical, but this is super fun for me.