In the latest excellence in Fangirling, this post by Nikkisee about Yoshi. Despite my abysmal lack of knowledge about all things gaming related, I do love Yoshi and I miss my N64 more than is at all reasonable.



In just two short days, on March 14,

Yoshi’s New Island

for Nintendo 3DS comes out!  I’m definitely planning on picking up a copy.  I love Yoshi.  This adorable dragon totally appeals to my girly side that loves cute things.  Before I get a chance to play Yoshi’s New Island, I wanted to talk about my favorite Yoshi game:

Yoshi’s Story


It’s not secret that Nintendo 64 is my favorite of game consoles, and I first played Yoshi’s Story rented from Blockbuster.  Remember when that was a thing?  I (or, I guess, my mom?) actually rented this multiple times until I finally bought a copy.  Back then, I didn’t have much independent purchasing power.  I loved the colored-in drawing style, and the all the colored Yoshis!  The multi-colored Yoshis were a real selling point for me.  Pallet swaps can be so much fun.  My favorite was the light blue!  Most…

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