Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 7: Episodes 17-22

Next mega sized post! And we’re through Season 7. So close to the end here!

Season 7

Episode 17: “At The Bottom Of Everything”

Haley is not ready to accept that her mother is dying. She’s researching treatment, and even gives her medical records to Nathan’s doctor. Her mother is just not interested in treatment at all, even though she’d also terminal, there’s nothing to be done. So the James clan, minus Taylor, has one last Christmas together, because that’s what Jamie thinks would be best.

Mouth and Lauren continue to bond, this time playing video games together. Also, Millie runs into Owen at an NA meeting and Mouth gets jealous, and so he asks Lauren out and I actually like the idea of them as a couple.

Brooke and Julian come close to getting back together. She gets all dressed up to meet him at a hotel and walks into his room and finds a naked Alex in bed and she’s really, really mad about it. Alex didn’t in fact sleep with Julian, but with Alexander. Brooke misunderstood. Or something.

Clay goes to recruit a tennis player. It turns out she looks a lot like Sarah.

Episode 18: “The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance”

So, Haley’s mom dies, like for real, she collapses and in the hospital, she shares memories with Haley and Quinn and wishes that they’d make up with Taylor. So Quinn goes to see Taylor, who then has a confrontation with her mother about being a disappointment. Turns out that their mom sees more of herself in Taylor than her other children and it’s all very sweet. Haley teaches herself how to cook her mom’s chicken and dumpling soup because what else is she going to do? Quinn makes a slideshow.

Lauren and Mouth decide to go for it and kiss, but then it turns out that Skills comes home whoops!

Brooke punches Alex in the face, because she thinks that Alex and Julian slept together. When she realizes what actually happened, she tearfully goes to Julian and they get back together. Also, it turns out that Alexander is also sleeping with Victoria, so, that’s kind of fun.

Oh, and that tennis player Clay went to sign? She’s crazy, and wants to marry him after hanging out with him twice. She tells her roommate, Iris West, that she’s exactly his type. She dies her hair blonde so that she looks even more like Sarah, and it’s so creepy and weird and great. Her roommate Iris, should totally call her foster brother/love interest, The Flash to trap the crazy lady.

Episode 19: “Every Picture Tells A Story”

Quinn is opening her gallery, and it’s been a while since we had  a party full of drama in Tree Hill, so I’m pretty happy about that. Haley is not doing well dealing with the death of her mom, and also she’s pregnant.

At Quinn’s show, Crazy Katie, who has decided she’s going to replace Sarah, buys a portrait of Clay. It’s bonkers and kind of great.

Victoria gives Alexander a blow job and gets caught, because Lauren and Mouth get caught by Skills, who tells Lauren that he moved back for her. Guys, it’s been so long since we had a best friend centered love triangle. It’s nice to see that back here.

Magical Bartender and Miranda continue to be adorable, but it turns out that she’s being deported. So, that kind of sucks. But they’re adorable, and his name is Grubs, which I now remember.

Oh, also Alex and Josh, the guy in Julian’s movie, made a sex tape and it might be getting leaked.

Episosde 20: “Learning To Fall”

So the sex tape thing hits the fan. Turns out Josh leaked it himself, because he’s gay and he’s trying to stay closeted. That’s really it. Alex agrees to pretend to be his girlfriend because she’s sick of everyone thinking she’s a big slut. So, that’s an arangement that’s going to work out.

Brooke tells Mouth to talk to Skills, as Mouth often encouraged her to make up with Peyton. Lauren says the same to Skills. They do make up and I guess that Mouth and Lauren are a thing. Also Millie and Mouth have a nice moment about all of this.

Haley is just, kind of a train wreck, and it’s pretty great. I mean, it’s not great for Haley, but it’s great for the show.

Grubs keeps asking Miranda to marry him so that he won’t get deported. That’s a thing that’s happening. It’s incredibly adorable and I can’t get enough of them, even if they feel like they belong on another show.

Not belonging on another show? Crazy Katie. Who I adore. Her roommate, Iris West, comes to see Clay and it turns out that Katie is off her meds, and has been collecting picturs of Sarah. She also comes to see Quinn and threatens her. I’m really excited about this story, it feels old school. And also it involves Iris West. (I know that Candace Patton is not actually Iris West, but I’m just so excited to see her!)

Episode 21: “What’s In The Ground Belongs To You”

Haley is really not doing well. She sets her piano on fire, and she’s fantasizing about drowining herself to “The Sounds Of Silence.” Everyone is just trying to protect Jamie, but you know what? After seven seasons of Nathan’s moping, I think it’s her turn to be a teensy bit dramatic. But it is unsettling. Even more unsettling is that she’s leaving long sad messages on her mom’s voice mail.

Not that it doesn’t cause for an adorable B plot with Quinn taking Jamie on a treasure hunt and a lovely scene between Brooke and Nathan where Brooke teaches him about laundry. Seriously, can’t get enough of when those two are friend-y.

Chase is back, and it turns out Mia broke up with him via text. Then she shows up and they have a tough heart to heart conversation. Also, Miranda and Magic Bartender break up, and the whole thing is very heart breaking.

Crazy Katie shows up again, but also it might have been Sarah’s ghost, Clay isn’t sure and it’s starting to make him feel crazy. Iris West does not show up in this episode.

Julian sells his movie to a film festival.

Episode 22: “Almost Everything I Wish I’d Said The Last Time I Saw You”

Everyone’s off to Sundance (that isn’t Sundance) to see the movie premiere and try to sell it. This episode harkens back to the cabin episode from season 4, but isn’t as good, because season 7 isn’t as good. But everyone is also using the trip to help cheer Haley up. She’s in therapy at least, after trying to drown herself “to feel something.” Also, Haley tells Nathan that she’s pregnant.

Julian is in full freak out about the movie and can’t even watch it. However, Brooke is being really supportive and sweet. Eventually, he sells the movie and then they go for a walk in the snow and he proposes! HOORAY!

Skills and Mouth decide that it’s time to be friends again, and Skills wears a ridiculous coat. Alex hits on Chase and Josh decides that he’s going to come out, but he wants to go see his parents first. It’s very nice. Clay and Quinn have some fun sexy times, and Quinn and Haley talk about their mother. When they’re settled back into the beach house, Crazy Katie shows up and shoots them! IF ONLY HER ROOMMATE IRIS WEST HAD GOTTEN THE FLASH TO STOP HER! (This headcanon is going nowhere). We have a cliff hanger.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

It’s blurry. I watched it all very quickly last night and this morning. But I liked it. There’s not a lot of depth here. Even Haley’s depression seems too broad and it’s kind of a bummer to me. But overall it’s fine. It’s a perfectly fine show. I’m just not hooked like I used to be.

I was super psyched to see Candice Patton though, like, REALLY psyched.

Overall Analysis of This Season

I’m running in place here you guys. I wanted to enjoy this season, and I didn’t hate it, but the show is at the moment, a pale shadow of itself. Only Crazy Katie and Alex are really worth watching at this point, even though I love Brooke and Julian, I just don’t care enough about these storyline. But I’m pushing through, I’ll get there, I promise.

Nowhere Special…I always wanted to go there

gene-wilder-blazing-saddlesGod, 2016 sucks for celebrity death, huh?

So, now we’ve lost Gene Wilder as well. I could go on about his work more than just about any of the others. Seriously.

But I just keep coming back to Blazing Saddles, a movie that, no matter what’s happening in my life, is going to make me laugh my ass off.

A lot of people are going to talk about Wonka today. (And they should, he’s spectacular there), but I just want to leave you with an image of The Waco Kid.

Thanks for the laughs, Mr. Wilder. Hope you’re finally nowhere special!


Game Of Thrones Winner: “Second Sons”

I had this whole thing sewn up and then we got to the end of the episode and I realized that this was a different episode than I thought it was, and that’s why this week’s winner is Sam.


Sam killed a White Walker that was coming to steal Little Sam, who is not yet named Little Sam. But still, killed a White Walker, and he’s pretty much the only character to have done that at this point.

Runner up goes to Daario Naharis though, because he meets his new girlfriend. And this is the old, hotter Daario. But you know, whatever, either way, he’s totally up on the win list for that.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

Missandei gets threatened with rape a bunch in this episode where we meet the Second Sons, and Grey Worm offers to cut out the Titan’s Bastard’s tongue. I mean, he does this for Dany, but I think he also does it a little bit for Missandei, because I mean, he loves her right?

Sansa’s Agency Watch

Sansa marries Tyrion. He also gives her a little bit of agency back, by you know, not raping her on her wedding night. I also noted a change from the books that I’d forgotten about. In the books, Sansa refuses to kneel at her wedding so Tyrion can put the cloak on her, and Joffrey winds up having Ser Dontos make himself into a footstool for Tyrion, but here, Sansa kneels. It’s an interesting change, that I think speaks to one of the big differences between book and show Sansa. Show Sansa is a lot softer.

Arya Badass Watch

Arya almost hits the Hound on the head with a rock. She changes her mind.

Robb Is A King And Kind Of Bad At It

No Robb this week. After next week, no Robb ever again. *SOB*

Closet Cosplay: Gotta Catch ‘Em All!

This week, I decided to dress up as a couple of Pokémon. My two favorites in fact! I know I’m about two months late, but I only started really earnestly playing Pokémon Go a few weeks ago, and, well I had other stuff planned.

This week, not so much!

So, here we go!


Charmander is always my starter, so I thought it was a good way to go. Simple enough, I went with an orange skirt and yellow top. I also stacked some orange and yellow wooden bracelets!


This is a simple one too, but I really like the outfit. Brown skirt, blue shirt and yellow scarf. I’m also wearing a pair of turtle earrings that my mom brought back from South Carolina a few years ago and a bracelet with star fish on it.

That’s what I’ve got this week! Also, if you want to see some more cool closet cosplays you should check out my friend Lora! She’s joined in on this fun! Here’s her Instagram!



And That Is The Least Of It

I love stories about storytelling. I think it’s because I’m a writer that’s up my ass about criticism, but nothing gets me quite like talking about why stories matter to the larger world. (We like being reminded that we matter.)

Kubo And The Two Strings is not exactly a meta narrative, but it is deeply invested in both craft and stories, which fit in well with Laika’s hand crafted stop motion animation style. Kubo is beautiful, heartfelt, just scary enough and something of a triumph.

We follow our eleven year old hero Kubo as he hunts for his long dead father’s mystical armor, in the attempt to thwart his grandfather, the wicked Moon King, and his two aunts. His grandfather stole his eye when he was a baby for vague mythological magic reasons, and his mother has lost her mind in her grief over his father and trying to protect him.

Kubo is aided in his adventure by Monkey, a guardian brought to life by his mother’s magic, and Beetle, a samurai transformed into a giant amnesiatic bug man, because that’s the single coolest thing ever.

There’s a lovely twist that drives home the family theme of the whole thing and as I said before, no one makes movies quite like Laika. Kubo is another truly wonderful entry for them.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Don’t Think Twice
  3. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  4. Pete’s Dragon
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. Captain America: Civil War
  7. Kubo And The Two Strings
  8. Star Trek Beyond
  9. X-Men: Apocalypse
  10. The Legend Of Tarzan
  11. Suicide Squad
  12. Finding Dory
  13. Independence Day: Resurgence
  14. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Sing really does look so adorable. I can’t wait to watch it. I probably won’t go in the theater though.

Moana – It feels so close, and yet so far away at the same time. But like how you couldn’t keep me away from Creed on Black Friday last year, you’re not keeping me away from Moana this year!

Surprised, but also glad there was no Miss Perigrine’s trailer. I’m looking forward to the movie, but I’m getting as tired of that trailer as I was of Jason Bourne

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 7: Episodes 11-16

This is a 22 episode season, so I’m splitting the last two entries on it into six episodes each. To keep myself on the track of finishing this season without a seven episode post.

Season 7

Episode 11: “You Know I love You…Don’t You?”

Oh, the drama. So, Nathan gets an offer to play on a team in Spain, while Haley has to decide if she wants to go out on tour. Torn, she breaks her, “not talking to Quinn” rule, so that she has someone to talk it out with. Quinn tells her that she’s always loved that Haley was a caretaker but that she needs to take care of herself. Which is why in the end, Nathan and Haley agree that she and Jamie will go on tour and Nathan will go to Spain and everything will be fine, because Haley deserves to have her dreams too. AWWW.

Speaking of dreams, Brooke and Julian are dealing with the fallout that she can’t have children. Julian says he’s fine to Brooke but then tells Alex that he really wants kids. Alex then brings Brooke a bunch of fertility brochures and Brooke freaks because, you know, Julian confided in Alex instead of her. So then she confronts Julian, Julian confronts Alex, Alex slits her wrists in a bathtub. You know, the usual thing.

Meanwhile, Millie still continues to be the worst. When Mouth and Alex try to talk to her, she’s just bitchy to them, and when Victoria bails her out of jail. She just goes to McKenna to get more coke. It’s all awful and I hate everything about it.

Dan gives Rachel a bunch of money to leave, because Jimmy’s mom comes to yell at him about exploiting his crime and her son’s death. Dan seems to have grown a conscience and it’s very strange. Rachel is not happy about it.

Clay goes to Arkansas to sign a quarterback, who is meant to be his Cuba Gooding Jr. in Jerry Maguire, but then realizes that he can’t give the kid what he needs and decides to leave Tree Hill. He does this leaving a very pretty, crying Quinn in his living room. Skills gets that job in LA, by submitting a video of a recreation of White Men Can’t Jump with Jamie and Chuck. Jamie and Skills have a very sweet talk about grown ups needing to leave the town where they grew up. (I too have been thinking about this a lot…)


Episode 12: “Some Roads Lead Nowhere”

Alex’s suicide attempt leads Julian, Brooke and Millie to all reevaluate their situation. Julian fights to get their movie financed, explaining to Brooke that he sees a lot of his mother in Alex and he wants to save her. Brooke sort of gets this but is still pretty annoyed by it. Millie enters rehab and she and Mouth break up. But then she immediately runs away from rehab. SIGH.

Dan decides to end his show and give all of his money to charity because you shouldn’t profit off the cold blooded murder of your brother. Then he gives Rachel divorce papers and goes to see Jamie who says that he forgives him. It’s pretty sweet.

Skills is moving to LA and he and Lauren break up. It’s fairly low drama but still pretty sad. Also, Quinn helps Clay with some Shenanigans that lead to him getting Nathan a deal with The Kings, so that he can at least stay in the US. Then he tells her that he’s falling in love with her and they go swimming in the ocean.

Meanwhile, Nathan, Haley and Jamie get ready to say good bye to Tree Hill, by being whacky all over Tric. Also, it turns out that the magical bar tender is actually an amazing musician, and Miranda signs him.

Episode 13: “Weeks Go By Like Days”

It’s been six weeks and everyone seems pretty happy. Except Brooke, Julian and Millie. They’re pretty miserable, so let’s dive into that first. Brooke is working on her men’s line along side the vaguely Hemsworth-ish Alexander. By this I mean he is good looking, blonde and Australian. He is, however, not even close to Liam, the least of the Hemsworths in terms of charm and perfection. Anyway, she and Julian haven’t spoken in six weeks and when Julian sees her and Alexander together he totally misinterprets it and they get into a fight. Then Julian tries to explain that he can’t be with Brooke if she won’t open up to her and they break up and it’s awful.

Meanwhile, Millie goes to court and it’s the worst. Victoria then offers her another job. She also then goes to McKenna’s party, and then Alex pulls her out of it and tells her that she’s not going to let her go down the road she went down. It’s pretty sweet and Alex really is my favorite late era OTH character.

Quinn and Clay have their first official date, eating whatever junk he has in his fridge and going to see Haley’s big show, the finale of her tour back in Tree Hill. Jamie is bragging about the tour and it’s annoying his friends, so Nathan gives him a little talking to about not being a dick when you get to do cool shit. It’s a very nice dad moment. Everyone’s all happy and junk but then Taylor turns up in town with Quinn’s ex husband David!


Episode 14: “Family Affair”

One Tree Hill really is at it’s best when it’s dealing with drama between family members, and that’s one of the reasons why this is the best episode in a while. Haley is in full form freak out over Taylor and David’s coupledom, and Quinn is trying to pretend that she’s totally OK with it. Taylor is not helping the situation, by being herself. They all (James sisters and their respective men) and Haley isn’t even trying to hide her anger. They wind up having a huge pool hurtling physical fight and everyone agrees that Taylor is the worst, but also that David and Taylor are free to do whatever they want.

Mouth and Lauren clean up the Mouth/Skills/Millie/Lauren apartment (didn’t Fergie and Junk used to live their too? I mean what happened to Fergie and Junk? Did Millie kill them while in a cocaine fueled rage? I need that fic…) which was trashed, I assume when Millie threw a party. They do a cute little CSI bit about it too, and talk about how much it sucks to be alone.

Brooke and Julian sort of negotiate a peace and he’s decided that he’s going to direct the movie, mostly because Brooke encourages him to, which is adorable, and because who they originally had, a douche who kept hitting on and triggering Alex.

Oh, also, Brooke and Millie make up and I really hope she’s through her the worst phase.

Episode 15: “Don’t You Forget About Me”

This episode manages to pull off what “We Three (My Echo, My Shadow And Me,” could not. By exploring a couple of thematic connection and direct homages to John Hughes, we get to play with these characters in some great ways. Plus we see some kick ass 80’s fashion, and Cheap Trick is there.

The action hinges on an 80’s themed fundraiser that Haley and Quinn are throwing for the high school. Haley gets the 16 Candles plot, with it being her birthday and everyone forgetting it. Until the end, when Nathan shows up with a red corvette and then they get home and Jamie made her a birthday cake and they reenact that kiss.

Nathan and Clay get Planes, Trains And Automobiles, as they try to get to the dance after Clay’s car breaks down. It’s very cute.

Mouth, Fergie and Junk (HEY! They didn’t get murdered) riff on Weird Science, summoning Kylie as an internet date for Mouth to get him out of his breaking up with Millie haze. Then Mouth and Fergie get a Home Alone riff with Jamie. Which is adorable.

Meanwhile the saga of Brooke, Julian, Alex and Alexander continues. Alexander and Brooke go to the dance together, and Alex drags Julian. Brooke and Julian wind up chatting and decide to try to be friends. Also, Haley and Brooke reminisce about high school.

Here’s a thing that’s annoying about this episode though. Julian, Alex, Alexander and Clay are all at this party, but Junk and Fergie, who you know actually attended Tree Hill High, are on Jamie duty? Like, ask Julian to babysit, he loves Jamie.

Overall though the episode is very sweet, and Julian’s monologue about what made Hughe’s movies special really is quite sweet. And Cheap Trick is in his episode. CHEAP TRICK!

Episode 16: “My Attendance Is Bad But My Intentions Are Good”

Hey more James Family Drama! I mean, I guess after 6 seasons of the Scotts, it’s worth it, but also, like, who cares? Anyway, Haley’s mom shows up and we learn that her father died a few years back. (RIP Huey Lewis, who is not actually dead…but on the show, oh, you follow), and now she’s checking in with her girls (yes, Taylor is still around. Yes, she and David also already broke up) and as it turns out that she has terminal cancer and she isn’t seeking treatment. All three girls react differently, but Taylor packs angrily, gets into a fight with Haley and leaves. Quinn and Haley wind up coming around to it and decide to enjoy this time with their mother.

Alex is determined to get Julian and Brooke back together and has decided to set her sights on Alexander. Also Millie goes to an NA meeting after very nearly using again after some girls see her working in the C over B store and recognize her from the “Zero Is Not A Size” campaign and she freaks out.

Most of the run time is dedicated to the James girls, which is a nice change, but also, as I said earlier in the season, I just don’t care much. I never liked Taylor, and while I’ve come around on Quinn, I still think they’re taking emotional short cuts when it comes to her and it offends me that a show that once had a storyline as long, slow, satisfying and emotionally mixed and Peyton and Jake would ever take an emotional short cut.

Also, like Lucas and Peyton wouldn’t run home learning that Haley’s mom was dying! It just strains credibility at this point.

Oh, right and Miranda and The Magical Bartender who’s name I can’t remember are totally in love and it’s sort of adorable. Miranda is probably my second favorite new character after Alex, so I’m into it.

Overall Analysis of This Arc

Look, I’m in this for the long haul. I’m going to finish. But it’s getting hard. Like X-Files season 9 hard. The storylines are meandering and disconnected. The characters are boring. The big set pieces are starting to outweigh the emotions. Brooke and Julian are still great, but beyond that, I’m just not really getting anything from the show right now. But I’m giving it the chance to come back around. I mean, X-Files sort of did right? (But then it got awful again.)

Jellicle Cats Come Out Tonight

I went to go see Cats on Broadway last week. And here’s a thing that I’d forgotten, how much I love Cats.

I’ve said a few times that I’m trying really hard to remove ironic detachment from my cultural experience. There’s too much content that I do enjoy to spend time on stuff that I don’t like but want to mock. But I went to Cats deeply unsure if I was going to be able to enjoy it genuinely or not.

It’s an easy show to mock, because it’s weird enough that you can’t quite call it mainstream, but schlocky and successful enough that it’s certainly not considered “arty.” But it’s most certainly experimental, and strange and oddly beautiful.

Cats is a show that I think means more to theater performers my age than just fans. We saw this show when we were little and we sang these songs and approximated these dances and there’s something beautiful about that.

So I didn’t ironically enjoy Cats,  didn’t laugh at it’s corny approach, didn’t mock the actors. I loved every moment of it, genuinely and deep in my bones. I walked around for days after singing “Skimblehshanks The Railway Cat” and practically skipping.

It was all great.

Game Of Thrones Winner: “The Bear And The Maiden Fair”

Easy enough winner this time. This week’s winner is Jaime Lannister!


Jaime has a nice long talk with Qyburn and realizes that he needs to go back and save Brienne. He does, and they fight a bear together, and then he says he’s taking her back to King’s Landing and so begins the best maybe a romance, but not really in all of Game of Thrones.

Runner up goes to Dany, who’s just being a boss all over Yunkai. She has zero time to for any of their bullshit.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

Missandei is doing very well in her stand next to Dany and recite titles role. Grey Worm is doing very well in his stand and look bad ass job. They are not in love yet.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

No agency for Sansa, Margaery does try to help her reframe her marriage to Tyrion. And also hits on her a little, I think? I’ve been spending too much time in feminist online forums I think.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

Arya has one badass moment in this episode. She states that The Red God is not her one God and when Thoros asks her who her god is, she says quietly, intensely, insanely badassly “DEATH.”


Who Was Jaime A Dick To?

Jaime is a dick no more my friends. I’m going to have to get rid of this feature. I’m going to miss it a lot.

Robb Is A King And Kind of Bad At It

UGGGGHHHH. He’s going to the Twins, and he’s making Edmure marry a Frey. And it’s all SO DUMB. And then he’s all, having really hot sex with Talisa, and she tells him she’s pregnant and it’s just, so much NOOOOOOO!

Tywin Schools Joffrey

This is a new feature, because if I couldn’t talk about it in another forum, I would literally give Tywin every win. This time he basically tells Joffrey that he, Tywin is the one really in charge here. Joffrey is nothing. He’s garbage.

Cosplay Corner: Best Pilot In The Resistance

This week’s Cosplay Corner is all about my favorite character in anything from the past few years. (Though seriously, Scorpius Malfoy is giving him a run for his money), and all the Rogue One talk over the week got me thinking about Star Wars again, and that lead to Poe Dameron.

Obviously, I’ve already covered my full on Con Version of the costume!

Also, I finished the Renn Faire Poe costume this week.

So, let’s talk about that

Renn Faire Poe Dameron

The base is simple enough, the same eyelet dress I used for Renn Faire last year, and my Disney World pirate costume, as well as the “corset belt” from those costumes. They will presumably be the base for all Renn Faire-style costumes moving forward, it’s comfortable and fits well.  I added an orange overskirt for the flight suit, and grey lace up tank top as a bodice, to represent the chest piece. To cover my head, I went through a few ideas, but landed on a kerchief style black headband, which I’ll add the Resistance symbol to in red, to riff on his helmet. Seriously, I bounced back and forth between a red and black flower crown, a red circlet with a black snood, some kind of cap, before I realized that this is what I needed it to be, simple, but very evocative. And then my Belle apron, and the Resistance symbol jewelry that I already own.

I’ll be at New York Renn Faire with it in a few weeks, and PA Renn Faire with it a few after that!

Closet Cosplays

Jakku And Escape

I’ve been trying to figure out this one for a while, and I think this outfit cracked it…Green skirt, brown leggings, my cream Doors tee shirt, and brown leather jacket. And of course the Resistance jewelry again!

Flight Suit

Y’all have seen this one in my Disney pics, but I just love it. My orange dress, which is one of my absolute favorite pieces of clothing. Black belt, and white cotton vest. It’s simple and perfect and I love it.

Who’s Elliot?


Like every trained musical theater singer since 1977, when Pete’s Dragon was initially released, I have stood in front of an audience and attempted to melt hearts with the plaintive ballad, “Candle On The Water.”

So I went into the new version this week, ready for Pete’s Dragon to tug on my heart strings. I did not expect to weep my way through the third act and still be crying when I got home. This movie is beautifully emotional and terribly sweet and absolutely lovely.

I barely remember the original movie beyond the song, but I think I was pretty fond of it as a child, and the image of the little boy Pete, curled up with dragon Elliot has pretty much been stamped in my brain. And that gets reproduced ten fold. Oakes Fagley is incredibly endearing as Pete. This is one of the greatest ever child performances, almost completely natural. Also, he roars at a bear to try to scare it away, and your heart melts.

Bryce Dallas Howard is all love and warmth as Grace, the forest ranger who finds Pete, and Robert Redford brings a certain folksy gravitas to the proceedings as her father, who once encountered Elliot on a hunting trip.

The movie keeps the story small and focused, which makes the spectacle of a CGI Rendered dragon all the more special, and allows the sweetness of the characters to come through fully. Even the antagonist, a logger played by Karl Urban isn’t nasty, he’s just, well, confused and a little bit shallow. (Although his eventual plan does basically come down to “Part 1: Catch Dragon; Part 2: ????; Part 3: PROFIT!)

I’ve ranted about Disney being on a roll, and it really isn’t stopping, but what’s most interesting about these remakes is finding new ways into these stories, while keeping their hearts. Pete’s Dragon has a lot of heart.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Don’t Think Twice
  3. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  4. Pete’s Dragon
  5. Ghostbusters
  6. Captain America: Civil War
  7. Star Trek Beyond
  8. X-Men: Apocalypse
  9. The Legend Of Tarzan
  10. Suicide Squad
  11. Finding Dory
  12. Independence Day: Resurgence
  13. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Moana: I’ve seen this trailer so many times, and I love it more and more each time. I’m so excited for this movie, and I’m even more excited to be in Disney World with a new princess to meet! (And Lin-Manuel songs to sing…)

Sing!: This looks so goddamn charming even if it also looks a little bit stupid.

Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them: Look, if the past week has taught me anything it’s that I’m never going to be able to leave The Wizarding World. I will take whatever door I can to get there.

The Queen of Katwe: This movie is going to make me cry a lot, I have a feeling.

Monster Trucks: This looks dumb as anything, but also charming and has Jane Levy in it. I miss Suburgatory enough to see this dumb movie about monsters who build truck engines.