Players Gonna Play, Play, Play

I kicked off 2015 with a dance party with two of my best friends in the world. If you would like to take part, you’re welcome to also have a crazy dance party.

Reenie, Katie & Chrissy’s NYE 2015 Dance Party Playlist

  • Kick Things Off With the African Safari episode of Beyond Belief, because you absolutely should just do that. “No a rhino!”
  • “Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift
  • “Fancy” by Iggy Azaela
  • “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor
  • “Bye Bye Bye” by NSYNC
  • “Say You’ll Be There” by The Spice Girls
  • “Let’s Go To The Mall” by Robin Sparkles

Have a Happy New Year! I’m off to Vegas! Hooray!


2014: A Year In Fangirling

It’s kind of hard to believe how much happened this year, in particular with this blog and The Fangirl’s Dilemma in general. Basically, I’m going to check in with the various areas of fandom that I’m into.


Not my best year in books. I’ll get into why in a second, but I really, just, didn’t read many. (Of course “many” by my standards is still more than most people.) However, we said good bye to Percy and the gang with Blood of Olympus, and also closed out The Mortal Instruments with City of Heavenly Fire. I’m going to miss both of these series, but luckily, both getting sequels, so these worlds aren’t going anywhere.

In new stuff, there was Outlander. I will probably read Dragonfly In Amber this week, actually, depending on how much time I actually spend reading while I’m away. (I’ll get into that.) And of course there were my adventures in non fiction, which included Danielle Fishel’s Normally This Would Be Cause For Concern. I will basically never get over reading fluffy memoirs written by D-Listers. In more substantial reading, there’s Bad Feminist and Not That Kind Of Girl, which I only read a week ago, and makes me love/hate Lena Dunham even more than I already did. (She’s SO TALENTED, but also SO INFURIATING! GAH!) and Neverwhere, which I think may have displaced Stardust as my favorite Neil Gaiman book, and Anansi Boys and The Ocean At The End of The Lane…It was a big year for Gaiman. I’m bring Good Omens on my trip.


Wow, Comics, right? It was a big year for me and comics. Obviously, weekly reading of comics (and a lack of a public transportation commute) are a big part of why I didn’t read as many books…but it’s been an incredibly rewarding experience. After figuring out what it is that I like. DC Cosmic = Not so much. DC Street Level = ALL THE BOOKS! Marvel Cosmic = Is Bendis writing it? Or is there Star-Lord? X-Men = Probably not for me. (Exception for Bendis…) I also dipped my toe into the indie world. Lumberjanes proved to be the kind of joyful revelation I’d heard it was. Translucid revealed a new level of storytelling from two of my favorite writers. Wytches scared the Bejesus out of me. Edward Scissorhands and Fraggle Rock gave me plenty of nostalgic joy, and Bitch Planet, even with just one issue challenged me in ways I never expected a comic to. I’m bringing the first volume of Saga on my trip, and it better live up to the hype.

In mainstream, I rejoiced at Batgirl’s new look, even though I’m not sure about her new story. Kamal Khan became my own personal hero, and Carol Danvers reminded me what we’re all capable of flying if we want to. I was reminded of all the reasons I love Batman, and all the things I love about Superman. I fell head over heels for Daredevil and jumped right on that Deadpool bandwagon and had many of my more fangirly needs and impulses fulfilled by All New X-Men and Batman Beyond Universe.


Movie season will get it’s own write up when I finally get a chance to see Into The Woods and Annie. So, not this week. But in general, hey, who knew this Guardians of The Galaxy thing was going to work out as well as it did?


We have a new Doctor. Everybody loves him! I wish I could say that this was the most important thing to me, but even as much as I love Doctor Who, the arrival of 12 still feels like a blip, because this was a big TV year for me. Agents Of SHIELD got unbelievably good, The Flash is like, the best show The CW has ever made. (With all apologies to my beloved Gossip Girl and Hart of Dixie.) The Newsroom went out with a very un-Sorkin-like whimper, although he probably thought it was a shout. Game of Thrones is about to head into my favorite part of the story. (Arya Badass Time!!!!) Comedy has started to wane out of my life, just because all of my comedies are ending and the new stuff isn’t great. But I started watching a lot of Seinfeld reruns again, so that was pretty great.


It gets it’s own category because between Sailor Moon and Avatar: The Last Airbender/The Legend of Korra, it took up a lot of my time and bandwith. I am incredibly glad that I decided to watch these. I’m going to miss Korra like crazy now that it’s finished, but it had such a wonderful ending. As for Sailor Moon, the journey will continue weekly, bi-weekly, until I consume everything! I WILL HAVE ALL OF THE SAILOR MOON! Anyway, both (all four of?) of these shows have given me more in the last half of this year (or last third, actually) than a lot of the other media I’ve had on my list for years. I fell in love with characters, ships and two very different worlds that I never expected.

So I’m heading off to Las Vegas for a few days tomorrow! I’m starting off my year with some fun. I’ll still have posts go up, but I just wanted to thank everyone who’s been reading for the past year. It’s been a lot of fun, and I’m looking forward to more fun in 2015!

The Gift of The TARDIS

Doctor Who

I woke up in time to watch “Last Christmas” the Doctor Who Christmas special this morning and get it written up, which makes me infinitely happy. (Did everyone have a nice Christmas? I did. If you follow along, Tommy and I talked mostly about the joys of Korrasami.)

Anyway, the monster was the truly creepy “dream crabs,” who attach themselves to your face, and eat you, all while lulling you with soothing dreams. This caused, the Doctor, Clara and a team of scientists to dream about each other and Santa (and a super touching sequence where Clara dreams about Danny, because it wouldn’t be a Moffat Christmas special without a whole MESS of feels.)

But what stood out to me, more than anything else, in what was actually a really lovely episode was a very small scene between Clara and The Doctor. When he was trying to distract her by suggesting that Danny was cheating on her, she slapped him and revealed that Danny was dead, he revealed that he lied to her about finding Gallifrey.

They “Gift Of The Magi’d” each other, and it’s kind of perfect. He said that he found Gallifrey so she would stay with Danny, she said that Danny was alive so that he would go to Gallifrey.

“My hair grows ever so fast.”

I just thought it was nice, and also, I guess, Clara isn’t going anywhere? Thank God.

I was going to miss her.

Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now: Christmas Time Edition

Hey all! It’s a lazy blog day! Things I’m obsessed with right now (Some one them are Christmas-y others, not so much):

  • Michael Buble’s Christmas. This is a perfect Christmas album. His interpretations of “Santa Baby” and “All I Want For Christmas Is You” are brilliant reinterpretations of traditionally feminine songs. Particularly when he asks, “Santa, buddy, fill my stocking with Canucks tix, for kicks, throw me on the first line.” Adorbs. Also the original, “Cold December Night,” is probably my favorite artist specific Christmas song, except…
  • Jimmy Buffett’s “A Sailor’s Christmas” which actually might be my favorite Christmas song ever. It’s a beautiful little ditty where Jimmy puts his special talents to work on Christmas, a sweet ballad about Christmas in The Caribbean.
  • Chris Rock’s New York Magazine interview. I’ve mentioned growing up in a comedy house before and 90’s SNL was a big part of that. I’ve always loved Chris Rock, but GOD this is so good. Read it.
  • All the Into The Woods trailers. Just all of ’em. I can’t wait to see this movie. (Still not sure WHEN I’ll get to it. My Christmas week is pretty packed, but I need to find space for Into The Woods and Annie…)
  • My family’s inter cousin secret Santa, which for my mom’s side I’m running this year. This is less now that the drawing side of it is over and it seems like everyone got their names without incident, but for a good week, I was EXTREMELY preoccupied by it.
  • The Legend of Korra season 4. OMG, it’s so good. I even liked the much maligned clip show. Because I mean, it was lame, but they did a good job commenting on fandom with it. (Mako’s section dealt with shipping, Korra’s with ALL THE FEELS, and Varrick and Bolin’s with headcanon.) And we’ve seen awesome moments from both Katara and Toph, so I’m hoping we get something from Zuko and Spirit Aang at some point in the final two episodes.
  • Speaking of my new favorite fandom, The MarySue’s Avatar: The Last Airbender Newbie Recaps, having just felt all of these things just a few months ago, along with the “HOW DID I NOT ALWAYS KNOW ABOUT THIS?” aspect of them, they’re a fun read.
  • The brand new Wolf-Pop podcast network. Paul Scheer’s little pet project is pretty amazing. So far, I have 3 of their podcasts in my regular rotation (the only station that has more is Nerdist, because it’s Nerdist), Denzel Washington Is The Greatest Actor of All Time, Period With W. Kamau Bell and Kevin Avery, which analyzes each of Denzel’s performances and is just brilliantly funny, Maltin On Movies with Leonard Maltin (duh) and Baron Von, where they pick a new release and a theme related to it each week, and choose three movies in that theme to discuss, one that they love, one that they hate and one that was a “sleeper” that most people wouldn’t think of. And then finally Crybabies, in which Susan Orlean & Sarah Thyre talk about pop culture things that make them cry. I relate very strongly to this. (And fits into my ongoing, listen to more podcasts hosted my awesome ladies project, double win!)
  • Any “Geek Girl Gift Guides” and not just because of the alliteration because I just love almost all of the merchandise shown in them.

So that’s what I’m loving these days!

Holiday Geekery: Bat-Lantern edition

So, as you all know from the past two years, one of my favorite parts of the Holidays is getting to talk about nerdy stuff with my cousin Tommy.

Shut up.

We’re bonded and he’s away and college so we don’t get to do this a lot.

Seriously, rest of the family SHUT UP!

This year, we had a very interesting discussion, trying to decide if the Batfamily got Power Rings, which rings would they get.

If you’re a DC fan this is in infinitely hilarious and unending conversation to get into. So, here we go:

There are some very obvious choices.

Jason Todd would get a red ring. This man is all about rage. Anger. Raging Anger. That was not a difficult choice by any means.

We actually decided that Bruce Wayne would get a yellow ring, this took a little bit more deliberation, but if Batman is about anything he’s about mastering and then using fear as a weapon. Obviously a lot of power with the yellow light in that.

The Green would go to Barbara Gordon. This was a tougher call. We weren’t sure at first because, well, there is a runner up here. But Babs gets it. She’s brave and strong and the power of will is definitely something that she’s got in spades.

So about that runner up.

Look, you’re reading this, so you probably know how I feel about Dick Grayson.

Which is why I immediately nominated him as the choice to be the Bat-Family Green Lantern, and Tommy and I talked it out and we realized that no, Dick should be a Star Sapphire. Wielding the power of love and emotions in order to help people is like, the Dick Grayson-iest thing possible.

Damian doesn’t get a ring. What are you crazy? Giving Damian Wayne a power ring is like asking for the entire world to blow up.

Tim, um…we sort of forgot about Tim. Sorry Tim! We love you, we both really, really, like Tim Drake. A lot. I don’t know why we forgot. I think because we were SO EXCITED about the idea of Dick Grayson as a Star Sapphire. (And yeah, we’re both pretty psyched about John Stewart getting that power, because we really like John Stewart)

So that was my Thanksgiving. How was yours?

Also, now that we’re out of National Novel Writing Month (HOORAY I won!) it’s back to weekday updates. At least until I start revising…

A Time of Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Most of my blog friends have been listing some sort of “favorite Thanksgiving episodes” of things and I was going to do the same and then I realized that there was absolutely nothing like the greatest Thanksgiving episode of anything ever.

The West Wing “Shibboleth”

This is the best, best, best, Thanksgiving episode of anything ever, and is in the top 2 of my favorite West Wing episodes. (And Surely It’s To Their Credit is #1) It’s full of moments of greatness. Some worth mentioning:

  • Sam trying to convince Toby that they should procrastinate on writing the President’s Thanksgiving Proclamation by writing an action adventure series about Pilgrim Detectives. “With the big hats.”
  • C.J. and The Turkeys. This whole subplot. It’s pure Sorkin Greatness
CJ and Turkeys

CJ and Turkeys

  • The President gives Charlie the carving knife that Paul Revere made for the Bartlett family. Because Charlie is his son. It’s time to cry.
  • “I’m going to begin the singing and lute playing!” “Whatever.”
  • “We’ve been working really hard and we’d rather watch football than listen to a lecture about the yam in Latin.”
  • “Oh the President could give a damn what you guys are doing tomorrow Toby!”
  • “Did my sister put you up to this?” “No” “I’m shocked.” “It was my idea.” “I’m less shocked.”
  • Donna being completely baffled that CJ doesn’t know all of the Thanksgiving Traditions so CJ just starts shouting all of her various academic achievements
  • “We do not strut ever!” Leo’s speech to his sister is one of his absolute best and possibly the best that isn’t to the President himself.
  • Oh right, all of this happens as everyone is trying to figure out how to keep a bunch of Chinese refugees from being sent back to China, in a nice little parallel to the first Thanksgiving.

This episode was followed up by the equally delightful but not quite as high quality Indians in The Lobby, which does have the subplot of The President calling the butterball hotline while pretending to be a regular Joe from Fargo, North Dakota and shouting, “J’accuse ma petite fromage,” at the first lady, but it’s just not as strong an episode all around.

And there are no turkeys.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!

Thanksgiving Conversations

A lot of people look forward to different things on Thanksgiving. They look forward to the food, the parade, the football. I look forward to those and a few more specific things. The classic rock radio station in the New York area, Q104.3, counts down the top 1,043 rock songs over Thanksgiving weekend, and we always listen. It’s a lot of fun. After Thursday dinner with my mom’s side of the family, we head up to Connecticut with my dad’s side, hike up a mountain and cut down our Christmas tree. (This is followed by more eating. But the first part is very LL Bean.)

But my favorite part of Thanksgiving is that the wine flows, and I wind up having circuitous and deep and very important conversations with my cousins.

For example, a few years ago, my cousin DJ and I planned our double wedding to Diana Agron and Mark Saling. (It was Glee’s first season. Puck and Quinn were very important to us at the time.)

Once someone picked up the Rolling Stone Top 100 guitar players issue and hours were spent trying to decide if Clapton should have been number one.

Very important things get discussed, is the point.

This year, it went to my cousin Tommy. He walked in and hugged me. We haven’t really spoken in a while, since he’s just started Notre Dame. As the day went on we spent what felt like half the night discussing the upcoming Justice League movie attempts.

Tommy: But who’s the villain in Justice League going to be?
Me: I don’t know, Darkseid probably. I mean, no one else is really strong enough.
Tommy: Yeah, but wouldn’t it be great if well, I mean, if it was someone like Starro?
Me: Yeah, except for that Starro sucks.
Tommy: But that’s why it would be great!

Me: I’m just curious as to who The Flash villain is going to be. I mean, I guess it has to be Captain Cold. He’s the only one who isn’t completely ridiculous.
Tommy: Yeah, I mean, it could be Captain Boomerang.
Me: Being Australian isn’t a power! I know you’re just supposed to name a characteristic and like robbing banks and then boom, you’ve got a Flash Rogue, but still.
Tommy: They did sort of skip a step there.

Me: I am disappointed that Green Lantern isn’t going to count, because Ryan Reynolds is such a good choice for Hal Jordan.
Tommy: True, but now it doesn’t have to be Hal. It could be John Stewart!
Me: Or Guy Gardner.
Tommy: No. Not Guy. Guy is terrible. We can see Guy, but he can’t be the Lantern on the team.
Me: Kyle Rainer would be interesting too.
Tommy: I just want it to be the Justice League cartoon. So then it has to be John.
Me: Tommy, you can’t put Hawkgirl in a movie.
Tommy: True, so you can sub her out with Aquaman, it’s fine.

Then Bobby, Tommy’s younger brother joined in. We’d left the potential DCFU and were talking about Batman.

Me: Well, I mean, there’s Battle For The Cowl, and Batman and Robin: Batman Reborn, which are my favorites.
Bobby: What happens there?
Me: Um, well, in Final Crisis Darkseid kills Bruce, but not really, he just sends him back in time. Then, well, Dick and Tim decide there won’t be a Batman, and Jason decides he’s going to be Batman, but he also starts just killing people, like all the time. So then the three of them all put on Batman suits, and fight. It’s ridiculously awesome.
Tommy: But Dick wins right?
Me: Yeah, well, kind of by default, because Tim doesn’t actually want to be Batman. But then Damian Wayne becomes Robin.
Bobby: Wait? That’s Bruce’s son.
Me: With Talia…I’m not doing it justice. But it’s amazing.
Mary (My sister): Why did Batman name is his kid “Damian?”
Me: He didn’t, Talia did. Ra’s Al Ghul means “The Demon’s Head” so, Damian, Demon.
Tommy: Comics, man. Comics.

Me: I just want a Wonder Woman movie out of this deal. But now that Whedon can’t do it, I’m worried.
Tommy: Haha, could you imagine Zack Snyder’s Wonder Woman?
Me: I’d really rather not. They really just need to rip off Thor. This isn’t that difficult.

Tommy: I mean, we know it’s Luthor right? For the next movie? We know that?
Me: We know it, but we don’t know it. I’m excited. Any time there’s Bruce and Lex interaction, I just love it.
Tommy: Well, it’s just a pissing contest. “I am good looking, brilliant and wealthy!” “No, I am good looking, brilliant and wealthy!” It doesn’t get better than that.

Me: It’s going to be called, Man of Steel : Knightfall or something else stupid.
Tommy: They have the opportunity to name this movie Batman VS. Superman, they should be calling it that.

This final statement is the main reason why 19 year old boys should not be allowed to make any decisions that actually effect reality…or possibly why they should make all of the decisions.

Either way, this prolonged conversation had become one of my all time favorite Thanksgiving memories.