The Great Convergance: Heroes VS Aliens

Last week, over the course of 4 (well, really 3) days, The CW did please us all, with a large scale, full on ridiculous, and amazing cross over event.

It really was great, and I felt even more vindicated in my decision to ditch Arrow, (Wow are the new kids dull, and although, I miss Diggle…) and my decision to catch up on Legends Of Tomorrow. (Guys, it did actually get good! Well, fun…well, watchable and fun, so good adjacent.) And of course, seeing the Arrowverse gang interact with Kara was a great deal of fun.

We started on Supergirl where things were pretty much business as usual, Alex, Winn and James were squabbling about who got to wreck Thanksgiving with their big life changing news, (Alex telling her mother she’s gay, James and Winn telling Kara that James is Guardian), Kara and Mon-El getting caught by Cadmus, finding out that Jeremiah Danvers is there blah blah blah. But during that Thanksgiving dinner, a weird portal opened up over the table. At the end of the episode, it opens again and out pops, BARRY AND CISCO! TAH-DAH!!!!!! They bring Kara back to their Earth, and we go to The Flash!

That’s where things really get going. After an alien ship crashes in Central City, Barry decides to recruit everyone he’s ever met to help fight, he starts with Oliver and Felicity and Diggle, obviously, but then hops right on over to Earth-38 and grabs Kara. Felicity hails the waverider and the Legends show up and we’re cooking with gas now.

Of course, The Flash gang still has their dramas. Cisco’s still angry about Dante’s death and Iris and Joe are not into Wally using his powers, so that’s going on. Meanwhile, the big crossover team heads to save the President from the aliens, they fail, of course, and get brainwashed, which leads to a knock down drag out fight. Sarah, Ray, Mick, Thea, Diggle & Kara verse Ollie and Barry, and it’s BAD ASS. It ends though, with Sarah, Thea, Diggle, Ray and Oliver captured in space.

Which brings us to Arrow, which gives us a (GASP, it’s like a thing this week) a vision of a world where Sarah and Oliver never got on that boat. Laurel and Oliver are about to get married, and Ray and Felicity are engaged, and Diggle is the Arrow. They realize that everything is fake and fight their way out. Also, there’s something with the new kids, and it’s fine but also I don’t care about them.

For their portion, The Legends, plus Felicity and Cisco travel back to the 50’s, the first time that these aliens landed. It turns out that they’re looking to eliminate people with powers as this makes the Earth a threat to them. They get back beat the aliens, somehow, I don’t remember the specifics, and then everyone celebrates. Ray points out that Kara reminds him of his cousin. (!!!!!) and then Cisco gives Kara a device that will allow her to jump worlds whenever she needs to. (MORE CROSSOVERS)

My favorite moment comes when Kara, Barry and Oliver group hug, much to Ollie’s chagrin, mostly because it reminds me of the Supergirl and Green Arrow friendship of JLU. 

Overall, I really enjoyed the cross over. It did require some familiarity with all three shows, but overall, pretty good. Way to go CW, keep giving me this. I love watching these characters interact.

We need to talk about Supergirl Season 2

I was worried about Supergirl season 2. Mostly because Calista Flockhart left and the idea of Supergirl without Cat Grant sounded preposterous. And also, because the show’s move in network and location might spell doom. I lived through the WB/UPN merger into The CW, I saw what happened to shows I loved. Gilmore Girls and Veronica Mars both lost their identity in that transition. One Tree Hill as well, but I think we’ve covered that.

I shouldn’t have been worried. The show has done a number of things to make sure that it stays afloat and after last night’s episode, I kind of can’t believe that it’s done as well as it has. The introduction of new characters (Mon-El, M’gann M’Orzz and Lena Luthor) have filled in the Cat shaped hole (it does take all three to do it, which is saying something.) and the coming out narrative for Alex Danvers has been beautifully and lovingly handled.

I’m less thrilled about James Olsen’s decision to become Guardian, though love what it’s done for Winn’s storyline, which was getting bogged down a bit into what I call, “Caitlin land” where they get nothing to do on their own.

Next week Kara heads over to Earth-1. (What number is Kara’s earth? 3? Can someone tell me this.) And I can barely contain my excitement. Almost as excited as I was when we learned that Batman is almost certainly a thing on Kara’s earth.

See, while Kara was denouncing Guardian she mentioned a vigilante that Clark once worked with, who had, “a lot of gadgets and a lot of issues.” That’s the only one person who that could be right?

I mean right????

You should understand, I’m less concerned about Batman himself interacting with Kara as I am about others who are related to him. You know, ex sidekicks. One in particular, and maybe not the one you think.


Very important.

Now, I understand that Kara of Supergirl and Kara of The New 52 are like, not even a little bit the same. And actually, TV Kara would fit better with Dick or Tim than Jason, but ever since this issue of Supergirl came out 2 years ago, I’ve been fixated on these two together.

And it could theoretically happen, now! I mean, I know just theoretically, because apparently The CW isn’t allowed to touch Bat characters, but hey, a girl can dream right?

Try To Stay Whelmed

So in the craziness that has been the last few days, there’s a piece of pop culture news that I didn’t get to properly celebrate.

Young Justice is coming back!

Young Justice


Young Justice is a perfect beautiful cinnamon roll of a show, focused on the teenage sidekicks of the Justice League. In it’s second season it expanded out to include just about every teenage hero in DC’s arsenal (Yes, Arsenal was also a very important character.)

It was also unceremoniously cancelled by Cartoon Network due to not capturing their desired demographic of boys ages 8-13. You know who did love the show? Girls ages 12-18 (and everyone with a modicum of taste.)

Yeah, this show was cancelled because too many teenage girls liked it and traditionally speaking, teenage girls don’t buy toys. They do buy just about every other branded piece of crap out there though, so it was a pretty stupid call.


I give you, Exhibit A

Anyway, DC fans have lobbied loudly and with gusto that we wanted a new season of the show, as season 2 ended on kind of a big cliff hanger, and this week, we learned that we’re getting the show back.

Now, as long as they save Wally West from the Speed Force, I’ll be happy. I also wouldn’t mind an full on exploration of Jason Todd (who we know exists in this continuity, as there’s a memorial to fallen team members and it includes him.) but I don’t expect it because while the Bat-Family are certainly a part of Young Justice, really only Dick is a main character. (Barbara pops up a few times and Tim has a couple decent episodes…but mostly, just our boy.)

I’d also like for Supergirl to get her due here, as she was conspicously absent during the expansion. I mean, it made sense, season focused largely on Superboy (Conner Kent, Clone of Clark and Lex Luthor version) and the second season was mostly about alien invasion. And they definitely didn’t skimp on the female characters. (Bumble Bee is a character in this show. BUMBLE BEE) But especially now, I feel like Kara deserves a spot on The Team.

Anyway, I’m glad it’s coming back! Now the waiting comes.

Everything’s Going To Be Alright, Wonder Woman Will Save Us


I know it’s election day. I haven’t voted yet, I’m going after work. But with a few very key exceptions, I don’t write about specific political events here  so we’re going to talk about something tangential.

Today, I want to talk about Wonder Woman, I want to talk about hope, and I want to talk about that trailer.

First of all, if you haven’t watched the new Wonder Woman trailer, head on over and watch it. It’s beautiful. Ordinarily when a new superhero trailer shows up I wind up flailing, or crying, or squeeing or some combination of all of those.

Not this time. I watched this trailer and I was excited, but mostly, I felt calm. I felt hopeful, and felt like everything was going to be alright. And then, I got even more excited because I think that’s how Wonder Woman is supposed to make you feel.

I want different feelings from different supeheroes, but from Wonder Woman, I just want a sense that everything is going to be fine, because she’s going to take care of it.

And if nothing else, this trailer reminds us that as women, with her as our representative (and we’ve had worse) it’s our job to get out into the action and get shit done. She protects her home and her world, because she can. She goes over the top in the trenches of World War I, she walks into a fancy party in a ball gown with a sword down her back.

It’s up to us to get shit done. It’s always been up to us, and this trailer, and what I want from this movie is a reminder of that.

Next summer can’t come soon enough. We need this.

Tomorrow can’t come soon enough. We need that too.


Hey everyone! Today kicks off costume season. (It was delayed a week due to me being in Texas instead of at Lead East!) Tonight I’m off to the Sonic Boombox/NYCC Heroes & Villains Party. (Followed by a day at Renn Faire, which we’ll talk about next week)

I’m taking it as a chance to dress as neither a hero NOR a villain, because I’m difficult that way, and debut my Red Hood costume.

It’s a simple and very fun outfit. Jeans, a black tank top which I attached the Red Hood symbol to, a brown leather jacket (seen previously in my Captain America costume…two such different characters) and of course a white hair extension.

I’m carrying a toy gun, which I picked up at Spirit Halloween. And I have a red domino mask, but I’m still not sure about using it…

This one’s gonna make a return at New York Comic Con, probably Thursday, because, well, easy to ride the train with it on, but we’ll see!

Never Forget, We’re The Bad Guys


If nothing else, Suicide Squad completes DC’s pivot away from the gritty “realism” and philosophical meditations on the nature of man and urban decay as presented by Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight trilogy and towards, well, comic books.

For better or worse, Suicide Squad wears it’s comic book roots on it’s spandex sleeve. I happen to think that’s for better, but it’s apparent that many critics feel it’s for the worse, because this movie is not doing well in the press.

And for that reason, I’m giving the movie a whole lot of latitude. A lot of it doesn’t work, but it’s pretty much impossible for me to a hate a movie where the first time Harley Quinn lays eyes on Amanda Waller she asks, “Are you the devil?” And Waller responds, “Maybe.”

Or where Batman drops out of the sky on Deadshot in an alley and tries to get him to back down peacefully, but when he doesn’t kicks the crap out of him.

Or where Captain Boomerang and Katana exist.

And where Amanda Waller is allowed to be “The Wall” in all of her grey moraled, stoic, refuse to budge, badass glory.

Overall, I really enjoyed the ride. The performances especially, (Will Smith in particular is excellent) and the mission, rescuing Waller from a city that’s being devestated by The Enchantress is a good one. The team, Deadshot, Harley, Captain BBoomerang, Killer Croc, Diablo and Slingshot, is a solid group of DC B-Listers (and Harley), lead and watched over by Katana (A fun addition, but not enough to make up for her deletion from Arrow, IMO) and Task Force X mainstay Rick Flag.

And while I loved pretty much everything that Margot Robbie did with Harley, and liked what Jared Leto was doing with The Joker, their flashback subplots were what weakened the movie. I get why they’re there, you’re average viewer doesn’t quite know Joker and Harley’s deal, but they didn’t seem to fit with everything else.

The thing is, I got something I’d been wishing for for a very long time in this movie, and that’s Viola Davis’s performance as Amanda Waller. She’s always been my number choice for that character, because she’s just so good at selling seriousness and bad assness, and is a physical match for the character and all. The post credit scene, which has her facing off in an empty restaurant against Bruce Wayne is a dream for comic book fans. (Affleck brings it once again in his three scenes, and Ezra Miller’s blink and you miss it moment as Barry Allen is also pretty damn great.)

Suicide Squad is head and shoulders above Man of Steel and Batman V Superman, though it can’t quite stand up to Marvel’s top tier efforts, it’s certainly not any weaker than the competition’s middle tier efforts. (It’s better than Iron Man 2, and about the same as Thor: The Dark World or The Incredible Hulk) But it most certainly does it’s job as the opening of a new chapter for DC movies. I’ll take it, is my point.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Ghostbusters
  4. Captain America: Civil War
  5. Star Trek Beyond
  6. X-Men: Apocalypse
  7. The Legend Of Tarzan
  8. Suicide Squad
  9. Finding Dory
  10. Independence Day: Resurgence
  11. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Assassin’s Creed looks like, so freaking good, you guys. So good. Insanely good.

The Magnificent Seven – You could show me a blank screen with that cast’s names scrolling past, end it with, “From The Direction of Training Day and The Equalizer” and I’d still be in for it. That the movie actually looks good, well, that’s just icing on the cake.

War Dogs – YAWN, snooze. I have no interest in this movie, like at all.

The Wall – Looks interesting. I understand we’re supposed to be mad at this movie from a social justice perspective because it’s about a white dude.

WONDER WOMAN – Trailer on the big screen made me cry like a baby. A proud, feminist baby. Even if no one else seems to be liking it much DC films is giving me what I want, so I can’t really complain.

Cosplay Corner: Wonder Edition

Hey everyone! In honor of the Wonder Woman trailer, (and some history made in politics, but we’re not getting into that here…) I decided that this week, I’d dive into Wonder Woman cosplay stuff. Now, Wonder Woman isn’t in my general stuff. Mostly because it’s one of Aless’s favorites, so she tends to lean into it.However, I have done Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark, Young Justice) and may do her again sometime.

It’s a fairly easy costume and it turned out really well. I wore a pair of red yoga pants that I owned already. I bought a black leotard with a turtleneck, and I ironed on the gold WW symbol, I bought the DC Bombshells Wonder Woman accessories, and a blond wig. I also wore Jazz sneakers, which are my favorite shoes in the world, because for people with normal feet, they force your feet to arch, but if you’re a high arched freak like me, they just fit your natural shape. I used to use them for dance auditions, now I use them to actually be comfortable at comic con.


Anyway, the leotard fell apart almost immediately which is why I’ve never worn it again. (I’m also not nuts about the wig, to be frank…)

Closet Cosplay

I did a quick Closet Cosplay of Wonder Woman at Wizard World Philly, but that was with the Wonder Woman accessories set, and that’s no good for work, and as we’ve discussed, these are all supposed to be work appropriate.

So, I threw together some other accessories. Jeans, and red tank top make for a good base. (Red Tee Shirt, will also work, I don’t have one of those though…) I also have this gold and black sparkly belt, which is my lasso of truth for the day. I’m wearing a bronze headband, and two similar silver bracelets. I’m Wonder Woman.

So that’s what’s going on this week with cosplay. Next week I have some cool stuff coming up, and I really am planning on pushing through this feature until after my birthday.