Crisis Management: Batwoman, Supergirl, Black Lightning & The Flash Week 4, Arrow Season 7 & Season 8 Episodes 1-3

We’re all caught up! Hooray! Which means I can start catching up on other things. (This Is Us is demanding some love…not to mention I’m weeks behind on Titans and Star Wars: Resistance…) So, all things point towards Crisis, and now that I’m not going to have to push through 20 hours of Arrow every week, I’ll hopefully be able to start linking everything up thematically.

We shall see…

Batwoman: Season 1: Episode 4: “Who Are You?”

When I reviewed Joker last month I discussed how even now, despite living in a world where I’m reviewing 5 superhero shows a week and there are still more on the air, I get really excited when Batman stuff crosses my path.

I just, really, really love Batman-mythos stuff, you guys. Kind of a lot.

Which is why, despite it’s rough around the edges awkwardness, Batwoman is doing right by fans like me. This time, because Kate Kane is fighting mother forking Magpie.

I’m no longer surprised by the depths of character lists that The CW goes for (they brought back Isis for Beebo’s sake!) but it still brings me great joy to see stuff like Magpie getting decently budgeted live action TV outings. Magpie is a jewel thief with a bird motif, and Kate has to stop her, especially when it turns out she’s also blowing things up. There’s a bit of a scare with Martha Wayne’s necklace, but Kate and Luke get it together, find the necklace and stop Magpie from blowing up a museum benefit. (It’s Gotham and there’s a museum benefit, so obviously, Batwoman had to show up.)

Kate also visits Mary in the batsuit, and leaves Alice’s boyfriend with her step sister for medical care. Mary is a little miffed by the whole “reviving a tortured dude,” thing and also doesn’t guess that it’s Kate under the mask. Reagan lays in on the line that she’s not willing to be blown off all the time, which makes her a spectacularly bad choice in rsuperhero girlfriend so Kate ends things, reluctantly. Also, turns out Catherine Hamilton was the one who faked the evidence of Beth’s death, so you know…Jake’s not thrilled about that.

Sophie continues to be around. Alice has not yet killed her husband.

Ruby Rose is still a bit stiff and awkward, but she’s getting better. She’s really at home when she’s in the suit, which is cool to see. She seems to unclench a little which I doubt is intentional, but works for the character. Kate’s freaked out about her double life, but as Batwoman, she doesn’t have to be.

Supergirl Season 5: Episode 4: “In Plain Sight”

James Olsen, farewell.

This was Mehcad Brook’s last episode. And look, James Olsen, Dreamboat Photojournalist/Idealist Vigilante never quite worked on the show, which is a shame because he is really, really handsome. Anyway, James is back in his hometown and is crusading against the prison system. Sure, whatever, we’ll miss you. (Kind of?)

J’Onn faces off against Mala’f’ak who has taken over Alex by now, which is just awful, for J’Onn, you know emotionally. Alex already suggested they use the gun that Hank Henshaw created to kill Green Martians against him, which everyone is just, like “WTF Alex?” to her about, but is a really good plan, and they wind up having to use it, which is tough, because isn’t that Alex’s job.

Lena helps Brainy be his best boyfriend self which is cute, even though she’s still working on the side to control the world with evil tech.

Oh also, bland rude British guy is totally going to be Kara’s latest doomed love interest, so we’ve got that going for us. (I miss Mon-El)

Black Lightning: Season 4: Episode 4: “The Book Of Occupation Chapter 4: Lynn’s Ouroboros”

Lynn is working herself to death, practically, looking for a vaccine for the pod people, and the greenlight babies, and she feels close. Jeff is frustrated that she’s agreed to stay working with Odell, and he’s super worried that they seem disconnected. He talks to Gambi about it, who suggests he make his marriage the priority right now. Fine, whatever. I wish we were seeing more of Black Lightning this season, but it’s clearly not going to happen.

Jen, meanwhile, is starting to side with Odell, which is really terrifying. She sees the occupation as a Net Good, in a control way. Which, I’m sure she’ll change her mind when she learns what’s going on with Khalil. Who, still working as an assassin. Going by Painkiller full time.

I really cannot stress enough how much I worry about these kids on a regular basis. I do like Jen’s new haircut, however.

Anissa and Grace are now committed, and Jeff meets her while freaking on Anissa for being Blackbird. Grace reacts by morphing into her teenage self, which is both weird and great. Jeff apologizes and tells Anissa he’s proud of her. Also they breakout a bunch of suspected meta’s from jail.

I have trouble recapping Black Lightning, mostly because it’s a busy show, with a lot of nuance and allegory. Plot isn’t really the point. But I am enjoying it, even if it feels like there’s not enough actual Black Lightning this season.

The Flash: Season 6: Episode 4: “There Will be Blood” 

Man, we’re halfway to Crisis and I can’t wait for it to be over, not because I want it to be over. I am so hyped for this crossover, y’all, but because “Barry is going to die and we all know it let’s talk about our feelings,” is exhausting. This week, Cisco tells Barry he’s being kind of a dick by being so Zen about the whole thing.

I agree with Cisco.

What else is new.

Anyway, Barry tells him they’re going to Save Ramsey Rosso as their final project together. Cisco says that’s stupid and they should Save Barry Allen.

Again, we’re in accord here Cisco.

Barry says no, and they create a treatment for Ramsey, and it doesn’t quite work, so he keeps stealing blood from people and creating zombies. Barry and Killer Frost fight the zombies. Sendhil Rammamurthy is doing a great job with Ramsey, even if I have to remind myself to call him that instead of “Mohinder.”

Iris and Ralph decide to team up to find Sue Dearbon, which is exciting because that’s Ralph’s wife in the comics! Yay!

Joe and Barry have a heart to heart about Barry’s death. Joe cries. I cry. Jesse L. Martin pulls me heart strings more than anyone. (Watches “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” Cries again.)

Arrow Season 7

Flash forwards! In a dystopian 2040, grown up, age appropriately written William finds Roy Harper on Lian Yu and they go hunting for Felicity. Along the way they team up with Zoe Alvarez and Dinah Drake, plus Mia Smoak, Oliver and Felcity’s daughter. There are some bits of mystery surrounding this future, what happened to Oliver (CRISIS!)? Is Felicity dead? (NO!) Is Rene’s old age makup ridiculous? (ABSOLUTELY!)

The season starts with Oliver in prison, but he’s out pretty quickly, which is fine. Also Diggle and Lyla are running ARGUS and Felicity keeps inventing really terrifying surveillance tech.

But then, Team Arrow becomes deputized by the SCPD to fight Dante and The Ninth Circle and then Oliver’s hertofore secret half sister Emiko Queen. Emiko was the result of Robert having and affair and then abandoning her and her mother at Moira’s insistence. Considering Moira did the same thing this feels a little hypocritical. Anyway, they win! They save the city, until they don’t, because apocalypse. And also, the Monitor shows up and tells Oliver that their “deal” to save Barry and Kara has come due.

Arrow Season 8: Episodes 1-3

Oliver’s Multiverse Adventure gets off to a strong start on Earth-2, where Oliver decides the best plan is to come back as himself, just 7 years after he did on Earth-1. His mother, Tommy and Malcolm are still alive, but Thea died of a Vertigo overdose. (Sad) Meanwhile, Laurel of Earth 2 is opperating as The Black Canary with Adrian Chase as The Hood. Sure, whatever, that works. Turns out Tommy’s the Dark Archer and is going to bring about the destruction of the Glades as revenge for Thea, until Oliver, Diggle (who followed Oliver world hopping with Cisco’s portal machine), Chase and Laurel stop him. Then Earth-2 is consumed by Crisis energy, and Laurel comes with Oliver and Diggle, which HELL YES!

Meanwhile, in 2040, Mia, Zoe, William and Connor Hawk are trying to getStar City back to good status, and do so by fighting The Deathstroke Gang, which is headed by JJ Diggle. OH NO! Nothing much happens here, but Mia’s Green Arrow outfit is pretty cute.

Episode 2 brings us back to Hong Kong and Katana! Hooray! Laurel is not happy and wants to get back home, and I can’t really blame her, so she and Lyla (also Yay!) So they find their way to a tech guy that Laurel worked with back in the Cayden James days, but she’s horrified (as is Lyla) when they learn that Earth-2 is just gone. It doesn’t exist.

It was pointed out that we sure hope Jesse Quick and Harry Wells were able to get away. I sure hope so too.

Oliver, Dig, and Tatsu go on a mission to save a scientist who’s studying multiverses for The Monitor, he’s being held in protective custody by the Chinese government. (They first think he’s being held as a dissident, which is a nice twist.) It was nice to see Tatsu again, Katana was a victim on this show of WB’s weird, “No TV versions of characters we’re doing in movies” policy. (Exceptions: The Flash, and anyone on Gotham. But that’s why we got Green Arrow on Smallville, they wanted Bruce Wayne.) So seeing her back was a nice touch. I’m into it. I like the whole farewell tour feeling of the season. Also, Lyla is working with the Monitor. Is she Harbinger? I’m into it.

Episode 3 is Thea and Talia’s turn for goodbye. Thea and Nyssa have succeeded in their quest to close the Lazarus pits, but Thea is still fighting with Athena for control of what’s left of the league. They go to meet up with Talia, as they can’t get in touch with Sara or Nyssa and they need League expertise for their mission, which is looking for some information on The Monitor that a League founder had. They retreive it, Talia and Thea agree they’re going to run the League together, and I really hope that Talia eventually crosses over with  Batwoman, where she belongs.

Meanwhile, in the Future, Connor, Mia, William and Zoe fight JJ. JJ kills Zoe and it’s brutal and I’m sad. I like Zoe. Plus, Rene deserves some kind of break. (I like Rene, he’s my favorite post Thea character.) But quickly there’s a flash of light and the kids find themselves back in the Bunker, but in the present. WOOOOOO!

In Other News

SUPERMAN SHOW STARRING TYLER HOECHLIN AND ELIZABETH TULLOCH. OMG THE ARROWVERSE GROWS AND GROWS. Actually I’m deeply psyched about this. In her 20 minutes or so of screentime in Elseworlds Tulloch was wonderful and Hoechlin has acquitted himself incredibly each outing.

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