I watched Arrow

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day. I’ve started a new job (again, I think I have some kind of complex), and made the mistake of picking up two shifts. I have trouble saying no when starting a new job because I want to come off as “enthusiastic” and “flexible.” Unfortunately, by the end of the second shift, I came off as “cranky” and “a zombie who couldn’t understand basic English,” but I think they understood that this was because of exhaustion.

Anyway, because of the super long work day, I got a three hour break in the middle. I went home and watched the pilot of Arrow with that time.

Um, OK, here’s what I’m thinking. With the exception of Smallville, super hero TV shows have not done well in the modern era. Heroes had it’s beautiful perfect first season, and then died a slow terrible boring death. The less said about The Cape the better. (Six seasons and a movie!) When I first heard about Arrow, as I’ve detailed here, I didn’t care much. Then I found out John Barrowman was going to be involved, got all fangirl squee and here we are.

Even though I didn’t love the pilot, it was fine, it laid out the players fairly well, and leading actor Stephen Amell is great.

Upon seeing this poster Kate remarked, “I would watch those abs…I mean that show.”

And really, using Green Arrow, a B-List superhero of the DC Universe is safe. While the fanboys will decry deviation, the general public won’t know if you’re deviating, there’s safety there. Although if it last I’ll eat my hat if Green Lantern doesn’t show up around season 3 or 4.

The pilot chronicles Green Arrow’s origins, which if what my friend John told me is accurate (he is my comics resource), was fairly spot on. After being stranded on a desert island for 5 years, millionaire Oliver Queen is rescued and goes home to Starling City and becomes the Green Arrow to atone for his father’s crimes. There’s an added bit about how on the trip that stranded him, he was sleeping with his girlfriend’s sister. (I assume it was added, this seems like pure CW-ness)

It also hit The CW sweet spots of good looking young people partying, a love triangle, “hot” music and pop culture references. Some of the most believable moments came from Oliver, not knowing things. He’s been gone since 2007, he doesn’t even know what Twilight is and didn’t see the ending of Lost.

Basically, I think the show has potential, if the Green Arrow’s origin story is kind of a snooze. (He’s not even an orphan, how does one become a superhero without being orphaned, I ask you?)

Preferably in the most traumatic way possible

I plan on watching until Barrowman shows up, and if I’m not hooked by then, I”ll probably opt out. Chances are I’ll get hooked though, The CW almost always gets me for at least a season…

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