There were so many things that I could have written about this week.

I have to wrap up movie season.

The Girls season premier.

The Golden Globes and Tine Few and Amy Poehller and everything that I love about them.

The new Star Wars comic.

The season premiere of Parks and Recreation.

But here’s the thing.

I just didn’t feel much like writing this week. I pushed through and got a few things up (Monday and Tuesday have real posts and everything.) But mostly I was feeling lazy and listless and like I’ve got nothing to say.

So this is me saying nothing. Neil Gaiman says that this is what you’re supposed to do when there’s nothing. Actually, all professional writers say that. So I’m writing, and maybe something will come out.

Nothing is coming out and I have to get moving and go to work now. I’m sorry for being lame this week guys. I promise that next week will be better.

(I have no guarantee that next week will be better.)

It will though, because, I mean, I’m spending the weekend in the city. I’m going to see Wicked, I’m seeing Aless for the first time in what feels like FOREVER. I’ll hang out with friends and talk and laugh. As opposed to this week, where I was in that “No longer sick, but still energy zapped, oh, and also work is super busy, HAVE FUN and also write blog posts.”

I’m exhausted. Here’s shirtless Chris Pratt

You're Welcome!

You’re Welcome!

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