Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Chibi Power Up

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Sometimes the soul of your friend has to break out of her cyborg body and return your mystical rock heart to you, so that you and the teenage incarnation of your parents and all their friends can save the earth from being consumed by a giant black ink monster with a spikey back.

Or you know, that’s the case when you’re Chibi-Usa, in this episode. Hotaru’s spirit refuses to be chained by Mistress 9, she saves the Senshi, she saves Chibi-Usa, and through the power of feels, Chibi-Usa gets her power up to become Super Sailor-Chibi Moon.

Mistress 9 explains the plan that Pharoah 90 has, which is basically to turn earth into a copy of their solar system. It’s actually the most practical of any Sailor Moon bad guy plans, except maybe for Galaxia.

But not everyone can be the best.

Oh, also, Tuxedo Mask decides to get up off his butt and finally fight for once. (I do like the turn around, story wise, of Mamoru sitting at Chibi-Usa’s bed side while the girls fight, it’s the sort of thing that Sailor Moon does exceptionally well.)

Anyway, the Super Sailor Moons and the Inner Senshi get to work fighting the scary monster that popped out of Mistress 9.

And that’s the cliff hanger. Overall I’m thrilled with this arc and how it’s been paced, but it is hard to keep track of which fight happens where now that we’re in the climactic battle with the big bad.

But I’m excited to see Saturn, who has to be coming next week right? RIGHT????


Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5: Episode 6-10

OTH Season 5

Season 5: Episode 6: “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

So much comes to a head in this episode and it’s so beautiful. Jamie has been having nightmares about Dan because Skills told him that Dan is in prison and not dead, as he’d always thought. Lucas has a stress dream about Lindsey turning him down the way that Peyton did. He confronts Peyton about that night and they have a big screaming match about how he’s a big entitled baby. This is after she tells Haley that she doesn’t like Lindsey and Lindsey hears.

It’s very dramatic. And seriously, poor Lindsey. I really do pity her.

Meanwhile, Carrie has started hitting on Nathan, subtly but it’s happening. Haley is noticing and is trying to put boundaries up, but Carrie is smashing through those boundaries.

Mouth has been having an affair with his boss and that is also not going terribly well, but he’s at least enjoying himself. Mia tries to play for Victoria and chokes, which actually leads, in a round about way to the whole Peyton meltdown.

Oh, also Haley and Lucas come up with the plan of having Q read Les Miserables in order to stay eligible to play ball. And that is a really hard assignment and absolutely awesome. I half expected it to be The Grapes Of Wrath though, because that’s Lucas’s favorite book.

Season 5: Episode 7: “In da Club”

Everyone heads to Tric for a party night and of course there’s tons of tension because of the Peyton and Lindsey issue. Lucas is still determined for them to get along and everyone is like, why? Listen to your friends Luke, they are wise and understand that you are a massively huge dumbass. Anyway, Lindwhole night flirting sey finally tells him off, and he goes to Peyton to be all, what’s your problem, and they kiss. But then he asks Lindsey to marry him. Ugh, the whiplash.

Mia is performing and she’s got stage fright. K-Fed shows up and heckles her but she kicks ass just to prove him wrong. Then he’s obnoxious to Haley and Nathan gets in his face. Haley gets Nathan to back down, but Q punches him in the face instead. It’s a pretty great scene. Haley then gets pissed at Nathan about it. But she’s actually pissed because she saw the Lucas and Peyton kiss.

Brooke spends the night trying to flirt with Owen the bartender and keep Victoria from being completely embarrassing. Mouth and Millie go on a date. Carrie spends the night agressively hitting on Nathan and he does not shut her down. It’s pretty gross and awful.

Season5: Episode 8: “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

Lucas and Lindsey are engaged! Peyton is heartbroken over it, and I don’t really blame her. this is a terrible set back for her, but also, Haley is right about the fact that when she said no, she gave Lucas the space to move on and she can’t be angry about it. But that doesn’t stop Peyton from being really, really mad.

Brooke, meanwhile, is still in the flirt circle with Owen. He’s being infuriatingly opaque with her, and while I absolutely love that she pulls the old school naked in his back seat move in response to his “what’s under all the clothes, Brooke Davis?” question, there’s nothing better than her ranting to Jamie about how annoyed she is by him.

Mouth and Millie watch a ballet together and have their first kiss. It’s adorable. Also, Mouth gets a shot to cover the next Raven’s game.

While proposing, Lucas lets Lindsey know that he was waiting to propose until he wrote a second book, because he’s afraid that just being a basketball coach won’t be enough for her. This is actually very nice, and Lindsey’s response is also great. I actually really like Lindsey, even though she’s just doomed. Meanwhile, Haley’s really busy with school and Mia and Carrie is picking up more slack at home and entrenching herself further with Nathan and Jamie, and even kisses Nathan.

But the crazy still hasn’t come out yet. I’m waiting for the crazy.

Season 5: Episode 9: “For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know”

It’s the first Raven’s game of the season, and everyone is meditating on the past and also Carrie quits, right as Nathan was about to tell Haley about the kiss. He still feels guilty. That’s kind of the only Nathan action this episode.

Lucas makes a rousing speech to the new Ravens, and gives them uniforms. Skills and Q are also there. Q has an adorable scene with Jamie. Mouth is narrating the episode as he puts together his story. He and Lucas meditate on Jimmy and Keith. It’s sweet.

The meat of the episode comes though, when through shenanigans, Peyton, Mia, Brooke, Haley and Lindsey find themselves locked in the library and Peyton and Lindsey have it out. We also learn a bit more about the Lindsey and Mia tries to take the conversation to a more positive place. It doesn’t quite work but the idea isn’t a bad one. Overall it’s a good episode, and the bonding that takes place feels genuine, if shallow. Brooke’s refusal to explain her relationship with Victoria is still annoying though. (And to accept that it’s dysfunctional.)

Anyway, they all get out because Tim delivers them a pizza! I’d missed Tim, he named his son Nathan…of course he did. Just everything about this appearance is perfect.

Season 5: Episode 10: “Running To Stand Still”

When Nathan and Jamie get home from the game, Nathan takes a shower and Carrie gets in with him. He freaks, and Haley comes in and she freaks and kicks him out of the house. He goes to Lucas’s where they learn that Dan is up for parole.

This is not a good night for Nathan.

Brooke decides to take Owen to New York to show him her life, but that’s interrupted when they find Rachel OD’d in Brooke’s apartment. It’s great to see Rachel again and especially great to see her be a complete train wreck. We learn that Owen is 8 years sober and he advises Brooke to be a good friend and that he remains unimpressed with her trappings. “What’s under all the clothes Brooke Davis?” is repeated. Oh, and also the world is introduced to shirtless Joe Manginello.

As shirtless Joe Manginello is now an important institution of the entertainment industry, I think we should thank the show for that.

Lucas and Nathan go to Dan’s parole hearing to argue that he should not get out. Dan makes a speech about always loving Karen and regretting abandoning Lucas. He gets out about it. Peyton and Mia make a deal with her old boss that gives them a bigger stage but maintains their autonomy, because of magic? I don’t really get the mechanics of this deal.

Oh also, Carrie shows up at Jamie’s school and tells him that she wants him to be her little boy. The crazy is beginning. She also thinks Nathan is in love with her. While Nathan and Haley fight about her, Jamie falls in the pool and after saving him, Haley screams that she wants a divorce.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

There’s so much place setting in this arc, and none of it does much of anything. You know Lucas won’t marry Lindsey. You know that Haley and Nathan won’t split up. (And not just because I’ve watched the show before, because of how this show works.) The only thing that’s even remotely intriguing is the Brooke and Owen stuff, and even that’s not…great…it’s a shame because this season starts so strong but the middle is kind of blah.

Mia’s great though. And now Dan’s out of prison.

You’re My Best Friend (Don’t Tell Owen)


I’ve been under the spell of Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island for a very long time now. Ever since “Lazy Sunday” hit on SNL, it became very easy for me to understand what they were doing. But with each song it seemed like they weren’t ever going to become less funny.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping might be their most genius work yet. (Who am I kidding? “I Threw It On The Ground” exists. “I’M AN ADULT!”) The joke of Lonely Island might have gotten old over the course of an hour and a half, but instead, as the silliness escalates, we’re also treated to a heartfelt story about friendship and what really matters in life.

But there’s also a viking funeral for a turtle.

And a song about a woman who wants to be fucked like we fucked Bin Laden, whatever that means.

The basic conceit of the movie is that we’re watching a documentary about Conner, the lead singer of a Beastie Boys type group called “The Style Boys” who has now gone solo. He’s estranged from one of the older members and the other works as his DJ.

It’s a light but effective frame and Samberg sells the kind of willful arrogance required in the role. But the other guys run away with the movie. As does Tim Meadows as their long suffering manager. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Ghostbusters. We’re so close you guys. Seriously. I’m into it.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – I mean, it looks fine? I wish that cast were being used on something I had more interest in seeing…and that it was a musical. Seriously, I don’t know about Aubrey Plaza, but you’re giving me Zefron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine and it’s not a musical?

Sausage Party – While I love the conceit of taking the Pixar “everything is alive and has feelings” to it’s horrifying conclusion, it doesn’t quite feel like it’s enough to flesh out a full 90 minutes (or probably more…) it feels more like a sketch.

Jason Bourne – We’ve covered this. It looks pretty damn great.

Game of Thrones Winner: “No One”

This week’s winner, is Hamilton!

I’m kidding, and I know I made this same joke on the day after the Tonys last year, but seriously. Hamilton, congratulations, Lin-Manuel and crew. Not that you’re reading this.

Or if you are, um, hi? Call me? Or email me? Can you get me tickets? Anyway…Game of Thrones.

Arya won.


After getting schooled by The Waif last week, Arya ran to Lady Crane, who, by the way, I just realized looks a lot like Catelyn. That’s got to be on purpose. Anyway, she’s dead now because The Waif killed her and then Arya, cut the lights and delivered The Waif’s face to the temple, and then, in her most winningest moment ever said, “A Girl’s name is Arya Stark. And it’s time for me to go home.”

Many years ago, my friend Mouse and I decided that the ending of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice And Fire we most wanted was “Arya comes back to Westeros and FUCKING KILLS EVERYTHING.” That looks like it’s going to happen now.

Runner Up goes to: Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Leslie Odom Jr. Congrats on your Tony wins guys! Renee especially, so glad the world got to see you do Angelica’s rap in “The Schuyler Sisters…”

Nah, for real, the runner up is Missandei, I’ll get into it more below, but she made me so happy this episode.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

GUYS! Drunk Misandei! She’s adorable. Missandei’s nerdy joke about translators? Perfect. Grey Worm doing hipster-esque anti humor? INCREDIBLE! Tyrion getting these two to have personalities around him if it kills him? A delight! The look of pure joy and love on Grey Worm’s face when Missandei is giggling at her own joke to the point of snorting? OMG it’s like they read my mind!

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week, but Brienne pushing The Blackfish, and her meeting with Jaime, all of it being great. And The Blackfish saying “She’s just like Cat,” was heartbreaking and wonderful.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

The scene where she cuts the candle so that she has an advantage over The Waif is insanely badass.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No Bran this week.

King Tommen The Adorable

He is trying really hard to screw things up for Cersei, or well, Maergary is probably, because she is the one holding those strings. Tommen has outlawed trial by combat, which means, Cersei is going to have stand before an actual court, which likely will not go well for her.


Nothing, no Yara and Theon this week. But the masters showed up, so here’s hoping they get to Mereen soon and save the day. (I would love that.)


You Call Me


The Nice Guys

I love Shane Black movies.

I love Lethal Weapon and Iron Man 3, and I really, really love Kiss Kiss Bang Bang. So I expected to at the very least enjoy The Nice Guys.

I loved The Nice Guys. I loved Russell Crowe and Ryan Gosling in this movie. I loved the theme of kind of scummy dudes who have a mission statement to protect vulnerable young women. Given certain conversations this week, it felt nice and warm and good. It’s a little patronizing, but you know what? That’s fine, because the thought of Russell Crowe beating up dudes preying on teenage girls is a really comforting fantasy at the moment.

Anyway, as I sort of outlined, we get a traditional noir plot, set in the 70s, a porn actress dies in a car crash, and her elderly aunt hires PI Holland March (Gosling) to find out what actually happened. One of his leads is a woman named Amelia (Margaret Qualley), who in turn hires enforcer Jackson Healey (Crowe) to get the people tailing her off her tail. Eventually, the two meet up, and realize there’s more going on and get to the bottom of it. They’re aided by March’s precocious teenage daughter Holly (A Superb Angourie Rice.) There’s a ton of great fight work, lots of quips and a butt load of heart. Just as you’d expect from Shane Black.

I feel like this movie is this years Fury Road, a sleeper hit that proves sometimes old fashioned movie making is the best kind.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Captain America: Civil War
  3. X-Men: Apocalypse
  4. Alice Through The Looking Glass


The Founder – This looks really good. But I’m here for the Ressurection of Michael Keaton in all cases, but it really does look stellar

War Dogs – Nope.

Jason Bourne – Yeah, still looks pretty great.

I don’t remember any of the others, but I wanted to see a couple of them.

Cosplay Corner: Poe Dameron, Ravenclaw & Turtle Power

For part 2 of this feature, since last week I talked about my laziest cosplay, I figured today I’d talk about my most complex one!

Con Ready Costumes

Poe Dameron

For Atlantic City Boardwalk Con (BEST CON EVERRR!) I dressed as Poe Dameron, in X-Wing Uniform…it still needs some work, but I put a lot of work into it and love it a lot.

The most important element is the orange jumpsuit, which I purchased on Amazon (I’ll be saying that a lot in these features…), and the white vest, which I got for my Princess Leia costume. I ordered a tactical belt and gun holster, as well as a toy blaster, and a few sets on suspenders.

Then came the chest piece, which was about a day of work, which considering I’d never done anything like this before, is not bad. So, how did I do it? I purchased an outdoor electrical switch panel, and used paint pens to decorate it to look like the pilot’s chest pieces. I then bought a vacuum tube and hot glued it to the bottom.

Then I stitched this piece to one of the sets of suspenders, and clipped them to the tactical belt, I worse the combat boots that I’ve had for a few years (actually purchased for Black Canary!) I realized that the look is more complete if I pin the suspenders to the vest, so that happened.

And of course I had the best possible accessory, Kristi as BB-8.

Closet Cosplay

I actually wore one of these last week, but I didn’t have time to write it up. The other is in celebration (???) of this week’s movie season movie…

Ravenclaw House Pride (Harry Potter)

Like many nerds, I can talk about my Hogwarts House for hours and why I feel I belong there. (I can also expound on my Westeros house, but that’s for another day). I’m a Ravenclaw. I’m all about cleverness and reading and school. I’m a confirmed nerd, so I belong in Ravenclaw.

So this outfit plays on that. I should note that this entire outfit is from the H&M basics collection, so it probably costs a total of $20, which is why I love the H&M basics collection. (Also all those clothes fit me really well.)

Anyway, high waist black pencil skirt, with a blue tank top under a sheer black crop top. Add in a snitch necklace, my long chain with a pair of wings to represent the raven, and the blue bead earrings that I got as a bridesmaid gift from Chrissy! I just wore black flats with it, because work day.

Heroes in A Half Shell! Turtle Power! – Raphael (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

If I wake up in time to get a half price morning ticket, I’ll be going to see Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of The Shadows, (tonight I’m hitting up Pop Star: Never Stop Never Stopping and on Wednesday I saw The Nice Guys) but on Wednesday I managed to throw together a Turtle closet cosplay. Raphael has always been my favorite, so I leaned into that.

The Red Tank Top reps Raphael for me. The green skirt and brown leggings are supposed to represent a turtle shell and the combat boots get the “ninja” idea across.

This one was really lazy, but that’s sort of the point of closet cosplays, right?

Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Innocent Souls

Sailor Moon Crystal 3


A lot goes on in this episode. But the most important part is that somewhere in the ether, Hotaru’s soul is protecting Chibi-Usa’s soul. And also schooling her on hanging on to her Legendary Silver Crystal.

I think this is the first time that I’ve caught on to the fact that the Legendary Silver Crystals are tied to the life force of the Usagis. I mean, it makes sense it just never quite hit me. This is why Crystal is often good for me, because they tend to spell things out pretty unambiguously.

I’m not always great at nuance.

Anyway, Mistress 9 commissions The Professor and Kaori to vessilize dark eggs or something, as she channels the power of Master Pharoah 90. Meanwhile, Super Sailor Moon and The Outer Senshi head down to face whatever’s coming for them.

Usagi thinks about how she’s mostly useless on her own (not true) while Sailor Uranus explains that in their previous lives, the idea of their princess was an inspiration to them to hold their positions as guardians. I love the idea that Sailor Moon is a rallying point and symbol, as well as immensely powerful in her own right.

In the end, they arrive at a basement and have to fight The Professor and his Daimon’s, which he then absorbs and becomes a giant Daimon monster which is terrifying. It’s great, however that eventually they put him down, and it’s a big win. I’m sure that in the next few weeks Saturn is going to appear, and I’m very excited for that. Hotaru is finally starting to fight back and I’m excited about it.

Overall I’ve been thrilled with this season’s representation of the Outer Senshi. The thing that I think doesn’t come across as much in the original anime is how stalwart they are. These three especially stood at their posts, knowing that something terrible was happening to the world they loved but only had glimpses of. This comes across in big ways in this version and it’s pretty wonderful.

I was glad I was able to squeeze this episode in! It’s funny that I started doing the One Tree Hill rewatch in order to fill space, and this week, I literally do not have enough space to cover what I want to cover. (I’m not complaining…) but I am realize that in a few weeks I’ll be losing a mainstay of the blog, which is my Sailor Moon coverage, so I’ve been thinking a lot about what it’s meant to me…and it’s meant a lot!

Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Season 5: Episodes 1-5

There are few TV moves that I think are more effective than the One Tree Hill time jump. It’s such a genius move. I’ll get into why as we move through it.

OTH Season 5

Season 5: Episode 1: “4 Years, 6 Months, 2 Days”

Time jump! We move four years into the future (thus making the cast only 5 years too old for their characters rather than ten.) This was a brilliant move by the show, because the college episodes of teen soaps are categorically terrible, but as Beverly Hills 90210 proved, if you can survive them, the adult stories are a lot of fun.

So what do our Ravens look like as 21 year olds? Refreshingly realistic, except for Brooke. Peyton is toiling as an assistant to an assistant at a record label. Haley is about to teach her first real class. Mouth is looking for work. Lucas and Skills are getting ready to coach the Ravens and Lucas has writers block.

Brooke’s doing great but does feel really unfulfilled in her new role as big ass fashion designer, so she and Peyton decide to go home to reconnect. Lucas is dating his editor Lindsay and Nathan is wheelchair bound after being badly hurt in a bar fight the night before he was supposed to be drafted into the NBA.

Oh and we meet Brooke’s mother Victoria and Haley and Nathan’s son Jamie, who I understand is not widely beloved in the fandom, but who I believe is the thing that keeps the show from getting awful as it moves into it’s weirder grown up years.

This episode makes excellent use of “The Freshmen” by The Verve Pipe, which is a wonderful song to write a scene about regret to, I’ve learned over my years of writing. It’s so full of the schmaltzy regret emotions.

This episode also has my favorite Skills line ever “Shorty shouldn’t be in the paint. He’s gotta learn,” in reference to Jamie. It’s the best.

Season 5: Episode 2: “Racing Like A Pro”

See, I forgot how much I love season 5. I love Jamie. And I love the Nathan recovery story line. I love the Peyton getting back on her feet stuff and Brooke as everyone’s cheerleader. I love Haley’s class dovetailing with Lucas and Skills as coaches, and good God do I love the character of Quentin Fields, or Q, as we will soon, all too briefly (SOB) know him.

Yes, this episode we meet two more big factors into this season, the aforementioned Q, and Carrie, Nathan and Haley’s new nanny. Both will be important, both will cause awesomeness, in very different ways. Here we just meet Carrie, we don’t yet understand that she’s insane. Just that she’s a nanny and she’s hot. We do however establish that Q is a hotshot basketball player with no respect for anyone.

Also, Jamie enters a downhill race, and Brooke teaches him about self esteem and holding your own. When he winds up not racing, Haley uses it as a wake up call to get Nathan moving again, and it works. The moment where Nathan jumps into the pool and begins his rehab is in my top 10 Nathan moments. (Number 1 is the smirk free throw from season 3, ugh, it’s the best.)

Meanwhile, everyone is meeting Lindsey and realizing that she’s great. But even she can’t escape the inevitable black hole that is the epic love of Peyton and Lucas. It’s impossible. None shall survive. OK, so maybe they’re not that destructive, they aren’t Logan and Veronica, but they’re damn close. Lindsey is absolutely the Piz in this situation, a perfectly nice person, who’s life is just going to be totaled by these assholes.

Season 5: Episode 3: “The Way Home Is Through You”

God this season is so good. I forgot how good it was. It’s wonderfully good. In this episode we get the return of Dan. Nathan goes to see him in prison, because he wants to tell him that he’s a better father? I don’t know. I don’t follow Nathan Dumbass Logic.Either way it’s a classic Nathan and Dan conversation, “I was giving you the tools to succeed,” “You turned me into a miserable asshole!” Blah blah blah

Haley has gotten her class under control, by threatening to fail the people who don’t want to work and then giving an inspirational speech about how this is where their lives begin. It’s actually a really great scene and one of my favorite things about Haley as a character is her ability to be a hard ass, so I like it.

Peyton is opening her new label office, in the space next to Tric, and Brooke is turning Karen’s Cafe into a boutique. Lindsey goes to see both of them and gives them a lucky bamboo and tries to let them know that she isn’t threatened by them and wants to be friends. Peyton doesn’t buy it and is sort of a bitch about the whole thing. Brooke is a little more accepting, but it’s very clear that she has Lucas out of her system as opposed to Peyton who doesn’t. We also get a flashback to two years earlier when Peyton flaked on seeing Lucas again, so he got together with Lindsey. Whoops.

Also Carrie is still in the too good to be true phase at the moment and Q is still behaving like a rampaging jack ass. Oh and Brooke buys a house so that she and Peyton can stay in Tree Hill. Victoria is unhappy about it. And Peyton is trying to sign Kevin Federline’s band. Because KEVIN FEDERLINE.

Season 5: Episode 4: “It’s All Right Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)”

Guys Mia! I forgot about Mia! Anyway, Peyton is working on the album for K-Fed’s band. (God, it’s just so ridiculous to remember there was a time when anyone cared about that man. I mean besides his two adorable children who he had with Britney Spears. I imagine they still care about him.) He’s being a real jerk about it, and Haley comes in to try to help Peyton manage the band, and it turns out that really, they should all be paying attention to Mia! The mousy little key board player. Because if there’s one thing I know about most half assed hard rock bar bands, it’s that they have a sensitive, Vanessa Carlton/Sarah Bareilles style singer songerwriter hidden somewhere in them.

Look, I’m glad we got to Mia, I just think it’s a really contrived story. Which I guess is the OTH way, but still.

Lucas is still trying to pull the Ravens together and Nathan offers to help, by getting Q out of rampaging jack ass mode. As Nathan was once a rampaging jack ass himself, this is a good fit. Lucas agrees, but makes it clear that this is to give Nathan a sense of purpose, not because he actually thinks Q is worth it. But who cares, The Scott Brothers are back in the gym together! Hooray!

Brooke is opening the Clothes Over Bros store and the opening goes pretty well, but they don’t sell as much as Victorian wants, so she’s mean about it. Millie buys a dress, and it’s very sweet, but in the end Brooke cries into her ice cream and Peyton picks her up. It’s all very sweet.

Speaking of Peyton, she apologizes to Lindsey and suggest that they hang out. Lindsey says that’s sweet but she’s going back to New York for a little bit and Peyton should hang out with Lucas instead. Oh Lindsey, you poor dumb, pretty, nice girl. When Peyton flirts with a guy at the C over B party, Lucas gets all weird and Peyton yells at him, and here we go again people.

Season 5: Episode 5: “I Forgot To Remember To Forget”

So, it’s another, “Here’s what happened” episode. In this episode, we learn why Peyton and Lucas broke up and why Lucas and Brooke can be around each other with minimal weirdness. (Spoiler Alert: Because Brooke is an adult and brings out the adult in everyone else, even giant Man Baby Lucas Scott.) We see a flashback to a championship game 3 years earlier, that Lucas coaches Nathan to in a win. This prompts Whitey’s final retirement and the rebirth of The Scott Brothers Dream Team. Lucas realizes that all of this means nothing without Peyton, so he hops a plane to LA with the ring that Keith gave to Karen, to propose.

Peyton, meanwhile is busy with her perfectly realistic entry level job at the record label, which Lucas reminds her isn’t as exciting as her work in Tree Hill. Like seven times. Even when Peyton is talking about how much she loves living in LA and  the opportunities she might get down the line. He’s just all, “but I love you! And you have to come home,” and it sucks! Anyway, she gets called back to work at their big dinner and by the time she gets to his hotel room he’s asleep. She finds the ring and when Lucas wakes up they have a conversation about this.

She basically says she wants to see what happens and you know, not get married at 18. And Lucas is all whhhyyyyy, I lovvveee youuu. And I want to punch him. He sucks in this episode. So they break up. He gets the call from Lindsey about publishing the book and he heads to New York, meets with her and then gets drunk with Brooke. Basically they run around Manhattan pretending to be newly engaged to get free drinks.

This is why, even though I understand the Lucas and Peyton endgame, I will always prefer Lucas and Brooke. It’s just better. (I feel similarly, btw, about Serena and Dan and Serena and Nate on Gossip Girl…) When he tries to kiss her and get her to sleep with him though, (woooorrrrrssssttttt) she tells him in no uncertain terms that that is never happening again. Hence the minimal weirdness. Lucas knows he’ll never be with Brooke again.

Oh, also we learn that Lucas is the one who started the Lucky Bamboo thing. And Jamie’s first word was “ball,” even though Haley was hoping for “guitar.”

Look the takeaway form this episode is that Lucas is the worst. I hope I made that clear.

Overall Analysis of This Arc

I love this season almost as much as 3 & 4, and I’d forgotten that. The time jump is a device that I’m a big fan of for long running shows. It’s not always well pulled off, but it can be extremely useful. Other shows that have done well by such jumps are Dawson’s Creek (though just for the finale in that case) and Desperate Housewives. I also feel like all of the new characters are introduced in an organic way, Q, Mia, Carrie, Lindsey, Millie and Victoria all feel like they belong. And that’s a good thing. A very good thing.

City of Brotherly Fun

I spent a lot of time going back and forth deciding whether to go to Wizard World Philadelphia this year.

But then Beth (who lived in the apartment with me and Juli) was going. And then Kristi wanted to go. And somehow I ended up there. I also ended up with a new cosplay, meeting Anthony Mackie, chatting with more people than I had at a con in a while and doing a tequila shot. (A dude bought it for me, and then he promptly left. Kristi and I were quite put out by this. When a girl accepts a shot from you, the social contract says you have to at the very least chat awkwardly with her for a half hour. RUDE!)

Anyway, this is turning out to be a con season to remember (in that it’s actually a con season…) and it may have a sea bound finale that we can only dream of.

I owe so much of that to Kristi. It’s hard to describe exactly how amazing becoming better friends with her this past year has been, and what exactly shifted in our relationship. I guess it’s just the proximity thing…with three family weddings in the past year, we spent a lot of time together. But however it happened, I’m glad it has. (Also her insistence that we’d be friends if we’d met under different circumstances.)

Anyway, the show, I missed the Captain America panel due to me being unable to navigate on streets I am unfamiliar with. But I did catch the Thor and Agent Carter groups, which was pretty significantly cool. Especially the Agent Carter stuff as Haley Atwell and Dominic Cooper are all goofy british charm. (Tom Hiddleston is also that, but it doesn’t bounce as well off of Chris Hemsworth’s broish Aussie thing, that I completely adore…)

The cosplays went well, although the discomfort caused by my attempts at curling my hair were in vain, since by the time I got inside the 87% humidity had flatted my super straight hair. (The twists still worked, and another Peggy recommended a hairspray I should use…so in October, I should be better…)

Anyway, I know this is a lame write up, but I was completely overwhelmed. I haven’t been to a big con in a while, and there’s a lot to take in. Especially since I was only there two days, both of them being weekends I felt very overwhelmed. But I did have a great time.

Next up is Heroes And Villains Fanfest! That’ll also be fun!


Game of Thrones Winner: A Broken Man

There was a clear winner this week. Very clear. I don’t like it and you probably don’t either.

But this week’s winner is The Waif.

The Waif

Smug Bitch

The Waif stabbed Arya in the gut. I forgot for a minute that we were watching New Thrones, and thought that they might actually kill Arya. Early Thrones absolutely would have killed her. But right now she’s wandering around Braavos, bleeding from the gut. And The Waif did it, and she’s clearly very happy with herself.

The runner up is Davos, who made a new Princess Friend in Lady Lyanna Mormont. Seriously, dude is good at talking to tough little girls. It kind of makes me wish that Davos had met Arya at some point along the way.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

The only shipping stuff that happened this week is that we’re a step closer to Brienne and Jaime being in the same place again.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

“You’re a Bolton, or a Lannister, I’ve heard conflicting reports.” “I did what I needed to do to survive”

And with that Sansa has reframed her story and not a minute too late. She also signs a letter “Sansa Stark” and brands it with the Direwolf sigil. She’s a Stark now, and forever. I do wonder who she’s writing to. Brienne? Little Finger? Lord Robyn? The Blackfish.

Arya Badass Watch

Not so good, what with the being stabbed in the gut and all.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No movement here this week. Instead we get a really cool showdown between The Kingslayer and The Black Fish. It’s really, really cool.

King Tommen The Adorable

Not in the episode. But he did complain to the High Sparrow about Margaery not having sex with him anymore. Which is less adorable and more, well, teenage boy of him. But he was supplanted by Lady Lyanna Mormont, who was both cute and fierce, like a tiny Tiger Cub (or bear cub, I guess, because Mormont…)


So Yara’s a lesbian? This is new information. Anyway, she and Theon are headed to Mereen, hoping to get to Dany. I somehow see Dany being super into helping Theon. She likes revenge scenarios and that’s what Theon needs.

Oh and hey The Hound is Back and Ian McShane was around for five whole minutes before the Brotherhood Without Banners killed him., maybe Lady Stoneheart.