Just Keep Swimming


Finding Dory is a highly anticipated sequel. I wish that was something that I could get more hyped for, but to be perfectly honest, it’s pretty rote.

But it’s always worth checking out what Pixar has brewing, knowing that even at their worst, they’re delivering streamlined, emotional, family entertainment.

Inside Out is probably my favorite Pixar movie, and it replaced Finding Nemo at the top. So, obviously, Finding Dory had a lot to deliver on. And it gets there, almost.

Focusing on Dory’s origin story was a good track to take, and learning that she came from an aquarium is a fun little twist. Meeting her parents, and learning that her memory problems have been an issue her whole life was an even better one. And of course, it really is incredible how perfectly Pixar has managed to create water environments, and we see some more new ones this time.

Ellen DeGeneres remains a treasure, and her performance as Dory perfectly heartwarming. I didn’t cry though, and all the greatest Pixar films must cause tears, which ranks this one lower than it should be from a technical standpoint. But like most Pixar films, totally worth checking out on it’s own merits. The new characters, a cantacterous octopus, a pair of friendly wales, and some lazy Sea Lions were also great.

The short, Piper was completely adorable and absolutely the most stunning animation from Pixar yet! It’s worth the price of admission.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. Finding Dory
  6. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Pete’s Dragon : I was sobbing through this trailer. Just uncontrollable weeping as soon as Pete said, “I wasn’t alone. I had Elliot.” Ugh, gut punch.

Moana: The guys next to me whispered to his wife, “I know that voice.” “The Rock?” “No, the guy singing…” “Honey, that’s the guy from Hamilton.” “Oh right.” But in and of itself, even without the Lin-Manuel factor, it’s looks wonderful. Really looking forward to it.

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life really seems to be climbing the list of must sees. So much of the trailer reminds me of the solid kids movies of the early 90’s, and I’m glad that scene is returning to cinemas.


Game of Thrones Winner: “Battle Of The Bastards”

You’d think that maybe one of those Bastards would be the winner, and although Jon had a lot going for his win, I think we all know who actually won this episode.

It’s Sansa. Sansa is the winner for this episode and all episodes ever. Sansa wins everything.


Completely. Out. Of. Fucks.

Why does Sansa win? She sat on her horse and told Ramsey that he was going to die the next day. She yelled at Jon about how Ramsey plays games. She got the Knights of The Vale to come save Jon and The Wildlings (although SHARING this information with Jon, might have been helpful.) And then, and THEN in the end, after they won back Winterfell. (Though Rickon died. Sorry Rickon) Sansa FED RAMSEY TO HIS OWN DOGS and walked away. I half expected her to also spill some gasoline and light a match and walk away from the explosion. (I know that there isn’t actually gas in Westeros.) It was epic. It was perfect.

Runner ups (yes two) are Dany and Yara, who are now teaming up to take back Westeros.

Guys we are so close to Three Queens of Westeros. (Dany on The Iron Throne, Yara on The Salt Throne, Sansa as Queen In The North.) More on this below.

Missandei and Grey Worm Watch

Grey Worm killed the masters. Missandei rolled her eyes at them. There was no drunken joke telling. The episode was worse for it.

Sansa’s Agency Watch

SHE FED RAMSEY TO HIS DOGS!!!!!!!!!! Her agency is doing just fine.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

No Arya this week. Booo.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No Bran this week. But Melisandre explained the nature of the Lord of Light and how we can’t know his plan. Whatever. Davos also figured out that she burned Shireen to death. So that’s not going to end well.

King Tommen The Adorable

No Tommen this week. It’s a bummer.


Yara and Theon got themselves to Mereen and Tyrion notices that Theon has changed but does remind us all of what a little dill hole he was. Anyway, Yara and Dany flirt. (I ship it)  They agree that their dads sucked and that they’re going to make the world a better place when they take back Westeros.

You know, with the ships that Dany got from the Masters and Yara and Theon. And dragons. AND WE WILL HAVE THREE QUEENS IN WESTEROS AND ALSO ARYA WILL RAIN DOWN VENGEANCE ON THOSE THAT HAVE HARMED THE STARKS!

In other news, I’m closet cosplaying Game of Thrones characters every day this week. Check out my Facebook to see those!

Cosplay Corner: Give My Regards To Old Broadway!

Because the Tonys I decided to focus this week on Broadway Cosplays! (Hooray!)

Con Ready Cosplays

I don’t have any strictly Broadway cosplays (I threaten to do Galinda every year and always wind up backing off)

But I do have Belle and Beauty And The Beast was a Broadway show. So we’ll talk about that.

This was the simplest costume ever (except maybe Captain America…), I owned the blue dress as a 50’s costume for years, and the white long sleeved shirt is from my Princess Leia costume from last year. I bought the apron on Amazon, threw on a pair of black flats, tied my hair back and voila! Belle! (If you’re interested in Kristi’s Jedi Sleeping Beauty costume, check out her great post about it!)

Closet Cosplay

I had a lot of fun with these this week. Thinking of shows that I love and characters I like and embracing those aesthetics and figuring out what in my wardrobe would work to bring it across.

Eponine – Les Miserables

I wore this on Sunday for the Tonys, but I didn’t actually wear the whole thing because it was too hot to wear the coat and hat. BUT I know that I can do that for colder weather.

Les Mis is my favorite musical ever and Eponine is my favorite character in it. So it’s nice that approximating her look is so freaking simple.

Anyway, the outfit is simple, jeans, a grey tunic, a brown jacket and a cap. Add a distracted forlorn look and you’re a perfect Eponine!


I didn’t zero in on a specific character here, I just wanted to put forward a general feel for the show’s aesthetic as I understand it…having not actually seen the show yet. You know what? That’s OK. I think so at least.

Anyway, the white leggings come from my Princess Leia costume, the riding boots from my life as a preppy girl, and a blue shirt that I’ve always felt looked vaguely historical, an invokes the color of the Patriot Army. I’m all set to be in the room where it happens…

Galinda – Wicked

After Les Mis, comes Wicked when it comes to my favorites. And I’ve related to the character of Galinda/Glinda from the moment I met her.(You know, through the OBC, as played by Kristin Chenoweth)

A simple costume, pink fluffy skirt, white V-neck and pink jewelery! It helps that I’m blonde!

Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: Chibi Power Up

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Sometimes the soul of your friend has to break out of her cyborg body and return your mystical rock heart to you, so that you and the teenage incarnation of your parents and all their friends can save the earth from being consumed by a giant black ink monster with a spikey back.

Or you know, that’s the case when you’re Chibi-Usa, in this episode. Hotaru’s spirit refuses to be chained by Mistress 9, she saves the Senshi, she saves Chibi-Usa, and through the power of feels, Chibi-Usa gets her power up to become Super Sailor-Chibi Moon.

Mistress 9 explains the plan that Pharoah 90 has, which is basically to turn earth into a copy of their solar system. It’s actually the most practical of any Sailor Moon bad guy plans, except maybe for Galaxia.

But not everyone can be the best.

Oh, also, Tuxedo Mask decides to get up off his butt and finally fight for once. (I do like the turn around, story wise, of Mamoru sitting at Chibi-Usa’s bed side while the girls fight, it’s the sort of thing that Sailor Moon does exceptionally well.)

Anyway, the Super Sailor Moons and the Inner Senshi get to work fighting the scary monster that popped out of Mistress 9.

And that’s the cliff hanger. Overall I’m thrilled with this arc and how it’s been paced, but it is hard to keep track of which fight happens where now that we’re in the climactic battle with the big bad.

But I’m excited to see Saturn, who has to be coming next week right? RIGHT????


Anything Other Than Me: One Tree Hill Rewatch: Season 5: Episode 6-10

OTH Season 5

Season 5: Episode 6: “Don’t Dream It’s Over”

So much comes to a head in this episode and it’s so beautiful. Jamie has been having nightmares about Dan because Skills told him that Dan is in prison and not dead, as he’d always thought. Lucas has a stress dream about Lindsey turning him down the way that Peyton did. He confronts Peyton about that night and they have a big screaming match about how he’s a big entitled baby. This is after she tells Haley that she doesn’t like Lindsey and Lindsey hears.

It’s very dramatic. And seriously, poor Lindsey. I really do pity her.

Meanwhile, Carrie has started hitting on Nathan, subtly but it’s happening. Haley is noticing and is trying to put boundaries up, but Carrie is smashing through those boundaries.

Mouth has been having an affair with his boss and that is also not going terribly well, but he’s at least enjoying himself. Mia tries to play for Victoria and chokes, which actually leads, in a round about way to the whole Peyton meltdown.

Oh, also Haley and Lucas come up with the plan of having Q read Les Miserables in order to stay eligible to play ball. And that is a really hard assignment and absolutely awesome. I half expected it to be The Grapes Of Wrath though, because that’s Lucas’s favorite book.

Season 5: Episode 7: “In da Club”

Everyone heads to Tric for a party night and of course there’s tons of tension because of the Peyton and Lindsey issue. Lucas is still determined for them to get along and everyone is like, why? Listen to your friends Luke, they are wise and understand that you are a massively huge dumbass. Anyway, Lindwhole night flirting sey finally tells him off, and he goes to Peyton to be all, what’s your problem, and they kiss. But then he asks Lindsey to marry him. Ugh, the whiplash.

Mia is performing and she’s got stage fright. K-Fed shows up and heckles her but she kicks ass just to prove him wrong. Then he’s obnoxious to Haley and Nathan gets in his face. Haley gets Nathan to back down, but Q punches him in the face instead. It’s a pretty great scene. Haley then gets pissed at Nathan about it. But she’s actually pissed because she saw the Lucas and Peyton kiss.

Brooke spends the night trying to flirt with Owen the bartender and keep Victoria from being completely embarrassing. Mouth and Millie go on a date. Carrie spends the night agressively hitting on Nathan and he does not shut her down. It’s pretty gross and awful.

Season5: Episode 8: “Please, Please, Please, Let Me Get What I Want”

Lucas and Lindsey are engaged! Peyton is heartbroken over it, and I don’t really blame her. this is a terrible set back for her, but also, Haley is right about the fact that when she said no, she gave Lucas the space to move on and she can’t be angry about it. But that doesn’t stop Peyton from being really, really mad.

Brooke, meanwhile, is still in the flirt circle with Owen. He’s being infuriatingly opaque with her, and while I absolutely love that she pulls the old school naked in his back seat move in response to his “what’s under all the clothes, Brooke Davis?” question, there’s nothing better than her ranting to Jamie about how annoyed she is by him.

Mouth and Millie watch a ballet together and have their first kiss. It’s adorable. Also, Mouth gets a shot to cover the next Raven’s game.

While proposing, Lucas lets Lindsey know that he was waiting to propose until he wrote a second book, because he’s afraid that just being a basketball coach won’t be enough for her. This is actually very nice, and Lindsey’s response is also great. I actually really like Lindsey, even though she’s just doomed. Meanwhile, Haley’s really busy with school and Mia and Carrie is picking up more slack at home and entrenching herself further with Nathan and Jamie, and even kisses Nathan.

But the crazy still hasn’t come out yet. I’m waiting for the crazy.

Season 5: Episode 9: “For Tonight You’re Only Here To Know”

It’s the first Raven’s game of the season, and everyone is meditating on the past and also Carrie quits, right as Nathan was about to tell Haley about the kiss. He still feels guilty. That’s kind of the only Nathan action this episode.

Lucas makes a rousing speech to the new Ravens, and gives them uniforms. Skills and Q are also there. Q has an adorable scene with Jamie. Mouth is narrating the episode as he puts together his story. He and Lucas meditate on Jimmy and Keith. It’s sweet.

The meat of the episode comes though, when through shenanigans, Peyton, Mia, Brooke, Haley and Lindsey find themselves locked in the library and Peyton and Lindsey have it out. We also learn a bit more about the Lindsey and Mia tries to take the conversation to a more positive place. It doesn’t quite work but the idea isn’t a bad one. Overall it’s a good episode, and the bonding that takes place feels genuine, if shallow. Brooke’s refusal to explain her relationship with Victoria is still annoying though. (And to accept that it’s dysfunctional.)

Anyway, they all get out because Tim delivers them a pizza! I’d missed Tim, he named his son Nathan…of course he did. Just everything about this appearance is perfect.

Season 5: Episode 10: “Running To Stand Still”

When Nathan and Jamie get home from the game, Nathan takes a shower and Carrie gets in with him. He freaks, and Haley comes in and she freaks and kicks him out of the house. He goes to Lucas’s where they learn that Dan is up for parole.

This is not a good night for Nathan.

Brooke decides to take Owen to New York to show him her life, but that’s interrupted when they find Rachel OD’d in Brooke’s apartment. It’s great to see Rachel again and especially great to see her be a complete train wreck. We learn that Owen is 8 years sober and he advises Brooke to be a good friend and that he remains unimpressed with her trappings. “What’s under all the clothes Brooke Davis?” is repeated. Oh, and also the world is introduced to shirtless Joe Manginello.

As shirtless Joe Manginello is now an important institution of the entertainment industry, I think we should thank the show for that.

Lucas and Nathan go to Dan’s parole hearing to argue that he should not get out. Dan makes a speech about always loving Karen and regretting abandoning Lucas. He gets out about it. Peyton and Mia make a deal with her old boss that gives them a bigger stage but maintains their autonomy, because of magic? I don’t really get the mechanics of this deal.

Oh also, Carrie shows up at Jamie’s school and tells him that she wants him to be her little boy. The crazy is beginning. She also thinks Nathan is in love with her. While Nathan and Haley fight about her, Jamie falls in the pool and after saving him, Haley screams that she wants a divorce.

Overall Analysis Of This Arc

There’s so much place setting in this arc, and none of it does much of anything. You know Lucas won’t marry Lindsey. You know that Haley and Nathan won’t split up. (And not just because I’ve watched the show before, because of how this show works.) The only thing that’s even remotely intriguing is the Brooke and Owen stuff, and even that’s not…great…it’s a shame because this season starts so strong but the middle is kind of blah.

Mia’s great though. And now Dan’s out of prison.

You’re My Best Friend (Don’t Tell Owen)


I’ve been under the spell of Andy Samberg and The Lonely Island for a very long time now. Ever since “Lazy Sunday” hit on SNL, it became very easy for me to understand what they were doing. But with each song it seemed like they weren’t ever going to become less funny.

Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping might be their most genius work yet. (Who am I kidding? “I Threw It On The Ground” exists. “I’M AN ADULT!”) The joke of Lonely Island might have gotten old over the course of an hour and a half, but instead, as the silliness escalates, we’re also treated to a heartfelt story about friendship and what really matters in life.

But there’s also a viking funeral for a turtle.

And a song about a woman who wants to be fucked like we fucked Bin Laden, whatever that means.

The basic conceit of the movie is that we’re watching a documentary about Conner, the lead singer of a Beastie Boys type group called “The Style Boys” who has now gone solo. He’s estranged from one of the older members and the other works as his DJ.

It’s a light but effective frame and Samberg sells the kind of willful arrogance required in the role. But the other guys run away with the movie. As does Tim Meadows as their long suffering manager. Overall, I really enjoyed it, and I’m looking forward to seeing it again.


  1. The Nice Guys
  2. Popstar: Never Stop Never Stopping
  3. Captain America: Civil War
  4. X-Men: Apocalypse
  5. Alice Through The Looking Glass


Ghostbusters. We’re so close you guys. Seriously. I’m into it.

Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates – I mean, it looks fine? I wish that cast were being used on something I had more interest in seeing…and that it was a musical. Seriously, I don’t know about Aubrey Plaza, but you’re giving me Zefron, Anna Kendrick and Adam Devine and it’s not a musical?

Sausage Party – While I love the conceit of taking the Pixar “everything is alive and has feelings” to it’s horrifying conclusion, it doesn’t quite feel like it’s enough to flesh out a full 90 minutes (or probably more…) it feels more like a sketch.

Jason Bourne – We’ve covered this. It looks pretty damn great.

Game of Thrones Winner: “No One”

This week’s winner, is Hamilton!

I’m kidding, and I know I made this same joke on the day after the Tonys last year, but seriously. Hamilton, congratulations, Lin-Manuel and crew. Not that you’re reading this.

Or if you are, um, hi? Call me? Or email me? Can you get me tickets? Anyway…Game of Thrones.

Arya won.


After getting schooled by The Waif last week, Arya ran to Lady Crane, who, by the way, I just realized looks a lot like Catelyn. That’s got to be on purpose. Anyway, she’s dead now because The Waif killed her and then Arya, cut the lights and delivered The Waif’s face to the temple, and then, in her most winningest moment ever said, “A Girl’s name is Arya Stark. And it’s time for me to go home.”

Many years ago, my friend Mouse and I decided that the ending of Game of Thrones/A Song of Ice And Fire we most wanted was “Arya comes back to Westeros and FUCKING KILLS EVERYTHING.” That looks like it’s going to happen now.

Runner Up goes to: Daveed Diggs, Renee Elise Goldsberry and Leslie Odom Jr. Congrats on your Tony wins guys! Renee especially, so glad the world got to see you do Angelica’s rap in “The Schuyler Sisters…”

Nah, for real, the runner up is Missandei, I’ll get into it more below, but she made me so happy this episode.

Missandei And Grey Worm Watch

GUYS! Drunk Misandei! She’s adorable. Missandei’s nerdy joke about translators? Perfect. Grey Worm doing hipster-esque anti humor? INCREDIBLE! Tyrion getting these two to have personalities around him if it kills him? A delight! The look of pure joy and love on Grey Worm’s face when Missandei is giggling at her own joke to the point of snorting? OMG it’s like they read my mind!

Sansa Agency Watch

No Sansa this week, but Brienne pushing The Blackfish, and her meeting with Jaime, all of it being great. And The Blackfish saying “She’s just like Cat,” was heartbreaking and wonderful.

Arya Bad Ass Watch

The scene where she cuts the candle so that she has an advantage over The Waif is insanely badass.

Bran Stark’s Excellent Adventure

No Bran this week.

King Tommen The Adorable

He is trying really hard to screw things up for Cersei, or well, Maergary is probably, because she is the one holding those strings. Tommen has outlawed trial by combat, which means, Cersei is going to have stand before an actual court, which likely will not go well for her.


Nothing, no Yara and Theon this week. But the masters showed up, so here’s hoping they get to Mereen soon and save the day. (I would love that.)