Sailor Moon Crystal Check In: All Together Now

It’s over.

Two years and it’s over. I’m not sure what comes next, but I do know that this has been incredible. But first for the episode.

Sailor Moon Crystal 3

Sailor Saturn and Super Sailor Moon stop Master Pharoah 90 from consuming the planet. Because of the power from the Moon Chalice, Saturn is able to destroy him without destroying the planet. It’s actually very beautiful, and par for the course in Crystal we get some truly beautiful and affecting still images.

When Hotaru is reborn as a teeny tiny perfect baby, the outers decide to raise her and I’m so glad that this got included. Also the image of Michiru picking up the baby is so freaking perfect and adorable that I can barely even about it.

But the last few minutes of the episode are my favorite. We learn that Usagi passed her exams, so everyone is going to high school together. (You know, except Rei, who goes to a different school) including Minako! Chibi-Usa is getting ready to go back to the 30th century when the eclipse comes.

And we all know what comes with the eclipse right? I mean, I want more Sailor Moon, of course, but I’m actually quite happy to have a break before diving into that mess of an arc again.

Although, Crystal Amazoness…sigh.

Anyway, it’s over, for now, and I’m not sure what comes next here. I mean, I do need to read the short stories. So maybe I’ll do that, and write them up next week. But I’m not sure. I am trying to get a senshi cosplay group together for NYCC (I got tickets WEE!) so I’ll update that as progress gets made.

Overall, I’m glad that I did this. I opened myself up to a whole world that I hadn’t even thought to check out. I have to watch more anime. I want to watch more. Seriously people, I need recommendations. (If it’s on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon, so much the better.) I’d like to branch out beyond magical girl, but we’ll see…

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