I Want To Believe The X-Files Debrief Season 2

Guys, the truth is out there and the truth is making my head hurt and making me have tingly feelings in my nether regions because Mulder is aptly named “Fox.”

The Truth Is Out There

OK, look, I know it took me a season and a half.

I know that this season is about Scully being abducted by aliens, and Mulder finding out that aliens actually did abduct his sister and that she’s, you know, alive, somewhere.

Intellectually, I know all of that. And I still love Scully for all of her awesome badassery. I love that what brought her back from the brink of death (and getting to chill with her father at that afterlife lake) was that she and Mulder have more work to do. But every time that David Ducovney smirks and says something sarcastic, I stop worrying about aliens, or demons, or awesome feminist TV characters who kick all the asses and can run in heels.

And all I think is, wow, that is one amazingly hot conspiracy theorist/FBI Agent/Porn addict.



So, while, yes, I hate that my theory of, “aliens are real but Samantha Mulder wasn’t abducted by aliens” was like waaayyyyy off, and my heart is broken that Mulder’s father was killed in the season finale and we found out that he was somehow involved with The Smoking Man and horrific Nazi experiments on people, or possibly aliens, or both, and I again, love Scully and all of her world ruling greatness, none of it matters, because, seriously, the perfectly named, beautiful man who now stars in a large number of my fantasies is talking.

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