TV Time

So, I was hoping to finish X-Files season 2 for today. That wound up not happening, so let’s do a quick trip down into what I’m going to be watching this TV season. (Not always live, also I already have a couple of premiers to catch up on, obviously.)


Once Upon a Time 8PM ABC

I’ll be live tweeting this whenever possible, and I’m really excited for it to come back next week. I mean, really, really, excited. I’m excited for the Dark Swan arc, I’m excited to meet Merida, I’m excited that Mulan is finally coming back. I’m just excited.

Brooklyn 99 8:30 PM Fox

This will be a DVR choice, but again, just can’t wait for it to be back, and to hang out with the 99th Precinct again. I want to know how Captain Holt is going to get back. Because he will get back. He has to. And Bill Hader! Also great!

Blood and Oil 9 PM ABC

Guys, Chase Crawford is going to be back on my TV brooding. This show might be terrible, but I will watch all of it. Because Chase Crawford will be back brooding on my TV.


Gotham 8 PM Fox

Well, this is back. Apparently this season is called “Rise of The Villains” which could be worse. I guess this means that we’re not going to go back to the Circus and check in on John and Mary Grayson and presumambly their son, at this point, huh? That’s a bummer. Anyway, I’ll also be live tweeting this, at least for the first few weeks…because then along comes

Supergirl 8PM CBS

Supergirl is exciting. Supergirl is important. Supergirl will fix everything. OK, it also might really suck, and it probably won’t fix everything. But, the fact the CBS and DC TV are understanding that young women are probably a big deal as a demographic and are making a show for them is a big deal. And I will live tweet this. The choice between this and Gotham comes down to which one is more fun to live tweet. Which will probably be Gotham, because snark is sooo easy and fun on twitter.


The Mindy Project Whenever, Hulu

The premiere already hit and I need to watch it. I’m just glad I get another season. I mean, the show has never been as great as it could be, but it deserves a final wrap up and I’m interested in seeing what happens with the baby.

The Muppets 8 PM ABC

THE MUPPETS ARE BACK ON TV! Every time I see a preview I start singing “Hello Dolly” in my head. I don’t care,  I don’t care. It’s going to be beautiful and wonderful, and a new generation of people are going to fall in love with comedy through the Muppets. It’s the best way for children to fall in love with comedy.

Scream Queens 8PM Fox

If Ryan Murphy can do anything it’s one season of high camp. So I will watch one season of Scream Queens, and then a second season and complain about how it’s just not as good. Because seriously, the man does not know how to execute a second season. Also, Jamie Lee Curtis and Nasim Pedrad. (Calling it now that I think JLC is the killer.)

The Flash 8 PM The CW


That is all.

Agents of SHIELD 9 PM ABC

Look, Secret Warriors are coming. Skye is officially Quake, and it’s quite likely that Melinda and Andrew are going to get back together. Also, WHERE DID GEMMA GO? Anyway, obviously I will be watching and live tweeting this.

Grandfathered 9 PM Fox

I like Fox Comedy. I really do, and I find John Stamos incredibly watchable and great. Which is all a round about way of saying this may not be a good show, but I’ll still watch it.

The Grinder 9 PM Fox

Hey, Rob Lowe is going to have his own sitcom. “Cool, I’m going to watch that.” He’s playing a washed up TV lawyer who decides to be a real lawyer. “Oh, fun concept, that seems to be a good fit for him.” Fred Savage is going to be on it too. “AWESOME, I love Fred Savage! Who doesn’t? I mean, he’s great.” They’re playing brothers. “Excuse me?” Yeah, and Fred is a real lawyer in their family practice. “SHUT UP AND LET ME WATCH THIS SHOW ALREADY!”


The Middle 8 PM ABC

I’ve been watching The Middle since the beginning and I’m not going to stop now. It always makes me giggle. Also, my mom loves it and she watches Gotham for me, so I give her this.

Arrow 8 PM The CW

We’re going to Coast City and we better meet Hal Jordan and Ollie and Felicity are a couple, and Malcolm is R’as Al Ghul and OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG.

The Goldbergs 8:30 PM ABC

The Goldbergs should annoy me but it doesn’t, it’s just really, really funny, and smart and optimistic and loving. So I watch. Because happy comedy is good comedy.

Modern Family 9 PM ABC

I will watch until the bitter end, which at this point, may be in like 20 years. But I don’t care, I’ll be watching.

Empire 9 PM Fox

Everybody shut up. Empire is on.

blackish 9:30 PM ABC

The ABC comedy block is very good, and blackish is the best part of it. I would watch this show even Tracey Ellis Ross and Anthony Anderson were terrible, which they aren’t, because the kids are so great.


Heroes Reborn 8 PM NBC

The only NBC show that I’m watching this year. But at least I haven’t completely abandoned my once beloved Peacock. I’ve been catching the odd old Heroes episode, because my brother has been re-watching it. (I don’t have room for another rewatch at the moment.) Anyway, I’m excited to see Noah Bennett and Hiro again. And hey, Zach Levi! I like him!

Scandal 9 PM ABC

EVERYBODY SHUT THE HELL UP SCANDAL IS ON!!!!!!!!!!!! II think it’s important that we remember that no matter what, we’ll all be gladiators until we die.


I don’t have anything on Friday, which means, I’ll either be going to the movies or working on my DVR.


Doctor Who 9PM BBC America

I still have to watch the premier, but I’m actually excited to watch the new series. I’m very excited for Maisie Williams and for more of Missy, quite obviously.

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