Sailor Moon Super S Episodes 142 & 143: Crushing and Old People!

This week on Sailor Moon everyone learns that old people can be in love too and also that Chibi-Usa is very desirable at her school. Also, everyone gets a power up!

Super S

First off a cranky old lady catches the attention of Chibi-Usa and Usagi. Mamoru also runs into her and she accuses him of wanting something for her when he offers her a spot under his umbrella.

He’s baffled by this, because, he is Mamoru, and he’s not great at “people.”

Anyway, Diana decides that she’s going to show this old lady how to be nice to her friends, kitty cat style.

Diana has impulse control issues, I think. Anyway, she gets swept up in the old lady’s kindness but notices that her huge mansion where she lives all by herself is sort of weird. It’s like she’s waiting for a second person to show up, but there’s no second person. Chibi-Usa finds this suspicious and confesses to Pegasus that she “smells a crime.”

Pegasus finds this hilarious and bids Chibi-Usa find out what’s happening. She goes and the lady, who we are assured is “notorious” is just really super nice to her. Also, real estate developers want to buy her mansion, but she won’t sell.

Curiouser and curiouser…

Anyway, Hawk’s Eye decides that he’s into her, because he likes older women, as you may recall.

Anyway, the moon family defends her and then an older man shows up and reveals that he’s her long lost love and they once planned to open a restaurant in the mansion but he left her in quite a huff, to go to France and become a great chef…or something.

In the next episode a cute soccer player from Chibi-Usa’s school asks her out on a date and all of her adorable school friends tease her about it, except the boy one, who probably also likes her because if you were a little boy and met Chibi-Usa wouldn’t you have a crush on her? She’s adorable!

Anyway, she has a bit of crisis about this and immediately asks the Senshi what to do and also Pegasus who gets into sort of a huff, because, you know, they’re in love.

But also, he’s a horse and refuses to tell her his name, so I don’t see what exactly Chibi-Usa is supposed to do about it.

Anyway, also it turns out that a Pegasus has been attacking cars in the city and Chibi-Usa gets very defensive about it when the others (who offer her terrible boy advice by the way) say that maaayyyybbbeee they can’t trust him.

Then they fight Fish Eye, who tries to seduce the elementary school soccer star (EWWWWWW), and steal his dreams. Turns out she’s been using Pegasus look alikes to attack people (GASP! PLOT TWIST) and Pegasus gives the Senshi a power up and they get cool new attack animation, but not actually any new attacks.

Also Chibi-Usa realizes that she’s in love with Pegasus.

But again, he’s a horse. And she’s an eternally ten year old princess of an ancient moon dynasty with magical super powers. I don’t quite see this relationship working out, but what do I know?

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