Schedule For The Next Few Weeks

Hey all! So, I realized several months ago that my fall was jam packed. (Seriously, I haven’t had a weekend of “no schedule event” since mid August, even if scheduled event was just, “go to Uncles’ bar for grand opening party”) But the next few weeks are really going to test me.

Since I know myself, the way I’m going to handle this onslaught of stuff is going be through heavy scheduling and structure of things around here. So, I’m putting this in public writing so that I have some sort of contract to keep to it:

Wednesday September 30

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Ghost of Harrenhall”

This is actually one of my all time favorite episodes and I’m looking forward to watching it again.

Thursday October 1

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

What shenanigans will every one be up to, now that Chibi-Usa admits that she loves Pegasus. Which, I mean, is still weird.

Friday October 2

It’s time to talk about TV comedy that I’m watching.

Monday October 5

Hey, we’re 3 weeks into Doctor Who, let’s deal with that. (How good was that opening 2 parter! GAH!)

Tuesday October 6

I don’t know what this post will be, but it’ll be something. Maybe Once Upon A Time, to keep things Disney-ish!

Wednesday October 7

Game of Thrones Winner: “The Old Gods And New”

Urgghhh, the beginning of the “Theon Conquers Winterfell” terribleness. But who knows what my impression of that arc will be this time. (Pretty sure I’ll still think it sucks)

Thursday October 8

Sailor Moon Super S Check In

Still bitching about lack of Outer Senshi, I bet. Seriously, I miss them.

Friday October 9

Juli and I will have spent Thursday at The Magic Kingdom the day before and you will hear all about it! And see lots of pictures. You’re welcome in advance.

Saturday October 10

What? A weekend post? What is this, last year? Talking about Disney Hollywood Studios (dumb name), which will include Star Wars and Indiana Jones, so we’ll be a little more on topic than the rest of the Disney World stuff.

Sunday October 11

Recapping our day at Epcot, which will feature our attempt to “Drink Around The World” without passing out and eat delicious food at the Epcot Food And Wine Festival.

Monday October 12

Sunday is Animal Kingdom, so we’ll talk about that. It’s the park I know the least of. I’ve been to all of the others upwards of 7 times, and Animal Kingdom just once. I’m crazy excited to ride Expedition Everest and to see tigers.

Tuesday October 13

Back to The Magic Kingdom on Monday, and general Disney impressions.

Anyway, I’m pretty confident I can do those, and I hope you guys like what I’m working on!

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