I Want To Believe: The X-Files Season 1 Debrief

The Truth Is Out There

With the new version of The X-Files coming down the pike in the next few months I finally decided to explore this rather glaringly large hole in my pop culture, sci fi, and nerd-dom purview.

I’d never watched The X-Files before, for a number of reasons. But for the most part it was because I was too young when it was on and it was pretty high on the “might be scary so Reenie isn’t allowed,” list. But as I became in charge of those decisions on my own, there was also the whole, 202 is a lot of episodes, and I have a job.

But I’ve decided to watch it, and while, again, having a job, prevents me from doing a weekly recap, as I would love to, I do want to document the experience in some way. So I’ll be doing these debriefs as I work through the seasons.

When I mentioned to a few friends that I was starting the show, I got a few reactions, “You’ve never watched X-Files?” was a big one and, “You know that it invented shipping right? It’s going to kill you.”

I did know, and I was prepared for death by unfulfilled sexual tension.

I was halfway through the pilot when I said, out loud, to no one, “Oh My GOD!!!! WHY AREN’T MULDER AND SKULLY DOING IT? They’re so clearly into each other. Specifically, she is so so so into him.”

I knew it was going to happen, I just didn’t expect it to happen quite so quickly. So, I’ve got about 180 episodes of agony left.

Here are some things that I’ve been thinking, now that I’m done with the first season:

  • What actually happened to Samantha Mulder? I don’t think I care. Honestly, I’m totally in that in this universe there are aliens and people have these experiences. Does that mean that I need Mulder’s close encounter to have been a real one? Not at all.
  • Theoretically, I knew how important this show was. But I really didn’t know how much of it’s DNA is still all over the TV landscape, specifically Network TV. I see the seeds of almost all of my favorite shows in this one show, and it’s absolutely fascinating.
  • Dana Skully is my queen. I love everything about her. I love her skepticism, her logical brain and her big heart.
  • There are a lot more ghosts than I thought there would be. Really. I mean, I love ghosts, I just wasn’t expecting so many of them. I get it though, because when you’re on a limited budget, and have to do paranormal weird stuff, ghosts are the way to go, but I just thought there would not be quite so many.
  • David Duchovny is exceptionally delightful and I would like more of him just in life generally.
  • My favorite episode, by far, in this season was the finale. Which is cheating, I guess, but when Skully pulled that little alien fetus out of the ice I almost screamed.

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