DROP EVERYTHING! There’s New The Force Awakens Footage

Look, it’s been nearly 24 hours you’ve probably seen this tiny micro clip, and if you’re anything like me, you probably watched it more than once. (Or like fifteen times.) And if you’re exactly like me, you probably cried.



This isn’t the first time that The Force Awakens stuff has made me cry, and if we’re being really honest I have no idea why I keep having this reaction. I mean, I’m a big mush and as I’ve detailed on several occasions, I link Star Wars to my family and childhood and adolescence in huge ways.

But I have no idea what’s going on in my head and heart when it comes to this movie and why I keep having these very visceral reactions to the marketing materials. And it’s got me a little bit worried.

Not about the movie. I’m fully prepared for it to be wonderful or to completely suck or anything in between. It’s a Star Wars movie, I’ll see it a whole bunch of times no matter what. I’ve even rewatched Attack of The Clones more times than I’m proud of. (I try to focus on Obi-Wan in that one. And Mace Windu, because Samuel L. Jackson makes everything better.)

But I’m worried about how I’ll be in the theater. I’m no stranger to inappropriate weeping at movies, but I really don’t want to be “that crazy girl who couldn’t stop crying during The Force Awakens.” It’s kind of inevitable at this point, but still, I’d like to prevent it.

But apparently, the light saber that Finn is holding may be Anakin Skywalker’s. The very thought of this just makes me cry.

Also, I’m working on a Hoth Leia costume for opening night…Since I’m not going to Comic Con this fall, I’m seizing any and all cosplay opportunities, and I always braid my hair for Star Wars anyway, and this is just another step in that direction. Plus, I can wear a quilted vest to various family endorsed preppy-type outdoors events! It’s a win win.

I'd have a lot of fun in this outfit!

I’d have a lot of fun in this outfit!

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