Everything You’ve Heard About Me Is True


There’s a hundred different reasons that I genuinely enjoyed myself while watching Solo: A Star Wars Story last night, but the main one, the one that I think matters the most, is goddamn is that movie fun.

The chases, the fight scenes, the interactions between the characters and last minute reveal that made me audibly gasp, all of it really feels absolutely perfect. And oddly, I think it’s weird Frankenstein production added to that. Somehow, the loose comedy feel of Chris Miller and Phil Lord, combines all alchemy like with Ron Howard’s earnest competence to make something beautiful.

I’m all in on this movie. I’m in on Alden Einhrich (Baby Han), I’m in on Quira (Space Khalessi), I’m in on Tobias Beckett (Woody MOTHER FUCKING HARRELSON) and of course I’m in on Lando. (Duh)

Seriously, this is a fan service movie, but most of the fan service is clever enough, and also I’m a fan and I like to be serviced occasionally.

It’s fun heist adventure, tightly paced and adorably performed. Plus there’s a delightful twist end cameo

You ready:

Darth Maul is back. I think this means we’re clearly on the road to Ahsoka. (IF WE’RE PULLING CLONE WARS AND REBELS SHIT INTO THE MOVIES WHY IS SHE NOT THERE???) (I realize I’ve become like those Star Wars weirdos who go around whining about how Mara Jade isn’t a thing anymore and why that sucks.) (AHSOKA LIVES!)

Anyway, Solo, is good dirty heisty fun that has Space ships.

So you go in with that as a baseline. It’s not a deep movie but it’s got lots of whizz bangs and great quips and super fun.


  1. Solo: A Star Wars Story
  2. Deadpool 2
  3. Avengers: Infinity War



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