Things I’m Obsessed With Right Now 3: Start of Fall Edition


Hey guys! It’s been a while since we’ve checked in on the things that are obsessing me these days. (Of course if you’re really interested you can follow my twitter or like my facebook page and see these obsessions develop in real time!) But as fall comes around my obsessions tend to shift (again, twitter, facebook. You’ll see!)

  1. Avatar: The Last Air Bender. I decided to watch this over the weekend because I had the house to myself and wanted to binge something that I knew my siblings and parents wouldn’t be into, since I had the opportunity. Rather than watch Buffy or Veronica for the fiftieth time, I thought I should go for some new content, and I am so glad that I did.
  2. Analyzing the feminist implications of Avatar: The Last Airbender. My god are the girls on this show fantastic stinking awesome, heroines and villains alike they are fascinating, powerful and interesting. I start thinking that Katara is my favorite and then Azula pops up, and the Toph does something great. It’s just so amazing and I love that there’s a generation of kids who grew up watching them and a generation of creators will draw on this show and these characters for influence.
  3. Speaking of influencing kids and feminism: Lumber Janes! FOR THE LOVE OF GOD READ THIS COMIC BOOK! I’m late to this party but it’s spectacular. I’ve only gotten one issue, but the camp gets attacked by raptors from the bathroom and there’s a Were-Bear Lady.
  4. Football Season! The Giants kind of stink, but I still love watching games.
  5. The return of pumpkin flavored things. Pumpkin coffee! Pumpkin Ale! Oh, how I love Pumpkin Ale!
  6. In the same vein, today I wore my favorite fall outfit. Brown sweater, orange skirt and brown Frye boots. Best!
  7. Fantasizing about the Gotham fanfiction I’m going to write once I understand how that show’s universe works. Yes, I’m at the point where I am anticipating writing fanfiction. I think I’m a little too far gone.
  8. Scandal and Revenge come back next week! Twisty turny soapy violent goodness. Victoria knows that Emily is Amanda! Olivia and Jake ran away on a plane! WHAT HAPPENS NEXT?
  9. Aless is watching Once Upon A Time. This makes me incredibly happy. For more information on this, again, see twitter and facebook. I’m sure there will be interaction.
  10. My NaNoWriMo project that I am outlining! I was going to write this as a comic and then realized I could do it as a novel and it fits much more with what I’ve always wanted this story to be. I’m really, really excited about this.
  11. My birthday dress, which came yesterday. So pretty, so fancy, so exactly what I wanted it to be!
  12. Speaking of dresses, who costumes Jenna Coleman on Doctor Who? Did you see that little black dress she wore in “Listen?” So freaking gorgeous. I’m obsessed with all of her clothes.
  13. Also The Twelfth Doctor. I love him.
  14. Chrissy’s Twitter. We will now live tweet things together whenever possible even when not in the same room. Feel free to enjoy.
  15. On last night’s New Girl Reid Scott played a guy Jess was hitting on at a wedding. In my brain, it was Brandon from My Boys. I picture Jess and PJ hanging out talking about how the guys in their lives don’t “get” them all the time.
  16. Mindy and Danny as a couple on The Mindy Project! They’re adorable.
  17. NEVERENDER! I’m going to Coheed in Montclair next Thursday
  18. The Girls Poop Rainbow Podcast. A part of my “listen to girls on my phone too” initiative, I’m very glad I found it. Check them out.

So, that’s what I’m into right now. See you later.

Doctor Who Thoughts: “Listen”

Doctor Who

“Listen” is being touted as one of the best Doctor Who episodes ever, and while as Nu Who only, I’m hardly qualified to make such an assessment it’s definitely up there with the episodes I have seen and is going to enter the rotation of rewatching alongside “Blink,” “The Doctor Dances,” “Utopia,” “Asylum of The Daleks” and “The Day of The Doctor.” It’s that good.

The episode hinges on two stories that connect in the best possible way, through Clara.

The Doctor is convinced that the reason children are afraid of the dark is because there is a monster that has evolved to be perfect at hiding. Even more perfect than The Silence, I suppose, truly, actually the best hiders in the entire world. Of course, children are better able to perceive these creatures, as children are more likely to accept such fear.

The Doctor wants Clara to go to her own moment of encountering these creatures, the first time she woke up and felt like something might grab her under the bed. Clara just wants to cry over her failed date with Danny, which was a truly amazing scene. She goes, reluctantly with The Doctor, and at the moment where she’s telling the TARDIS where and when to go, she thinks of Danny and so they end up in his childhood instead.

They go to the future too at one point, and there is a super creepy scene where Rupert (Childhood Danny), Clara and The Doctor confront one of the “creatures” in Rupert’s bed room. But it also gives us one of the greatest Doctor Speeches ever, explaining to Rupert why fear is good, fear makes you great, fear heightens your reflexes, and is a “superpower.”

This is all well and good, but when they go to the end of time and find Orson Pink (possibly Clara and Danny’s great grandson) and confront the creatures again, things are less clear.

It’s only in the final confrontation, when Clara hides under the bed of a young boy on Gallifrey, and realizes that there are no creatures at all, just The Doctor’s fear of the dark, and his fear of her. She realizes that fear is a power, but for different reasons than The Doctor, not the physical reasons but the emotional. Without fear there is no courage, no compassion. Fear is our great ally and motivator.

Watching this episode of Saturday night with Chrissy and Glen was an unreal gift. First of all, had I been watching alone, I probably would have been terrified, I am a huge chicken. Like massively huge. But also, being able to talk about it immediately was extremely helpful in analysis. We talked about the nature of the episode, the incredible performances turned in by Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi.

Wow, these two were incredibly on. Capaldi in particular sold the fact that the Doctor truly believes that there is something in the dark. I love the idea of The Doctor as Peter Pan, that boy who ran away so as to never grow up and that plays beautifully here and the episode is creepy, intense, funny and touching.

It has everything you could want out of a Doctor Who episode. Seriously, it was really, really good.

Girl Meets Nostalgia: Makovers!

So, Girl Meets World back, after a few weeks of hiatus, and while I’m glad for that, this week’s episode did not spark any particular nostalgia in me. Which is great from Girl Meets World as a show, but not so great for this column.

But I think I have it cracked for this episode, at least. I don’t know if it’s sustainable.

So, here we go:

Farkle is on the debate team and Maya, Riley and Lucas go to his meet and watch him do well, that is until a brilliant girl from another school defeats him easily. They try to make him feel better but being that he’s Farkle, he just hits on them awkwardly and leaves. The other girl then tries and fails miserably at flirting with Farkle. She comes to Maya and Riley for a makeover and of course, taking her hair out of pigtails, and removing her glasses she’s gorgeous.

Of course, Farkle, still not interested thinks she’s trying to sabotage him. And when this girl gets a crush on Lucas. Anyway, you get the point.

Lucas joins the debate team and wins the debate (which has the bullshit existential topic of “Is beauty skin deep?”) by giving a rousing speech about how he’s more than just his pretty face, and he wants to go to a good college.

You tell em Lucas.

The B plot was Augie worrying about alienating Eva, his girlfriend and Topanga telling him that he doesn’t have to stay with one person forever and asked where he got the idea that he did?

He looked at her and horrified she said, “Oh God! How many people have the idea of Corey and Topanga ruined?”

I’ll tell you.


You destroyed love for an entire generation.

I’m exaggerating, but I mean, between Corey and Topanga and Zach and Kelly, when I didn’t meet my soulmate in high school, I was very worried. Other strange influences that Boy Meets World had on my life. I had to wear a red dress to my Sweet 16. I refused to not have one, despite trying on several very pretty, much more flattering blue and black dresses. Why was I so insistent? Topanga wore one. I’m sure there are other examples, but that’s the one that I think is funniest.

I mean, obviously, Boy Meets World had an impact on me. I’m writing this blog post because of the impact that it had. Girl Meets World exists because the show had an impact on a lot of people and they now want to share it with their kids and younger siblings, friends and just kids in general. I don’t actually think that Corey and Topanga ruined love for my generation, but maybe dating.

They might have ruined dating.

So that’s our dose of nostalgia this week. Again, I’m glad the show is standing on it’s own two feet, it needed to happen. Just makes writing this sort of difficult.

Marvel Comics Wrap Up: 9/10/2014

Hi Guys! I’m really loving Marvel these days because it’s so nice and happy (compared to all the sad, sad things that are happening in DC). But I’m also reading fewer books these days. (Only 4 this week, if you don’t count Kamala, which of course I do, but she’s not in the write up.)

photo (33)

So it’s time to dive in.

The Amazing Spider-Man #6:

Cindy saves Peter from being unmasked on TV. Then he and Annamaria and Cindy all stop Black Cat from killing him, which is great. Also they depowered Electro. But for the most part, it was just nice to see Peter and Anna Maria be friends and Peter and Cindy make out a lot. No matter what happens in the end, I’m happy to see Cindy as a character, she’s kind of a breath of fresh air and I like watching her and Peter work together. And I really like the idea of her as J. Jonah Jameson’s intern.

Avengers #34.1:

How is it possible that this Hyperion story is one of the best Superman stories I’ve read in a while? Ugh. Anyway. Hyperion is still trying to find his way here on 616, just as he did a long time ago on his own world. He helps find a young boy who’s been kidnapped, he uses his powers and his extraordinary will to do the right thing to do it, and it’s all pretty awesome. He asserts himself as as symbol of being good and an inspiration to others. Because, I mean, Superman right? Action Comics Future’s End tried to do something similar and this was a good deal more clear about it.

Captain Marvel #7: “Higher, Further, Faster, More Part 6″

Tic has decided that she wants to be Carol’s second, which is pretty great. But Carol is having a recurring nightmare about letting down the Avengers. But that’s going to have to be dealt with that later, because Tic, Carol and Rocket Racoon are on her ship, and they’re fighting some stuff. Also, it turns out that Carol’s Cat, Chewie, is not a cat, but a Flerken, which lays it’s eggs towards the end. Also, Rocket wants to sell her. I somehow don’t see Carol being OK with that. And I’m interested in how the Flerken works out.

Deadpool #34: “The One With The Super-Rare 3-D Cover”

By making fun of the 90’s something really crazy happened, we got a hilarious tie in to Original Sin, saw the idea of Deadpool, and Alpha Flight for what they were, strange decisions that somehow caught on. But the large overused word balloons are there, the flashy barely discernable splash pages, and of course, Deadpool killing his parents not long after Ellie’s birth. It’s just a really fun, funny issue and I’m definitely OK with it. I liked it a lot.


DC Comics Wrap Up: 9/10/2014

More Future’s End this week, and I know it’s supposed to be a horrible dystopian future and all but well, I mean, it’s so depressing, I really can’t wait for September to be over so that we can have some fun, you know?

But this week was really, really great and cool, and we got some interesting stories that again, alternate future.

photo (32)

Batgirl Future’s End #1: “Darker In The Soul”

I’m going to miss Gail Simone’s Batgirl so much, and this issue is just kind of proof positive why she really was the perfect person to bring Batgirl into The New 52. Two years in the future, Barbara married a cop named Steve but on their wedding night, James Jr. killed him, because, I mean, of course. Shattered, Babs went off the map, trained with Bane and returned to Gotham as The Bete Noir. She also founded The League of Batgirls which is ten kinds of awesome and is made up of Cassandra Caine, Stephanie Brown and Tiffany Fox. Then Bane comes and they fight him and beat him, because she’s the best. Now TO BURNSIDE!

Batman Future’s End #1: “Remains”

Lex Luthor is trying to clone Superman again. So Bruce steels it to clone himself because the world must always have a Batman, and he’s alienated all of his proteges, and he’s like 40 years from meeting Terry.

Birds of Prey Future’s End #1: “The Red League”

Black Canary took over The League of Shadows and made it into a gang of avenging women who free other women who have been sexually trafficked because in case you didn’t know, she’s the best. Dinah and her girls go after a mob boss, and they run into Bete Noire, and it turns out this gave Babs the idea for The League of Batgirls. So that’s pretty cool. The guy killed himself and one of his victims comes along and joins the team.

Justice League United Future’s End #1: “Home World Part 1 of 2″

Equinox saves a trucker from some robot polarbears, which is very Canadian of her. Then she gets a message from Martian Manhunter that he’s in trouble so she and Animal Man go to the current Justice League to go to Mars, where they’ve built a prison for supervillains. But it turns out that it was a trap set by Captain Atom? Who’s a bad guy now? Whatever, we’ll see what happens

World’s Finest Future’s End #1: “Breaking”

Karen breaks into the Cadmus facility in order to get Helena, who she’s pretty sure is being tortured, but she meets up with Deathstroke and Fifty Sue instead, and Fifty Sue is MAD at her, and gets her captured. Also the new Power Girl is there and Karen dies in Helena’s arms and it’s very sweet.

Future’s End #19

Terry and the B-Listers break into Terrifitech finally, and we find out why Plastique is so freaked out. The cyborg that Terry brought back with him was made of her. Billy tried to convince Lois to sit on the story but she won’t. Ray Palmer talks to a robot. A brainwashed Power Girl, being controlled by Brother Eye, attacked Lana and Deathstroke but turns out he cut a deal with Fifty Sue so they’re fine. Also, Tim read the story about Billy/Superman and I’m sure that will be significant.

Alright, so that’s what happened there. See you tomorrow for Marvel!



Ms. Marvel #8: A Girl And Her Dog

photo (31)

Yes, it took me a little more time than usual to write up this month’s Ms. Marvel, but not because I don’t love it anymore, because I’ve started seriously working on another project and I was doing that instead.

But that’s just an excuse! I will always keep writing about Kamala, because she is awesome and important. So, while patrolling and asking people if they’ve seen the missing kids, Kamala runs into Lockjaw and she’s thrilled. She decides he’s adorable and that she’s going to adopt him and bring him home. She convinces her parents that she can but he has to stay in the yard.

This winds up being moot, because Lockjaw can teleport and while she and Bruno try to track down where The Inventor was taking those kids (with the held of Julie’s “Facehead” account.) First she stops off at The Circle Q to get her costume, and Bruno gets a really good monologue. “I want a refund on life. So yeah, I’ll hang here and take out the trash while you guys warp out o fight bad guys…I don’t feel emasculated at all.”

Poor Bruno. You’re such a good sidekick, Kamala appreciates you. We all appreciate you.

Anyway, Lockjaw and Kamala go to a junkyard and fight a robot that’s being powered by another kid that was kidnapped by The Inventor. The kid begs Kamala to leave him because he’s now “a part of something.” But she takes him to the hospital anyway, but of course she’s late for school. Nakia asks her what’s going on, and she assures her that everything’s cool, they both get quizzed on their reading from the previous night, both manage well, (because, they are smart, capable and intelligent young women, and also, responsible. I love that characters like this exist.) Then a robot attacks the school and Kamala heals but she can’t transform. It’s going to be interesting.

The throughline of this book, besides Lockjaw, was that Kamala is worried about “being drafted into a war” that she didn’t start, cleaning up messes that she previously had nothing to do with. This arc is called “Generation Why?” and I think it’s going to be an interesting exploration of inheritance. And also, pretty soon, we know Kamala is going to hook up with Spider-Man, which frankly is going to be great, as Kamala kind of has a lot in common with Peter Parker.

Except she’s got a lot less angst. A whole lot less and that’s kind of what’s great about her.

But this was setting up a new arc, which are never my favorite issues, they tend to be a little bit slower.


Aless’s Justice League Dream

Apparently my best friend dreams in cartoons. I’m publishing this because

  1. It’s one of the best Justice League Stories I’ve ever seen.
  2. Everyone should get a glimpse of what a conversation between Aless and I actually is.
  3. I’m lazy and didn’t feel like writing last night (again, sorry!)

So here it is, in her own words:

First thing you should know is that my dream was animated and it was in the same style as the Justice League cartoon show, which makes sense because my dream included the Justice League. I was Wonder Woman obviously haha.

Really, they look EXACTLTY the same.

Really, they look EXACTLTY the same.

So here’s how the story goes…

An evil magician transports the entire Justice League to Germany 1944 and takes away their powers hoping they die in the war and can’t interfere with his world domination plans in the present. Since all the JL members are scattered, first thing to do is to find them in the battlefield. Superman and Batman find Flash (Barry) and Martian Manhunter, I (Wonder Woman) find Green Lantern, Hawkgirl and Wally and slowly but surely we all find each other, there’s only about 12-15 of the members, I don’t remember all of them. Only the ones who where fighting against the magician where sent back aka the main ones. We steal uniforms to infiltrate a convoy headed to Berlin. We do this because as you know the Justice League was already sent back to WWII once and we have to avoid running into our old selves and altering that timeline because that would be bad So we head to Berlin, once we get there and start investigating we realize that Hitler isn’t real. He is a puppet controlled by the same evil magician because he needed to create chaos and needed people to experiment on without drawing too much attention to himself. He needs to create 2 points of chaos in history in order for his plan to work. Don’t know why? He’s evil, that’s what they do.

We manage to get in Hitler’s inner circle because we figured if he’s a puppet there must be some way to get to the magician through him. Someone was helping us get to him and it turned out to be Stauffenberg (I think that’s how is spelled, he’s the man who tried and failed to assassinate Hitler in July 1944). His attempt to help us is just that, he tries to uncover Hitler as a puppet but fails. Anyway, we don’t get caught and somehow we gain access to Hitler’s bunker and find a secret door leading down to the evil magician’s lair. While the rest of the league searches for the magician, Batman and I fight some of his puppets (btw we’re the only ones with strength. Batman doesn’t have superpowers so there was nothing to take from him and the magician only took my weapons not my amazon strength haha!) and capture the magician , but turns out he was also a puppet. He takes his face off like a mask, which is kind of disturbing and sets off an alarm that traps all of us in a maze-like structure and we only have an hour or less to escape before it heats up and microwaves us. Most of the doors close but with the help of the Flash, who somehow got his powers back, and my amazon strength we jam the last door which gives us time to get everyone out of there.

So that’s what happened there. She wanted to clean it up more. But I insist that it was perfect.

Hopefully I actually want to blog tonight…but I’m not making promises anymore. Thinking of scaling back my schedule. I don’t know. I’ll keep you updated