Marvel Comics Wrap-Up: 7/23/2014

It was like living in backwards land this week. I bought what felt like a zillion DC books and very, very few Marvel books. (Comparatively.) But there was some really cool Original Sin stuff, and of course, Storm #1 (Girl Power Week!) So here we go!

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Amazing Spider-Man #4

Turns out that Peter wasn’t the only kid bitten by a spider that day in on the field trip, a girl named Cindy Moon was also bitten. But Cindy’s powers were stronger and more primal than Peter and so her parents handed her over to Ezekial Sims. She was held in captivity for a long, long time. Now Peter has found her, she made herself a costume out of webbing and they fight, and then they make out. Meanwhile, Black Cat broke into Parker Industries to somehow destroy Spider-Man. Which is sort of fun. It’s also nice that Anna Lucia is still helping Peter adjust to his post Doc Ock life. And that none of The Avengers seem to care much, when Peter is trying to tell them how exciting it is that he’s himself again. It was just a fun issue, and I’m really loving this series a whole lot.

Storm #1

It’s almost impossible to believe that Ororo has never headlined a series before but I’m glad they’re getting started. The issue focuses on the fact that Storm helped save a village from a tidal wave in a country that has heavy anti-mutant laws on the books. She backs off and goes back to school, where a new student calls her a sell out, and accuses the X-Men of imperialism. (The student, by the way totally has a point here.) This disturbs Storm and she goes back and does some damage against anti-mutants. She also brings the student back to her family. What’s going to be interesting here is exploring identity. This isn’t a girl learning who she is. Ororo is a a grown woman, a former queen, a goddess, she knows who she is, but that doesn’t mean she’s always sure of herself. Storm was always my favorite X-Man, so I’m looking forward to seeing where this goes.

Original Sins #4

The first story was about a guy, I think he was some sort of stock broker who accidentally absorbs Doctor Doom’s secret when the bomb goes off. Doctor Doom then systematically ruins his life within hours. It’s an amazing and creepy story, that I’ve already read like 4 times.

Meanwhile, the young Avengers and The Hood hook up their lame Cerebro knockoff and text a whole bunch. I wish Teen Titans, which features characters I already know and am attached to, made me laugh half as much as this book. Sadly, it does not.

The two pager was the little eskimo kid who found Cap at a Comic Con, and was also pretty cute.

Thor and Loki: The Tenth Realm #2

Angela heads back to heaven in the middle of a fight with the Guardians because the Angels are gearing up to fight Loki and Thor. Drax is kind of pissed about this. Can’t really blame him. Anyway, Old Loki is manipulating the situation so that Thor and Angela fight. Oh Old Loki! You scamp! Anyway, young Loki made himself a girl for reasons? I think he’s proving a point. I’m not sure. Anyway, Thor fights a bunch of Angels, while Loki goes to possibly seduce the queen? Not sure of his endgame, but it’s a very cool. I love the art in this book. Then Angela shows up and obviously she and Thor are going to fight and it’s going to be great!

Deadpool #32: “Daddy/Daughter Day”

Deadpool is running after Ellie and her father from whoever it was that was chasing them. He gets shot in the head. But he heals and saves her and it’s adorable. He holds back telling her that he’s her father, which is probably a good thing. Meanwhile, Dazzler is having trouble fighting all those vampires, but then Whats-her-face, that Vampire Queen Deadpool is married to, shows up and they kill lots of vampires. Also, the agent Preston LMD doesn’t have skin at the moment and it’s funny and great and no one and everyone is freaked out by it. Violence, sarcasm and a little bit of heart. This is the Deadpool you’ve been looking for.

Daredevil #6

When the bomb blew, Matt Murdoch was engulfed in chaos, because his super senses go on overload, but he also so an image of his father beating his mother, which explains why she ran away and became a nun. Anyway, turns out that his mom and a bunch of other nuns were graffiting a military base that was doing nuclear testing, which is by the way the most accurate portrayal of nuns ever in anything. (Seriously, these women do not screw around when it comes to social justice!), and are being deported to Wakanda, because of shady dealing. Unable to get in touch with T’Challa (who is in space, and also alternate dimension, and also hurtling through time, depending on what book you pick up,) he knows he has to do something. It was nice to see Matt back in New York, and I frankly, always love the casualness of Matt’s Catholicism. It’s just a part of his life, it’s not really a plot point. This makes me happy.

Anyway, that’s Marvel! See everyone next week! Happy Comic-Con

DC Comics Wrap-Up: 7/23/2014

So it was Batman Day, and it’s Comic-Con week. I had Comics on the brain for the past few days, obviously, and we’re going to do a “what we learned from comic con” post next week, but today, today we dive gloriously into a world of finished Zero Years, and Wonder Woman awesomeness, and crazy Battwists. Also Flash catch up.

But let’s dive in.

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Batman Beyond Universe: “Justice Lords Beyond: Part 4″


Also, they defeat Lord Superman and send him to the Phantom Zone, and Terry sees his dad in the alternate timeline and it’s very bittersweet and Diana and Bruce decide to move in together and Zod has a very bad attitude. Also Barda and Scott are adorable.

But mostly that first thing. It sort of broke my brain.

Batman #33: “Zero Year: Savage City”

really need to read Zero Year, especially after listening to Scott Snyder talk on Fatman On Batman (which I have been binge listening to, it’s amazing.) about how he views Gotham as an extension of Batman’s (Dick as her first wrote in The Black Mirror and Bruce moving forward) psyche. That’s so clear in the couple of issues of Zero Year that I have picked up, and Snyder is quickly climbing the ladder as my favorite Batman writer. (All apologies to Dini and Morrison who I still love so much). Anyway, in the finale, Batman defeats The Riddler, all on his own, except also with the help of Jim Gordon and Lucius Fox and of course Alfred. After his victory, Bruce tells Alfred that he checked himself into Arkham for a time, and was about to undergo, I guess electro shock? Anyway, he decided against it, and decided to become Batman instead. His ex girlfriend shows up, and Alfred has a lovely fantasy of Bruce living a normal life. Which will of course, never happen, because Bruce refuses to see the girl. It’s bittersweet and lovely, and perfect, and I love Scott Snyder.

Batman And Robin #33: “Robin Rises: Cold Justice”

The Justice League spends an awful lot of time trying to convince Bruce not to resurrect Damian, and he’s really, really unhappy about it. Shazam is particularly dickish about it, which maintains my disdain for the New 52 Version. Even Captain Cold and Luthor are like, “We get it dude, but we can’t let you,” by the end. My favorite appeal comes when Bruce points out to Aquaman that if Darkseid had Mera, he’d be all over this shit. I also enjoyed the detail that the “-tt-” noise is the override code for the “Hellbat” armor. Such a loving and perfect detail. Turns out that Glorious Godfrey and Kalibak want to shoot Damian out of a cannon, which is awesome. Anyway, back not on Apokolips, Bruce kicks down Damian’s gravestone and catches fireflies (Not in that order) and Clark shows up and tells him how sorry he is. Bruce says he’s really, really ready to move on this time. Except, that he follows Titus down to the Batcave, where he has assembled, Barbara, Tim, Jason, and Alfred and they’re clearly going to Apokolips.

I really wish Dick wasn’t “dead.” He should be going with everyone to rescue his partner, no question about it.

Wonder Woman #33: “Paradise Lost”

Diana is being held prisoner by that weird God, who I can’t remember who he is, who really really wants to marry her and make babies. Which is weird. And gross. Which she says. Meanwhile, back on Paradise Island, her friends (and Orion, for some reason) make their last stand. Zola refuses to take shelter leaving Aleka vulnerable, as she promised Diana she would protect her. Anyway, the Amazons and The Sons of Paradise Island fight together to protect their home, which makes Diana proud, but she’s dying anyway. Also, Orion might be dying? Which is nuts, because this isn’t a Crisis and you can’t just kill on of the New Gods of New Genesis in a plain old regular issue of Wonder Woman, so I’m sure he’ll be fine. Anyway, then Zeke possesses a statue, which according to Rick Riordan is not a power of the children of Zeus…hmmm…

Superman #33: “The Men Of Tomorrow: Chapter 2: The New Superman”

If Scott Snyder is my new favorite Batman writer, Geoff Johns is my not so new favorite writer of everything. I mean, this is the man who wrote Flashpoint, so…anyway, it’s only two issues in, and I’m already completely obsessed with the new run of Superman. This issue opens perfectly, with Perry yelling at the staff about how they didn’t get pictures of Ulysses. Poor Jimmy looked ready to die. Anyway, then Clark shows up, he and Perry talk about the lab accident that sent Ulysses across dimensions. They make a deal that will get Clark back to the Planet. (Please!) Anyway, then Ulysses shows up, Clark explains secret identities to him, they get into some fights (with others, not eachother) and Clark brings him home to his parents, an it’s all pretty perfect.

Catwoman #33: “Race of Thieves: A Cold Case”

Selina is not happy when she realizes that Roulette played her but when she realizes that the murder case she’s been working is tied in to The Race of Thieves, it’s pretty great. I’m getting ready to say goodbye to this incarnation of Catwoman, since she’s about to be revamped into a straight up Gotham Mob boss. (Great, not she and Bruce are never going to get it together!) Anyway, she uses information that she put together a way to break Roulette and it’s all pretty great. Like always, I really enjoyed this book even if I wasn’t totally sold on the plot, because I love hanging out with Selina so much.

The Flash #32-33: “Cold Call & A Step Behind”

I somehow missed Flash 32, and I’m glad I was able to pick it up and catch up this week, because it’s probably the best issue in a while. The Future Barry that’s moving back in time sits by Captain Cold’s bedside and reminisces. Then he kills him, of course. Back in the current timeline, Barry and Patty are fighting (what else is new) because he’s spending too much time crime fighting. Then he goes to a baseball game with Wally and Iris and he and Wally bond and it’s the best.

33 was less awesome, but still good, Barry figures out who’s been comitting all of the murders and also gets tackled by himself. Wally gets arrested again, and Patty and Barry make up. It was hard to follow because I loved 32 so much, but I’m looking forward to picking back up with Flash again. I really do love it.

Secret Origins #4: “Harley Quinn,” “Green Arrow,” “Damian Wayne”

A character I used to love, a character I’m growing to adore and Damian.

While I love that Harley Quinn is currently DC’s top selling character, I really don’t love her new version. The new origin is kind of fun, which establishes that Harley was always kind of nuts and boy crazy which is what drew her to the Joker.  But it’s impossible to top “Mad Love,” and certainly not in this tiny 3rd an issue.

Oliver Queen’s origin is retconned fairly well here. It’s a fun story about the island and his father and not being a partying, playboy piece of garbage anymore. So that was fun. I love Ollie, so I’m always happy to see him.

And Damian. I love my Damian. But I’ve talked about this story. You know, Talia and Bruce boink. Damian raised as assassin. Damian moves in with Bruce. Bruce gets sent back in time. Damian runs around Gotham unsupervised for a while. Alfred and Dick make Damian Robin. Damian is sassy the whole time, everything is great. (Except when Damian dies and Dick has to fake his own death. Then everything is just THE WORST)

Future’s End #12

No Terry, but whatever. The Space Crew fought some robots, that was great. Star Girl is all punk and being stalked by Farraday, which makes sense but also makes me sad, because I love her and I guess this means she and J’onn didn’t get together, and also because I love her a whole lot. But she also seems to be running with Grifter’s crew, which is kind of cool. Meanwhile, in the future, the cyborgs have been torturing Joker and now they’re going to graft him and Bruce together, which is truly the stuff of nightmares.

Anyway, that’s DC this week. There was a lot, as it turned out.


Winning Love By Daylight

So now to wrap up Girl Power Week, it’s time to talk about that which inspired it. And actually, it’s not over, since I’m going to see Lucy this weekend (EVERYONE GO SEE LUCY! NO MORE EXCUSES FOR BLACK WIDOW!) but this has been fun. Anyway, let’s talk about Sailor Moon.

Sailor Moon

Two weeks ago I took a deep breath and did a swan dive into Sailor Moon. Jumping into a new fandom is not ever something I do lightly, because while sometimes it winds up being a passing fancy (Twilight, True Blood, actually just vampires in general) it more than likely turns into something that I’m going to be investing a lot of time, energy and money into. (Batman, Doctor Who, The Mortal Instruments, Percy Jackson)

So far, I’ve managed to keep a decent lid on the money (I did order the manga on Amazon, but I can handle that.) And also, because binging isn’t terribly efficient for this show, time is also limited. (Going to change once I get my hands on those books though, I think.) And I’m having kind of a singular experience, because I’m going to be watching the original 1992 anime alongside the new anime Sailor Moon Crystal. Granted, the original is being released 2 episodes at a time on Mondays and Crystal every other Saturday, so they won’t be exactly parallel, but overall I’m going to be experiencing this story for the first time over the next few months.

I mentioned when I declared that I was going into this that as a child Sailor Moon didn’t grab me. Watching it now, I don’t understand how that’s even vaguely possible, except that I didn’t understand how serialization worked maybe? Not a clue.

The important part is that I love it now. I love it for a million reasons. I love it because I see so much of myself, especially as a teenager, in Usagi. This overly emotional, dreamy, unfocused, silly girl is everything I was when I was 14. How I didn’t connect with her as a teenager baffles me. But it’s also the reason why she really freaks me out and I prefer seeing her in relation to the other Sailor Guardians rather than on her own. I get plenty of me in my own head.

But I’m loving her much more on Crystal. They actually turn her hysterics into a superpower. When Sailor Moon cries, she emits super sonic waves that harm her enemies. Never before has being a humongous cry baby been so bad ass.

Because I’m still early into the story (Episode 22 of Sailor Moon & Episode 2 of Crystal) I’ve only met Ami (Sailor Mercury) and Rei (Sailor Mars.) I vaguely remembered loving Sailor Mars as a kid, and watching it again as an adult, I can see why I liked her.

If Usagi is everything I see in myself, Rei is everything I wanted to be. She’s so cool and collected. She has a handle on things. She has long silky dark hair and wears badass red pumps. And now, although I don’t think that I picked up on it at the time, Rei is religious, she practices Shinto and helps her family out at the shrine they run, well, her grandpa. Anyway, this is probably the only thing I have in common with Rei, but it’s also one of the things that I like best about her.

That’s not to discount Ami, who I also connect with on a “I wish I could be like that girl” level. Ami is sweet, and kind and intelligent. She’s dedicated to her studies and immediately bonds with Luna. I like that she’s focused on school, and that the other girls are baffled by it, but don’t try to change her. Yes, particularly in Crystal, Usagi is flummoxed by Ami’s shyness, but she also isn’t going to try to force the girl out of her shell.

The thing that’s really grabbing me about Sailor Moon, is how well it fits into my beliefs about cultural feminism. This story does not make a big deal about the fact that it’s about girls. It just is about girls. What I love about it is very similar to what I love about Ms. Marvel. Usagi’s origin story as Sailor Moon isn’t terribly different from Peter Parker’s, or, even more accurately Billy Batson. A chance encounter leads her to a higher destiny. Of course, instead of being bitten by a radioactive spider or finding an ancient wizard, Usagi trips over a magical talking cat from the moon.

You would think I would find that weirder, but I’ve read so many comics in the past year that I just figure that eh, it’s not having her parents gunned down in an alley but it’s about in line with finding an alien with an all powerful ring after a plane crash in terms of being totally goddamn bizarre.

Anyway, the cat is Luna, who is tasked with finding The Sailor Guardians and The Moon Princess (I do know that Usagi is actually the Moon Princess, even if it hasn’t gotten to that point yet, although it’s starting to get teased.) I love Luna. I love her overprotective nature, I love her exhaustion with Usagi, I love her instant connection with Ami, and her determination to find the princess. (I badly can’t wait to see her reaction to the fact that Usagi is the princess…) I did not expect to be quite so attached to the cat.

Here’s what I remembered about Tuxedo Mask from my childhood…his name was Darren, and I thought the top hat was unnecessary. (Generally, I stand by that statement. Top Hats are deeply unnecessary most of the time.) Of course now I know better, his name is actually Mamoru and he’s the reincarnation of the Moon Princess’s human lover. (Thanks Wikipedia!) And, um, OK, here’s where I’m confused…at least in the original does Mamoru know that he’s Tuxedo Mask? I know that he and Usagi are both having weird dreams. Also, she gets drunk and they kiss, but, seriously? What’s the deal there? Because, also he’s dating Rei? I don’t know. This needs straightening out. But he’s had limited doing of anything in Crystal, so we’ll see how he’s portrayed there.

Anyway, those are my current Sailor Moon musings (Sailor Musings?) There will more than likely be more to come as I watch both shows and read the manga. (Maybe as new characters get introduced? I’m not sure how I’m going to play this.)

Hope you guys enjoyed Girl Power Week. I certainly did!

Marvel Girls: Girl Power Incarnate

Since yesterday was about Barbara Gordon, and the ladies of Gotham City, I decided that today should be about the two characters who have been capturing my imagination more than just about anyone else lately. (Except for Sailor Moon, who we will be discussing tomorrow!)

I’m of course talking about Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers, and Ms. Marvel, Kamala Khan.

I’ve made it pretty damn clear that I have a lot of love for Kamala, her story, what she represents, and just everything about her.

I love that she’s funny, and that she’s awkward. I love that she’s still getting a handle on her powers and that she has a top ten list of other superheroes she wants to team up with.  I love that she’s a fangirl. I love that she doesn’t quite know how to be a superhero and a Muslim but she wants to be both. I love that she can’t quite figure out that Bruno has a crush on her, or that she probably has a crush on him and she’s just not the kind of girl who will care.

And I love that she’s Kamala first, Ms. Marvel second, and a “representation” third and least importantly.

She’s just fun and makes me smile.

Like this, all smiles!

Like this, all smiles!

Carol’s another story.

I look forward to my Captain Marvel every month, but it’s a different sort of excitement from Ms. Marvel.

Aside from hoping that she and Star-Lord hook up one of these days (For serious, this needs to happen.) I love that Carol Danvers is sassy, one of the most powerful people in the universe and basically, the Marvel Universe’s answer to Hal Jordan.

And only slightly prettier…



But I love that she’s dedicated to justice, that she got superpowers and immediately decided to help people. I love how she’s all woman and all badass. I love her uniform, I love that when she puts on her helmet she has a mohawk. I love that she’s willing to defy just about anyone and when it comes to doing the right thing.

And seriously all that I want at this point is for these two to get together and kick some asses together. Because even though Kamala is street level and Carol is Cosmic, these two should be working together.

It’s all in the names people.

Gotham Girls

Happy Batman Day!

And it’s day 3 of Girl Power Week.

So let’s talk about Barbara.

Obviously, if you’re on the internet you’ve probably seen the redesign for Barbara Gordon’s Batgirl that will come in the next few months. I, like many women, totally pumped my fist upon finding out about it. Spandex?


The holdover from her 60′s costume?

Also gone, though it’s still purple and yellow. And she actually looks like a 21 year old girl. It’s pretty great.

It's so cool, you guys. So stinking cool!

It’s so cool, you guys. So stinking cool!

I like to think she decided to do the leather jacket after chilling in South America with Jason. Like, she saw it and was like, “I could rock this look better than Red Hood, please!” And rock it she does. While losing Gail Simone on this book does kind of suck, I can’t help but be thrilled that we’re getting a lighter more fun take on Barbara, who frankly, is at her best when she’s having fun. Although I’ve also loved completely losing it over Knightfall,

But Barbara’s not the only of the Gotham Girls (coming soon to the CW, a heartwarming show about friendship, coffee and kicking butt) who’s kind rocking it these days. Obviously over in Eternal Harper Row and Stephanie Brown are doing amazing things. And we know that they’re not going to stay uncostumed much longer, they will quite soon be Bluebird and Spoiler, and I’m really looking forward to it.

And again, as I’m me, I think about how there will probably some kind of killer love triangle between Harper, Tim and Steph. Because I mean, please? I would love that. Also, it would just mean more Tim, which is never a bad thing, because he’s a pretty great character.

Now let’s talk about The Birds of Prey. I was so hot on this series at first, fell off on it, picked it up again, and now I think it’s being cancelled?

This only makes me sad because of Dinah.

I love Dinah Lance, I love her so much. Granted she pops up now and then in Batgirl, and I’m hoping to see her in Eternal one of these days, but the idea that she’s not going to have regularly scheduled appearances again for a while is sort of a bummer.

Of course, Birds is being cancelled to make room for Gotham Academy, and I kind of have this idea in my head of a relaunched Birds somewhere down the line that features Steph and Harper, and probably Helena since she’s clearly going to be around for a while. I mean, it would be a pretty killer series, Bluebird, Huntress and Spoiler as The Birds of Prey. I like the idea of it.

Sorry for the shortness of this post…I was focused on something else yesterday…hopefully I’ll be able to explain that soon.

Put On Your White Hat and Find Justice

As I tried to figure out where to start with this week long exploration of women, feminism, girl power and pop culture, I knew the easiest place to go would be comics, because the past few weeks have seen an explosion of women, and in particular young women shouting, “Finally!” And with my obsession with Kamala and Carol, I knew I would have plenty to talk about, but I’ve decided to start somewhere else.

I want to talk about TV.

A few months ago, Alan and I were talking about women in movies and how there just aren’t movies that are pushed and headlined by women and how that kind of sucks. I shrugged and said, “yeah, but I mean, the women on TV right?”

It’s an amazing time for women on TV, but for reasons I will never understand no one really talks about it, and they should.

Everyone talks about the moral decay of Walter White, but no one discusses Emily Thorne committing murder regularly in the name of justice for her dead father.

Don Draper is a tortured anti hero, unable to remain faithful to the women he loves because of hookers, I think? But what about Olivia Pope, who is so obsessed with being “the good guy” because of her toxic and unending affair with a married man is written off as soap opera.

Sherlock Holmes is complicated and groundbreaking and “fascinating” in his distance from the world, but Lady Mary Crawley is defined by the fact that her husband was killed in a car accident, not by the fact that she and the women around her are in transition, forging ahead into a new era fearlessly while holding onto what’s important to them in the past.

Comedy doesn’t suffer as much because everyone is talking about Hannah Horvath, Selina Meyer and Leslie Knope, because why wouldn’t you? Those shows and their success and the strength of those characters is completely undeniable. (Except maybe Hannah…)

Mainly, though, I want to talk about Olivia and Emily. These women do horrible, terrible things and you root for them. Traditionally in story telling, that is the purview of men. Women have to remain likable, kind and giving if they are to be the protagonist of a story. There are exceptions, of course, but I can’t really think of any other anti-heroines on TV. Except maybe Blair Waldorf, but Blair was a victim as often as she was active. Olivia Pope and Emily Thorne are a lot of things, but they are never victims.

Let’s start with Olivia.

Olivia Pope

There are few moments that have hooked me more quickly than that moment in the pilot of Scandal where Olivia and Fitz push into the corner of The Oval Office that can’t be seen by cameras and he kisses her and tells her that he still loves her. It’s a hugely influential moment that set the tone for the entire show. Yes, Scandal’s escalation of those “OMG” moments has gotten to the point of ridiculousness. (Although who didn’t love the ending of Fitz crying on the floor of The Oval Office in a hell of his own making? So satisfying) As the show grew out it wasn’t just Olivia, Abby is probably the only character who isn’t morally compromised at this point. I mean, she does manipulate David a lot. But Quinn’s trek to the dark side, while tedious, was pretty new ground. And then there’s Mellie.

I love Mellie Grant. I love her so much. And you didn’t at first. At first Mellie was the worst, she was Fitz’s clueless bitch wife, who stood between our beloved Olivia and the love of her life. And I don’t know how it happen, but all of a sudden she was everyone’s favorite character, including mine. Was it when she insisted on having the baby, and was so heartbroken that it still didn’t fix her marriage? Was it when we found out that she was involved in defiance? I know, I personally, was already on her side when we found out that Big Ger raped her. When she finally got some and slept with Andrew? God that was awesome.

But whether you’re squarely Team Mellie, or still hoping for an Olitz happy ever after in Vermont (I kind of don’t care at this point, but Crystan assures me that it’s something she would like to see, so I guess there are people out there who would like it.) it’s not really about Fitz, or Jake, or Andrew at any point. You’re talking about Olivia and Mellie. And maybe David and Huck. And maybe Jake.

I really love Jake.

But it’s nothing compared to Revenge. I love Revenge so much, and it wasn’t until I started thinking about this post that I realized how little the men matter to Revenge. Revenge is about a war between two women. It’s about Emily and Victoria and yes, a lot of people go down in the wake of these two trying to get at each other, but it’s still about them.

Revenge is notable also because of it’s second lead. (Emily and Victoria share top billing as far as I’m concerned.) Nolan Ross. Nolan and Emily have a purely platonic relationship, rare between a man and a woman on television, and also he’s openly bisexual. We’ve seen him have passionate relationships with both men and women.

But mostly it’s notable because of the horrific things that Emily does while still remaining the hero. Emily is always going to be the good guy, no matter how many people she kills and how many lives she ruins.

That’s new territory for a pretty little blonde woman in a ball gown.

So Pretty!

So Pretty!

And it’s pretty cool.

Girl Meets Nostalgia: Never Change For A Girl

Hey guys! Welcome to Girl Power Week! Which will be kicking off more lightly themed with this week’s girl meets nostalgia.

Now we all know that “Be Yourself” is always going to be a major theme in just about any children or teen or tween aimed piece of media. It’s kind of one of the only totally healthy messages you can send people. Who you are is great, so be that person.

Boy Meets World dealt with this almost constantly, and this week’s Girl Meets World did it in a really nice way, but I’m going to focus mostly on how it did it with Riley’s little brother Augie.

First of all, this kid is completely adorable. I love him, and his floppy hair and his goofy antics. It’s great. He has a lot of things in common with his Uncle Eric and the sassy mouth of his Aunt Morgan and when the Mathews family all get together again, I’m sure it will be brought up.

But this week, five year old Augie decided he needed to grow up in order to impress seven year old Eva, a neighbor who he’s taken a liking too. A heart broken and curious Topanga (finally getting a story line all her own! Girl Power!) decides to figure out how to deal with this. As it is quickly discovered that Eva is a little tyrant, Augie stands up for himself and with his Mom in his corner, he’s unstoppable.

On a similar track, Riley, Farkle, Maya and Lucas faced a dangerous threat to their group dynamic, another girl, Missy, who likes Lucas. Missy’s definitely going to be a longstanding rival for Riley, and is totally that girl you hated in middle school. She’s smart well assured and I’m not even sure she actually likes Lucas that much, she seems to just want to get under Riley and Maya’s respective skin. Riley, on her own, not with prompting from her friends, goes to Lucas and tells him that while she’s not ready to be more than friends with him (own it girl! Loving the Topanga-esque self assurance there!) she worries that him spending time with Missy will alter their friend group too much, and she doesn’t want to lose him.

In response, Lucas tells Missy that his friends kind of come with the deal and she bails. I like the idea that one of the building blocks of Girl Meets World is turning out to be the building of a Core 4. Teen shows with a Core 4 tend to be better than ones without them. (See Dawson’s Creek, The OC, Gossip Girl) 

Now, it’s time to talk nostalgia!

There’s a reason why I lead with Augie’s storyline over Riley’s and pointed out the kid’s similarity to Eric…

Does anyone remember Desiree?

Let me refresh your memory. Desiree was a new student who transferred to John Adams from Georgia and who Eric dated for about two episodes. She was a nightmare, she was demanding, controlling and forced a wedge between Eric and his best friend Jason. (Who like so many characters from seasons 2-4, which are arguably the strongest, conveniently disappeared when Jack showed up. I blame Jack for the loss of Mr. Turner too, although I would have loved to see the two of them interact and talk about what a dumbass Shawn was…) Everyone worried about Eric, but specifically Amy tried to talk her son into breaking it off with Desiree. When Eric finally split up with her, she gifted him with a seriously hot breakup kiss.

This is deeply similar to Augie’s storyline here, even if it was more malls and cars than playgrounds and stuffed animals. But Augie learned, just as his Uncle Eric had in the past, that you shouldn’t change yourself for a girl, and that your mom is probably right about her.

Especially if your mom is Amy Matthews or Topanga.

So that’s how we’re kicking of Girl Power Week. I know it was a light start, but we’ll be getting heavy into it after this.