Magical Movies Tour: Snow White And The Seven Dwarves

Welcome my friends to the Magical Movies Tour! For the next fourteen months we’re going to be watching all of the Walt Disney Animations Studios Movies. To be specific, these are the Walt Disney Animation, NOT Pixar, and only the theatrical releases. Maybe I’ll dive into those at a different time, but just the Disney Studios stuff at the moment.

And where better to start than Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, the beginning (and we will be proceeding chronologically from there). So, here we go.

I was nervous going into Snow White which I don’t think I’d watched all the way through since I was a kid, and I’d always written off as “annoying” and “simplistic” and “not particularly good.”

About five minutes in when I realized how wrong I was about the film. Aside from the revolutionary and incredibly beautiful animation, the music is lovely and Snow White herself is a better character than I’ve ever considered, while she is certainly more reactive than proactive, I’m OK with that. Making the Dwarves individualized rather than a collective was a genius decision on Walt Disney’s part. And each of the seven gets a moment to shine.

And then there’s this music. There are good, good songs in this movie. “I’m Wishing,” “Whistle While You Work,” “Dig Dig Dig & Heigh Ho” are all bangers in the musical theater/Disney tradition. Not to mention, “Someday My Prince Will Come,” which is a truly lovely “I Want” song. I was so charmed by this movie watching it again, truly. If I had to choose something to criticize I would say that the first act is a little choppy.

There’s nearly no exposition to the Queen’s jealousy, or Snow White’s trip to the woods with the Huntsman, or the magic mirror. It just jumps from place to place. The Prince also appears and disappears. I don’t mind gaps in exposition, especially in fairy tales, but it’s conspicuous and makes the first act hard to follow. However once the Dwarves enter the proceedings, the movie is nearly perfect.

The animation is legitimately some of the most beautiful ever created, stunning and scary and charming. I keep coming back to that word, but really, that’s the best one for the film, charming. This is a charming film, with personality to spare. No wonder it spawned an empire.

Next week we’re going to watch Pinnochio. 


Cosplay Corner: Disneybound March Challenge: Week 5

I did it! Kind of! I cut some corners, but for the most part, I did it! I participated in the challenge and it was mostly fun. It actually got stressful towards the end, but still.


March 28th

Theme: Disney Cats

Character: Marie


So I was between 2 for this one, and I decided on Marie, (because Juli wanted to do Aristocats) and I had the perfect outfit for it anyway. Thankfully, for a change, the weather actually cooperated. HUZZAH! The white dress is from last easter, and the pink shrug, from, I don’t know when, but it’s one of my favorite spring pieces. The statement necklace I wore to my cousin Tommy’s wedding and here we are!

Marie bound

March 29th

Theme: Disney Princes

Character: Prince Eric


To go with my Ariel bound from a few weeks ago (and tribute to my Prince Eric, who I swear does have a personality, I just haven’t gotten around to showing much of it yet.) So, I’m wearing jeans and a flowy blouse. This felt a little like cheating, but it did the trick. I was also wearing over the knee boots but you can’t see those in the picture!

Eric bound

March 30th

Theme: Vintage Inspiration

Character: Snow White


I didn’t acutally wear this again. But it’s still my favorite bound I’ve ever done. So I felt the need to post it as a throwback. Yellow circle skirt, blue tank top, red belt! So simple, so perfect!

March 31st

Theme: A Character You’ve Never Bounded

Character: Skipped

I skipped the last day. I was at Once On This Island and couldn’t come up with a brand new bound that was also theater appropriate. I was wearing a tropical looking maxi dress though, so I was at least in theme to my surroundings!

General Thoughts On the Challenge

While I’m glad I did this challenge, I don’t know that I’d do it again. It was a lot of work and organization and I got kind of tired of it by the end. But it did remind me of when I went back to college after taking time off and Katie used to call me every day and ask what I was wearing and if I was able to describe the outfit she knew I was doing OK. (Seriously, get yourself such a best friend) Mindfulness matters to me (ALITERATION!) so it helped get me back into a very intentional space.

Next On Cosplay Corner: 

I’m going to a CON! WOO HOO. This weekend I’m going to Garden State Comicfest: Atlantic City edition. I’ll be debuting a new cosplay! It’s all very exciting. AND a few forces have come together and I’ve decided to hit up Spring Dapper Day again this year. (WOOO!) I’m working on getting some bounds together for the even. (My Easter dress is gonna be a super cute Cinderella Bound for sho!) And even more exciting! One of those days I’ll be joined by my big bro and his girlfriend Megan. (Whether they bound or not is still be discussed, but they are going to dapper up!)

Top 5 Disney “I Want” Songs

So, I’m going back to Disney World in a few weeks.

I’m going four times this year.

I know.

I know.

Anyway…because of that, I’ve been listening to a lot of Disney music. And I started thinking about Disney’s place in musical theater canon. Some of the best “showtunes” of the past 30 years have come from the House of Mouse, which is why I’m convinced that Disney is (part of) why I became a theater geek. I instinctively understood how musicals worked by the age of 4 because of how many times I’d watched The Little Mermaid. (A LOT of times, you guys. A LOT)

So, I’m starting with “I Want” songs. An “I Want” song is sung by a protagonist and states what their goal is. It usually takes place in Act 1, after the opening. Some classic “I Wants,” include, “Somewhere That’s Green,” “Wouldn’t It Be Loverly?,” “Something’s Coming,” “One Song Glory,” and “The Wizard And I.” (See, I went modern for a couple!)

5. “Someday My Prince Will Come” – Snow White

Snow White 1

I gave it a spot for being the original, and it really is a lovely piece of music. Snow White’s trilling soprano is dated now, and annoying always but the chirpy bird-like sound is a nice thematic touch. Snow White is dreaming of escape, this is what she wants, it’s clear and pretty and kind of perfect for her.

4. “How Far I’ll Go” – Moana


Only this low because it’s new, and we don’t know how we’ll all feel about it in a few decades. (Good, I’m betting on good.) I love this song. Lin-Manuel writes good “I Want.” (“My Shot,” and “It Won’t Be Long Now,” LISTEN TO THEM. I will wait.) But when I heard this song for the first time, I was blown away. We know Moana so perfectly through this song, not just it’s lyrics, but it’s rising and falling melody and pulsing rhythm. So good!

3. “I Can Go The Distance” – Hercules


Hercules is my number one most underrated Disney Soundtrack, and this song is another one that gives us such a clear picture of our hero. We know everything that Hercules wants, what drives him, from this song. It’s also a great heroic theme, those soaring horns and strings, so beautiful!

2. “Belle (Reprise)” – Beauty And The Beast


Look, it LITERALLY has the phrase, “I want adventure in the great wide somewhere” in it. We’ve already met Belle before this reprise, but it’s still a good one! This is her thesis statement. Also…Mencken

1. “Part Of Your World” – The Little Mermaid 


Sometimes I think that “Part Of Your World” is the platonic ideal of an “I Want” song, and it’s definitely one of my favorites ever. My eyes and insides have their own reactions to this song. (I cry, a lot, with wild abandon.) Ariel’s greatest desire is to be human, to experience a world she’s only ever caught glimpses of, that she doesn’t really understand, but desperately yearns to. The song also has the secret weapon of Jodi Benson’s voice, which is exceptional. That belt is insane, when she hits, “when’s it my turn?” if your heart doesn’t just melt to that little red haired fish girl, I don’t know if you have a heart.

Runners Up: “For The First Time In Forever” from Frozen, “Almost There,” from The Princess And The Frog, “I Just Can’t Wait to Be King,” from The Lion King, “Out There” from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame.

Not Disney But Should Be Mentioned Because It’s One Of The Greatest “I Want” Songs Ever: “Journey To The Past” from Anastasia. 



Dapper Day Trip: Part 3: 4/30/2017: Princess Hunting

Hi everyone! May the 4th Be With You!

My initial plan for this day was to both start and end at Hollywood Studios, since it had a morning Extra Magic Hour…that plan didn’t work out. Despite having had WAY less to drink over the course of the day and night, I was feeling the crash. (Crashing the Mode…)  It was also probably the late nights two in a row, and the barely sleeping on Thursday night, but you know…also alcohol. SO, I decided to sleep in a bit and just Rope Drop Epcot.

I also had to get dressed, and do my hair. I’d gone back and forth on how to do my hair for my Dapper Snow White Disneybound, but I wound up going with my “Leia Hair,” which, I realized was also very German looking. So, that worked. I did run down to the market and grab some hairspray though. That style just doesn’t hold on it’s own.

The outfit? I owned the blue tank top from life, the red belt also just from life, and the yellow skirt is my Betty Cooper (Archie Comics) skirt. The gladiator sandals are my favorite part, because they made the outfit pop and pull together the concept, which was, “Snow White meets Roman Holiday.” I also bought a necklace with a red apple charm.

I made it to Epcot with minutes to spare before opening and then walked quickly onto Soarin. I love this ride. It’s so beautiful and the new movie is even more stunning, I then moved quickly to Norway, as I wanted to continue the ever important Princess mission, and met Elsa and Anna. Elsa winkingly asked me if I liked snow, and she explained that when she and Anna and Kristoff have snowball fights, she’s not allowed to have team mates. Anna and I talked about my braids and how she’s been considering wearing her hair up.

After that, I had a Spaceship Earth fastpass, and I love that ride too, but you all know that. I then debating figuring out breakfast, but really wasn’t that hungry yet, so I did some Photopass stuff, and walked around a bit, before my Character fastpass came up. I then went to Epcot Character spot which I REALLY recommend as you get Mickey, Minnie and Goofy all knocked out in one shot! 

On that line I chatted with a Dapper couple behind me, before heading back to World Showcase for more Princess Hunting!

I went for Jasmine, Mulan and of course, Snow White, before lunch at Tokyo Dining. Part of what I’m trying to do in life these days is eat in a more considered way. So, by having a single spicy tuna roll and one cocktail, rather than a big fatty lunch, I really got to enjoy my food. Also Tokyo Dining is a really lovely setting with delightful views of showcase lagoon.

I ran quickly after lunch to meet Aurora, and decided to skip Belle, which I rationalized by the fact that I’d had 2 encounters with her in February.

It was off to the Living Seas lounge for the Dapper Day party next and um, much like The Boathouse the whole thing was underwhelming. I know I’m meet up spoiled by Comic Con culture, but no one was mingling and no one was dancing. So, I had one drink and left. The lounge itself is cool and I think if I weren’t solo, I’d have enjoyed it.

I went back to the hotel then, to charge my phone, sleep maybe, and figure out my next step. I wound up at heading to Victoria Falls for a glass of wine and the goat cheese appetizer! I chatted with a young dad who also happened to be an early programmer for Facebook. He does live near me, but we otherwise had little in common. Still it was a nice chat, and due to certain family connections/my old job, super rich weirdness doesn’t throw me anymore and I can wait to roll my eyes until they leave.

Then it was off the Studios! I snagged a fastpass for The Great Movie ride and got quite emotional at the narration (RIP Robert Osborne!) it’s such a fun ride and this wound up making my MONDAY way easier…next up I headed to Launch Bay to meet BB8, cursing myself for not packing my Poe Disneybound (I almost did too…) 

then I rode Star Tours, (Vader, Pod Race, Cruiser Battle, Courascant) and met Olaf quickly! It was still a bit before A Galactic Spectacular, my main reason for ending my day here, so I decided to check out Tune In Lounge.

I am so glad I did that! I tried Grannie’s Punch, chatted with the bartenders and then got a spiked milkshake to go with about 10 minutes to spare.

I really enjoyed A Galactic Spectacular and had my usual overly emotional reaction to all things Star Wars during it.

I was holding it together, through “Binary Sunset”, and “The Princess And The Smuggler” and then, well…

“You were the chosen one! You were supposed to end the Sith, not join them. You were my brother Anakin, I loved you!”

Now even under the most banal of circumstances that speech will get me tearing but add in the basically bottle of vodka I’d drank over the course of the day, the fact that I was in Disney and I’m still stomping for “Rey is a Kenobi!” I was sobbing. (My new theory is that they’ll use this fact to add some symmetry to the possible redemption of Kylo Ren. Which without Leia needs grounding, if it’s going to happen at all…a Kenobi redeeming a Skywalker would do it) After that I knew it was time to call it a night and headed back to my room.

The next and final day is epic in scope…and you’ll hear about it next week, because Movie Season begins tonight with Guardians of the Galaxy: Volume 2

What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “Wish You Were Here”

Ah! So it’s the fall finale. I have NO idea what’s going to be in the Monday spot until March you guys, like, none at all, what so ever! So, this is going to be fun, I guess. Or something.

But let’s talk about this episode. I greatly enjoyed this episode and everything about it. When the premise became clear (The Evil Queen wishes Emma away and she is sent to an alternate universe where she never became the savior.) I was very excited because, “Those were always the best Buffys.” (My favorite is “Dopelgangland,” but there are a couple of them and they’re all pretty good.)

Rumple’s Seeing Double

As a result of The Evil Queen’s wish Regina and Emma wind up encountering an alternate version of Rumple who’s still all scaly and weird. While it was a crazy treat to see Carlock get to play with this version again, it still felt weird. Back in Storybrooke, he learns that his mother the Black Fairy, probably took his and Belle’s son, but it turns out the the grown up version of said son, who I will call Darth Baby due to his telepathic powers and black hood, shows up and he is pissed, and apparently going to kill Emma, so that’s a thing.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, Robin’s back, but doesn’t know her, because it’s in the alternate happy world. Also, she goes after Emma and it’s not our Emma, it’s weird ditzy Princess Emma, so that’s sort of a bummer, by the end of the episode Emma is herself again, though.

The Evil Queen on the other hand is stuck in Storybrooke, and Darth Baby turned her into a snake, but she spends most of the episode sexually harassing Aladdin, so I’m cool with it.

Whats Emma’s Problem?

Stuck in an alternate dimension where she’s a dippy princess. Oh, and Neal’s still dead, even in her happy place, so that seems unfair. But she does wear a very pretty dress and and a ballin ermine trimmed cape all episode, so that’s a win.

Did Snow And Charming Have Something To Do?

YES! Charming went after the Evil Queen with a sword and in Happy World, they got to wear old age makeup. So, you know, that’s cool.

Henry Mills: The Kingslayer

Tell me that Henry wasn’t totally channeling Jaime Lannister in his alt-world armor.


My Boyfriend’s Back

Aladdin is a genie now and he gets bounced around. First, The Evil Queen grabs him and wishes Emma away. Then she suggests that they get down and dirty. (Cue Aladdin, “Ew.” Literally, that happened, it was glorious.) Then Regina figured out she could wish things, then David got the lamp, and then he and Jasmine poofed off to Agrabah. I hope they come back, because that story seems half finished and also I liked them.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

That’s a nope.

What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “The Changelings”

We’re back this week! And Oh, boy are we ever back! All kinds of Bonkers shenanigans.

So that’s what’s with the baby snatching!

So, of course Rumple’s mother is a fairy and that’s why he hates fairies. (Did we know that he hates fairies, I feel like this is new information. ANYWAY, he steals babies so as to traumitize The Black Fairy (his mother, and like I’m 90% she’s the one under the hood now…) or something, and Belle is done, so she makes an agreement with The Blue Fairy to give away her son, so that Rumple can’t get to him. I has a sad.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

She can’t forgive Zelena! She explains that she wants her sister to find redemption and happiness, but she’ll never be able to forgive her or have her in her life.

Yet another sad.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

She found the sword that’s going to kill her and the vision are getting worse. She luckily has the world’s most supportive boyfriend, who does things like get choked out by Rumple for her, and go on weird sword hunts.

Did Snow And Charming Have Something To Do?

Charming was for sure in sleepytown, but Snow and Jasmine had a little chat that lead to her and Aladdin deciding they needed to find a genie who could grant them the wish to find Agrabah.

My Boyfriend’s Back!

He turned himself into a genie. Hmm, I don’t see this ending terribly well, but I bet he’ll look good doing it. (Cue my sister, “ew.”)


What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “I’ll Be Your Mirror”

Guys, I don’t know what’s happening. I really love this season of Once Upon A Time. I started out recapping it to mock it, but then, I don’t know, this happened.

Anyway, let’s get into the episode.

Rumple’s Fab New Haircut

Belle is taking Rumple on, because she wants to protect their kid. This is all really great. She’s not going to stop and it brings out the super evil in him. I also like that Zelena is helping out Belle with this for her own reasons. Also, he tells The Evil Queen that she needs to kill Zelena. I don’t see that ending well.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, she and Emma were stuck in a mirror dimension for most of the episode and they couldn’t help Henry get ready for his first dance with Violet, which was all very sweet. I’m glad that Violet and Henry is still a thing. Anyway, also, the Evil Queen is starting to realize that she’s missing something. Yeah, neither of them are whole. It’s complicated.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Again, mirror dimension. Also grappling with her inevitable death (which will of course not be inevitable.)

Did Snow And Charming Have Something To Do?

This sleeping curse is letting the show get really creative. The episode opens with a brilliant montage of how they’re living their lives with only one of them being able to be awake at a time. It involves leaving notes and videos and caring for Neal and it’s beautiful.

My Boyfriend’s Back!

Zelena and Belle enlist Aladdin to steal the sorceror’s wand from Rumple. He and Jasmine deny that they’ve got a thing for eachother. He is still very sexy.

Star Wars Reference

The Evil Queen tries to tempt Henry to come to her side, and he says, “I’ll never join you!” She then points out that the Darth Vader thing wasn’t exactly black and white. Is the Evil Queen going to sacrifice herself to save Henry? Search your feelings, you know it be true!

What’s Up Once Upon A Time?: “Heartless”

You want to know what I didn’t expect? For there to be a Snow/Charming episode that actually got my feels this season. As “Did They Have Something To Do?” is a key portion of this post, I’d obviously considered them permanently sidelined.

Rumple’s Fab New Haircut

Hoo boy, am I not on board for this storyline at all. I do like that Zelena’s the one who’s blowing it up though, because, as we all know, she’s always been into Rumple. I also like that Regina is just kind of grossed out by the fact that her evil half is hooking up with her old teacher, because I mean, it’s gross, right? I don’t like it. Like at all. Ugh. Shudder. I DO like Belle being 100% done with his shit.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

She doesn’t really have one right now. No tremors, she’s worried she can’t help  her parents, but then Hook gives her a pep talk and she does her thing with Regina and with The Blue Fairy. (That’s right, she’s a character!) So, that’s exciting.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Actually she’s also doing OK this week. I’m into it. I can deal with this Regina, who’s just doing to right thing, helping The Charmings and foiling herself. This is really a storyline worthy of this show.

Do Snow and Charming Have Anything To Do?

AHHHH!!! MY FEELS! Ok, so we get a Snow and Charming flashback! Before he became a prince and she was running around the forest trying to survive, she got caught in the crossfires of the bounty hunter, Dan Scott. OK, the guy is named The Woodcarver but he is played by Paul Johanssen, and I mean, it’s DAN SCOTT! He captures Snow, and David saves her, but they never see each other, and this is all learned through a magical sapling, or something. Anyway, The Evil Queen is threatening to destroy the whole town if they don’t hand over their hearts to her. So they do it, because they’re heroes. Then she puts Snow under a sleeping curse. David of course runs to find her and kiss her, but TWIST! Because, after Unerworld shenanigans that I’ve forgotten the specifics of, they no share a heart, so the curse effects  both of them. One of them must always be asleep. They can never be together.

Seriously, this is beautiful, I thought maybe breaking the curse would kill David this time around, but I like this a lot better, and it’s the first time the show has thrown me for a loop in a long time. Well done, Once Upon A Time.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

Yeah, uh, Dan Scott. I may have mentioned that. But I think that’s it.

Is Hook the Best Boyfriend Ever?

Yeah, he kinda is.

Seriously, everything about this episode worked so well. I was especially happy for Ginnifer Goodwin. She’s really great, and the writing of this show has been letting her down for the last few seasons, and this episode really gave her a lot to do, and I think this storyline is going to be great as well.

What’s Up Once Upon A Time: “Strange Case”

I want to start out today’s recap by saying I really adored the titling of it, The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde is the full title of the original novel written by Robert Louis Stevenson, and my lit nerd heart blooms at the reference.

The next thing comes from my dad (as I’ve said, Once is a family affair in my  house!) “I liked this. It felt like season 1.” This episode is very good but in general this season feels like a huge return to form, to the show’s exceptional first season. The writing isn’t as strong, but the story engine and characterizations seem to have settled down and that’s pretty great!

Rumple’s Fab New Haircut

So we learn the Rumple was very involved in the creation of Mr. Hyde, as he wanted Dr. Jekyll’s formula for himself so that he could get rid of the part of himself that was falling in love with Belle. We also learn that Jekyll killed a woman named Mary, who both he and Hyde were in love with, but she loved Hyde. And Jekyll blames Rumple, and so he’s going after Belle. It’s all very complicated and pretty obvious. But it’s used to illustrate a lesson to both Rumple and Regina that they have to keep fighting the darkness in them.

Also, Belle tells Rumple that SHE IS SERIOUSLY DONE WITH ALL OF THIS, which I also really appreciate.

Oh, also he kills Jekyll and Hyde, and we learn that you have to kill both parts to destroy them, I think…I was having trouble following all of that.

Anyway, he also has a fab new haircut!

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Not a lot of Emma right now, but this week, she’s dealing with the fact that David’s not super into the idea of her and Hook moving in together. Also, The Oracle is back and she’s looking for Aladdin, but we’ll get to that below.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

She learns that even with the Evil Queen separated from her, she has to be constantly vigilant to not be evil again. That kind of sucks.

Do Snow and Charming Have Something To Do?

YES! AGAIN! This season is great! Snow actually has a whole plot line, just about her (and Jasmine), she’s back to work at school, and she’s realizing that connecting with her new students from the Land of Untold Stories is a good deal harder than the cursed children of Storybrooke, her new TA, (middle school teachers need TA’s?) who it turns out is Jasmine, tells her she needs to find a new way, and she does, by teaching them physics by archery, or something.

Charming, meanwhile just makes annoyed grunting noises about Emma and Hook.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

We got the main story of Jekyll & Hyde, but they’re not new, so they don’t count. We did meet Mary, their girlfriend. We also met Jasmine, who’s story we’ll get next week. Also, it turns out that even though Aladdin was a savior, Jasmine was the one who needed to save Agrabah, which should be an interesting twist. She and The Oracle are looking for Aladdin, sure that he’s in Storybrooke. Guys, what if he’s the one under the hood?

Does This Episode Defy Certain Attitudes About Sexual Mores?

Kind of? Mary and Hyde clearly do the deed, which is what drives Jekyll to kill her, and that’s seen as a bad thing, not even vaguely justifiable. Also, everyone thinks that David is being a weirdo about Hook and Emma moving in. So! Progress!

How Is Hook Adjusting to Modern Life?

Still not great, you guys. All of his worldly possessions fit in a chest. Also, he wants to communicate with Belle via sea shell. Guys, is Belle, Hook’s only friend? Also, does he not know that texting is a thing?

What’s Up Once Upon A Time?: “The Other Shoe”

Guys, it’s time for our third installment of Once Upon A Time, which, once again, actually made sense and followed a decent plot structure. WOW!

Who’s The Dark One? Renamed: Rumple’s Creeping

This week, Rumple gives David information about his dead drunk father in exchange for giving a lullabye to Belle. He then creeps outside of Hook’s ship, where Belle is living and we hear the lullabye and it’s quite beautiful, and I dunno guys, I think I might ship it again…but we’ll get there.

What’s Emma’s Problem?

Well, therapy is a slow and difficult process. Also, she’s worried about robbing Hook of his happy ending by over committing to him, when she will be dying soon. Also, she wants a baby, because of Cinderella and her baby.

Why Can’t Regina Be Happy?

Well, now Zelena hates her. But she’s actively looking for a way to destroy the evil queen.

Do Charming And Snow Have Anything To Do?

Magically, three weeks in a row, the answer is yes! Snow, in the Cinderella flashback, gets to befriend the other princess, and help Prince Thomas find her, and decide that she’s going to go back to teaching, and introduce Dr. Jekyll to Dr. Frankenstein. That’s like more than she’s done in the past two seasons combined, just in this episode. Also, David is going to investigate how his father died, which, it turns out may have been murder.

Did We Meet Anyone New?

Well, we got to know Cinderella/Ashley a little better, but we’ve known her since season one. We did get to meet her step sister Clarinda and her step mother though. As it turns out, Clarinda was in love with Prince Thomas’s footman, Jacob, but her mother dragged her to The Land Of Untold Stories, so they never got to be together. Ashley takes it upon herself to get them together, as Jacob got sent to Storybrooke way back in the first curse.

How Much Glitter Was In This Episode?

Approximately all the glitter ever.

Do I Ship It?

Emma/Hook: YES! And they’re moving in together, and clearly, Emma wants babies. YES! Have the babies! THEY WILL BE POWERFUL AND SARCASTIC AND GREAT!

Rumple/Belle: It’s hard to pull away from this one. He loves her so much, but also he’s the manifestation of all darkness…so? I don’t know. It’s hard.

Ashley/Thomas: They’re just precious. Their dance was quite lovely.

Clarinda/Jacob: I mean I guess? Clarinda seems nice, but Jacob literally said like five words.