Nerd Homework: Supernatural Seasons 13 & 14

Well, reader, we’re finished.

For the moment. I’m nervous and excited for season 15. But first let’s talk about seasons 13 and 14.

We need to talk about Jack. My god, I love Jack. I love the whole whacky “My 3 (4) Dads” dynamic. He’s a precious baby who needs to be protected from everything. Especially himself. And his biological father, who is the literal devil, but you know…mostly himself and his powers.

And then there’s the shipping. While it should never, even for a second, be denied that I am shiptastic garbage, I was surprised by the depth and intensity that I fell for Destiel. Slash has never particularly been my thing,. (Save StormPilot, OBVIOUSLY.) And in fact, I often found Slash Shippers frustrating. Not because I didn’t also thirst for representation,(There’s a reason why Sara Lance and Rosa Diaz jumped to the top of the fave list, y’all.) but because it often felt like something of a reach.

But here’s the about seasons 13 & 14 of Supernatural. If Dean and Castiel aren’t a couple, the seasons don’t really make a lot of sense. They act like a couple, fight like a couple, co parent like a couple…it’s just, there. But never said outloud. It’s frustrating, but also, like so so so obvious.

I’m also shipping Rowena and Sam, but that’s more because my brain has a pathological need to pair people off, and also because I love a good doomed love story. Remember, Sam is fated to kill her. IT’S JON AND DANY ALL OVER AGAIN EXCEPT WITHOUT THE INCEST AND DRAGONS. (Also not shitty) (I would not be surprised if Rowena did have a dragon though…tbh…)

Gabriel’s return was a welcome surprise, as was Nick (Lucifer’s Vessel) turning serial killer as revenge. And then there’s the 300th episode which is mostly just an excuse to sit rocking back and forth while sobbing saying, “Why Chuck? WHYYYY?????”

From John’s return, to Mary’s devestation as they realize they can’t keep him with them, to John and Sam making peace, finally, to Dean having to kill Cas, there’s just so much that’s happening and I love it very much, but also, well, it hurts, you know, the feelings?

Mary’s death is the worst, and I hate it, and I’m in denial. But I’m sure she’ll come back next season. (I’m hoping for Crowley to, to be honest.)

And speaking of “Why, Chuck? Why?” Guess who’s going to be the biggest of the big bads? I mean it makes sense. Dean and Sam have killed just about everything else, so they might as well kill God too. Like in His Dark Materials! Only with more feelings. Somehow. Those books also have a lot of feelings. And gayer. Definitely, definitely gayer.

I’m excited for the final season, which I will do my level best to watch in real time, but will probably end up like all of the DC CW shows where I watch until the first hiatus, forget to check when it’s coming back and then decide to just wait until the end of the season to binge the whole thing. (See also, Girlfriend, Crazy Ex) But I am going to try. Because damnit, over the past six months I’ve grown to love this dumb monster show and it’s stupid pretty boys, and their insufferable feelings.

I didn’t even talk about the Scooby Doo episode which is delightful, but that’s about all there is to say about that.

So what’s next? I’ve got about 20 episodes of Clone Wars left, so we’ve got that to push through. Then I’m going to invest in some anime. Aless and I started My Hero Academia, so I’ll go with that. I’ve got Rebels on the horizon as well, plus the aformentioned CW DC shows.

There’s stuff coming is the point. So crank some tunes, and shut your cakehole. This one’s done.


I Don’t, Not, Like You

Justice League

I spend a lot of time thinking about superheroes. (Obviously). Less lately, but still, a lot of time.

I wonder sometimes if I didn’t think about superheroes so much, if I’d be able to enjoy superhero movies more, which then leads me to believe that it depends on the movie. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Wonder Woman made me think about Grant Morrison, about ambitious storytelling, and about big ideas and superheroes. (In all honesty, I was pretty drunk when I saw that movie. Every other time I’ve tried to watch it, I fall asleep.)

Justice League didn’t make me think about any of that, but, I definitely enjoyed it more than BVS, but this was a fanservice movie, and I’m a fan. This is a movie where Alfred teases Bruce Wayne about having a crush on Wonder Woman. This movie is not for beginners. (Something I also said about Man Of Steel by the way.) There’s too much buried in there, too much history that’s unspoken and hasn’t been laid out in other movies. Too many moments like Cyborg saying, “Boo-Ya” as he hacks a Mother-Box. Too many oblique references to Apokalips, and Darkseid. Too many half asses explanations of Atlantis and Arthur Curry’s life.

But overall, the movie was good, enjoyable, well performed. (GIVE AFFLECK WHATEVER HE WANTS TO KEEP HIM AROUND! HE IS GREAT!) Not a world shaker, but you know, not everything has to be.

Oh, Also, you know Gal Gadot and all of the Amazons are amazing, but we knew this, so, there you go!


  1. Wonder Woman
  2. The Big Sick
  3. Battle Of The Sexes
  4. Dunkirk
  5. Spider-Man: Homecoming
  6. Guardians of The Galaxy: Volume 2
  7. Thor: Ragnarok
  8. Justice League
  9. King Arthur: Legend of The Sword
  10. The Dark Tower
  11. Cars 3
  12. Pirates of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales


Alpha: Puppies! The origin story. No but in reality this movie looks SUPER dumb, but the dogs look cute

I don’t remember any of the other trailers…which does not bode well…

“You’re My First Boyfriend”: Felicity: Season 1: Episodes 11 & 12


Season 1: Episode 11: “Gimme An O!”

Everyone’s back from Christmas break, and Felicity and Noel have not only decided to be a couple, but Felicity is determined to have sex for the first time. Noel, being a red blooded twenty year old male, is ALL OVER this plan, and so hilarity ensues as these two dorks try to come up with time to bump uglies.

First they arrange an elaborate sex date at Noel’s room, but a confiscated Christmas tree catches on fire and the mood is ruined. Then they get a hotel room, but a BIG SECRET comes out and they wind up having a fight instead of sex. Whoops.

The BIG SECRET by the way is that Julie and Ben have been hanging out. She’s been sleeping at his place, they went away together over break, and they haven’t hooked up yet. (Man, for two hot people who are deeply into each other, Julie and Ben move glacially.) Julie admits that this is a little bit because she’s afraid that she’s hiding from recovery with Ben.

In the end Noel and Felicity agree not to rush the sex thing but they’re going to be a couple. YAY! Team Noel.

Season 1: Episode 12: “Friends”

So, Blair is cheating on Elena with her best friend from back home and that really sucks a lot. I don’t have much else to say about it, except that of course, Felicity is the one to find out about it, because isn’t life just like that sometimes? Anyway, she moral dilemma’s her way through whether or not to tell Elena, and decides not to. She does confront Blair who tries to get out of it by invoking “oh, so you’re saying all black people look alike?” Which of course throws ultimate well intentioned white girl Felicity off her certainty.

Blair and Tara (said best friend) wind up fessing up, though not completely and Felicity goes into investigator mode (WHY, Felicity? Why do you do this?) and learns that they weren’t being honest. She tells Elena who refuses to believe her, and says that Felicity is not that close a friend. Ouch.

Meanwhile, Noel has an adventure with a vending machine. It’s adorable and I love him. Julie finds her birth mother and applies for an internship at her company, which I’m guessing, just, will not end well, like, at all.

Other Stuff:

  • Team Noel: I understand that there’s three more years of show left, but at the moment Team Noel is winning! HOORAY!
  • Why I Hate Ben: Gah, where to begin, the lying, the being a dick about Julie feeling bad about the lying. The being weird about Julie finding her birth mom, just, all of it. He’s the worst.
  • Actors I Love Who Are One This Show: Donal Logue!  He’s there as an exasperated dude in the library who bizarrely remembers everything about anyone he’s ever seen making out.
  • Things Fall Apart: So the Elena and Blair breakup is kind of crushing isn’t it? Ugh, it just sucks a whole lot, because I liked them.

Westworld Wednesdays: If you can’t tell, why does it matter?

I didn’t go to work yesterday, due to still barely being able to breath after monster cold and I decided to watch the four episodes of Westworld, because I realized I could no longer willfully ignore this show.

Also, I still have come up with a replacement for One Tree Hill rewatch and “Westworld Wednesday” sounds really good, and it buys me six weeks to figure out my next project. (I was serious about the witches by the way, I’m torn between Charmed and Sabrina The Teenage Witch at the moment)

Anyway, Westworld, as a show, I was skeptical about. I love the original movie, which I remember being terrified of as a child. But, I had, well, have a thing for Yul Brynner, (Shall we dance, etc, etc, etc…) and we’re a Michael Crichton house. (Jurrassic Park ER were important to us, and I’ve never seen Sphere because it is apparently an abomination of the wonderful book, this according to my father and brother.) So, I watched it anyway, quite a few times.

Also deeply heady sci-fi has never quite been my thing, the only HBO drama to ever really grab me was Game Of Thrones, (I mean, Newsroom, I guess, but that barely counts because Sorkin.) Anyway, I knew that I could no longer ignore this show. And yes that might be because The Mary Sue is covering it.

Anyway, I’m glad I watched. This show is incredible.  It’s slow and intense and bright and the performances and design are extraordinary and Anthony Hopkins is there.

But mostly the writing. Oh, I am a SLUT for this show’s writing. (If slut weren’t an inherently sexist term used to rob women of sexual agency, you know.) It plays with narrative on like six levels that I can think of at the moment. And hey, I already have an OTP that the show tells me is doomed, like by design, but I can’t stop my horrible shipping brain from rooting for them. (The ship is Dolores/Teddy, by the way, Doleddy? We’ll work on it…) Seriously, I just want those crazy robot kids to get their sentience together and run away and have robot babies. It doesn’t hurt that they’re played by Evan Rachel Wood and James Marsden and there’s just so much pretty there, but I JUST WANT THEM TO BE HAPPY.

Which brings me to Westworld and it’s whole fulfill your fantasies thing. As a shipper, I feel deeply ignored by this narrative. There is no mechanism in Westworld for shippers. I feel like this is a grievous oversight. I want some overeager 20 something woman who follows Dolores and Teddy around clapping her hands and chanting “kiss, kiss, kiss” at them. Also Maeve and Hector, who are equally awesome. (I don’t actually want this, it wouldn’t fit with the show at all, but I hope you take my point…)

Anyway, let’s move on to Ed Harris as The Man In Black, a malevolent guest who’s been going to Westworld for 30 years and is specifically dressed and initially behaves like Yul Brenner in the original movie. (IS A PUZZLEMENT! Last King and I reference, at least this week…) But he’s trying to figure out WHAT IT ALL MEANS, which is great, because Ed Harris is great.

Overall, I’m invested, and I promise these posts will be less rambly and overview-ish in the future, and hey, maybe I’ll even go back and do the first four episodes one by one at some, when I miss this show a whole lot.

But first I’ll probably watch the movie again, because I haven’t seen it since I was like 12.

West Covina!!!! CALIFORNIA!!!!

I did a thing this weekend. I mean, I didn’t actually do much. I sat around a lot. But I did a bunch of cosplay work, and watch a ton of TV and so, here we are.

I had a plan though. I was going to eat left overs, and binge something. I landed on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This show is perfect. I should have always been watching this show. I mean, I enjoyed watching Supergirl live, especially because it was a piece of superhero material that my mom liked. But a dark comedy musical about a girl who stalks a summer fling to his crappy LA suburb ten years later? That is a show my mom would have liked even more. (And I like a LOT more.)

My favorite song is probably “I’m The Villain In My Own Story,” just for fun factor, but oh my god is “You Stupid Bitch,” the soundtrack of my life. And “If I Wanted To,” is a joy.

I’ve drunk the Kool Aid. At the moment that I write this, I’m sitting in my room, listening to the soundtrack (with the commentary! There is so much to get overly analytical about!) I can’t believe that I waited so long to get into this show.

Oh, and obviously, Team Greg! And not just because Santino Fontana is the best. (He is. This is objective truth…) But because Greg likes Rebecca even though she’s a nutbar. AND HE’S A LITERAL DISNEY PRINCE. But, he’s probabaly an alcoholic, and totally miserable, and that’s not great.

I get the Josh thing, though, he’s adorable. And sweet and can do so many backflips!

I also understand that the show is trying to show us that love triangles aren’t the point. I see that, but I’m a horrible shipping garbage person and this show makes it hard for me to totally disconnect that.

Anyway, I like the show, I love the characters and I super love the music. You should watch this show. The End.

Let’s Ship Again, Like We Did Last Season

Hey everyone! I’m nice and caught up on my stuff these days. (I mean, not entirely, I still have a few weeks of Doctor Who, but I’ll get to it, at some point.) And it’s time to for my shipping state of the Union.

Scandal: Olivia/Jake

I no longer want Olivia and Jake to be together. Oh, I haven’t jumped this ship because I’m suddenly Olitz. Heaven FOREFEND! No, it’s just that Jake Ballard deserves SOOO much better than this version of Olivia, who tells the press about her affair with Fitz and is now running the country and lying to Abby, and letting her father out of prison. Not this Olivia. She’s a stupid.

Gotham: Selina/Bruce

Bruce and Selina are still the very best part of Gotham, which isn’t saying much because while the first few episodes of this season showed promise, I was quickly reminded that this is Gotham and it’s ridiculous. But these two are great, and in last week’s episode (I didn’t watch last night’s yet) she called Silver St. Cloud “A two faced little slut,” which while I don’t support the language or girl on girl cattiness, I do appreciate the sentiment.

  Arrow: Olicity

Let us all give thanks to Greg Berlanti, who has given us Olicity and has not ripped them apart, but is instead is building a new status quo around them as a happy and healthy(ish) couple. It’s glorious.

The Flash: Barry/Patty Spivot


Supergirl: Conflicted!

Last night’s Supergirl brought up some conflict for me. I love Kara/Jimmy (in everything. I liked them on Smallville, on Superman The Animated Series that one episode. I think they make perfect sense) but then this week they went and did something completely different and showed how really great Kara/Wynn could be. (And I assume there would be just loads of singing.)

So that’s where we are today with the shipping. I know it’s mostly superhero shows, but I mean, that’s who I am.

I Want To Believe The X-Files Debrief Season 2

Guys, the truth is out there and the truth is making my head hurt and making me have tingly feelings in my nether regions because Mulder is aptly named “Fox.”

The Truth Is Out There

OK, look, I know it took me a season and a half.

I know that this season is about Scully being abducted by aliens, and Mulder finding out that aliens actually did abduct his sister and that she’s, you know, alive, somewhere.

Intellectually, I know all of that. And I still love Scully for all of her awesome badassery. I love that what brought her back from the brink of death (and getting to chill with her father at that afterlife lake) was that she and Mulder have more work to do. But every time that David Ducovney smirks and says something sarcastic, I stop worrying about aliens, or demons, or awesome feminist TV characters who kick all the asses and can run in heels.

And all I think is, wow, that is one amazingly hot conspiracy theorist/FBI Agent/Porn addict.



So, while, yes, I hate that my theory of, “aliens are real but Samantha Mulder wasn’t abducted by aliens” was like waaayyyyy off, and my heart is broken that Mulder’s father was killed in the season finale and we found out that he was somehow involved with The Smoking Man and horrific Nazi experiments on people, or possibly aliens, or both, and I again, love Scully and all of her world ruling greatness, none of it matters, because, seriously, the perfectly named, beautiful man who now stars in a large number of my fantasies is talking.