Nerd Homework: Supernatural Seasons 9 & 10

I don’t have a lot to say about these seasons. As I said when I talked about 7 and 8, the show is in such a comfy easy to watch hang out space at this point, it’s hard to talk about.

Characters come in and out, storylines intersect. Rowena is an OK big bad, but she’s a come down from Crowley at his peak and Dick Roman and Metatron.

The wonderful musical episode is in this run and I think it’s pretty perfect. From the way the girl’s act, to the weird Rushmore tributes in it, to Dean’s indignation that someone is telling his story with showtunes.

Season 9 has way too many backdoor pilots, it feels like almost every other episode. Season 10 settles in a little bit more, and frankly, I think the best thing the show’s done in it’s second half is give the boys the Men Of Letters bunker. The home base was such an injection of joy to the series, it really restarted things.

Dean’s story of grappling with the mark of Cain is the better spine of season 10 than the Rowena and Crowley stuff. And not only because the great Timothy Olmundson (and his wonderful hair and beard) plays Cain. Although it is always great to see Olmundson, and he’s able to modulate his performance to Supernatural’s particularly odd frequency, somewhere between melodrama and utter silliness. (Of the main cast, I’d say Misha Collins manages it best. Jensen Ackles right behind him.)

I’m disappointed in how Charlie came to her end, although I wish we’d gotten more time with Styne clan. The very idea of Sam and Dean fighting Frankenstein’s is wonderful and they were so quickly checked in and out.

I realized that I actually picked an auspscious year for watching this show. Between Good Omens and His Dark Materials there’s a lot of angel shit in the air and I am a big fan of that sort of thing.