Hail to the historically inaccurate & totally bad ass chief

Sometimes actors develop trademarks. Like how Chris Evans is in a lot of comic book movies, or Vin Diesel blows things up, or Jason Lee makes Burt Reynolds references or Tom Cruise is always in the Navy (OK, that’s only twice, but come on Top Gun and A Few Good Men always win.)

Well, there’s a new sheriff in the random pattern town. His name is Benjamin Walker, and it looks like he’s going to make a career out of playing warped versions of our nation’s presidents.

Most people (or most nerds) know that Walker is poised to break in to the (nerdy) mainstream by playing Abraham Lincoln in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, which come out this Friday. Most people (even nerds) don’t know or at least don’t realize that this isn’t the first time that Walker is taking a less than accurate walk through the White House.

He’s already played Andrew Jackson. But not you know, normally. He played him in the Off Broadway/Broadway musical Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson. The show, um, played a little fast and loose with a few things. Namely, it portrayed him as an emo frontman.

Seriously. The show is brilliant and hilarious. How could it not be, with lines like, “I’m President Andrew Jackson. I am wearing some seriously tight jeans, and tonight we are going to delve in to some serious shit!” And Walker was amazing in it.

Also, this. And a lot of fake blood.

It’s also surprisingly poignant, reflecting on the way history gets colored and how we as a nation were formed in blood, and nothing is black and white.

Except for what a badass Andrew Jackson was. That’s pretty much black, or white.

Abraham Lincoln did not slay vampires, however. I mean, as far as I know.