Daredevil Episode by Episode

So I, like every good comics geek this weekend, binge watched Daredevil on Netflix. Below is my spoilerful episode by episode breakdown.

Episode 1:

Little Matt is super cute. And the first time we see adult Matt, he’s in confession. This means the world to me. Matt Murdock’s Catholicism is kind of my pop culture safe haven. He’s one of the few characters for whom my faith isn’t a punchline or incidental detail. That Matt is a Catholic is a big part of who he is. I could go off on that, but it wasn’t even my favorite part.

My favorite part was Foggy’s ties. And just Foggy. But my fangirl joy at Elden Henson is going nowhere my friends. I even went back and reread some of my Fulton centric Mighty Ducks fanfic, due to my sheer joy at seeing him.

Even in the first episode, my thought was “wow, really violent.” I was expecting it, but it’s intense. My breaks are going to be more frequent than I thought, I think. Oh, also, Karen Page didn’t kill that guy.

The scene closing montage, set to Matt beating the crap out of a heavy bag was also great. I’d seen the big Daredevil fight scene at Comic Con, but it was still really good.

Episode 2

I would like to go out drinking with Karen and Foggy. That’s what I took from this episode. Also I love Foggy. But I love Foggy in the comics and I love Elden, so…I should disclose that I am so on board with this cast. I have been since I saw their panel at NYCC. That panel didn’t blow me away, but they were all great. Deborah Ann Woll is also phenomenal.

Also, Rosario Dawson is the best, and while Night Nurse is a cool choice for obscurity reasons, I still wish that she was Elektra, for you know, bad ass reasons. But when she tells Matt exactly where to stab that dirty cop, that was also badass. And then Daredevil saved a little  kid and it was great.

Matt just threw a guy off a roof, which was great. And also, I applaud Charlie Cox for not adopting a gravelling Batman-esque voice, it would have been the easier choice, and it’s way better that he didn’t. (Especially given his predecessor in the role’s future.)

Little Matt is the single most adorable child ever. And John Patrick Hayden’s work as Jack Murdoch is exceptional. This is a very good episode.

Episode 3

Matt and Foggy are not great at being lawyers. Bad for business to Ninja kill your clients. But that’s mostly Matt.

Karen is very brave and is standing up to her old corrupt employers even though they offered her a lot of money. Also that guy she didn’t kill, she talked to his wife, who did take the hush money. Which is a bummer.

Matt and Foggy’s client, who Matt killed? He’s the first person to say the name, “Wilson Fiske,” which gave me goosebumps. We also met Ben Urich, who, I’m guessing is going to be the Coulson of the Defenders crowd. Or he should be. And we saw the scene of Fiske looking at art that really caught me at NYCC. Seriously, I’ve been obsessed with this scene for months.

Episode 4

I ship Matt and Claire so hard my heart hurts. When he patches her up for once, and then she places his hand on her heart, and he tells her his name? Forget it, I’m done. Move aside Karen. This is OTP. This is OTP FOR LIFE! (Or until they cast Elektra) Also, even beaten bloody and tied up, Rosario Dawson is the hottest human being to ever live.

Wilson and Vanessa are cute, even if he is a homicidal maniac gangster who doesn’t understand how to talk to people. I predicted that Vincent D’Onfrio would be the best thing about this show. I have not been wrong.

Karen and Ben are going to take down the people that are trying to kill her. Hooray! Also, she bought Foggy a fax machine and I think I might ship Foggy/Karen. Except I like them as friends also. I just think he’s adorable.

And not just because I’ve written many many scenes that involve pretty blond girls taking Elden’s shirt off and whispering that they love him. (Fulton/Tammy & Fulton/Julie have happened…) Anyway, his mom wanted him to be a butcher. Adorable.

It’s also nice to remember that the MCU is vast. I like to think that as Kingpin beat that Russian dude to death, Skye was causing an earth quake with a temper tantrum, and Loki was doing all kinds of things to disgrace Odin’s name, now that he’s pretending to be Odin, and Steve was doing some push ups, and Tony and Pepper were having dinner and she was exasperated at him.

Episode 5

It’s the shipping episode! Claire and Matt kiss! Foggy and Karen fix up an old Guatemalan lady’s apartment and then eat dinner and almost touch each other’s faces! Wilson and Vanessa go on a second date! (Supervillains need love too you guys.) Matt tells her how he sees the world and we see his firey “daredevil” vision, and the hell imagery that should be defining this show a lot more makes it’s first appearance.

Also Claire says she’s falling in love Matt, and he tells her not to because self loathing is a hallmark of Daredevil. Ugh, but I want them to be naked together! Also, he punches Vladimir in the face and says, “This is for Claire!” And I love it. I love it so much.

Also, there’s an explosion. And Fisk is you know, “cleaning up the city.” And I don’t know, I was too excited watching Foggy take down his bitchy ex girlfriend at that fancy law firm where he and Matt aren’t working. Totally with Karen on that, it was a big turn on.

Oh, and Matt’s about to be arrested, but I somehow don’t see that actually happening.

Episode 6

Oh what a shock, Matt did not get arrested, he almost did but then he ninja’d the cops while he was handcuffed.

I love Daredevil. He calls Claire to learn how to treat Vladimir so that he can question him about Fisk and Vladimir everntually, after they break out of an abandoned warehouse together, gives up Owlsley, which is going to be a whole lot of fun.

Also Fisk and Matt speak for the first time over walky talky, and it’s about as epic as you would expect.

Foggy is in the hospotal and he’s still flirting with Karen and being generally adorable.

Guys, we’re about halfway through!

Episode 7

We meet Stick! Who taught Matt how to be a blind ninja, if you’re new. I was excited because Stick is an interesting character and also, because, well, it meant we got to see Little Matt again. It had been a few episodes. I really like this kid a lot.

Anyway, Stick tries to drain Matt of emotion, because that’s what you need to be a blind ninja, but Matt is just looking for a father figure. So they part ways. In the present, he recruits Matt to help him on a mission to stop someone called “Black Sky,” which it turns out is a little kid (probably a ninja kid) and that Stick wanted to kill, they fight and it’s awesome.

Also, Karen and Ben have looped Foggy into their investigation and Elena (old lady that Karen and Foggy helped) told Karen that Foggy’s in love with her. Which is complicated since Karen likes Matt, I think? And also she’s fascinated with Daredevil. And Foggy thinks he’s a terrorist. So this’ll be fun.

And we see nuns! And one of them mentions Matt’s mom. Who, I guess we might find out was a nun. We might not.

Episode 8

Best. Episode. So. Far.

We find out more about Fisk’s backstory. How he grew up in an abusive home. How he killed his father while his father was beating his mother. How he fears becoming a monster who is “cruel for the sake of being cruel.” How everymorning, after he makes himself an omelet, and dresses in his impeccable suits, he looks in the mirror and still sees a little boy, covered in blood.

The episode itself would be good, but D’Onofrio elevates it to great. He’s phenomenal, and such an epically perfect match for this part.

Matt is also in with Foggy and Karen and Ben now, and as Daredevil, or “The Devil of Hell’s Kitchen,” as they’re calling him now, convinces Ben to write an article dragging Fisk into the public eye. But Fisk, after confessing his past to Vanessa beats him to it.

Things are getting really good.

I miss Claire.

Episode 9

“Do you believe in the devil?” I’ve spent a lot of time with that particular question, and as Matt Murdock wrestles with it, and talks to his priest here it’s hard to not think of the times that I’ve sat and wondered if I actually believed in the physical actual Satan that my faith shows as a reality.

When I was a teenager I used to sleep with a rosary under my pillow. I had nightmares like you wouldn’t believe as a kid, faces coming out of everywhere and manifesting as people that would tear me and the people I loved to shreds, while I tried to scream but no sound came out. So as a “faith focused” teen I was sure that the devil sent those dreams. I still have them sometimes, I think. I don’t remember them, but my mom has said that she’s heard me screaming in my sleep from time to time, and I still wake up sweating and and tangled in blankets. Not often, but a few times a year.

I don’t know. Thinking about the Devil really freaks me out. I try not to do it much.

That wasn’t really what this episode was about but that’s what it made me think of. Plot wise, Elena was murdered, Fisk ordered it to draw “The Devil” out. It worked. Also, Foggy found out that Matt is, well, Daredevil. Which should be excited. It was starting to be weird that Matt Murdock is the only guy in the MCU who has a secret identity.

Episode 10

My heart is broken into a million tiny pieces and Foggy Nelson has broken it. When he unmasked Matt and cross examined him, and then there were flashbacks, and, Oh God! My poor little heart. I can’t take it.

I love this episode. Also, Karen and Ben find Fisk’s mother and Gao and Owlery killed Vanessa probably.

But back to the disolution of the greatest bromance ever. Every flashback of Matt and Foggy made me want to give them all of the hugs. Katherine and I used to talk about how much we loved watching stories of male friendship, and I’m kinding loving that at it’s heart, that’s what Daredevil is becoming.

Also, in one of the flashbacks, Foggy menitioned a “Greek girl,” who it didn’t work out with when Matt dated her. Greek? Really? Guess what’s a Greek name?

Elektra. Elektra is a Greek name.

I’m just saying.

I still miss Claire, they talked about her a lot in this episode.

Episode 11

OMG Karen killed Wesley. And I think Matt is going to be getting his Daredevil costume soon. That will be nice.

But how did we get here? Well, Foggy is drunk and sleeping with his stupid bitchy ex, so I don’t like that at all. Matt talks to Claire and she said she’s leaving, and we probably won’t see her again until Jessica Jones or something, if at all. This show really should have given me a lot more Rosario Dawson for my money.

Anyway, Wesley found out about Karen and Ben going to see Fisk’s mother, which Fisk was sitting at Vanessa’s bed side. Vanessa is not dead. Which is good. I really didn’t want to see her fridged. Although, I guess she got fridged anyway. I’ve never been sure how to properly apply that term.

Matt finds that guy who makes all of Fisk’s suits, which all have body armor to make him something.

Red, I’m guessing. With horns on the mask.

Episode 12

Ben dead. Still no suit. Foggy working with Bitchy ex to get more information on Fisk.

Fisk killed Ben after finding out that he went to see his mother, and Ben was going to start a blog to tell the story. He didn’t tell Fisk that Karen was also there, which is good. But he’ll probably find out, because he’s also going to find out that she killed Wesely I’m guessing.

Gao, the head of the Chinese mob, is probably not actually, human because she punches Matt in the chest and tells Owlery that her homeland is “substantially further away” than China.

I bet she’s Kree.

Episode 13

Suit! Suit is so cool! Suit is totally badass! Suit has cool little horns as does not look like it is made out of leather. Suit is revealed with epic wide shot of Daredevil standing on a car. Suit is great. Suit is everything. Charlie Cox is God Among Men Who Play Superheroes, because he makes awesome suit somehow more awesome! The Chrises should look to Charlie Cox and say, “Damn, how do you make suit look so unreasonable cool?” Charlie Cox should give lessons to predecessor on how to wear suit to avoid predecessor looking dumb as Batman.

Also everyone is friends again. And Fisk is in jail after giving a very cool monologue about The Good Samaritan and breaking out of FBI custody. Foggy is back with bitchy ex (Booooo), and Matt and Karen hold hands.

Overall Thoughts

Daredevil might be the best thing that Marvel’s done so far. I mean, I am prone to hyberbole, but still, it’s staggeringly good. I constantly felt breathless and hurried and on the edge of my seat. I kept thinking that the Flash and Arrow staffs should be taking notes, this is how you properly use flashbacks and darkness and grit.

I had zero doubt about this cast and they absolutely exceeded my expectations. Especially Charlie Cox, who I thought was a good but uninteresting choice for Matt Murdock. The fact that I kept saying “wow,” every time he was on screen is a testament to how good he was.

If the entire Defenders series is this good, and we have no reason to doubt that it will be, we’re in for a treat for the next few years. Even if the movies fall apart, it looks like Marvel has found another way in.

I’m interested in seeing what happens next.