2022 Project – 104 New To Me Movies

Hi Fangirl Friends!

I know I’ve been MIA, here’s the thing.

Turns out living in a general sense of existential dread for 2 years is uh…not super great for creativity! Who KNEW? So while my mental health PLUMMETED in the spring of 2021, I realized I needed to change some stuff, and I decided, first and foremost, I needed to cut down on my voluntary work load.

I decided to focus on fiction for a while, as losing myself in the world’s in my mind felt safer and easier. So while The Marina Chronicle flourished, and I finished a NaNoWriMo draft, I decided to leave The Fangirl’s Dilemma behind for a while.

But then something kind of weird happened.

Black Widow hit theaters and every time I tried to write about it, I felt like I had nothing to say. I loved the movie. I thought Scarlett Johannson finally got to do justice to a part she’d grown up with. Florence Pugh was my new favorite film actor and David Harbour and Rachel Weisz delivered truly unhinged and delightful supporting performances.

Dune came out and I watched it like six times, and tried to reread the novel to do an In The Shadow Of Adaptation and just…wasn’t interested. I didn’t have much to say about Dune that I hadn’t said when I wrote about the books a few years ago.

But then, I shifted my focus. Away from the big nerd properties I’d been so focused on. I squeezed into a festival screening of Spencer, I went out of my way to see The French Dispatch and House of Gucci, I hit a 92nd Street Y screening and Q & A of The Humans with Crystan, random weeknights saw indie and foreign movies with Irvin, I found myself more excited to talk about tick, tick…BOOM! and see Belfast or Licorice Pizza (I haven’t yet, I had a COVID scare when I was planning to!) than Spider-Man: No Way Home. (Exception of course for The Matrix: Resurrections which is probably my favorite movie of the year because it’s insanely perfect!)

I remembered that before I started writing about nerd media I was interested in a far more wide spectrum of film. I watched old movies, and saw off beat indie comedies. I read about Awards Buzz and had actual opinions about the movies in those articles. I knew about writers and directors and just…gave a shit.

So, for 2022, I’m going to try to give a shit again. I’m going to commit to going off of my beaten path. I’m going to watch 2 movies a week that I’ve never seen before. I reached out on Facebook and asked friends to recommend movies for me to watch. I was honest about the AFI 100 and Best Picture Winners I’ve never seen, and I’m going to fill in some blind spots.

Hopefully this will kick me back into gear. Because I miss criticism, and I miss being passionate about movies. We start tomorrow with Citizen Kane!

That’s right before last night I’d never seen Citizen Kane! I know. I’m awful. But I’m going to try to be better. That’s the whole point!

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