My Big Florida Escape Trip Report! Part 2: Boats Boats Boats

Hello! We’re still in Jupiter and I am still, unfortunately, without photos. Once we get to Orlando (tomorrow) I will have pictures galore to share.

Anyway, let’s talk about the rest.

Saturday, March 20 – Water Water Everywhere

A few years ago, my sister and I realized that when you’re in coastal areas there are usually two kinds of people, beach people, and boat people. We are overwhelmingly, beach people. We love roasting in the sun, and riding waves and the slow pace of a beach day.

My Uncle Denis is a boat person. And we’ve enjoyed being on his various boats since we were very little even if we aren’t really boat people. And these days, he hires a captain and takes the boat out every Saturday, and most of these Saturdays, my parents join him. This time, my dad was playing golf, but Mom and I headed out.

A speedboat is a wonderful thing and it’s a very free feeling when it’s going fast and the wind is blowing through your hair. We boated around the inlet, saw the lighthouse again. (The Lighthouse is really nice) and then docked, said our goodbyes, and headed to the spa at The Admiral’s Cove Country Club to get our nails done.

We had a delightful time doing that and then, Mom had a few other errands to run, which I happily did with her. (Which was a little silly on my part, I could have been poolside!) Then we got back to the house just in time to get changed for dinner, which was my mom’s birthday dinner at the Club’s restaurant.

I am aware that describing these days makes me sound like a Downton Abbey character, but I was on vacation. So a certain level of absurd relaxation is worth it.

Dinner was lovely,back with my Uncle Denis and my Aunt Britta, as well as some of the friends that my parents have made in their short time down there. They start dinner early because they’re old. (I did tease them about this, “5:30 for cocktails? ON SATURDAY NIGHT?”) After said, way too early dinner, we headed to another restaurant for a Night Cap, it was too windy to be outside on the Waterfront, but this place was really cool, and we even talked to a stranger at the bar, something I have described as missing deeply from my life so that was great. Then it was back to the house again, and then bed.

Sunday, March 21 – It’s someone’s Birthday and Hangover Management

There had been some talk about us heading to Brunch on Sunday morning, but, when it came down to it, none of us wanted to get moving early enough to make that happen. So instead we ate soda bread and hung out by the pool and then packed and planned for our Orlando week.

As dinner time came around we decided to try for Guanabana again, and SURPRISE, there was again a 2 hour wait, so we again, bailed. We instead headed back to the Club to one of the 4 restaurants on property (seriously, my parents are very fancy people now.) to The Marina Grill. It’s so called because it’s literally on a boat marina and it’s beautiful.

The menu is pretty straightforward bar fare, which, since we were all still feeling a little hungover was perfect and we got seats at the bar itself and had a lovely, very chill time. We also, happened to be served by a bartender named Tristan and I decided this was some kind of sign from the universe, though I don’t know what it means.

Since we were going to have an earlier morning (I was determined to get on the road by 10) we headed back to the house. I asked my mom if there was something else she wanted for her birthday and she assured me that the week ahead would be enough of a celebration…

And trust me, readers, it really, really was.

TOMORROW! We arrive in The Happiest Place On Earth. I fulfill a couple of Dis-Nerd dreams, and my dad learns the benefits of the Walt Disney World Transportation System!

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