My Big Florida Escape Trip Report!

Hello All!

I apologize for my lengthy absence, but I wasn’t feeling much like writing or watching Bond movies, so I decided taking a few months off was worth it. I’ve always said that the minute anything on this blog starts to feel like homework it goes!

I haven’t exactly been slacking, entirely of course. I did a bunch of work over on The Marina Chronicle, I’ve been very active on Twitter, and well, I got to go Home again.

Yes, friends, I finally got back to Walt Disney World!

But not before a few very relaxing days in Jupiter, Florida, where my parents now live.

Having not really travelled in two years, I’m out of practice on writing up a trip report, but here we go! This one should take up quite a few weeks, if I post one a day.

So, we begin!

Thursday, March 18 – Newark NJ – West Palm Beach

I had a lot of anxiety about going to the airport and flying. We are, after all still in a pandemic. But the whole experience was very organized and well distanced and I didn’t feel unsafe. I also managed to get a full work day in, so that was nice too! And I wound up sitting next to a woman who I’ve known most of my life, the mom of a girl who went to middle school with Mary. (She’s a nurse so was fully vaccinated! So that was also reassuring!)

My flight was at 2 PM, so I landed in West Palm Beach around 5:30. My mom picked me up and we drove to my parents’ new house in Jupiter, Florida.

My Uncle Denis has been in Jupiter for well over a decade which is why my parents chose the town. It’s a lovely house that they have a lot of plans for, but for my purposes on this trip included a kitchen and a pool, so all good on this end.

Rather than go out in a rush, Mom made Corned Beef and Cabbage and we stayed in and drank wine. It was a lovely start to my trip, if I do say so myself!

Friday, March 19 – We Get Fancy, Mom Eats Spicy Fish and Go To The Lighthouse

I wasn’t yet officially on vacation here. I was working in the morning, but there’s a world of difference between working at my tiny little cafe table in my apartment and working poolside. One is a good deal more pleasant. However, after the morning of working, Mom and I headed down to Palm Beach to go to High Tea at The Chesterfield Hotel.

Pretty much anytime we travel, Mom and I say we’re going to go get High Tea at whatever fancy hotel has it. And then we always forget and don’t do it. So, this year for Christmas I gave her a gift certificate for the High Tea at The Chesterfield.

If you find yourself in Palm Beach (and if you can swing a long weekend, I highly recommend it, it’s a very fun and different place to check out) go to The Chesterfield’s Leopard Lounge. We have every intention of doing this every time I’m down there now (not always tea, we’ll probably just grab drinks) The room itself is themed around exotic animals. (This is a British owned fancy hotel, bits of colonialism are a given.) I love a hotel bar, especially when it feels different from other Hotel Bars, and The Leopard Lounge, uses sleek blacks and animal print rather than the traditional dark woods and red velvets.

The tea itself was good. We had to take half of the sandwiches home with us since it was a Friday in Lent and we couldn’t eat meat. But the pastries and scones, which are the real reason for going to tea, made the whole thing worth it.

We then walked around Palm Beach a little, but my stomach was hurting from too much sugar and having my period so we quickly headed back to the house and I took a nap and felt much better.

That night we’d planned to go to this awesome outdoor waterfront bar that the whole family loves, called Guanabanas, but there was two hour wait for a table, so, no, we didn’t do that. Instead we headed to a place called The Bistro, which is where we used to eat at least once every trip, because when we called they said they could seat us as soon as we got there.

Again, it was a Friday, and also it’s Florida, so we all got fish. I got a thin sliced salmon dish, Dad got crab cakes, and Mom got a snapper cooked in paper, and it was made with sweet chili. Now, my mother does not eat spicy food. Ever. She’s a real baby about it, even too much black pepper will ruin something for her. But she very much enjoyed this. I was proud of her. One of these days I will get her to eat Thai food!

After dinner, Mom suggested we head back to the waterfront, and grab a quick drink with a view of The Jupiter Lighthouse. I smilingly agreed, I’d go anywhere, this was their portion of the vacation. We parked the car and walked into a “divey” (as divey as anything in this area of the state gets, it’s a pretty chichi area) and hanging behind the bar were more moscow mule mugs than I thought existed and “Don’t Stop Me” by Queen blaring over the speakers. I was thrilled. We ordered drinks and headed out onto the dock and saw the beautiful and Iconic Jupiter Light House, before going home and heading to bed.

That’s the beginning. Tomorrow, we’ll cover the weekend! I go on a boat! And eat dinner at a serendipitously named restaurant with a coincidentally named bartender! Very exiting stuff! Hooray!]

(I thought I had pictures for this post but i got a new phone and now I can’t find them and it is very frustrating)

3 thoughts on “My Big Florida Escape Trip Report!

  1. I have been to FL just every year since I was a baby. My grandma did own a condo in Ponte Vedra (more like two in the past). Due to that, several trips to the beach, a couple trips to St. Augustine, and some times spending time in Jacksonville. Well, now one condo; basically it owns to my mom and her two brothers.

    I actually been to Disney three times- only remember twice. The best times was with my university for a leadership experience over Spring Break.


    • Neat! I have family up that way as well. (An Uncle in Ponte Vedra, a cousin in Jacksonville) I haven’t spent much time there though. One of my cousins is getting married in St. Augustine in October and I’m looking forward to it.

      Any recommendations for things to do (when I’m not at wedding events lol!)


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