Magical Movie Tour: Chicken Little

I went into Chicken Little with the confidence that it would at least be better than Home On The Range.

It is not.

Like Home On The Range this is Disney animation attempting something that they are not particularly adept at. (This time, a Dreamworks style “all ages” cartoon, with modern reference humor and pop soundtrack) Unlike Home On The Range, it is also really ugly to look at and has a convoluted alien invasion plot that’s almost impossible to follow.

hated this movie. If I had watched it previous to this project, I probably would have just skipped it.

It is terrible. It’s not funny, the voice performances are lazy, the music choices are cliche and grating. Even the original song, “One Little Slip” by The Barenaked Ladies, a band I often defend (I have a soft spot for 90’s pop rock) is an atrociously lazy effort that I thought before the singing started was their seminal masterpiece, “It’s All Been Done.”

But the crummy animation, there’s just no excuse. None. It’s the first fully computer animated flick from the studio, and it is clunky and ugly and the idea that this movie came out in 2005, when Pixar had been doing their thing for nearly a decade at this point, there’s no excuse for the awfulness. I can usually get past bad animation if there’s something else to hold onto in the story, but there’s nothing, just nothing redeeming in Chicken Little.

Well, that’s not true, the credits have a fun cover of “Shake Your Tail Feather” by The Cheetah Girls, but that’s one of those perfect songs and it would be exceptionally difficult for a group of talented vocalists like those ladies to screw that up.

Next time, I revisit the truly delightful, Meet The Robinsons. 

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