Book Review: If You Can Get It By Brendon Hodge

Disclosure: I was provided an early copy of If You Can Get It by the author. Also, his sister in law is my high school Youth Minister Gail, who is one of my top 10 favorite people I’ve ever known.

I have to admit I was both excited and nervous about reading If You Can Get It. It was the first time I was offered a preview read, and also, the book is published by Ignatian Press, which is a Catholic imprint. I have a pretty Unorthodox, if serious, relationship with Catholicism, and Catholic media tends to skew in a different expression of faith than what speaks to me.

What was fun about If You Can Get It, though, was that it felt more like a Hallmark romantic comedy than a faith based story. (That is a huge compliment. Those movies are deeply fun and comfortable in some seriously elemental ways. Our main character is Jen, a 35 year old woman who’s made a good career as a product manager in the tech sector. After a layoff and a catastrophic try out trip to China with a new job, she finds herself at a small family owned company in Illinois. Not to mention her somewhat lost younger sister Katie has moved in! They begin to rebuild their lives and Jen learns that maybe she was focusing on the wrong values.

There’s also a subplot about Katie and an ex seminary turned farmer/handyman (this is the Hallmark plot).

Hodge is a good writer, and I always appreciate when a male author manages to write two female leads who feel distinct from one another, and like real people. I’ve met both Jens and Katies, hell I was a Katie. I too was strained and lost after graduating college and managed to get myself together while imposing on patient relatives. There’s some very fun stuff about dealing with Chinese vendors, that rang pretty true as well, based on my limited experience.

It was definitely a fun read, and since I’m trying to take a breather from the fantasy for a minute, I was grateful for it.

If You Can Get It by Brandon Hodge is available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, link below.

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